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Park Seo Joon 박서준 ~❤❤️ [Filming Upcoming Movie “Concrete Utopia” 2021] | [Upcoming Movie "Dream" 2021]

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Name: 박서준 / Park Seo Joon or Park Seo Jun [pronunciation]  [japanese] パクソジュン ; [chinese] 朴叙俊 Birth name: 박용규 / Park Yong Gyu  Date of Birth: 16th December 1988 Star Sign: S

So proud of him   The lawn glistened like Seo Jun's future..lol      

credit: https://gall.dcinside.com/board/view/?id=parkseojun&no=116003&_rk=tDL&page=1   Sharing this because we should start 2021 with seeing dashing Seo Jun in suit    @

On MBC FM42 that broadcasted today, Peakboy mentioned Seojun and Woogas about their cameo in his upcoming new MV.


In the broadcast today, DJ Lee Jihye asked, "I heard Park Seojun and V will appear in the new music video for Peakboy's new song. Are you guys close?". Peakboy replied, "My friends helped me with a cameo appearance. We are all close".


"I've been friends with Park Seojun since middle school. At the age 20, Park Seojun introduced me to Choi Wooshik when they were working together," he recalled. "Back then, they weren't as active as they are now. We had so much fun playing."


He also said, "3 or 4 years ago, i was introduced to V and Park Hyungsik. I liked it that we're so well balanced. They were so fun and we became close. They're all nice and good friends."


Original article https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/396/0000587442



I can't with the worldplays of his name. "Gonna name my dog Seojun so it'll Bark Seojun". :joy:

@ivanovie25 Thanks for sharing the article. Totally agree with all the writer's points. Stress reliever! Lol so true.. that's also what i said earlier, right? :relaxed:


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@Anjalifairy, thank you for the translation :kiss_wink: Seo Jun is the center, he's one of those who draws people to flock around him..lol I wonder who he will bring next to the group :lol:


So when Seo Jun was not that busy they hung out a lot. No wonder there are a lot of photos of the three of them going places.It must have been difficult now for them to hang out :( Seo Jun is too popular now to be able to just roam the streets or public places and he's so busy with schedules..



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Thursday read~

This is translation of Esquire Korea (May, 2018) when it was the first year of Seojun signing as Montblanc Korea Ambassador.

Since the 2019 and 2020 interview have been translated, just to complete the Esquire series, i decided to translate the 2018 interview. Hope you guys enjoy it :D


Q. I can't believe you were an introvert when you were young.
A. I don't talk much and stay still at home (laughs). While doing this job, i have to meet so many people and express myself a lot, so i think i get used to it at some point. However my original nature is bound to remain.. I really don't want to say a word, and i just want to be quiet at home. I don't talk much about work to my parents either. If i were an extrovert, probably i'd say things like, "i had a hard time today" or "i'm happy today". But for me, talking about work at home is like continuation of work outside. So i don't do it often. I think it's because of my personality.


Q. I didn't expect you to be so honest like this right now.. (laughs)
A. Oh, I'm sorry (laughs). Let's make it short.


Q. By the way, i'm so curious. If we look at your interviews so far, it seems that you have an honest and confident way of speaking, but i was surprised because there was a story about you being introverted to the point of being unable to speak when you were young.
A. Even it was to the point i couldn't order at restaurant because i was too shy. Then, when i was in middle school, i saw my friends from the animation club cosplaying and it made me curious. So i joined the club, dressed up in cosplay attire and stood on the stage of auditorium at a festival. I think that's when i realized that, "Apparently it's okay to just throw myself in the spotlight", or "Oh, when i feel in crisis, i gain more energy". (Laughs). There were so many people in front of the stage, but when that happened, i just had to plunge in it.


Q. Why was the challenge in an animation club? Did you like cartoons?
A. To be honest, i don't even know what kind of character i was on stage at that time. Was it the Japanese animation that the club leader's friend liked? (Laughs). It was about a fight between the blue team and the red team. I was the character in red costume. The costume were around 50,000 - 60,000 won. I rent them using my pocket money (laughs). I think i was curious about what it would be like to stand in front of a lot of people rather than particularly liking cartoons. That's also something i wanted to do once.


