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Park Seo Joon 박서준 ~❤❤️ [Filming Upcoming Movie “The Marvels” 2022] | [Upcoming Movie “Concrete Utopia” 2022] | [Upcoming Movie "Dream" 2022]


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@ElectricHearts @serenilmauve

The eyes and the eyebrows are the obvious hints that it is him xD

Thank you for sharing the information @ElectricHearts Can't wait for their next CF with Seojun:) 


1 hour ago, serenilmauve said:


When he says so it usually means he has something in mind already hehe;) So, who knows maybe his role in Concrete Utopia a bit more than ambiguous;) 


Yeah what he said is usually a hint, it's just whether what he's talking about, has to do with CU or another exciting project is in talks (?) :rolleyes: He always comes with another surprise. Just when he said he's not that busy these days, yet he keeps coming out with new CF deals :lol: I can't imagine how he works like a machine before the pandemic 

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6 minutes ago, Anjalifairy said:

@ElectricHearts @serenilmauve

The eyes and the eyebrows are the obvious hints that it is him xD

Thank you for sharing the information @ElectricHearts Can't wait for their next CF with Seojun:) 



Yeah what he said is usually a hint xD

I thought so too, but I don’t wanna be totally embarrassed if it’s not him lmfao but I’m like 99.9% sure lol


He hints a lot actually, we just don’t know they’re hints until they announce things lol


P.S. Btw, Seo Jun speaking English was so welcoming :7555_attack:Because we talked about not understanding him due to Awesome ENT. not putting enough subs and here we are with BYS CF;)))

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Woww... October is my fave month and I am happy with Seo Joon's news. :highonflowers: Happy that we can see Seo Joon in many CFs and events as I really miss him in drama.

@ElectricHearts Thanks for your info. At first I thought they only wanna show the next K-drama to play. Lol.

@serenilmauve @Anjalifairy @PSJLOVER For sure Seo Joon has something by mentioning the role, right? It is impossible for new offer? :blush:

I love the BYS ads and I really hope we can get more CFs outside Korea because we can understand the languages. Really love to hear Seo Joon speaks English. :please:

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It's Official: Park Seo Joon Is The Newest Endorser Of BYS Philippines

That's right—our favorite oppa is the latest endorser of the beauty brand!
On September 28, 2020, BYS Philippines dropped a teaser of their latest endorser on their IG account. It was an outline of a man and the captions had clues that could help one tell who the celeb was: "He’ll fight for you. He’ll ask you what’s wrong. Even if you’re 10 years younger than him." 
Obviously, fans were quick to guess that the brand's newest endorser is none other than South Korean actor Park Seo Joon, and y'all were absolutely correct! The caption was a bit of a giveaway, as it alluded to some of his most famous K-dramas: Fight For My Way, What's Wrong With Secretary Kim, and Itaewon Class.

Aside from the obvious fact that Park Seo Joon is one of the most beautiful actors in the industry, BYS Philippines revealed that they've tapped one of our favorite oppas as their newest endorser because he can inspire others to be extraordinary. BYS is known for offering cosmetic products and collaborations that help Pinays express themselves. "We’ve chosen one of the biggest K-drama stars to be the cheerleader of the brand and encourage women to Be the Extra in the Ordinary," reveals Angie Goyena of BYS Philippines.

Cosmopolitan Philippines was fortunate to ask PSJ about confidence and being extraordinary. Check out his inspiring answers below:


Who was the person who had the greatest influence in your life, and how did he or she influence you to become the actor you are now? 

PSJ: I think the people who have had the greatest influence in my life are—there are many people who influenced my life, of course, it is you guys. But my parents were the ones who influenced me the most. They happened to be a great help for me to make [it] this far, and they would be a driving force for my activities in the future. So I consider my parents and family the ones who influenced me the most.

What makes you most confident and why? 

PSJ: I think it takes a lot of preparation for confidence, whether it’s acting or anything else. Confidence naturally grows when you are fully prepared. That is why I always try my best to prepare for my work and that’s when I feel more relaxed and [it’s not difficult].

What do you think about being with the BYS Philippines? 

PSJ: First of all, I think it is a great honor. I am an actor working in Korea. I was amazed that many people recognize me and they got in touch with me, even if I'm from overseas. It’s an honor to meet you like this and I feel like I need to be more responsible. I feel more grateful to have an opportunity to be in this special partnership.


Original article : Cosmopolitan Philipphines

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Beloved for his characters in Korean dramas, his angelic voice, and global success, Park Seo Jun can be considered as the ideal all-around man. His partnership with BYS Philippines is the latest in a string of achievements that he has been racking up since his hit psychological drama, Kill Me, Heal Me, along with his equally successful shows, What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim, Fight for My Way, and Itaewon Class. With a colossal Instagram following, a YouTube Gold Play Button which he earned for being the first Korean actor to surpass one million subscribers, and a stellar acting career under his belt, Park Seo Jun has shown his versatility as an artist beyond doubt.

