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Park Seo-joon Elle Interview: Solid Homme, Solid Soul

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블랙 컬러 반팔 티셔츠는 James Perse by Beaker. 블랙 시퀸 블루종은 Kimseoryong. 블랙 팬츠는 Nudie Jeans. 묵직함이 느껴지는 모토 바이크는 ‘뉴 R 1200 R’로 BMW.
The short-sleeved black polo shirt is from James Perse by Beaker. Black Sequin blouson is from Kimseoryong. Black pants are from Nudie Jeans. The heavy feel motorcycle is from BMW ‘New R 1200 R’.


The trifecta is complete, y’all. Herein lies the latest and greatest Park Seo-joon (박서준) Elle interview; it is seriously the best Elle interview so far. This one is for you Bubyluvy, who was a winner in our first translation giveaway contest we did for the halfway point mark of Fight for My Way. Bubyluvy requested something about Park Seo-joon and when we recommended this interview Bubyluvy was like, “Cool! That works for me.” We really have the best readers here.

I don’t want to give away anything about this interview, but I will say it is heavy on the first movie he was in, which I have not seen yet, so I am not sure if they gave away any spoilers or not. If you are the type of person that doesn’t like any shred of spoilery, then I suggest you read this with caution or not at all. They don’t go into super detail or anything, but for people who can read between the lines, you might be able to figure things out, so read at your own risk.



박서준의 크레센도
Park Seo-joon’s crescendo

방황의 언어는 사라지고, 오직 갈 곳을 가늠하는 예민한 눈과 거침없는 주파만이 남아 있다.
His language of wandering has disappeared and only his sharp eyes that look at his path and unstoppable forward motion remained.

박서준은 자신이 나아갈 방향을 너무도 잘 안다.
Park Seo-joon knows his future direction so well.

매년 한 번씩, 벌써 세 번째 만나네 맨 처음 내가 잘해야 [엘르]랑 또 만난다고 했는데 정말 그 말처럼 됐다! 세 번이나 인터뷰한 매체는 나 역시 [엘르]가 유일하다. 오늘은 생애 첫 영화로 만나니 더 뜻깊네.
Once a year, it is already the third time we’ve met. At the first interview, I said I should do well so I could meet [Elle] again, and it happened as I said! [Elle] is the only media group I have interviewed with for three times. It is even more meaningful because I am having an interview with you for my first movie ever.

[악의 연대기] 시사회에 다녀왔다. 결말에 다다르니 절로 ‘헉’ 소리가 나오던데 관객들이 어떻게 봐줄지 아무래도 걱정이다. 영화는 세트장에서 촬영하는 신만 빼고 거의 흐름대로 찍었다. 결정적 한 방이라고 할 수 있는 뒷부분 촬영을 마지막으로 남겨놓은 입장이었으니까, 꼭 방학 숙제가 잔뜩 밀려 있는 기분이었다. 개학이 얼마 안 남았는데 할 일이 산더미같이 남아 있는 느낌? 서둘러 해야 하는데, 해야 하는데…. 진짜 그랬다.
I went to the preview party for Chronicles of Evil. I had to gasp at the end of the movie. I am worried about whether the public will like it or not. The movie was shot just by following the flow except for the scenes at the end of the movie. We left only the last part of the movie, which is the critical moment of the movie. I felt like I was cramming at the end of summer vacation. It feels as if school is about to start soon, yet I still have a lot of homework to do? I have to do it…quickly… It was really like that.

와 닿는 표현이다. 그만큼 압박감이 컸다는 거지 아무래도 그랬다. 그러면서도 영화를 찍으면서 내내 관객이 우리 영화를 두 번씩 봤음 좋겠다는 마음이었다. 두 번째로 영화를 볼 땐 이미 이야기를 다 알고 보는 거니까 아무것도 모르는 상태로 내가 연기하는 ‘동재’를 봤을 때와 사뭇 다른 모습을 발견할 수 있잖아. 처음의 동재 그리고 마지막에 모든 사실을 다 알게 된 동재. 내가 연기하는 동재의 눈빛이 처음과 끝이 다른데, 그 조절을 어떻게 했는지 꼭 보여주고 싶었다. 알고 봤더니 얘가 이런 사정이 있었고, 그래서 이런 일이 발생했다는 걸 이해받고 싶었지.
That expression touches my heart. It means you were under that much pressure. I guess I was. While I was shooting the film, I always thought that I wanted the audience to watch the movie twice. Since you know the story already, when you watch the movie the second time you will be able to find different pieces of ‘Dong-jae’ (his character’s name) then when you have no idea of the story. There is a Dong-jae at the beginning and a Dong-jae at the end of the movie after the entire story is revealed. Acting as Dong-jae at the begging of the movie and at the end of the movie is different and I wanted to show the differences. I wanted it to be understood that he had this kind of background story and that is why those things happened.

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그레이 컬러 블라우스는 Solid Homme.
Gray color blouse is from Solid Homme.

처음엔 어쩌다 살인을 저지르고 사건을 은폐하려는 형사(손현주)와 사실을 알게 된 후배(박서준) 간의 갈등을 그리는 단순한 플롯인 줄 알았다. 뚜껑을 열어보니 다양한 사건이 뒤엉킨 액자식 구성인데, 스크린 데뷔작으로 선택하기엔 다소 무겁지 않았나 사실 내 입장, 20대 연기자가 맡아서 할 수 있는 영화가 생각보다 적다. 조금 더 나이가 들어야 참여할 수 있는 작품이 대부분이라 선택할 수 있는 역할이 한정돼 있다. [악의 연대기]는 영화가 하고 싶다는 마음이 컸을 때 시나리오를 읽고 완전 매료됐다. ‘와, 시나리오대로만 영화가 나오면 정말 재미있겠다’ 싶었지. 작품이 잘될 거란 기대감보다 내가 동재를 맡으면 어떻게 표현할 수 있을지 더 궁금했다. 그동안 내가 했던 드라마엔 사랑이 빠지지 않고 등장하잖아. 살인과 추적이라는 무거운 주제지만 신선했다. 도전해보고 싶었다. 내가 동재 역할에 잘 어울릴 것이란 자신감도 있었고.
At first, I thought the movie was about the conflict between the detective (Son Hyun-joo) who was guilty of murder and tried to conceal it, and the hoobae (Park Seo-joon) who discovered the truth. However, actually, the movie contains stories within stories with a lot of stories intertwined. Was this movie too heavy as a film début? Actually, as an actor in my 20s, there aren’t too many movies that I can choose from. I need to get a little older to have more options, so I had limited choices. When I really wanted to be in a movie, Chronicles of Evil was a movie that I was mesmerized with. I thought ‘Wow if the movie follows the script then it will be an awesome movie.’ Rather than the success of the movie, I was more interested in how to best express Dong-jae if I got the part. My previous dramas always had the theme of love. Even though murder and pursuit are heavy themes, it was a refreshing subject to me. I wanted to try it. I was confident that the character of Dong-jae fit me well.

영화가 처음이라는 점, 현장에서 막내라는 점, 심리 상태가 남다르다(!)는 점에서 이야기를 끌고 가는 게 어렵진 않았나 영화 속에서 동재가 살인사건과 관계 있다는 게 알려지고 난 뒤의 연기는 차라리 쉬웠다. 그 사실이 밝혀지기 전인 영화의 전반부, 그러니까 이 부분에서 동재는 시치미를 떼야 하는 걸까. 너무 일반적인 연기는 아닐까. 팀의 막내니까 숫기가 없는 느낌이 맞나. 연기하면서 여러 가지 질문들이 빠르게 머릿속을 오갔다. 아무리 나쁜 사람도 모든 사람에게 똑같이 나쁘게 대하진 않을 것 같더라. 자신이 사랑하는 사람에겐 되게 좋은 사람일 수도 있고. 관계에 따라서 표현 수위가 다를 것이란 결론을 내리고 감정의 완급을 조절하는 게 힘들었다.
Because it was your first movie, you were the youngest on the movie set and your mental status was very different from others (!), did that make it difficult to act? It was rather easy to act after people knew that Dong-jae was related to the murder case. At the beginning of the movie, when everything wasn’t revealed yet, I had a lot of questions coming in and out of my head, things like, ‘should Dong-jae play innocent? Is it too general acting? Should he be shy because he is the youngest on the team?’ I thought even the worst person in the world wouldn’t be mean to everyone. He can be a good person to whom he loves. I concluded that I had to act differently depending on the relationship and that gave me a hard time controlling the emotional tempo.

[악의 연대기]라는 제목도 그렇고, 영화 전반에서 모든 인간의 삶이 애처롭게 여겨지더라 동재를 연기할 땐 그저 내가 피해자란 마음으로 임한다고 생각했는데, 확실히 이후에 관객 시점으로 영화를 보니까 우리 모두가 피해자 같았다.
Just like the title of the movie Chronicles of Evil, I felt like the movie portrayed all human life pitifully.When I acted as Dong-jae, I did it while thinking I was the victim, but when I watched the movie as an audience member, it seemed like all of us were victims.