Q. It was an amazing challenge.
A. Indeed. It feels like that day's experience has discovered a path in my life that made me think, "Oh, this is it".


Q. So you can get past that old yourself?
A. At least i'm in a state where my dissatisfied with my look is gone, and i'm accepting my introverted side.


Q. You accept it rather than change it.
A. So even when i act, i'm going to go deep with thoughts into the dialogue or script that seemingly useless when others see me.. but I guess this is my strenght.


Q. Are you preparing for What's Wrong with Secretary Kim these days?
A. Yes. But it's difficult because there is an original work.


Q. As a reader who saw the original work, i thought it would suit you well.
A. Really? Many people don't think so.


Q. Really?
A. It's hard to do a project with an original work because the likes and dislikes contrast clearly.


Q. Why i feel it would suit you though.
A. I don't know. I'm curious. It seems you want me to ask. (Laughs)


Q. Actually, it's that the suit simply suits you well. The character Lee Young Joon always wears suit.
A. If it's a customized suit, then it would suit everyone. (Laughs)


Q. Is there anything in common between Lee Young Joon and Park Seo Jun that the public doesn't know yet?
A. Well, there are actually more differences than similarities. Acting this time is very pressuring and challenging. I've done a lot of romantic comedies. Some people think that i choose this project because of the romcom genre, so there might be people who don't have any special expectations this time. But actually i chose it because it's interesting that the role itself is different from me, that this character's life is so different from the life i've lived. I thought that if someone who has lived like me played this character, it would be interesting. So i wanted to try it.


Q. What do you mean by live different life with you?
A. This guy named Lee Young Joon loves himself a lot while i'm a very cold-hearted person to myself. I always try to complement myself by thinking about my weak points rather than my strong points.


Q. You consider yourself a cold-hearted person?
A. Yes. I try to evaluate myself as objectively as possible.


Q. Objectively evaluating, how is Park Seo Jun right now?
A. I'm always lacking. This is just my logic and unchanging thought that i think success comes from complex. I think a person with complex will succeed. I thought i didn't have any inferiority complex, but actually, i have a lot. I'm always conscious of other people, i censor myself when talking to others....


Q. If you think success comes from complex, then you must still have complex now.
A. It's not a complex right now, but more like concern about my new drama. After the news that i'm going to play this drama, there would be a lot of people looking for the original work. Some of them might be watching me (if i would do well or not), others might be looking forward to it. For sure i'm doing my best, but my concern is everyone will have different expectations, different viewpoints and different evaluations.


Q. You can't be just still and worrying about it.
A. I can't please everyone, but i want to please as many people as possible. For example, i said that the character Lee Young Joon that i'm playing this time is very opposite to me. However, i try to study this character Lee Young Joon as much as possible. 'How would this person express himself?', 'What kind of tone should i use?', 'How should i get angry with this tone of speaking?' i keep thinking about this.


Q. Concern and worry are different, right?
A. I don't want to be shaken by reproach. But i try to think a lot about fair criticism. Maybe that's the reason why i have been able to continue to work.


Q. It's not easy to find an actor who has served in the military at this age. But you've completed your military service.
A. Yes, when i was 21.


Q. How did you think about going so soon?
A. I went right away since i was doing nothing back then (laughs). If i had any activities to do, i would have gone later. But anyway, i started off with not knowing anything. I simply thought it would be better to go naturally when everyone leaves now rather than later. And i was able to choose the enlistment date.


Q. Do you remember when it was?
A. July 7, 2008.


Q. Was it the closest day to the date you applied?
A. I decided to have fun for one month and chose the date a month later. (laughs)


Q. But i think it's fast enough.
A. I had continued working part-time until i clicked the apply button. When i got accepted to college, i felt uncomfortable asking my parents for pocket money so i did various part-time jobs and went having fun for a month with the little money i had (laughs).


Q. You seem good at making life's plan.
A. I don't have a very detailed plan, i just think, "Oh, i wish things would go like this". But in my case, when i have that thought, i will be motivated by that.