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Congrats on PSJ takeover month in Phillipines it seems :lol:


Here is his interview in Metro Style which he is on the cover of:



Korean Heartthrob And Rom-Com King Park Seo-Joon's Extraordinary Rise To Fame

We take a look back on the Korean actor’s remarkable career milestones

Among the many Korean actors currently dominating our Netflix algorithm, Park Seo-joon is undoubtedly one of the surest ways to get even the biggest non-believers diving headfirst into K-Drama. (#FactsOnly, we’ve proven it.)


This year’s Itaewon Class proved crucial in cementing the 31-year-old’s place amongst South Korea’s most talented. The popular series showed off his incredible acting range and introduced him to a wider, more global audience. Though popularly known for his work in romantic comedies, he completely owned and transformed into the character of ex-convict-turned-CEO Park Sae-royi. His performance in the webtoon-based drama inevitably led all-new fans to his solid body of work; at the same time, long-time stans found more reason to celebrate him. Before anyone realized it, we were all going down a Park Seo-joon rabbit hole we never want to get out of.


We’ve combed through his previous dramas, films, and variety shows down to the split-second cameos. We’ve also followed his millions-strong Instagram account and subscribed to his record-breaking YouTube channel. We’ve supported his multiple endorsements. Algorithm or no algorithm, there can never be enough Park Seo-joon to go around.




The making of an actor

In an alternate universe, Park Seo-joon could very well be just another hot guy you pass while walking on the streets of Seoul. Can you imagine it? There was a time when he suffered from “crippling shyness” that becoming an actor seemed the most farfetched of ideas. Thankfully for us, he decided to overcome it and discovered his love for acting along the way.


Since his first foray onstage in high school, Park Seo-joon revealed to T Singapore that he’s thought of little else apart from improving his craft. It was “too late” for him, they said, yet he still pursued theater in university. On top of that, he also enlisted to finish two years of South Korea’s mandatory military service before officially debuting in 2012. By the time the aspiring actor appeared in Dream High 2, he was already 24—but he hasn’t stopped working since.






The “master of romantic comedy”

Ask fans who their favorite Park Seo-joon character is, and the responses will probably be different for everyone. There will be answers more popular than most, but we can bet it would be challenging to decide on just one.


It may be the hard-on-the-outside, soft-on-the-inside magazine editor, Ji Sung-joon, in She Was Pretty or the “flowering knight” from the Kingdom of Silla, Moo-myung/Kim Sun-woo, in Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth. It’s highly likely for one to choose the aspiring MMA pro fighter, Ko Dong-man, in Fight for My Way. It may also be the adorably narcissistic chaebolLee Young-joon, in What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim. Of course, there's the righteous, hardworking owner of DanBam, Park Sae-royi, in Itaewon Class too. Let’s not forget how adorable his characters Yoon Dong-ha in A Witch's Love and Oh Ri-on in Kill Me, Heal Me are as well.


Whether it’s one, two, or all of these roles, Park Seo-joon proves time and again just why he’s one of South Korea’s top actors. He has consistently earned praise for brilliant performances in high-rating dramas as well as box-office hit films (you must check out Midnight Runners!). He’s one of few Korean stars who have proven to have a keen eye for good projects and have developed inimitable chemistry with all his leading ladies onscreen. Out of his nine-year career, seven of those years saw him nominated for numerous acting awards.


He has been dubbed as the “master of romantic comedy” by The Korea Times but he has convinced people that he deserves the “action star” label too.



And while there’s no doubt we love him for his aching good looks, what makes our hearts really flutter is his compelling natural talent.


The other side of Park Seo-joon

Even off-duty, he continues to earn acclaim. As of press time, he currently has 15.5 million followers and sits behind other Hallyu favorites Lee Min-ho and Lee Jong-suk in the Top 3 Most Followed Korean Actors on Instagram.


He also became the first Korean actor to receive a YouTube Creator Award—the Gold Play Button—when he hit a million subscribers on his channel Record PARK’s. Considering a hacker deleted his content almost a year ago, the vlog’s success is a testament to the heartthrob’s undeniable pull.


On both social media platforms, he gives fans a peek behind the scenes of his projects and a look at his day-to-day life that reveals more of his easy-going and fun-loving side. Park Seo-joon is a big believer in fan service as a way to show his appreciation to those who support him, a fact he revealed on several occasions both on his vlog and in interviews.


The in-demand endorser

As expected of someone as bankable as Park Seo-joon, many brands clamor to get him as a model for their products. In 2018 alone, Soompi reported that he appeared in 20 commercial films across TV, print, and online and ranked “the most beloved by consumers” that year.


Fast forward to 2020, the 6’1”-tall actor remains to be an in-demand endorser with contracts signed from South Korea and beyond. A quick look at his Instagram feed showcases his endorsements of everything from clothing to skincare to food and drink, credit cards, and luxury goods. As his popularity continues to soar around the world, he’s become the face of more and more brands, including some here in the Philippines.


Earlier today, BYS Philippines revealed that Park Seo-joon has joined its powerhouse lineup of endorsers. The Hallyu star represents the beauty brand’s “Be the Extra in the Ordinary” campaign messaging, reminding everyone of how beauty products can serve as great tools for self-expression. And for someone who has had a remarkable journey to the top and is the type to let his personality shine through in various platforms, Park Seo-joon is a perfect match for the brand which happens to be celebrating its eight year in the country. “I believe the products of BYS Philippines can help you express and bring out your best selves, and allow you to move ahead and be the extra in the ordinary. Extraordinary starts with you and I'm here to cheer you on,” Park Seo-joon says.   


