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Park Seo Joon 박서준 ~❤❤️ [Filming Upcoming Movie “Concrete Utopia” 2021] | [Upcoming Movie "Dream" 2021]

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Name: 박서준 / Park Seo Joon or Park Seo Jun [pronunciation]  [japanese] パクソジュン ; [chinese] 朴叙俊 Birth name: 박용규 / Park Yong Gyu  Date of Birth: 16th December 1988 Star Sign: S

credit: https://gall.dcinside.com/board/view/?id=parkseojun&no=116003&_rk=tDL&page=1   Sharing this because we should start 2021 with seeing dashing Seo Jun in suit    @

Happy New Year to you all! May your family and loved ones have a happy, healthy, prosperous and successful 2021 Take good care of yourself and love yourself. 2020 has been a special year; I got to wor

Aah the scene where dong man beat that jerk tho.. That's my favorite too!! (am i weird for saying this and that are my favorite, it's too many lollll) the way he slaps that man who hit aera is just too.........hot :wub: it shows how he actually treasures aera and the other hand aera will do the same to him. 


Oh right november 30. Can we expect another wooga gang interaction on the stage? :rolleyes:

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18 minutes ago, Anjalifairy said:

Aah the scene where dong man beat that jerk tho.. That's my favorite too!! (am i weird for saying this and that are my favorite, it's too many lollll) the way he slaps that man who hit aera is just too.........hot :wub: it shows how he actually treasures aera and the other hand aera will do the same to him. 


Oh right november 30. Can we expect another wooga gang interaction on the stage? :rolleyes:


Not weird at all))) 

That flying kick still one of my favorites lol Also Seo Joon knows how to walk in slow mo :D


Who knows. They say he will present Daesang, so maybe)))

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Park Seo-joon


Variety Show and Park Seo-joon!

Do you know one of the main characters in drama What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, Park Seo-joon? Despite being active as an actor, Park Seo-joon also has many appearances in variety shows! Among the numerous variety shows, he particularly made quite a number of appearances in Running Man. Are you curious about his funny moments in this variety show? But first, let’s check his profile for a short while!


First Appearance in Running Man



Running Man Episode 184 feedapi.cloud.sbs.co.kr

Park Seo-joon made his first appearance in Running Man in episode 184. The episode itself was broadcasted on February 9th, 2014. At that time, he appeared with a group of actors, including Seo In-guk, Kang Ye-won, Son Ho-joon, and B1A4’s Baro. The theme of the race was 2014 Running Man Winter Olympics. For the games, the losing team had to face a difficult task as a punishment.

The cast was divided into two teams, the first team was Running Man Team and the other was the All-Star Team. This time, Kim Jong-kook was not included in Running Man Team, but he was placed as the leader of the All-Star Team instead. In the first mission, their speed was tested as they had to do a speed-skating relay race and the losing team had to make lunch for everyone.

Running Man Episode 184 feedapi.cloud.sbs.co.kr

Before the mission started, it seemed like Running Man members would be the ones to make lunch for everyone, but it changed when Kim Jong-kook made a distance thanks to Baro. Gary also pushed Son Ho-joon at the pass, and at the end, Park Seo-joon was the last skater who tumbled in the midway, allowing Haha to pass him and win the first round.

In the second round, they went neck-and-neck again as Seo In-guk succeeded in closing the gap. But unfortunately, when Baro faced Haha as his opponent, he fell onto the ice as they came around the bend and caused Running Man Team to win the mission. As a result, the All-Star Team members had to make lunch for the day.

The second game took place by a stream where the cast was tested for their concentration. Each team had to build a rock tower on the table across them, but they had to go through cold water barefoot even though it was in the middle of winter. While Kim Jong-kook urged his team members to go faster, Seo In-guk responded hilariously that even if he wanted to go faster, the pain caused by the cold wouldn’t let him do it anyway.

