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Park Seo Joon 박서준 ~❤❤️ [Filming Upcoming Movie “The Marvels” 2022] | [Upcoming Movie “Concrete Utopia” 2022] | [Upcoming Movie "Dream" 2022]


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cute Seo Jun learning the dance during Dream High filming lol



Seo Jun looking like pro-boxer while leading his fighting moves for The Divine Fury






WWWSK fanart 



Seo Jun fanart



FFMW fanart




Sae Roy action figure. That made me release how cool he would be as a game character. Wow. 



IC fanart 




Kill Me, Heal Me fanart

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8 hours ago, Anjalifairy said:

Oh about the renewal event, it's only for korean fans coz they will just deliver the gifts domestically. I wish that Awesome would be an agency that is more friendly to international fans though. It's a home of an actor as big as Park Seojun who has a lot of active international fanbases. Idk about other agencies but Awesome better start to be more open to us. I feel like they're so unreachable except for fanprojects stuff :relieved:

I agree, Awesome ent can do better being more inclusive. However, when it comes to Seo jun, he has been a trailblazer. My day job involves a lot of data intelligence, research and science and so I’m always interested in the “why”. Besides his career choices and knack to pick the right script every single time. He adopted social media way earlier than his most of his popular peers at the time, he appears on reality shows or what Korea calls variety programs a lot more than any of the top tier actors combined. He has his own YouTube channel where he vlogs and shares with his fans from time to time. This makes him one of the most accessible Korean actors of his generation. Having said that I believe PSJ has just scratched the surface of how awesome and influential he can be worldwide. I think the agency is underestimating how active his global influence currently is and quite frankly that influence is only expected to grow. For starters the subbing of the vlogs can be better, I feel like they do a halfass job there , which is the total opposite of how PSJ does things he never half asses stuff - his sincerity towards his work is always on full display ( let’s just say there is a reason he is a favorite of Ms. Youn’s ). Of course he will want to cater to his home audience first because of whom he is here today. PSJ goes above and beyond in everything he does, here’s hoping he gets all the support he needs to go places.Let’s wait and watch. :highonflowers:

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@Jeomju1216 At least Awesome ENT. is overall more fan friendly than KeyEast. He had no fanclub under them. I don’t know if it’s his own influence, but Awesome ENT. opened Park’s Office. Then they suggested creating Youtube account (as Seo Jun himself said, it was his agency’s idea) and almost decade later we finally have fandom name lol 

excited sister act GIF

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11 hours ago, Anjalifairy said:

@ivanovie25 Yeah, sharing all the fancafe contents on social media is strictly prohibited. And only vip members can see all contents like photos or letters posted by Seojun. As far as i know, associated members can only interact with fellow fans. If you want to level up to vip member, you must answer correctly some questions prepared by fancafe staff. And it's all in korean. That's how exclusive it is xD One thing i know about the letter, that k-jeomju said it's a very heartwarming letter. Seojun talked about how he ate a lot during the holidays. It's so frustrating that i want to know about it more :D

Thanks for sharing this, at least we know that he ate a lots and enjoy during the holiday :blush:


Miss him so much :sad1:I hope he can go for other variety show before he start filming the new movie ‘Concrete Utopia’. 


@Jeomju1216 Welcome to this forum :partyblob:




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@Jeomju1216 Yeayea.. We talked about it before, about the subbing. They can do better and can be more serious at handling this. But on the other hand, like you said, the fact that he opens his youtube channel and he still willing to appear in Youn's Stay is already a blessing for us. It's just i'm too greedy when it comes to him :lol:


@Macy_sun I want it too. But i think we have a very slim chance :tears: He must be focused on preparing his role right now. 

And for Youn's Stay, we still have 6 episodes left. Let's just enjoy what we have now. And let's cry together later when it ends bcs we don't know when he will appear in variety show again. It only happens once in a blue moon :joy:


Btw, the new menu looks tempting. But i'm not ready yet to say goodbye to Seojun's baby, the tteokgalbi xD





Throwback to the day when his cute mole was still clearly visible :lol:

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Host: I even prepared a gift for you.
Park Seo Joon: What present is it?
Host: It’s this. This is the present.
Park Seo Joon: Woah! But he is not wearing any top.
Host: That’s right.
Voiceover: This was a doll looking exactly like Seo Joon which we prepared with full confidence.
Park Seo Joon: The “lying silkworms” below the eyes is really great.
Host: We spent the most money on those “lying silkworms”.
Park Seo Joon: Actually this counts as one of my flaws. My face has quite a lot of wrinkles.
Voiceover: What are you talking about? Please forgive us we even love your wrinkles.

Voiceover: Now is the time to answer fans’ queries. If you have any questions about Park Seo Joon, you can ask them directly.
Park Seo Joon: There are many of them.
Host: Yes there is really a lot, look through them first. “Noona has waited for you until she put on weight in loneliness. You have to take responsibility.”
Park Seo Joon: “If you date, what is the maximum age difference between the person you date?”
Fan: Oppa, what happens if I am younger? I am 15 years old. *laughs*
Park Seo Joon: A 15 years old student? Come when you’re older.
Host: I am also pretty curious about this question. How do you film kissing scenes so well? Is there any secret?
Voiceover: I suppose many people are curious about this question.
Park Seo Joon: Am I considered the type who films them well?
Voiceover: Aigoo, it goes without saying. Sometimes romantic, sometimes intense, the real man who knows which angle is the best.
Park Seo Joon: I think I am the more assertive type.
Host: Then are you the more assertive type (in real life)? Or more passive?
Park Seo Joon: In this case, I think assertive would be good.
Host: Which is the most sexy part of your body? Which part is the most sensitive?
Park Seo Joon: Most people are sensitive around the ears.
Host: He says his ears are more sensitive.
Voiceover: Why did your face turn red all of a sudden? Don’t misunderstand.
Park Seo Joon: Like sound or when the wind blows, if someone suddenly comes close to me from behind, I will be like this.
Host: The most sexy part (of your body) is…
Park Seo Joon: Lips.
Hwang Jung Eum: Seo Joon’s lips are a bit thick, they are more full. When we kiss, I feel like I am kissing soondae. Soondae! Park Soondae!
Park Seo Joon: Soondae. Okay, soondae it is.


source : this archived goldmine of his social media posts and interviews from “She was pretty” glory days.


@Anjalifairy: Totally, I’m also kind of disappointed because like @serenilmauve mentioned his agency seems to run his YouTube channel and therefore should embody his true spirit which includes doing things with perfection and a little more effort and care. I just hope we wouldn’t have to brace ourselves to seeing less of him, generally that’s what top tier actors do  when reach massive stardom and end up becoming part of an exclusive club. They take time choosing projects that are meaningful to them etc.... 

Awww he is so cute there as a teenager , baby fat and all. Grew up really well, what a stud he is now:omg:

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