The next phase 

As the actor enters his 10th year in the industry, there’s no doubt we can look forward to many more projects featuring our favorite oppa. Park Seo-joon is currently in the middle of filming Dream—a movie set for release next year which also stars K-Pop star and actress IU (Lee Ji-eun). He has also been confirmed to headline a dark, sci-fi film tentatively titled Concrete Jungle alongside actors Lee Byung-hun and Lee Bo-young. 


While we wait to see more of Park Seo-joon onscreen, here’s to hoping we’ll see him in person, too! He is thankful to his Filipino fans for their overwhelming love and support, and he hopes to meet them again soon. “But now,” he says, “we have to be careful all over the world because of the COVID-19. I hope you guys always take care of your health.” Once the world heals from the pandemic, we’re definitely banking on this dream to become a reality.





His picnic date of BYS cosmetics is cute


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I am getting so excited for this movie now ;)

12 hours ago, serenilmauve said:

Thank you a lot for information, I guess we as fans can look forward to see new Seo Jun materials soon to keep us a bit busy until his comeback;))) 


True, but still it’s fun to speculate and play guess games;)) 



When he says so it usually means he has something in mind already hehe;) So, who knows maybe his role in Concrete Utopia a bit more than ambiguous;) 


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@PSJLOVER Cute button still has same wide and open smile :cutekitty:

P.S. It’s probably better to follow soompi rules and not to post from IG, without hiding it to link.


11 hours ago, PSJLOVER said:

I am getting so excited for this movie now ;)



Even if not, the idea of seeing Seo Jun in dark sci-fi movie sounds exciting;)))

But as I said before I really want to see him in very conflicting role in movie;)


@ElectricHearts Philippines showered us with new materials, sadly it was a weekday lmfao I didn’t know how to focus on my work, when there is so much interesting stuff coming on lol


23 hours ago, Gisell Gisell said:

Woww... October is my fave month and I am happy with Seo Joon's news. Happy that we can see Seo Joon in many CFs and events as I really miss him in drama.

@ElectricHearts Thanks for your info. At first I thought they only wanna show the next K-drama to play. Lol.

@serenilmauve @Anjalifairy @PSJLOVER For sure Seo Joon has something by mentioning the role, right? It is impossible for new offer? :blush:

I love the BYS ads and I really hope we can get more CFs outside Korea because we can understand the languages. Really love to hear Seo Joon speaks English.

We will probably have no more information about his future projects until he starts promoting Dream or filming Concrete Utopia;))) But it’s always happy thoughts to speculate in what roles we can see him next, especially because thankfully Seo Jun is really hardworking. To bad, not sure how soon we will see him in dramaland now with two upcoming movies;( 


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11 K-Dramas To Boost Your Mood When You’re Feeling Down


Everyone needs a little bit of a mood booster once in awhile…or maybe all the time. If that mood booster comes in the form of a K-drama series, then that makes it all the better because the world of K-dramas is pretty endless. There are many dramas out there that are bound to put a smile on your face and make you feel all good inside. Here are just 11 of the many! (If you’re looking for some comforting K-dramas, make sure you check out this list here.)


List is in no particular order.



2. “She Was Pretty



“She Was Pretty” stars Hwang Jung Eum as Kim Hye Jin, a woman who used to be very put together and popular with the boys as a kid but grows up caring a little less about her appearance. She gets a chance at a magazine company where she reunites with her first love Ji Sung Joon (Park Seo Joon). Sung Joon had been madly in love with Hye Jin when he was younger but is unable to recognize her as an adult.


This series has got all the cheesy rom-com elements that are bound to put you in a good mood. It’s got the added bonus of Park Seo Joon and Choi Si Won as the two leading men, so you know you’ve got the eye candy thing covered. It’s a feel-good series about two characters who overcome a lot of life’s obstacles and end up finding love in each other. The womance, second-male syndrome, and seeing Hwang Jung Eum be her hysterical self will make you smile nonstop!



Start watching “She Was Pretty” here:


Watch Now






8. “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim



Kim Mi So (Park Min Young) decides that it’s time for her to quit her job of being a secretary to Lee Young Joon (Park Seo Joon) in hopes of pursuing her dreams of finding a husband and starting a family. After being pretty dependent on her for a while, Young Joon can’t accept that she will be leaving and ends up proposing that they get married.


Let’s be real, watching any Park Seo Joon drama is bound to boost your mood, and his role as the arrogant but soft-hearted Lee Young Joon is no different. This is a character who was willing to marry his secretary because she really wanted to get married and have a family.


Talk about being selfless! Ok, so he did it at the expense that she would remain his secretary, but it was still super sweet. Seeing all the grand and romantic gestures Young Joon does for Mi So throughout the series will turn your heart to mush and make you a believer in love.




Start watching now:


Watch Now



(skipped unrelated.....)



credit : soompi news

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