Park Seo-joon in Running Man Episode 184 feedapi.cloud.sbs.co.kr

Meanwhile, Park Seo-joon gritted his teeth while going across the cold water with flowery CG and Frozen soundtrack in the background. After he completed his task, he belatedly let out a long utterance of pain. The mission ended with the All-Star Team as the winner, and the second round also had the same result. Running Man Team tried to bargain so that they could do more rounds, but the other party declined and they had to do laundry as a punishment.

In the third game, their teamwork was tested in a challenge of racing around a flag while holding each other’s ankles. Both teams were doing a great job overall, but in the first round, Yoo Jae-suk and Lee Kwang-soo marched quickly winning the round. Kim Jong-kook, was unsatisfied with the result, so he coached his team so that they can win, but his members were already exhausted.

Chopping Woods Punishment blog.naver.com

While Running Man Team members said that his team members can’t keep up with his pace, Kim Jong-kook insisted that his body hasn’t even warmed up, but it immediately responded to Park Seo-joon with rage, who said that he’s normal. In the second round of the game, the All-Star Team had to accept their loss and face the task of chopping wood as a punishment.

The final mission was the main event of this race, where both teams had to compete in a game of name tag ripping on ice. The competition was kind of chaotic and definitely a bloody battle, but in the end Running Man Team won with a score of 15:12 and was awarded gold.




Running Man Episode 198: Unbreakable Love Race



Park Seo-joon and Song Ji-hyo Running Man blog.naver.com

Park Seo-joon made his appearance again in Running Man, in episode 198, which was aired on June 1st, 2014. In this episode, each member of Running Man was paired with a celebrity as their partner. In this episode, Park Seo-joon was in a team with Choi Hee, Ha Yeon-soo, Han Hye-jin, Jin Se-yeon, Girls’ Day Min-ah, and Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha. He was paired with the only woman within Running Man cast, Song Ji-hyo.

In the opening, each pair was made to meet each other while reenacting a scene from a popular love story, such as Romeo and Juliet, The Classic, Pretty Woman, Roman Holiday, and such. Park Seo-joon got to reenact Roman Holiday with Song Ji-hyo, as he walked down the steps toward Song Ji-hyo and later rode a bike together.

After the pairs gathered together, the staff announced that the theme for today’s race is “Unbreakable Love” and that they will be tested for their solidarity. Each couple was given one of seven kinds of rocks, varying from fragile to unbreakable, and the top three teams could swap their rocks for different one after each game.

Running Man Episode 198 blog.naver.com

In the first game, the men had to be the first to grab a dangling bouquet for their partner, or else a balloon filled with flour would pop over their heads. It looked like Kim Jong-kook had the advantage, but Park Seo-joon intercepted him and gracefully failed. After considerable wrestling and screams filled with pain, Park Seo-joon finally grabbed the bouquet and delivered it to Song Ji-hyo, making the other women get poured with flour.

After Park Seo-joon won the first round, Kim Jong-kook immediately took the second place. The tables were turned in the third round, where the women had to fight for their partner. With a different kind of bloody battle, the bouquet ended up in Haha’s hand and the other men got poured over with flour.

Park Seo-joon in RM blog.naver.com

The next game was a game titled “Love is Bounce,” where one of the pairings had to bounce on a trampoline and play charades while the other had to guess their gestures. While Lee Kwang-soo and Narsha were doing quite a good job, despite being the first ones to play, Park Seo-joon didn’t have any problems jumping but had serious issues explaining. He couldn’t explain the problem in a good way and in the end, he and Song Ji-hyo ended up with nothing.

Park Seo-joon and Song Ji-hyo in RM blog.naver.com

The next game was “Love is Hot,” where two of the couples had to face-off each other and the other couples could place a bet using rice cakes. The first round was a three-legged balance game where the first couple to fall would lose. The pairings that went for the face-off were Haha Team and Ji Suk-jin Team, and unexpectedly, Ji Suk-jin Team managed to steal the win from Haha Team, even though usually he’s easy to beat.

The next round was a “Pepero Game” and this is where Park Seo-joon came out with Song Ji-hyo. This scene probably made many of his fans feel jealous of Song Ji-hyo, as they nibbled radish while their faces were drawing closer and closer. It seemed that Gary, who’s known as Monday Couple with Song Ji-hyo, was jealous, and asked whether their lips touched or not. Song Ji-hyo didn’t answer the question directly and only said that they were both actors.