백운학 감독이 박서준을 몰라서 오디션을 여러 차례 봤다면서? 이제 좀 알만한 배우인데 자존심이 상하진 않았나 나를 모른다고 해서 자존심까지 상할 필요가 뭐 있나. 그냥 모두가 알 때까지 열심히 하는 수밖에 없지(웃음). 오디션을 많이 봤던 것도 당연하다 싶은 게 내가 이전에 영화를 촬영해 본 적이 없잖아. 나도 작품 욕심이 났고, 동재라는 배역을 따내고 싶었으니 당연히 감독님이 내게서 보고 싶어 하는 모습에 맞춰야겠다 싶었지. 다만 매일같이 밤새우면서 드라마 [마녀의 연애]를 촬영하고 있어서 집중하기 어려웠다. 또 드라마 내용은 밝은데, 영화 내용은 무거웠고. 원래 작품 하고 있을 땐 다른 작품 대본을 못 보는 스타일인데 그땐 오디션 일정상 꼭 봐야만 했다. 감독님도 동재 역할을 위해 다른 배우를 여럿 만난 눈치였는데 다행스럽게 여기까지 흘러 왔네(웃음).
I heard that you had to have multiple auditions because the director Back Woon-hak didn’t know Park Seo-joon? Did it hurt your pride because you are a well-known actor? I didn’t hurt my pride at all. I just have to work hard until everyone knows me (laughs). Of course, it is reasonable that I had multiple auditions because I had never been in a movie before. I wanted to be in the movie and wanted to play Dong-jae, so I thought that I had to show the character that the director wanted to see from me. But it was difficult for me to focus on because I was working on [Witch’s Romance] day and night. In addition, [Witches Romance] was a bright drama, but the movie was serious. While working on one script, I usually don’t read any other script, but I had to read [Chronicles of Evil] because of the audition schedule. It seems like the director auditioned other actors for the character of Dong-jae, but I guess I was lucky (laughs).

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블랙 티셔츠는 James Perse by Beaker. 네이비 더블 롱 재킷은 Burberry. 네이비 광택 블루종은 Lanvin Sport. 아이보리 컬러의 카브라 팬츠는 Kimseoryong.
The Black T-shirts are from James Perse by Beaker. Navy double long jacket is from Burberry. Navy glossy blouson is from Lanvin Sport. Ivory colored turnup pants are from Kimseoryong. 

첫 영화, 그간 경험한 드라마 촬영 때와는 다르지 드라마는 템포가 훨씬 더 빠르다. 거의 한두 번 만에 한 신 촬영을 끝내고 바로 다음 신으로 넘어가는데, 영화는 매 신을 길게 찍더라. 이 정도는 그냥 넘어가도 될 것 같은데, 허투루 넘어가는 법이 없었다. 처음엔 여러 방면으로 촬영하는 시스템에 적응하는 게 어려웠다. 하지만 모든 신을 힘줘서 찍기 때문에 그만큼 영화의 완성도가 드라마보다 좋을 수밖에 없겠더라.
This was your first movie, was it different from dramas? Dramas are a lot faster paced. They finish one scene after one or two trials and move to the next, but the movie took a long time for each scene. I thought it was okay, but they don’t pass until it is perfect. It was hard at the beginning to adapt to the multi-angled shooting method for a scene. However, I think the quality of movies should be better than dramas because movies spend a lot of time on each scene.

손현주, 마동석의 ‘기’에 전혀 눌리지 않았다 나는 한 작품을 만들어가는 일원이고, 내가 선배들의 기에 눌려 제 역할을 소화하지 못하면 나 때문에 작품을 망칠 수도 있다. 항상 마음속으로는 ‘프로’라고 생각하고 산다. 이젠 책임감도 훨씬 커졌고 지켜보는 눈도 많이 생겼잖아. 어쨌든 영화에 참여하면서 받는 출연료도 있고. 기에 눌리지 않는다기보단 책임감을 느낀다는 게 더 맞는 표현 같다.
You didn’t look like you felt timid by Son Hyun-joo and Ma Dong-suk. I am a part of the movie and if I don’t do my job because I feel timid by my seonbae’s presence, then I can mess up the movie. I always remind myself that I am a professional. Now I have more responsibility and a lot of people are watching me. Well, I get paid as well… I think feeling responsible is a better expression than not feeling timid.

연차가 쌓여갈수록 중압감, 스트레스도 비례해서 커지진 않나 나는 늘 선택 직전이 힘들다. 일단 선택의 배에 오르면 그때부터 항해가 시작되는 거니까 그저 순조롭게 지나갈 수 있도록 즐겁게 한다. 현장에선 오히려 재미있다. 내 역할이 있으니까 눈치볼 필요가 없다. 인간관계 같은 연기 외적인 부분이 어려워서 촬영장 밖이 더 복잡하고 힘들게 느껴진다.
Do you feel increased pressure and stress as each year passes by? Right before the moment of choice is always difficult for me. Because the voyage starts when I am on board of the boat of choice, so I just enjoy the smooth sailing. It was rather fun at the shooting location. I don’t have to mind others because I have my own role. Outside of the shooting location is more difficult for me because I have to take care of things that are not acting related, such as human relations.

한결 표정이 여유로워졌다 지금이 활동 비수기라서 살이 좀 쪘다(웃음). 아니, 부었다! 실은 어제 과음했다.
You look more relaxed. Because I am not working, I gained some weight (laughs). No, I am puffed up! Actually, I drank a lot last night.

자주 가는 술집이 있나 언제부턴가 집이 편해지더라. 내가 보통 사람보다 시야가 좀 많이 열려 있다. 앞을 보고 있어도 양옆에서 벌어지고 있는 일이 다 보인다. 가만히 있다가 뭔가 느낌이 와서 보면 누가 날 카메라로 찍고 있다.
Do you have your favorite bar? At some point, I started to like drinking at home. I have better peripheral vision than others. Even when I look straight, I can see what happens on both sides. When I feel something, someone is taking a picture of me.

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트롱프뢰유 패턴 셔츠와 슬랙스는 Lanvin. 블루 스웨이드 로퍼는 Coach.
Trompe L’œil patterned shirts and Slacks are from Lanvin. Blue suede loafers are from Coach.

원래 오감이 발달한 편인가 그것보다는 남이 보든 말든 신경 안 쓰는 성격인데, 예민해진 것 같다. 알려지기 위해 노력하면서도 사생활까지 알려지는 건 또 싫은 거다. 이중적이지? 그렇다고 개의치 않고 풀어져 있어도 안 될 것 같아서 그 경계를 찾는 일이 쉽지 않다. 평생 숙제다.
Do you think you always had sharp senses? Well, I kind of don’t care about others (what others think), but I became more sensitive recently. I try hard for people to recognize me, but at the same time, I don’t want people to know my private life. Contradictory, right? But if I don’t care about it at all, it is also problematic, so it is hard to find the middle ground. It is lifelong homework.

직전 작품인 드라마 [킬미, 힐미]도 인기몰이에 성공했다. 그러고 보면 [금 나와라, 뚝딱]에서부터 [악의 연대기]까지 자신의 매력이 도드라져 보이는 작품을 잘 알고 고른다는 생각이 든다… 어쨌든 매 순간 조금씩 다른 모습을 보여줘야 하는 연기자 입장에서 작품 선택은 중요한 문제다. 그렇게 신중하게 작품을 골라도 어느 측면에서는 내가 연기하는 각각의 캐릭터가 전부 다 비슷비슷해 보일 수 있다. 박서준이라는 동일 인물이 다른 역할을 연기하기 때문이다. 그래도 설정이 조금이라도 달리 들어가면 신선하게 느껴지는 부분이 있다. [킬미, 힐미]의 ‘오리온’은 내가 부담 없이 편하게 연기할 수 있는 타입의 캐릭터였다.
Your previous drama Kill Me, Heal Me was very popular as well. In retrospect, from Pots of Gold to Chronicles of Evil, you know what projects will make your charms stand out and you also choose projects well. Well, as an actor who needs to show different sides on subsequent projects, it is very important to choose the right projects. Even if I carefully choose a project, from some points of view, the characters I play can be very similar to each other. They are different characters, but the actor is still Park Seo-joon. However, if the set-up is a little different, the character becomes fresh and different. The Oh Ri-on character from Kill Me, Heal Me was an easy character for me to play, without much pressure.

감정이 폭발하는 쪽보다 오리온처럼 일상 친화적인 쪽이 좀 더 노련한 연기를 요할 것 같은데 배우마다 다르니까 편하게 느끼는 역할이 다른데 내 경우엔 오리온 같은 성격의 연기가 쉬운 편이다.
I guess it would be more difficult to play an easy-going character like Oh Ri-on than a character whose emotions explode from them. Every actor has different preferences, but for me, a character like Oh Ri-on is easier to play.

