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35 Korean Dramas You Subconsciously Watch When You Are Feeling Down


Heart-fluttering Korean Romance dramas are as good as sweets and ice cream!

Survey says that a true K-drama fan has a saved list of comfort dramas, kept on all devices. When the going gets tough, those drama pills are summoned from its virtual location to cure its owner.



There are dramas that you watch as a yearly tradition or when you need to clear excess thoughts or emotions. Whether you are a nube or you have been watching on a regular basis, you have a special go-to drama list that you rely on. Especially at times when the currently airing dramas do not fit your palate.


Although a plethora of interesting genres have graced kdramaland through the years, romance stories remain to be the perennial favorites to satisfy your cravings.


The sighs, swoons, squeals, and the wish-we-can-be-those-lead-girl-moments are unexplained therapeutic stress pills that have sustained K-drama following. Fan service series maintains its popularity owing to its iconic sweet scenes and memorable love stories.


Sometimes, the heart-fluttering moments even spur a free pass for audience to forego bad plot as long as regular doses of bickering and saccharine frames are generously distributed each episode.


There are a lot of reasons why we love these kind of dramas. But it all boils down to its addictive drive that puts us on trance to watch it over and over again, without getting tired of it.


Here are some of the best comfort K-Dramas to brighten up your somber mood.



33. Fight For My Way (Park Seo Joon & Kim Ji Won)



Fight For My Way gives us a reassuring tale how love realization between friends might fall short on timing, but when it picks up to where it belongs, it will be twice as love-binding than others.


The amusing vibe of the friendship circle affirms an engaging invitation to sit on a drama that is coated not with the most fancy things, yet the genuine take will put you on a gratifying bliss. It lets us feel the sentiments of normal people struggling to stay afloat with their lives, and the uncertainty if it is too late for them to still follow their dreams.



(skipped unrelated.....)



source : HelloKpop

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Park Seojoon Caused Laughter with His Hilarious Comments on Best Friend Woo Dohwan's Post

credit: https://www.kstarlive.com/news/2019/11/11/park-seojoon-caused-laughter-with-his-hilarious-comments-on-best-friend-woo-dohwan-s-post-297628/zoSMH39t9Qj4

Park Seojoon has a great sense of humor, after all. 


On November 10th, Woo Dohwan took to his Instagram and upload selfies with his brand new hair. Yes, he had cut his hair short after a while. Woo Dohwan wrote in the caption, "You have to wear warm clothes when you are outside."




Among thousands of comments from fans, actor Park Seojoon, who worked together with him in the film 'The Divine Fury,' left a comment, "Wow, finally a haircut," in which Woo Dohwan replied, "It's a little bit cold." The 1988-born actor then said, "It's colder with my hairstyle."



1573450010438-0.jpgImage Source: Instagram


Not to mention, Park Seojoon currently has shorter hair as he gets ready for his upcoming webtoon-based drama 'Itaewon Class.'




Image Source: TV REPORT


Seeing his comments, a lot of fans laugh hard for Park Seojoon's humor sense. Several comments on the web read, "He said only the fact but why it's so funny," "Park Seojoon is so cute," "OMG, I laughed so hard remembering his short hair," and more. 


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