For their last round, the remaining three couples had to crack eggs on each other’s foreheads, and whoever ends up with the raw one wins. Even though Lee Kwang-soo was known as the unluckiest member in Running Man, the raw egg ended up being slammed on Yoo Jae-suk’s forehead.

After that, the cast moved on to the final mission location, where the couples had to smash each other’s rocks into one another. Whichever rock came out unscathed would win. The final result was that Yoo Jae-suk and Jin Se-yeon pairing won the race, and they later got a diamond ring.




Running Man Episode 246: Case of Kidnapped Actress – Secret of the Fake Detective



Running Man Episode 246 blog.naver.com

Park Seo-joon made his appearance again in Running Man in episode 246, which was broadcasted on May 10th, 2015. This time, he appeared with veteran actor Son Hyun-joo to promote their upcoming movie Chronicle of Malice. In this episode, all the cast members were detectives, but among them, one person was a fake detective and he had a hint about the kidnapped actress.

The only way to acquire a hint was to win the games of the day. The detective who would solve the clues and save the victim first would be the winner. The first detective who had to keep quiet and play the guessing game about the rules was Song Ji-hyo. She would acquire clues about her partner-in-crime whenever she would win a game, and together they needed to figure out the rules in order to win.

Running Man Episode 246 blog.naver.com

The detectives listened to yet another recording about the upcoming game before stepping out to their first mission location; everyone except Song Ji-hyo. It was a hurdle race where they were free to smash through all the hurdles save for the last one. Then their second task was to grab one of the hanging hats and run across the finish line.

Even though Park Seo-joon managed to win in the second round of the game, Kim Jong-kook was suspicious of him as he was sure that one of the guests would be involved as the fake detective. In the end, the three winners of the game got their hint about the fake detective and they moved to a different location.


The second game was a charades-bingo game where the cast had to find and construct their bingo card of 25 panels of trademark actions taken from movies. Upon announcement, they had to mimic the actions and the first to get bingo would be the winner. The game ended by Gary placing first, followed by Lee Kwang-soo in second place, and Son Hyun-joo in the third place. At this time, Kim Jong-kook was sure that Song Ji-hyo was one of the fake detectives and he shared his suspicion with Haha.

Park Seo-joon and Son Hyun-joo blog.naver.com

The cast moved onto the final mission “Operation: Rescue the Actress.” The detectives had to track her down, but the clue remained with the mystery detective, which means Song Ji-hyo and the announced fake detective had it. But, the detectives had to find phones that may or may not connect them to an intel line. Not only that, they had to hold the handset with the opposite hand.

Meanwhile, Song Ji-hyo still had to search for her partner. Song Ji-hyo’s partner-in-crime would respond to the passphrase, “my foot fell asleep” with the phrase “sesame oil!” Once they were paired together, they had to figure out the rules to win.

Meanwhile, Park Seo-joon succeeded in listening to the clue and then said he needs to steal the aforementioned sole first. After he failed to steal Yoo Jae-suk’s because of Lee Kwang-soo’s interception, he turned to Son Hyun-joo and took his. But, Son Hyun-joo was not the culprit and thus, he was eliminated from the race. It turned out that the other fake detective was Yoo Jae-suk. But at the same time, when Yoo Jae-suk said the passphrase to Song Ji-hyo, Lee Kwang-soo found out that Yoo Jae-suk is the fake detective.

After racing with each other, Yoo Jae-suk and Song Ji-hyo managed to rescue the kidnapped actress who turned out to be Seo Woo. As the winners, they received a present from her which was the first digit of her phone number.



Running Man Episode 263



Park Seo-joon in Running Man 263 blog.naver.com

Park Seo-joon returned to Running Man again, in episode 263, which was aired on September 6th, 2015. With “Beautiful Youths Race” as its theme, Park Seo-joon came as a guest together with Lee Dong-wook and Girl’s Day’s Yura. The cast was divided into two teams: Blue Team and Red Team, where Park Seo-joon was a part of the Red Team.