아들 셋인 집의 맏이인데 오리온 같은 넉살, 애교에 능한 게 참 신기하다 그건 오직 카메라가 돌고 있을 때만 가능하다(웃음)! 평소엔 조금 무뚝뚝하다. 하지만 대화는 먼저 청하는 편이다. 내가 다가가야 상대도 마음을 연다는 이치를 깨닫고 난 뒤부터 몸에 밴 습성이다. 그래야 좋은 사람을 더 많이 얻을 수 있다는 걸 경험했거든. 오히려 친한 사람들과 함께 있을 땐 말수가 적다.
You are the first son among three sons, so it is strange to me that you can play a character like Oh Ri-on, who behaves impudently and has ae-gyo. It is only possible in front of the camera (laugh)! I am a pretty quiet person in real life. But I usually initiate conversations. It is a habit I developed when I realized that I have to initiate the conversation first, then others can open their mind. I realized from experience that I can make more good friends that way. When I am with my friends, I am actually quieter.

배우 최우식과 호형호제하는 사이라면서? ‘패밀리’라 부를 만한 친구들은 우식이와 연기자가 아닌 친구 몇 명 정도다. 연기하면서 코드가 비슷한 사람을 찾는 게 꽤 힘들더라. 일단 우식이는 비슷한 연배인 데다, 닮은 구석이 많아 쉽게 가까워졌다. 둘이 같이 얘기하고 있으면 엄청 웃긴다. 내가 형이라는 이유로 선택을 강요당하는 경향이 있는데, 만날 “형이 알아서 해요.” “형이 하라는 대로 할게요.” 이런 식이다. 귀엽다.
I heard Choi Woo-shik is your best friend. Who are your close friends that you can call “family?” Woo-shik and a few other non-actor friends. It is hard to find someone who I can get along with since I started acting. First of all, it was easy to get close to Woo-shik because he and I are a similar age and we have a lot in common. When we talk to each other, we have so much fun. Because I am the hyung, he makes me decide whatever. He always says, “You decide it.” “I will do whatever you tell me to do.” Like that. He is cute.

Park Seo-jun 박서준 Elle InterviewPin this image on Pinterest

세로 스트라이프 셔츠와 슬랙스는 Dolce & Gabbana. 서스펜더는 스타일리스트 소장품.
Vertical striped shirt and slacks are from Dolce & Gabbana. Suspenders are from the stylists’ collection

대체로 자기 목소리를 잘 내는 똑똑한 배우라는 평가를 받는다. 이 같은 평가의 근거가 뭘까 나는 늘 내 몫을 다 해야 한다는 생각이 강하다. 대중이 나보다 몇 배 더 똑똑하니까. 배우는 그보다 한 발 앞서 나가야 간신히 이해받을 수 있는 존재라고 믿는다. 어쨌든 내가 연기를 계속할 수 있다는 건 나를 좋게 봐주는 시선이 존재하기 때문이잖아. 당연히 열심히 해야 하는 것도 있지만 그 눈높이에 맞추기 위해서 어찌 보면 누구보다 내 역할에 대해 잘 파악하고 있어야 한다. 아마 내 몫을 충실히 하려는 자세를 ‘똑똑하다’는 칭찬으로 되돌려 받는 것 같다.
You have the reputation that you are a smart actor who can raise your own voice. What do you think this reputation is based on? I always think I have to fulfill my duty. The general public is much smarter than me. I think actors should be at least one step ahead of them to be understood (or to be recognized). Anyway, I can still act because there is someone who favors me (or likes me). Of course, I have to work hard, but at the same time, I have to know about the characters I play well enough to be able to meet the audiences’ expectations. I guess the “smart actor” compliment is from my attitude of trying to carry out my roles.

일상에서도 딱 부러지는 성격인가 빈틈 많은 사람이다. 지금이야 일하러 온 거니까 뭐든 잘하려고 노력하지만 혼자일 땐 허술하다. 그리고 사람의 얼굴은 잘 기억하는데 이름을 정말 못 외운다. 건망증이 있다.
Are you strict in your day-to-day life? No, I am a sloppy person. I try my best to accomplish things while at work, but when I am alone, I am sloppy. Also, I remember people’s faces well, but I can’t remember their names. I am a forgetful person.

카메라 밖에서 박서준의 모습은 어떤가 나를 많이 놓는다. 그리고 시간을 흥청망청 쓴다! 예전엔 시간을 계획적으로 딱딱 맞춰 살았다. 근데 어느 정도 놓아버리니 얻는 것들이 있더라. 너무 심하게 게을러지는 건 경계해야겠지만 가만히 있을 때 감정적으로 와 닿는 부분들이 있어 대체로 풀려 있다.
How is Park Seo-joon outside of the camera? I usually let myself go loose and I waste a lot of time! I used to be punctual and follow my plans. But when I start to let myself go, I actually gain something. It would be problematic if I become too lazy, but I have something else that is touching when I am doing nothing, so I just let myself go loose.

풀려 있을 땐 주로 뭐하나 특별히 하는 일도 없다. 가끔 친구들과 술 마시는 게 전부다.
What do you do when you are loose? Nothing particular. I often drink with my friends, but that is it.

늘 당당한 느낌이다. 이 거친 세상을 살아가기에 최적화된 상태랄까. 박서준이 삶을 살아가는 데 중요하게 생각하는 방식은 자격지심이 아닌 자존감으로 산다. 남 욕하는 사람들이 많은데 어느 순간 그게 다 자기 얼굴에 침 뱉기처럼 들리더라. 나 역시 어릴 땐 자격지심이 가득했다. 그러다 보니 불만만 쌓이고, 결과적으론 나한테 손해더라. 자존감이 삐뚤어져 생긴 게 자격지심 같다. 한편으론 내 색깔을 갖는 것도 배우로선 필수인 것 같다. 지금 필드에 나와 있는 연기자들이 어찌 보면 전부 달라서 캐스팅이 되고 연기를 할 수 있는 거잖아. 나 역시 그 사람들과 조금 다른 부분이 있기 때문에 꾸준히 작품을 이어가는 거다. 그렇지만 비슷한 사람이 생기면 아무래도 더 좋은, 더 잘하는 사람이 하게 될 테니까 꾸준히 내 자존감과 색깔을 가꿔야겠더라.
You are always confident. I can say you are (optimized) perfect to live in this hard world. What way of life is important to Park Seo-joon? I live with confidence, not with an inferiority complex. A lot of people swear by others, but at some point, I realized that it usually haunts them later. I used to be full of inferiority. Then I became a complainer and eventually, it hurt myself. I think twisted confidence became an inferiority complex. On the other hand, it is necessary for actors to have their own character. In a way, all the active actors are still acting because they are different from others. I am also continuously working because I am a little different from others. However, if there is a similar actor just like me, the better person will get all the work, so I try to increase my confidence and change my character.

타인과 차별되는 박서준만의 뚜렷한 매력 한 가지는 내 얼굴을 매력적으로 봐주는 분들도 있지만 내 눈엔 되게 평범해 보인다. 대신 이런 평범함 덕분에 다양한 역할을 맡을 수 있다고 생각한다. 이번 영화에서도 처음 내 얼굴이 등장하는 장면 보고 “와, 되게 못생겼다”라는 탄식이 절로 나왔다. 연기를 더 열심히 해야겠다, 굳게 마음먹었지(웃음).
What is your charm that is different from others? Some people think I have a charming look, but I look plain to myself. On the other hand, because I look plain, I can play various characters. When I saw myself in this movie, I had to sigh and think, “Wow, so ugly.” I made my mind up to act better (laughs).

그간 해보지 않았는데, 해보고 싶다거나 해야 할 것 같아서 멋대로 상상해 본 일이 있나 여행을 더 많이 다니고 싶다. 워낙 사람 구경하는 걸 좋아한다. 나라마다 문화와 가치관이 다르고 사람들의 외양도 다르잖아. 멋진 풍경을 보는 것만큼이나 재미있다. 그래서 어딜 가더라도 번화가엔 꼭 들른다. 점점 더 사람 구경을 못하다 보니 여행지에서 오래오래 멍하니 앉아 사람 구경이나 하고 싶다는 로망이 있다.
Do you have something you want to do even though you haven’t done it before, or do you imagine something because you wanted to do it? I want to travel more. I really like to look at people. Each country has different cultures and values, and they also look different. I like it as much as nice scenery (basically, he likes people watching as much as looking at nature). Therefore, wherever I go to, I always visit downtown. It becomes more difficult to see people, I have this dream of just watching people for a long time without doing anything.

사람에 대한 감이 빠른 편인가 몇 마디만 해도 알 수 있다. 상대가 진심을 얘기하는지 거짓을 얘기하는지. 연기자에겐 관찰이 되게 필요한 것 같다.
Do you have a quick sense of people? I sense it after a few conversations. Whether they are sincere or lying. I think it is important for actors to have good observational skills.

지금껏 다닌 여행지 중 마음에 들었던 곳은 일본이 재미있었다. 유난히 사람들의 매너가 좋다는 점이 인상적이었다. 아, 그리고 유행을 별로 안 타는 나라 같더라. 모두 자기가 좋아하는 스타일이 있어서 다양성이 풍부하다고 할까. 보는 재미가 있어서 시간이 잘 흐르더라. 빨리 유럽에도 가보고 싶다. 아직 한 번도 못 가봤다.
What are your favorite foreign places? I liked Japan. It was impressive how well-mannered the people are. Ah, and I think they don’t follow the trend too much. A lot of people seem like they have their own fashion style, so it looks diverse. Time went by fast because l was having fun looking at them. I want to visit Europe as well. I have never been there before.