Q. Is there anything you wish for now?
A. After i was discharged from the military, my wishes came true one by one. I thought of one plan every year. I thought, "I wish i could join an agency this year," and i joined the company at the end of the year. I said, "I wish i could debut in a small role this year", and i made my debut in Dream High 2. I said, "I wish i could play a little more weighty role now", and i ended up doing the weekend drama 'Pots of Gold'. "When i turn 30, i want to be able to choose a project without worrying about auditioning." That's all i thought about. So i think it's time to think about new plan again.


Q. It sounds like it's time for a new  goal.
A. Actually, these days i'm studying English whenever i have time. Little by little though (laughs).


Q. You speak spanish well though (laughs).
A. No (laughs). It's too hard.


Q. What brings you studying english?
A. I don't know at what age i'll be doing it, but i'm planning on doing work overseas. In hollywood, it's a common thing to debut in your 40s. I wonder if there will be many opportunities in Asia as well when the day comes.


Q. So one of your new goals is to go overseas.
A. I haven't lived long yet, but i think life is too short to have an actor job and experience it only in Korea. And i think it would be a good experience regardless of whether it works or not.


Q. Is there any acting/performance you want to show when the day comes?
A. Since i'm not studying english at the age of accepting the languange like a baby, i think i can never be a native english speaker with languange expressions such as pronunciation. But the good thing is that i'm good at using my body, so i wish i could start in that way.


Q. I think your guts was seen in Youn's Kitchen 2. You jokingly said that you weren't good at Spanish, but i was really surprised at how quickly you learned Spanish in Youn's Kitchen 2.
A. That's really the power of editing. (Laughs) When i heard they say a word i memorized, with my sense i would notice, "Oh, this person needs this". So it's about sense afterall. What's more important is you have to be fearless. It's not my native language but a foreign language, so it's natural for me if i'm bad at it, and maybe it's strange to be good at it. I think it's way harder being uncomfortable than being embarrassed. If i don't say anything just because i'm shy, i'll regret it later. Even if i don't know the words, i think i have to keep going. I don't have that fear. Nothing is wrong with not being able to do it.


Q. What expression did you memorize first?
A. Umm.. "Excuse me".


Q. I thought you might memorize frequently used words first.
A. It's probably better to be polite as a foreigner. (Laughs)


Q. You said, "nothing is wrong with not being able to do it", but in the real observation entertainment program called Youn's Kitchen 2, there seemed to be nothing that Park Seojun couldn't do. I got the impression that he was a man of high experience.
A. Serving at restaurant, distributing flyers, hanging up the 'OPEN' signboard.. I do have that kind of part-time job experience (laughs). I think i have done as much as others have experienced. I don't think there's much difference in particular. Wouldn't it be similar, my peers?


Q. I think the experience that at least 5.3 million people liking you is not something ordinary. (Laughs)
A. 5.3 million people? Ah, SNS? (Laughs). Yeah.. i have no idea how so many people follow me. Some of them probably don't really use their SNS. (Laughs) When i was young, SNS and internet weren't as advanced as they are now. I remember when i was in elementary school, i used a modem to connect to the internet. But these days youngest people in the field, they don't know modem like i didn't know 천리안 back then.


(*They're talking about Seojun followers during Youn's Kitchen 2 filming in November 2017, 5.3 million followers.)


Q. What is 천리안?
A. What's wrong with you? You know Jindo Dog Computer. (Laughs)


(*I don't know what they're talking about here. Probably 천리안 is some kind of old gadget in the 90s. Cmiiw)


Q. I know. (Laughs)
A. At that time, the existence of a foreign country felt so far apart, but now it's amazing that it has changed. It's amazing to be able to see so many people in the world, to see people in a country live like this or that way.


Q. But you're not surprised with the fact that you have 5.3 million fans.
A. It's... amazing. But at the same time, it makes me dazed.


Q. Compared to many followers, Park Seojun only following 79 people.
A. To be honest, i can't even follow my manager easily. I'm worried my acquaintances ordinary life may be exposed because of me.