Running Man 263 blog.naver.com

The cast later went to a convenience store where they had to go undercover and work at the register until a customer would call them by their names. If five customers came and left without recognizing them, that person has succeeded. The first person to go was Kim Jong-kook; he failed when a foreigner came and recognized him right away.

When Park Seo-joon’s turn came, the customers that went to Gary were looking his way all the time, to which Lee Kwang-soo jokingly said that people would only pay attention if someone is good looking. Even though the girls talked amongst themselves, Seo-joon got through his five orders in a snap. In the end, Blue Team won with 3 points more than the Red Team.

Park Seo-joon in Running Man cafe.naver.com

For their next mission, the Blue Team had to tackle three campuses in the west, while the Red Team had to go in the east side of Seoul. The Blue Team arrived at the Ewha Woman’s University campus and they had to recruit a student willing to participate in the final mission. The Red Team arrived at Sungshin Women’s University, where they recruited a student to play a game with them. Here, all six of them had to roll their boards and successfully stick their stickers onto their eggs within one minute to succeed.

After they finished their mission and instructed the student to join them for the final mission later tonight, they asked which Running Man cast member resembles the type of guy she likes. When she said Lee Kwang-soo, his cheeks immediately turned pink. But when they mentioned that Park Seo-joon counts too, she quickly changed her mind to him.

Park Seo-joon in Running Man tv.naver.com

The final mission was the classic tug of war, and best out of three would win the race. It was a struggle for both teams in the first round, but then the Red Team started getting the upper hand. The center of the rope hovered over the yellow line for a few moments before the Red Team won the round.

The Blue Team started pulling in during the second round, but in the end, the Red Team won the race. The winning team’s students were given a monetary reward, and Jae-suk offered to take the students out later.




Running Man Episode 295: I’m Sorry, I Love You



Park Seo-joon in Running Man 295 tv.naver.com

In this episode that was broadcasted on April 17th, 2016, the members of Running Manwere meeting everyone that they had to say they are sorry to and had to give them an apology directly. After they apologized from one member to another, a large banner revealed the day’s theme “I’m Sorry, I Love You,” where cast members were to visit the guests they felt most sorry for over the years.

Park Seo-joon in Running Man 295 tv.sbs.co.kr

The first person they visited was Park Seo-joon, who was busy filming a commercial. As Song Ji-hyo said that he is a big star right now, she and Haha hilariously took out a patio umbrella for him. The cast and crew were here to apologize for putting Park Seo-joon through so much, and for erroneously captioning his name as “Lee Seo-joon” in the Beautiful Youths Special. He jokingly said that it hurt to see his family name written as such, so the guys decided to throw him up into the air to make him feel better.

In order to make up for that, the cast insisted on washing his feet. They took off his socks so they could give him a foot massage, and Yoo Jae-suk even went in between the toes. Once they were clean, Kwang-soo even gave his foot a little kiss and made everyone goes wild because it freaked everyone out. To top things off, Ji Suk-jin took a whiff of Park Seo-joon’s socks and said that they don’t smell at all.

Park Seo-joon Slaps Kim Jong-kook tv.sbs.co.kr

Lastly, the crew still felt bad of how impatient Ji-hyo got with Seo-joon once, so they wanted to play charades again. But this time, if they can’t guess the answer within 10 seconds, they’ll get a slap on the forehead. Kim Jong-kook was the first to go, but as expected, Park Seo-joon didn’t know how to express “spring.”

The timer ran out, and when everyone approached, Kim Jong-kook said it’s Park Seo-joon who has to hit him. Park Seo-joon apologized to him before going for it and slapped him hard. At last, the cast presented Park Seo-joon a basket of apples that represented their apologetic feelings.




Running Man Episode 362: Find The Boss



Park Seo-joon Kang Ha-neul Running Man blog.naver.com

The most recent appearance of Park Seo-joon in Running Man, was in episode 362, which was aired on August 6th, 2017, where he appeared with his co-star from Midnight Runners, Kang Ha-neul.