혹시 내게 생겼으면 하는 특별한 능력이 있다면 시간을 멈추고 싶다! 누구나 그럴 때 있지 않나? 정말 행복해서 이 순간이 조금 더 길었으면 좋겠다 싶을 때. 요즘엔 시간이 그냥 훅훅 지나가는 기분이다. 놓치고 가는 게 많은 것 같아서 아쉽기만 하다. 나이가 들면 아마도 젊은 날의 욕망까지도 전부 그리워할 것 같다.
Do you want to have any special power? I want to stop time! Doesn’t everyone have those moments? You want the time stop because this moment is so happy. I feel like time flies by recently. I am sorry that I feel like I am missing out. I think that when I get old, I will miss even the desire of youngsters. (ie. when you are young you want a lot, but when you get old you don’t want as many things).

가장 최근에 시간을 멈추고 싶다고 느낀 적 있었나 얼마 전 [뮤직뱅크] MC를 하차하면서 마지막 인사를 하는데 갑자기 울컥하더라. 눈물이 났다. 약간 ‘돌아이’ 같긴 하지만 바로 그 순간에 시간이 멈춰서 내 의식만 또렷하게 깨어 있으면 기분이 어떨지 궁금했다. 가능하지 않겠지만 이런 상상을 해볼 때가 간혹 있다.
Recently, did you have those moments where you want to stop time? When I left [Music bank] as the MC and while I was saying goodbye, I became emotional. It sounds crazy but I wanted to know how it felt if I time stopped time at that moment while my mind was still awake. It is not possible, but I sometimes imagine those things.

냉동 인간도 생기는데 뭐든 장담할 수 없는 세상이다. 그럼 다른 질문 하나! 박서준에게 숨겨진 능력이 있다면 얘기를 잘 들어주는 것. 상대를 나와 다르다고 다그치지 않고 이해해 주는 건 누구보다 잘할 수 있다. 내 가치관과 잣대에 따라 쉽게 평가하지 않는다. 그 부분에선 유연하다. 그래서 주변 사람들이 나한테 불만을 잘 얘기하나 보다.
We have a “frozen man” now, so you can’t say anything for sure. Okay, another question! Do you have a hidden special ability? I hear others well. I am better than anyone else at not criticizing others just because they are different from me and just accepting them. I don’t judge them based on my values. I am flexible in that regard. I guess that is why people can easily tell me what they are not happy with.

몇 개의 연대기로 인생을 쪼개면 일단 태어나서 초등학교 때까지. 원래 야구 선수가 되고 싶었다. 아빠가 야구를 못하게 말린 초등학교 2학년 때부터 잠시 꿈이 사라졌다가 중학교 때 연극 무대에 서면서 다시 새로운 연대기가 시작된 것 같다. 이후엔 서울예대 연기과에 입학한 20세, 입대를 한 21세, 제대 후 지금의 소속사에 들어간 23세로 각각 시기를 나눠볼 수 있겠네. 아, 그리고 드라마 [금 나와라, 뚝딱]에서 ‘현태’를 연기했을 때가 내 연기 인생 최고의 ‘터닝 포인트’다. 그때 이후 지금껏 배우로 잘 흘러왔으니까.
Can you divide your life into several chronicles (chapters)? First, from birth to second grade, I wanted to be a baseball player. I didn’t have any dreams since second grade after my dad stopped me from playing baseball, then a new chapter started when I joined the theater program when I was in middle school. Then at 20 years old when I went to Seoul Institute of the Arts, 21 years old when I went to the military, and 23 years old when I joined my management company after the military. Ah, finally, when I played Hyun-tae in [Pots of Gold], it was my best turning point as an actor. Since then, I have been successful as an actor.

27세의 박서준은 좀 더 나은 28세의 박서준을 꿈꿨다. 29세의 박서준은 또 어떨까 사실 앞으로의 계획은 질문받을 때마다 생각해 보는데 잘 떠오르지 않는다. 배우로 정식으로 데뷔하고 난 뒤부턴 하루하루 열심히 사는 데만 충실했다. 위태위태한 직업이잖아. 앞날이 투명하게 잘 안 보인다. 아마 결혼정보 업체에 들어가면 꼴찌일걸. 배우든, 가수든 연예인이 연애하기엔 좋은데, 결혼 상대로는 아니라고 하더라. 그런 얘기 들으면 슬프다.
27-year-old Park Seo-joon dreamed of a better 28-year-old Park Seo-joon. What do you think of 29-year-old Park Seo-joon? Honestly, I don’t have a good idea about my future plans when I am asked about them. Since I debuted as an actor, I focused on doing my best to live fully day-by-day. It is an unstable job. My future is not clear. On dating services, I think I will be ranked at the bottom. I heard entertainers, actors, or singers, are good for dating, but not good to get married to. I am sad when I hear that.

지금 박서준이라면 미래 걱정은 크게 안 해도 될 것 같은데 여자와 남자가 느끼는 책임감은 조금 다르다고 본다. 보장된 건 없으니 항상 외줄 타는 느낌이다. 뭐 하나라도 실수하면 안 되니까.
I think the current Park Seo-joon shouldn’t worry about the future. I think the responsibility is different between men and women. I feel I am always on edge because there is no guarantee. I can’t make any wrong move.

배우는 멘탈 관리가 정말 만만치 않겠다 보통 멘탈이 아니고서야 현장에서 오래 버티기 힘들다. 그런 면에서 여배우들이 존경스럽다. 우리나라에 여배우가 남자배우보다 상대적으로 적은 것만 봐도 살아남기 위한 소리 없는 아우성이 얼마나 대단한지 알 수 있다. 나 역시 오래 일할 수 있길 바란다. 지금까진 잘 쌓아오고 있다고 생각하지만 무너지는 순간도 있을 거니까 그때마다 유연하게 잘 대처했으면 한다.
I think it doesn’t come easy for actors to maintain a sound mentality. It is hard to stay sane in this field. In that regard, I admire actresses. It is obvious how hard it is to survive as an actress here, since very few actresses are around when compared to actors. I hope (wish) I can be around for a long time. I think I am doing well up until now, but at some point, I will have a collapsing moment. Whenever that happens, I want to be flexible to deal with it.

EDITOR 김나래 Kim Na-rae | PHOTO 김도원 Kim Do-won | STYLISTS 정혜진, 김정미Jung Hae-jin, Kim Jung-mi (EUPHORIA SEOUL) | HAIR 정미Jung-mi (순수) (Soonsu) | MAKE-UP 강미 Kang-mi (순수) (Soonsu) | ASSISTANT 김지윤 Kim Ji-yoon | DESIGN 최인아 Choi In-ah

credit: dramamilk

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어깨에 걸친 야자수 프린트 아우터웨어는 Eeo To To by Boon the Shop. 체크 셔츠와 팬츠는 Marc Jacobs by Mue. 모자는 Momosma.
The palm print outwear on his shoulder is from Eeo To To by Boon the Shop. The Check shirts and pants are from Marc Jacobs by Mue. The hat is from Momosma.


This Interview is for Micro-Hulk who asked for an interview and video of Park Seo-joon (박서준) from our Giveaway Post a while back. We found this paired video and interview with Elle magazine from 2014. We hope you enjoy the Interview and video Micro-Hulk. I also included screen captures at the end of the article. Enjoy!


거침없이 말하고, 거침없이 움직이는 박서준.
Park Seo-joon speaks without hesitation; acts without hesitation.

박서준과의 만남을 앞두고 1년 전 인터뷰를 다시 꺼내 읽었다. “이번에 잘해야 다음번에 [엘르]와 또 인터뷰하죠!” “명색이 배우인데 이 정도는 해야죠!” 플레이어로 친다면 공격수. 과감한 플레이로 날카로운 첫인상을 남긴 선수였다. ‘직구’가 연상되는 솔직한 대답이 박서준 하면 떠오르는 이미지다. 드라마 [마녀의 연애]가 끝난, 홀가분한 상태의 그는 또 어떤 얘기를 들려줄지 에디터로서, 사심 가득한 여자로서 기대됐다. 그리고 스트라이프 티셔츠 차림의 가벼운 복장으로 촬영 장소인 부티크 호텔 펜트하우스로 들어와서 박서준이 맨 처음 꺼낸 말. “오, 수영장에서 수영해도 돼요?” 안 될 게 뭐 있나. ‘완전’ 되지! ‘리베로’처럼 자유로운 영혼의 소유자, 이번엔 거침없이 물속을 누비고 다녔다.
I read the interview we did one year ago before my meeting with Park Seo-joon. “I should do well so I can have another interview with Elle again!” “I am an actor, so I should do at least this much!” When compared to an athlete, he is a striker. He was a player that left a sharp first impression with a bold play. A person who gives honest answers like a ‘fast ball’ is the image I have when I think of Park Seo-joon. I was looking forward to this interview with him as an Editor and a woman with a selfish motive, with the anticipation of the kinds of stories the free and easy Park Seo-joon will tell us, since first finishing the drama Witch’s Romance. When he showed up with a striped t-shirt at the shooting location at a boutique hotel penthouse, the first words he said were, “Oh, can I swim in the swimming pool?”. Why not? “Of course, you can!” Just like a Libero, a free spirit, he swam in the water without hesitation.

