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Park Seo Joon 박서준 ~❤❤️ [Filming Upcoming Movie “The Marvels” 2022] | [Upcoming Movie “Concrete Utopia” 2022] | [Upcoming Movie "Dream" 2022]


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@ivanovie25 super cruel lol 





HJE and PSJ during their one their two dramas promo. I want to say it’s during She Was Pretty most probably;) She was such a great partner too. Said so many nice things about each other and they communicated so well in bts videos;)) 


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@Gisell Gisell It looked like his staff each took a photo of him at that set but only the one his hairstylist took that he posted. That's why she commented "it's mine (the photo i took)! I knew it!". While the others commented, "it's not mine" with sad emoji.

Sorry for a very late reply for this :D



Some of the story of the songs i know :D


Zeremy Zucker - Comethru

He mentioned it as his favorite song at Bench Fanmeeting in Manila in 2019.


Honne - It Feels So Good

At Jillstuart Fansigning (if i'm not mistaken) in 2018, a fan asked him about his current favorite song at that time and he wrote down that song. And the next month, at Ziozia fansigning, the same fan using the same paper, asked the same question to him, and he wrote down Lady Gaga - I'll Never Love Again.




Shawn Mendes - If I Can't Have You

He said he liked to listen to this song while working out at Vlive interview (Saja promotion) in 2019.



I think for Post Malone, OP just set all their hit songs on the playlist. Bcs i don't remember him mentioning specific title that he likes from them. But he did mentioned he liked Post Malone on Jenga Games. 


Carla Bruni - L'Amour 

It's from this IG post.. The BGM :D



Sung Si Kyung - Two People

He sings it on WWWSK as a lullaby for Miso.


Prep - Cheapest Flight

He played this song on Summer Vacation. 


Eric Clapton - Autumn Leaves

It's his ringback tone that we can hear in Summer Vacation, when Wooshik calls him. 




A content i didn't know would exist on RP :joy: They should've done it sooner. Our man has too many talents :lol:


Those who were invited are surely so lucky and honored bcs they got to taste his legendary signature dish, tteokgalbi. That's tteokgalbi that he cooked, right? xD and that cute dance when he minced the meat. He's a pro now :lol:



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@Anjalifairy wow..thanks for the background story of each story:heartxoxo:


I didn't notice his ring tone on summer vacation..lol! Fans are really like a hawk :blush:


Knowing someone's favorite songs feels like peeking into a bit of his personalities :)


I wonder who he's inviting..the staff for sure, maybe peakboy also? 

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@Anjalifairy Thks for the translation.:blush:  I cannot wait what it is all about. I am still waiting the Hermes outfit as well. I think Seo Jun really teaches me what the patience is. :Megalol:Even the Record Parks, I have been waiting for 3 weeks and it is only teaser for 35 seconds. It means we have to wait for another 2 weeks? :criesariver: I am curious who he will invite. Wooga Squad please. Lol. 

Btw he is so handsome. Our sexy chef. :heart2beat: 


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2 hours ago, ivanovie25 said:

Ah, so we have to wait for another week or two to see the full video? I thought the teaser yesterday and today the real video :sweat_smile:

That’s not how Record Park’s works lol 



PSJ for K2 CF


Yes, let’s just photoshop them together xD



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2 hours ago, serenilmauve said:

Every color looks so good in him;))

I know right ? There’s no color that doesn’t suit him.  I love the new K2 / Ziozia campaigns.he looks fresh and happy..he’s a unicorn here to spread joy Unicorn GIF by MOODMAN

@Anjalifairy thank you for the song list and story behind each of them.


@ivanovie25 Seriously!  the Record Park’s teaser is truly teasing us , OMG those good looks while cooking... kill us already... impatiently looking forward to the reveal :cutekitty:

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