The episode started off with Running Man members standing outside of a park, waiting for the guests to arrive. Upon their arrival, Park Seo-joon and Kang Ha-neul were greeted warmly by the members and everyone teased Jeon So-min for acting super shy in front of them.

Park Seo-joon Kang Ha-neul Running Man tv.sbs.co.kr

The PD later explained the game for the day, where all of them were divided into two teams: the Police Team and the Boss Team. Team Police consisted of Park Seo-joon and Kang Ha-neul who would be working together to catch the Boss. One of the cast members of Running Man had been selected as the Boss, who overlooks the remaining six cast members, called villains. Meanwhile, there’s one undercover officer from the cast members of Running Man, who’s been selected to help the Police Team in catching the Boss.

The Police Team would win $1,000 if they discovered who the Boss was. However, the Boss Team would win if they find and escape with a briefcase with $1,000 in it. Not only that, but they will also win if the Police Team mistakenly arrests the Undercover Officer instead of the Boss.


Lee Kwang-soo was randomly selected to be the Undercover Officer, while everyone else was the villain. The rest of the members that didn’t get chosen kicked Lee Kwang-soo out of the room so that they can discuss which out of the 7 cast members would be the boss of the team.

Park Seo-joon Acts Cute tv.sbs.co.kr

Next, they moved onto the the first game, which was called “Show Me Your Charm.” Using the two roulettes standing on the side of the room, the selected person had to display the charm that had been chosen on the roulette. The five judges would give them each a score for their talent. Whoever scored the highest for each charm would receive a hint, depending on which team they’re in. Both, the Police Team and the Boss Team received their hints respectively after the game.

Park Seo-joon and Kang Ha-neul looked at the hints they earned from the first game. The Boss used his real name and has acted in movies before. Unfortunately, the two actors concluded that Haha must be the Undercover Officer while Lee Kwang-soo is the Boss.

Park Seo-joon Swimming Pool marymekpop.com

Everyone gathered at the swimming pool this time, to play the second game, called “Find the Three.” One person from each team had to sit on the flying chair, while two other members took turns in asking each other questions that they had to answer within 5 seconds.

If the Police Team won and answered the question within the time limit, the person on the flying chair from the Team Boss would be thrown into the pool and transferred over to the Police Team. They continued playing the game until the Police Team had 5 members in total. The final result was that Song Ji-hyo, Yoo Jae-suk, and Ji Seok-jin were transferred to the Police Team.

Running Man Episode 362 blog.naver.com

The last game was called “Find the Boss.” There were mobile phones with ‘R’ stickers attached to them hidden throughout the building. The Villains would receive hints about the location of the briefcase with $1,000 in it, while the Police Team received hints about the undercover officer.

In the end, because Park Seo-joon and Kang Ha-neul didn’t believe that Lee Kwang-soo was the undercover officer, the Boss Team won the game and were awarded the $1,000. The prize was a donation of $1,000 that Running Man would make under the members’ names. The episode ended with a farewell from Ha-neul and everyone wishing him well with his military service.



credit: channel-korea.com

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Actor Park Seojoon showed off his long coat fashion in his latest Instagram update!


Actor Park Seojoon showed off his long coat fashion in his latest Instagram update!



Netizens comments :

(+30,-4) Is his physical real? ♡

(+20,-7) He's so cool and cute ㅠㅠ He have such a small face .

(+14,-6) So handsome and his physical the best .

(+9,-4) The best physical !

(+7,-2) He always shining everywhere . Park Seojoon ♡

(+6,-2) As expected~ His physical is the best.



credit: storykpop



Actor Park Seojoon pose like a model in his latest Instagram Update!


Actor Park Seojoon pose like a model in his latest Instagram Update!



Netizens comments :

(+40,-4) Even my chestnut hair looks so good on him.ㅎ

(+24,-1) The most handsome man .

(+13,-2) So handsome~

(+11,-1) Itaewon class hairstyle is chestnut hair~

(+2,0) So cool ㅋㅋㅋ

(+2,0) Tall , great physical and cool!



credit: storykpop

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