[엘르]와는 딱 1년 만의 만남이다. 그때 찍었던 화보 B컷을 집에 붙여놨다.
It has only been a year since you last met with Elle. I put the B cut pictorials on my wall at home.
그사이 포인트가 될 만한 두 작품 [따뜻한 말 한마디], [마녀의 연애]에 출연했다. 그러네. 정말 1년 만이라 나 역시 감회가 새롭다. 그동안 쉬는 날 없이 계속 촬영만 했다.
You were in One Warm Word and Witch’s Romance which could be considered your turning point.That is true. It has been a year, I also become a little sentimental as well. I was working continuously without any break.

매니저에게 들으니 오늘이 [마녀의 연애] 촬영 끝난 지 3일째라면서 맞다. 작품 하면서 집에 있는 시간이 거의 없었으니까 잠을 좀 잤다. 차 안이나 대기실이 집처럼 느껴질 정도다.
I heard from your manager that today is the third day after finishing the drama Witch’s Romance.Right. I slept a lot at home since I didn’t get a chance to spend that much time at home while working. I even felt like the car or the waiting room was my home.
이제 사람들이 다 알아보지 않나 그렇지도 않다. 시청률이 잘 나온 건 아니니까. 거의 촬영장에서 지내다 보니 확인할 기회도 없었다.
Are people recognizing you on the street now? Not at all. The ratings weren’t that great. I spent most of my time at the shooting location, so I didn’t have a chance to check it out as well.
박서준이야말로 [마녀의 연애]의 최고 수혜자가 아닌가 그런가. 첫 주연을 맡은 작품이니까. 나 자신을 시험해 본 기회였던 것 같다. 그리고 뭐 결과도 나쁘지 않게 끝난 것 같다.
You are the best beneficiary of the Witch’s Romance though, right? Is that true? It is because it was my first main role. It was a good test to myself and the result wasn’t that bad.
전작에서 연기한 배역들은 저마다 복잡한 가정사로 인한 아픔이(?) 있었다. 이번 작품에선 박서준의 밝은 성격을 보여줄 수 있었네. 밝은 모습이나 어두운 모습, 둘 다 내 안에 있어서 그저 상황에 맞게 연기한 것 같다.
Your previous roles had some kinds of hardships due to complicated family histories. In this drama, you were able to show Park Seo-joon’s bright side. I have both a dark and bright side, so I just acted accordingly.
회를 거듭할수록 엄정화와의 커플 연기가 물이 올랐다. 사실 애드리브가 많았다. 처음 드라마 시작할 땐 ‘윤동하’란 인물의 분위기를 어떻게 연출할지에 대해 생각 많이 했다. 그걸 기초로 극이 진행될수록 캐릭터가 구체화되면 차츰 뭘 해도 상관없는 단계가 되거든. 마지막엔 동하가 익숙해져서 진짜 편하게 놀면서 했다.
Episode after episode, your couple acting with Um Jung-hwa became more fluid. Actually, we had a lot of ad-libs. When we first started the drama, I thought about the character of Yoon Dong-hwa a lot to figure out how to express his moods. While the drama progressed, the character came to life based on that, eventually, it didn’t matter what I did. At the end of the drama, Dong-ha became so familiar to me, so I didn’t need to try at all.

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플라워 프린트 셔츠는 Blindness. 팬츠는 스타일리스트 소장품.
The flower print shirt is from Blindness. The pants are from the stylist’s collection.

애드리브도 상대가 받아줘야 가능한 법인데. 일단 감독님이 나와 정화 누나가 편하게 연기할 수 있게 내버려두는 스타일이다. 우리 드라마가 쉽게 말해 ‘좀 막 해도 되는’, 애드리브가 잘 사는 로맨틱 코미디여서 대사를 마구 던질 수 있는 여건이었다. 어쨌든 정극은 아니니까 이것저것 생각나는 대로 대사를 치고 그게 웃기면 방송에 나갔다.
Ad-libbing is only possible when the other person responds to it. First of all, the director let me and Jung-hwa noona act freely. Our drama was a so called ‘Do whatever’ romantic comedy where ad-libbing works well. Therefore, we were able to say whatever we wanted to say. Anyways, it is not a traditional drama, so I changed the dialog whatever way I wanted to change it and if that got a laugh then it was broadcast.
‘로맨틱 코미디’계의 새로운 왕자로 떠오르는 중인데. 나만의 표현을 좋게 봐주시니 기분 좋지. 지금 내 나이에 맞게 표현할 수 있는 부분을 보여드렸을 뿐인데.
You are becoming a new rising prince of the romantic-comedy genre. I am glad you are favorable to my expressions. I just showed the sides of myself that I can only express at that age.
‘반지연(엄정화)’ 같은 기자 여자친구 어떤가. 연예부만 아니면 괜찮지 않을까(웃음). 간접적이긴 했지만 난 되게 신선했다. 극중 정화 누나가 기자였지만 기자로서 연출된 상황을 심도 있게 겪을 수 있었던 건 아니라서 좀 더 사랑하는 사람을 바라보는 눈으로 봤던 것 같다.
How would you like a reporter girlfriend like Ban Ji-yeon (Um Jung-hwa). I guess it is okay If she doesn’t work for the entertainment department (laugh). It was really refreshing even though it was an indirect experience. Even though Jung-hwa noona was a reporter in the drama, it wasn’t like I could experience the deeper sides of her reporter life, so l looked at her more like a lover.
기 센 여자에게 ‘대시’하는 일 자체가 쉽지 않을 것 같은데. 겉으로만 보면 그렇지만 내가 정말로 그 사람이 궁금하다면 대화를 나눠 보면 되는 문제다. 강한 척하는 사람일수록 오히려 여린 구석이 많다. 어쨌든 사람은 누구나 비슷한 것 같다. 여자들이 남자는 다 똑같다고 말하듯이 내가 볼 때 여자도 다 똑같은 것 같다! 그렇지만 왈가닥 타입은 별로 좋아하지 않는다. 나는 항상 여자는 여자다워야 하고, 남자는 남자다워야 한다고 생각한다. 그게 매력적인 것 같다.
It seems like it would be difficult to chase after a bossy woman. It Looks like it, but If I am really interested in that person, I just need to talk to her first. Whoever pretends like they are a strong person, can also be soft on the inside. Anyway, people are similar. Just like women say all the men are the same, I think all the women are the same to me! However, I don’t like unruly girls. I always think women should behave like women and men should behave like men. I think that is more charming.
무려 14살이란 나이 차이에 대해선? 띠동갑을 훌쩍 뛰어넘는 나이인데 몰입이 어렵진 않았나 나는 원래 여자를 만날 때 나이 차이보다 정신 연령, 코드가 맞아야 한다고 생각한다. 대화가 통하는 게 더 중요하지 않나. 그동안 연상의 여자를 만나본 적이 없어서 걱정하긴 했다. 근데 정화 누나가 워낙 소녀 같다. 선배 또는 누나와 연기한다는 생각이 전혀 들지 않을 정도로 편하게 연기했다. 어차피 로맨스 연기를 해야 하는데, 괜히 나이를 의식해 연기가 어려워지면 마이너스다. 진짜 여자와 남자로 생각하는 게 좋지, 나이 차이는 시청자가 느끼는 표면적인 설정일 뿐이라고 생각했다.
How about the 14 year age difference? Did you have any difficulties while acting because the age gap was more than a decade? When I meet women, I always think the mental age and codes (match) are more important than the age difference. Being able to communicate is more important, right? I was kind of worried because I never dated an older woman. But Jung-hwa noona was so much like a young girl. I acted so comfortably that I didn’t even think I was acting with a seonbae or a noona. I have to act romantic with her anyhow, so thinking about age and making acting even more difficult because of it is of no use. It is better to think that it is between a real man and a real woman. I think the age difference is just a set up for the audience.
드라마에 주연으로 출연한 건 처음인데 [마녀의 연애]가 박서준에겐 새로운 도전이었겠다 많은 신을 소화해야 한다는 점에서 그렇지. 그만큼 내가 보여줄 수 있는 게 많으니까 힘든 동시에 재미도 있었다.
Witch’s Romance is your first main role in a drama, so it should have been a new challenge for Park Seo-joon. It is true in terms of spending more time in front of the camera. At the same time, I can show more things about myself, so it was hard, but fun as well.
아, 정말로 볼수록 연애하고 싶은 욕구가 커지는 드라마더라. 다정한 눈빛 발사에 필요할 때 알아서 척척 해주는 스킨십! 남자들이 좀 보고 배워야 한다. 나는 어색한 게 싫다. 로맨스를 표현하려면 오글거리는 장면을 연기할 때가 많다. 그걸 최대한 어색하지 않게 표현하기 위해선 키스할 것 같을 땐 그냥 넘어가고 거꾸로 전혀 엉뚱한 타이밍에 스킨십을 하는 거다. 상대방이 봤을 때 어떻게 행동하면 어색함이 묻어나지 않는 자연스러운 모습일까가 관건이었던 것 같다.
Ah, the more I watched the drama, the more I wanted to date. It had lovely gazes and skinship when needed! Men should learn from it. I don’t like awkward moments. To express romance in the drama, I have to do a lot of cheesy scenes. To make these scenes normal, I don’t kiss when I have to and I touch when it is not the right time. The key thing was finding the type of acting that looked natural without being awkward.
엄정화와는 완전 친해졌겠다? 그럼! 많은 신을 함께 소화했으니.
I guess you become good friends with Um Jung-hwa? Of course, since we had a lot of scenes together.
여자가 봐도 매력 있는, 친해지고 싶은 ‘언니’ 타입이다. 가까이에서 본 그녀는 어땠나? 배울 점이 참 많았다. 아무래도 누나가 현장 경험이 풍부해서 한 신을 찍을 때도 준비를 참 많이 해오시더라.
She is a cool ‘eunni’ type and is attractive to woman as well. How was she? I had a lot to learn from her. I think she has a lot of experience, she even prepared a lot for only one cut.

둘의 호흡이 척척 잘 맞더라. 일상생활에서 나누는 대화처럼 대사도 툭툭 던지고. 나는 연기자인데도 불구하고 아이러니하게 ‘연기한다’는 느낌이 참 별로인 것 같다. 내가 가장 편해야 한다고 생각한다. 그런 생각이 누나와도 잘 맞았던 것 같다.
It seems like you two got along well with each other. The conversations in the drama looked just like you were saying them in day-to-day life. Even though I am an actor, ironically, I don’t like the feel of “acting.” I think I should be the very comfortable and relaxed. My idea matched well with noona’s.
애정 신을 촬영하는 건 어색하지 않았나? 물론 처음엔 어색했지. 근데 나중엔 어색하게 느끼는 것도 웃기고 편해졌다.
Did you feel awkward to take on love scenes? Of course, it was awkward in the beginning. But the feeling of awkwardness became funny and natural for me.


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오늘을 위해서 그간 한 꽤 많은 분량의 인터뷰를 읽어봤다. 보통 질문을 하면 최대한 그 질문에 맞춰 대답하려고 하는데 마음에 들지 않으면 사정없이 내치는 듯한 인상이 들더라. 새로운 질문을 던져야 새로운 생각으로 새롭게 대답할 수 있다. 그런데 늘 똑같은 얘기를 하니까 의미가 없는 것 같다. 시간을 버리는 것 같다. 그래서 신문 인터뷰가 재미없다. 다들 ‘컨트롤 C’, ‘컨트롤 V’ 버튼 누르는 것처럼 똑같은 질문을 하니 지루하다.
To prepare for today, I read a lot of your previous interviews. Usually, when people are asked something, they try to answer to match the question, but it seems like when you don’t like the questions, you just pass. When I am asked new questions, I can have new answers. But when the interviews are the same old same old, there is no meaning doing it. I feel like I am wasting my time. Everyone’s questions are like ‘Ctrl-C’, ‘Ctrl-V’ (or copy and paste), it is boring.
‘곤조’가 있네. 느끼는 대로 이야기하는 거다. 새로운 자극을 받아야 나도 새로운 생각을 할 수 있다. 반면 나에 대해 여러모로 재미있게 준비해서 질문하시는 분들도 있다. 그럴땐 내가 대답을 잘 못하는 상황이 생긴다. 그러면 나도 생각할 기회가 생기니 뭔가를 얻어서 가는 거다.
You have a ‘temper.’ I am just saying what I have felt. When I have new stimulations, I can think of new things. On the other hand, some interviewers prepare fun and good questions. In that case, sometimes I can’t find the right answer. Then I have a chance to think, so I get something from the interview.

새로움에 대한 갈망이 많은 사람인데, 틈이 없는 생활에서 영감은 어떻게 얻나? 일단 작품을 할 땐 그 안에서 떠오르는 것들을 표현하는 거다. 내가 가진 것들을 표현하는 거지 새로운 걸 만들려고 하면 더 이상해지는 것 같다. 나이가 들수록 자연스럽게 계속 다른 ‘내’가 작품 속에 묻어 나오는 것 같다. 그래서 ‘윤동하’는 27세의 박서준이 표현할 수 있는 딱 그만큼을 표현한 것뿐이다. 내년엔 28세가 되니까 그때 가선 또 다른 모습을 이야기 할 수 있겠지.
You have a thirst for new things (or knowledge), how do you get inspired with your busy schedule? I express what I have in that moment when I act. I just express what I have, I don’t try to make up new things because it makes my acting unnatural. As I age, different sides of myself come out naturally in pieces. Therefore, ‘Yun Dong-ha’ is an expression of the 27-year-old Park Seo-joon, no more than that. I will be 28 years old next year, so I can talk about a different me next year.
작품 하나하나가 나이테인 셈이네. 그래서 과거 작품이 소중하다. [따뜻한 말 한마디]를 끝낸 게 불과 몇 달 전이지만 아마 다시 그 작품을 하라고 하면 못할 거다. 그때 그 상황에서 최선을 다했기 때문에 똑같이 못하는 거다. 연기자라는 직업이 참 좋은 것 같다. 내 모습이 영상으로 남으니까 과거의 내가 어땠는지 알 수 있잖아. 어쨌든 나는 매 순간 즐겁게 살고 싶다. 죽어 있는 것처럼 시간을 쓰는 게 싫다.
So, each of your projects is like your growth ring. That is why my old projects are important. It has been a few months since I finished [One Warm Word] but I don’t think I can do it the same again. I did my best at that time under those circumstances, so I can’t replicate it now. I think being an actor is a good occupation because my appearance is locked in the film, so I can always remember who I was previously. Anyhow, I want to enjoy moments. I don’t want to spend my time as a dead person.
삶을 드라마처럼 느끼면서 나는 그 순간 느끼는 감정이 ‘최고’라고 생각한다. 물론 되돌아봤을 때 아쉬운 점도 있지만 솔직히 그 상황에선 그게 최선이었다고 생각한다. 연기할 때도 아직 감각으로 하는 편이다. 뭔가 계산해서 하는 것보다 자연스러운 게 좀 더 나은 연기 같거든.
Do you feel real life as if it is a drama? I think the feeling you have at that moment is the best. Of course, in retrospect, I have some regrets, but I think it was the best thing I could do at that moment. When I act, I still follow my instincts. I think acting naturally is better than acting with calculated moves.
대화를 좋아하는 사람 같다. 사람 상대하는 게 가장 어려운데 또 재미가 있다.
I think you like conversations. Interacting with people is the most difficult thing, but it has its own fun factor.
어디 가서 절대 기죽는 스타일은 아닌 것처럼 보인다. 자신만만하다. 자만처럼 보이려나. 내가 나를 지켜야지, 안 그러면 살아남을 수 없는 바닥이다. 내가 나를 사랑해야 한다. 이 일 자체가 사생활 터치가 심하니까. 우울증으로 힘들어하는 상황도 생기잖아. 이해가 가더라. 사람이 한번 바닥으로 떨어지면 다시 올라가기가 쉽지 않잖아. 그런 심경을 나도 느껴봤기 때문에.
You look like you don’t get discouraged in any circumstance. You look confident. Do I look too sure of myself? I have to protect myself, otherwise, I won’t be able to survive in this industry. I have to love myself. My personal life gets meddled with a lot because of my job. Quite a few people are depressed. When people hit rock bottom, it is difficult to get back. I have also felt those emotions.
2012년에 데뷔하고 난 뒤로 별로 어려움이 없었던 걸로 아는데. 작품 하기 전에 그랬다. ‘내가 과연 배우 생활을 견딜 수 있을까’란 의문에서 시작해 좀 깊이 생각에 빠졌던 것 같다. 근데 나는 내가 회사에 들어간 뒤에 배우를 준비했다고 생각하지 않는다. 내가 본 것, 듣는 것, 느끼는 것 전부 트레이닝이 아니겠나. 필드에 나온 게 오래되지 않았다뿐이지 준비는 계속 하고 있었다고 생각한다. 그 과정 속에서 왠지 내 시간만 멈춰 있는 것 같았다. 주위에 사람이 없는 것 같기도 했고. 그런 생각을 계속 반복하니까 우울해지더라.
I thought you didn’t have any hard times since you debuted in 2012. Before I started in this profession, I asked myself ‘Can I survive the life of an actor?’ and it got deeper. But I don’t think I started to prepare myself as an actor after I joined the company. Everything I saw, heard, and felt are all training, right? I think I was always preparing myself to be an actor even though my acting career is short. During that process, I thought my time has stopped. I also felt like I had no one around me. It was quit depressing to think about those things over and over again.
모순된 삶이지. 누가 날 알아줘야 캐스팅이 되는데, 너무 잘 알려지는 건 또 싫으니. 일상을 방해받긴 싫다. 나도 편하게 생활하고 싶으니까. 거리를 걷고 있는데 사진 찍자고 하면 얼마든지 찍을 수 있다. 하지만 누군가와 함께 있을 땐 불편해지더라. 굉장히 사소한 거지만 그런 점 때문에 자꾸 갇히게 된다. 집에 늘 혼자 있게 된다.
It is a very contradictory life. You can only be cast if people know who you are, but at the same time, you don’t want to be too well known to the people. I don’t want my daily life disrupted. I want to have a comfortable easy life. It is fine with me if someone wants to take a picture with me on a street. But it becomes a little uncomfortable when I am with someone. It is trivial, but it makes me not want to leave my house. I stay home alone frequently.
소속사 1호 배우라던데. (김)수현이가 프로필이 있는 상황에서 소속사와 계약했다면 내 경우는 프로필이 없는 상황이었다. 우리 회사 입장에서 처음 키운 신인이 잘되는 과정이라서 그런 표현을 자주 쓴다.
I heard you were the first actor at your company. (Kim) Su-hyun signed his contract while he already had his profile, but I signed my contract without any profile. My company likes to say I am the first one because I started my career there and I am growing well.

EDITOR 김나래 Kim Na-rae | STYLIST 정혜진,김정미(EUPHORIA SEOUL) Jung Hae-jin, Kim Jung-mi

EDITOR Kim Na-rae | PHOTOGRAPHER Yu Young-gyu | STYLISTS Jung hae-jin, Kim Jung-mi (EUPHORIA SEOUL) | HAIR Jung-mi (Sunsu) | MAKE UP Kang-mi (Sunsu)


That is it for the Elle interview! We hope you enjoyed it Micro-Hulk. Up next is The Star interview with Kim Ji-won and then the last Elle interview. After that interview I believe we have all the Park Seo-joon Elle Interviews in our archives. If any snuck by then let us know. If you’re curious about the Givaway interviews/translations coming up then check the sidebar on the right under giveaway posts. They are all there along with the links to each interview.


Park Seo Joon Elle 2014
Park Seo Joon Elle 2014
Park Seo Joon Elle 2014
Park Seo Joon Elle 2014
Park Seo Joon Elle 2014
Park Seo Joon Elle 2014
Park Seo Joon Elle 2014
Park Seo Joon Elle 2014
Park Seo Joon Elle 2014
Park Seo Joon Elle 2014
Park Seo Joon Elle 2014
Park Seo Joon Elle 2014
Park Seo Joon Elle 2014
Park Seo Joon Elle 2014
Park Seo Joon Elle 2014
Park Seo Joon Elle 2014
Park Seo Joon Elle 2014
Park Seo Joon Elle 2014
Park Seo Joon Elle 2014
Park Seo Joon Elle 2014
Park Seo Joon Elle 2014
Park Seo Joon Elle 2014
Park Seo Joon Elle 2014
Park Seo Joon Elle 2014

Question and Answer

Park Seo Joon Elle 2014
Park Seo Joon Elle 2014
Park Seo Joon Elle 2014
Park Seo Joon Elle 2014
Park Seo Joon Elle 2014
Park Seo Joon Elle 2014
Park Seo Joon Elle 2014
Park Seo Joon Elle 2014


Park Seo Joon Elle 2014
Park Seo Joon Elle 2014
Park Seo Joon Elle 2014
Park Seo Joon Elle 2014
Park Seo Joon Elle 2014
Park Seo Joon Elle 2014

credit: dramamilk

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Park Seo Joon Interview For Esquire Magazine May 2019 “SeoJoon’s Thought”


Finally we finished it~ We’re sorry for taking so long because we translated it in our free time ㅠㅠㅠ.

Some side notes :

  • English is not our first language So we’re sorry if there are grammar mistakes 
  • Translations may contain inaccuracies. There is moment when we understand the meaning but don’t know how to translate it into english ㅠㅠㅠ but we tried our best to make it understandable.
  • Please take out with full credit. It’s okay if you want to repost it or translate it into your own language but please take out with full credit 















Side note again : There are two ‘page 10’ please just ignore it ㅋㅋㅋ

Source : Esquire Korea Official Site

credit: aboutpsj

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Park Seo-joon Grazia Interview: The Perfect Match

Park Seo Joon Grazia Magazine InterviewPin this image on Pinterest

Bright colored pique shirts, line details pants, slippers, all in Hilfiger Edition (Hilfiger Edition). Leather belt Tommy Hilfiger.


Park Seo-joon ventured out State side to Venice beach in LA for Tommy Hilfiger’s fashion show. Grazia was along for the ride to document the fashion show as well as to take several photos of Park Seo-joon modeling the clothing. He looks like he has so much energy. I really liked what he said about striving to feel comfortable and at ease in every situation. He said he was too nervous and tense to enjoy the fashion show due to the drastically different environment. He wants to be the type of person that can enjoy his space wherever he is at and whomever he is with. I love that. He also said he wants to live in another country and learn how to speak English there. As a person who is learning a new language myself, I can dig it. You learn so much faster if you’re forced to speak it. Immersion is key.

The interview is below, check it out if you have a chance.

The lively, youthful city of Los Angeles. Within LA, Venice Beach is the most relaxed and beautiful area; it reminds us a lot of actor Park Seo-joon. Park Seo-joon visited LA on the day that Tommy Hilfiger, who moved his whole collection from New York city to Venice Beach, unveiled his Spring/Summer 2017 collection. Park Seo-joon was invited as Tommy Hilfiger’s Asian model for the Spring/Summer 2017 collection. Rather than being tired, due to his uncontrollably busy schedule, he instead gave life and joy to everyone. The journey Tommy Hilfiger, Park Seo-joon, and LA had together was perfect without any slip-ups, and also joined in.

How was the Tommy Hilfiger Show?
It was my first overseas fashion show and I had so much fun. The scale of the show was enormous.

This Tommy Hilfiger show is on a rare scale, even overseas as well.
I think so. The scale was huge. There were so many invited guests. Everything was amazing. It was also fresh to see models walking right in front of the audience instead of on stage. I thought about a lot of things.

What did you think about it?
It was all cool, all the people and models attending; I was surprised and thought ‘This size of fashion show is possible in America’ and at the same time, ‘When will our country be able to do a show like this?’ I’m not a fashion model, so I don’t know how they feel, but I was also curious about what the models felt. I was very thankful for the experience in many ways.

Park Seo Joon Grazia InterviewPin this image on Pinterest

Park Sae-joon, brought a lot of energy to his poses all day long.

The clothes on the runway are available for purchasing right away. These kinds of collections are popular (See Now Buy Now collections). Did you have a favorite look?
I liked everything. First of all, I thought it wasn’t like the Tommy Hilfiger brand I knew before. It was all different. I think this was a collection that completely broke the general prejudices and common images of ‘Tommy Hilfiger’. Especially, the finale look that matched the denim in the red bomber jacket, the sun dress Gigi Hadid wore was also really beautiful.

You were invited as an Asian model for Tommy Hilfiger. How did you feel when you were first offered to model for Tommy Hilfiger?
‘This is my life opportunity. I should do it without any consideration.’ (laughs). It was a very grateful thought.

Do you remember the clothes you wore on the day of the show? I’m wondering why you chose to wear those clothes.
Of course. When I went to the store, I dressed in last season’s clothes because they didn’t have the S/S collection yet. The first thing that comes to mind when you think of Tommy Hilfiger is the “preppy look.” So, I matched a jacket and chino pants with a shirt and tie. When I went to the store, I saw so many clothes that I could wear everyday. I particularly liked that the fabric was easy to move in. I think the clothes can be used in a variety of situations, either for shooting or as everyday wear.

You often stand in front of the camera. Sometimes as an actor, or as a product model, and you stood as a cover model today, I guess you would feel differently depending on each situation.
They are all different, but I have a similar sense of duty. But, of course, there are differences in attitude toward them. In the case of a drama or a movie shoot, I am very used to it, so I am comfortable. But it was a little burdensome for advertisements or magazines. Maybe because I am not familiar with them? I feel like I should work harder in the future.

Park Seo Joon Grazia InterviewPin this image on Pinterest

He quickly and effortlessly took a photo every time he saw an interesting look.

How do you feel about being a cover model for ?
It is a great honor to be the cover model. After the shoot, I thought ‘Did I do a good job?’ My face is not as strong as other models. I was a little frustrated – ‘If I had a bolder look, it would be more impactful’. I think that is because I concentrate on my weaknesses. (he was actually talking about the line of his face here, but I changed it to face/look)

There was enough of an impact. The cover came out well.
Did you like it? Did you finish picking it? Oh, I really want to see it.

You’ve always been very fashionable.
It seems like it is a kind of hobby to me. I don’t know enough about fashion to explain what look I like and why I like that look. I’m just looking at a few things I like rather than trying to see all the shows for every brand. There is that big flow called a trend. I think I am at a level where I can follow the trend.

What is your favorite look or item?
It is always changing. But no matter how famous and hot the brand is, I do not want to try it unless it suits me well. Nowadays I like clothes that I can wear every day and are comfortable. Like the Tommy Hilfiger clothes I worn this time.

Park Seo Joon Grazia InterviewPin this image on Pinterest

Immediately after the show Park Seo-joon took a nice pose with one of the shows tickets at the concert hall
A meeting between the Asian Ambassador and the designer. Park Seo-joon did not forget to say hello to the designer, Tommy Hilfiger.

I was surprised to see that in [Hwarang] the various styles of hanbok suited you perfectly. There was also an article called “Park Seo-joon even looks good in a handbook.” How do you feel about an article like that?
Hahaha. Was there such an article? Who wrote that article?

You are now a hanbok fashionista.
Hahaha. That is too much. By the way, I wore a variety of hanbok through [Hwarang], so I know this for sure. Hanboks cover the body perfectly. They do not show any flaws.

You don’t have any flaws, do you?
I never thought I would make hanboks suit me perfectly while I was filming [Hwarang]. Nowadays fit and fabric is important for clothes, but not for hanboks. If you place your belt well, it will be the silhouette (laughs). But actually the clothes of the lowest class of people were the most comfortable. The higher the class, the harder it was to dress.

Really? Is it because the fabrics are better?
Yes. They are easy to wrinkle and the way you wear them is also different. There is a behind-the-scenes story about this. When you see them on TV, they look very luxurious, but they don’t ventilate at all. The hanboks looked nice, but it was too hard to keep wearing them. They did not absorb sweat, so I sweated a lot.

Park Seo Joon Grazia Magazine InterviewPin this image on Pinterest

During the photo shoot the pizza looked really delicious, but it was actually very salty.
A huge jokester. Park Seo-joon was constantly making funny poses to cheer up the staff.

On the other hand, in [2 Days & 1 Night], I think the flower pattern coat and pants, and even the flower corsage suited you completely, what do you think?
When they saw me wearing the floral coat the guys of [2 Days & 1 Night] told me “You are just like one of us in that clothing” The shoot itself was really fun. But do you think there is a script? No. It’s real. They did not give me anything to eat.

You are in [Midnight Runners], which is very different from [Hwarang], right? The atmosphere is completely different, can you tell me a little more about it?
The release date isn’t set yet, so I cannot talk much about it. This movie doesn’t even have a huge reversal, but it is still a secret anyway. I just finished shooting. The reason I decided to do this movie was because I thought recently there were no movies casting two young men in leading roles. That part came fresh to me. The energy at the filming site was also different. I had fun with my peers. I think people who see the movie will feel the good energy. I hope it becomes a movie that will give the audience a lot of energy.

You debuted in 2011 so now you have been an actor for 8 years. You’ve already done various roles, but what role do you really want to do in the future?
Well, I don’t think I have any clear goal or greed for the cast. I’ve been doing what I can do for my age so far. It was a sort of selection criteria. In terms of acting roles, I rarely make unreasonable choices. I don’t have a clear plan, but there is something I want to do later. I will work hard in Korea for about 3 more years, then I want to go abroad after that. I also want to study English.

You want to go abroad to study English as well?
Yes. I feel that, living in a foreign country is the fastest way to learn a foreign language. I still have a lot of things I want to do in Korea, so I am working hard now, but when I think ‘I have done and experienced enough’ then I would like to live in a foreign country.

Park Seo Joon Grazia Magazine InterviewPin this image on Pinterest

Oxford shirts, vintage denim pants, white sneakers, ties, leather belts all Tommy Hilfiger.

Is it something you want to accomplish when you turn 30?

Yes, it is. I want to act in another language. It seems difficult and different. It may feel like you’re bumping into a new wall? I might succeed or fail, but I still want to try it. I am thinking about that a lot.

What are you interested in besides your recent works?
Recently I was so busy that I did not get a chance to see anything new. It makes me a little sad. But work is the most familiar and interesting. Because I have a career as an actor, I always get a new stimulus. It’s the same context that athletes try the challenge of a new sport rather than their usual one. In that sense, my job has a huge advantage.

What can you say if I ask you “Park Seo-jun is a 000 actor (or man)?
That question is too difficult. It is hard to say it in one word, but I do have a wish. I want to be a natural person in any situation. I felt it a lot when I went backstage at the Tommy Hilfiger event. Because it was my first time and because the cultures are different, I was tense. Other people seemed to really enjoy it, but it was difficult for me, which made me sad. So, I want to be a natural person who can fit in easily under any circumstance, even in a different environment.

Park Seo Joon Grazia Magazine InterviewPin this image on Pinterest

Clothes are all from Tommy Hilfiger

Park Seo Joon Grazia Magazine InterviewPin this image on Pinterest

Navy Blazer, knit cardigan logo, denim pants, sneakers all Tommy Hilfiger
(Tommy Hilfiger).

Gray suit, striped shirt, white sneakers, tie all Tommy Hilfiger.

Park Seo Joon Grazia Magazine InterviewPin this image on Pinterest

Left: Paisley Print Shirt, Patchwork Denim Pants All Tommy Hilfiger. Slippers Hilfiger Edition (Hilfiger Edition).
Middle: Bomber jacket, knit logo t-shirt, vintage denim pants, white sneakers all Tommy Hilfiger
Right: All Tommy Hilfiger

credit: dramamilk

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Hey @serenilmauve thanks for sharing the interviews. Some of them i haven't read yet :')

I alwas love everytime he anwers a question, he seems to take a little time and choose his words carefully, as if each answer is the result of his deep thoughts. He has that mature mind since his 20s. It's nice to know his thoughts and mindset, even nicer bcs it hasn't changed since then until now :)


@AsveriaPSJ yes, the kiss scene when miso was drunk is deleted scene :)


By the way, excited to see him at MMA tonight!  Woot woot! 

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November Movie Star Brand Reputation Rankings Announced


The Korean Business Research Institute has revealed this month’s brand reputation rankings for film actors!

The rankings were determined through an analysis of the consumer participation, media coverage, interaction, and community awareness indexes of 50 popular movie stars, using big data collected from October 29 to November 30.


18. Park Seo Joon


credit: https://www.soompi.com/article/1368672wpp/november-movie-star-brand-reputation-rankings-announced


p.s. good job;) he is not even active right now with movie or drama;))

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5 hours ago, Anjalifairy said:

Hey @serenilmauve thanks for sharing the interviews. Some of them i haven't read yet :')

I alwas love everytime he anwers a question, he seems to take a little time and choose his words carefully, as if each answer is the result of his deep thoughts. He has that mature mind since his 20s. It's nice to know his thoughts and mindset, even nicer bcs it hasn't changed since then until now :)


He really didn’t change, but I feel like with he become even harsher and stricter to himself with time and popularity. I admire his discipline as a person, but also wish he would be less demanding of himself. 

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7 hours ago, Anjalifairy said:

Hey @serenilmauve thanks for sharing the interviews. Some of them i haven't read yet :')

I alwas love everytime he anwers a question, he seems to take a little time and choose his words carefully, as if each answer is the result of his deep thoughts. He has that mature mind since his 20s. It's nice to know his thoughts and mindset, even nicer bcs it hasn't changed since then until now :)


@AsveriaPSJ yes, the kiss scene when miso was drunk is deleted scene :)


By the way, excited to see him at MMA tonight!  Woot woot! 


I wonder why they deleted it. Is there any video of it?

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1 hour ago, AsveriaPSJ said:


I wonder why they deleted it. Is there any video of it?

Yes, it's actually director's cut and it's included in wwwsk's dvd.  The director once said that it's too much and not appropriate to air the drunk scene that long in tv broadcast. So they decided to only air as much as you watched on tvN :)


I'm wondering now who will accompany PSJ to present the daesang tonight? If it's kim so hyun then it would become small reunion of their cf in the past :D Or im soo jung? Hmm.. 

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47 minutes ago, serenilmauve said:

@Anjalifairy I actually hope it’s Choi Woo Shik :D So if BTS wins they all three with V could be on the strange. If not, then I prefer him to present alone. So I can hear him talking for a bit longer :D

Oh yes please! That's possible tho! I even forgot there's choi woo shik lolll sorry woo shik-ah~ :P  MMA please let psj-cws be the couple tonight and let bts win the award they present kkkk

The red carpet is at 6PM right? So it will start approximately in 30 minutes

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25 minutes ago, Anjalifairy said:

Oh yes please! That's possible tho! I even forgot there's choi woo shik lolll sorry woo shik-ah~ :P  MMA please let psj-cws be the couple tonight and let bts win the award they present kkkk

The red carpet is at 6PM right? So it will start in about 30 minutes


Yeah, but I doubt he will attend it. It's music show, so I believe usually only singers and MC show up. Plus he is probably still busy with filming and will come near the end of the show, if it's true that he is presenting Daesang. 

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  • serenilmauve changed the title to Park Seo Joon 박서준 ~❤❤️ [Filming Upcoming Movie “Concrete Utopia” 2021] | [Upcoming Movie "Dream" 2021]

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