Q. Right. You might be worried about that.
A. I don't use secret accounts though. That's so tiring. I don't really like being tired. (Laughs)


Q. You said you worried but there's one increase from 78 recently.... Well, you must have thought i spyed (your SNS) too much. (Laughs)
A. I didn't know either (Laughs) Who's that? Wait a minute. (Quick scrolling is over.) Uh, I don't know. (laughs)


Q. Regardless who it is, i was curious about what kind of person Park Seojun became friends with.
A. I don't have many friends. But don't people have less than 10 friends anyway? Except for two of my friends in high school, me and other friends naturally became distant. Because our living area itself is different. Those two are musicians. Because it's still considered the same field, so there's no awkwardness among us like saying, "what should we talk about now?".


Q. Is it just arts like music and acting that create the bonding between you and those musician friends?
A. Well, I think i just keep being friends with people i can share my thoughts with. A friend who can talk to each other comfortably and listen closely.


Q. Choi Woosik, Park Hyungsik, and BTS V, who are often mentioned as close colleagues, are all younger than you.
A. True. I don't know why... but probably because i'm the first son (in my family), while these guys aren't. Ah, isn't Taehyung the first son? Yeah, Taehyung is. He looks like a maknae (the youngest one in the family) though.


Q. So your analysis is that you get along well with dongsaengs who have the maknae vibes?
A. Yes. I think i get along better with dongsaengs (younger friends). But it's not that I don't like hyungs (older friends). I really like them too. I'm nice to my hyungs too..(Laughs) But i think It's bcs i have more opportunities to meet dongsaengs than hyungs. I don't even think of them as dongsaengs though. They're all friends to me.


Q. You actually have two younger brothers. What kind of brother are you to your younger siblings? A scary brother? A friend-like brother?
A. I don't have much time at home so we don't talk much. But the brother right below me likes Montblanc so much. He's a real maniac. So i texted him, "I became Montblanc Korea model". And the reply came immadiately, "Hyung, for real??". He usually doesn't reply my message (laughs).


Q. What a straightforward hyung you are (laughs).
A. But i always think of them whether they are doing well.


To be continued here..


Q. Not long ago, Park Hyungsik also had interview with Esquire...
A. I saw it.


Q. By the way, in some interviews, Park Hyungsik and other close colleagues always say that you are a reliable hyung. Someone they can rely on.
A. But the funny thing is, Taehyung is on the Billboard chart, and Hyungsik is doing so well right now. So, where am i being reliable? (laughs).. while they are doing better (laughs). But i mean it. Probably bcs there's something they can talk to me comfortably. If there's a new work, we share our thoughts with each other. I think that's why we can be friends, that we can share our thoughts comfortably. Of course, i wouldn't have had this opportunity if i hadn't met them through a work. But anyway, it's kinda funny those amazing guys said so (laughs).


Q. The expressions 'reliable' and 'someone who can be relied on' seem to have multiple meanings.
A. I think there are people who like to listen and people who like to speak objectively and sharply. But I think i'm more used to be listener. Just because i say something more doesn't mean the other person's problems are solved. They say the less you worry, the better. To me, just listening is good way to release stress.


Q. I also thought that you might be 'A hyung who is sensitive' (like easily move to tears).
A. I'm a bit sensitive. I easily assimilate into the feelings of the people around me. So hopefully people around me always in a good situation.


Q. I thought you would hate or question it, but you're fine with it.
A. I know right? By the way, why did you think i was a sensitive person?


Q. Over the past 1 or 2 years, you have received a lot of awards, including Top Excellence Awards. Whenever you said your acceptance speech, tears were hanging on your eyes.
A. Ah, right. (Laughs) Well, whenever i think about my parents or family, suddenly i burst into tears. I was like, "it would be too embarrassing", i really hate it. But when i think of my parents, it always happens.


Q. I wonder if you usually cry a lot.
A. I don't really express myself at home. I'm not good at it. I've never been able to express it directly to my parents. But if we talk about awards ceremony... there were a lot of people in front of me, but i felt like i couldn't really see any of them. I felt like i was alone in that space. All i could see was just the light of camera, so it's like i was sending a video message to my parents. I hated it so much that i ended up crying.


Q. Your voice was shaky too.
A. Ah, i really hate it (laughs). So unmanly.


Q. What's wrong with that though?
A. When you watch the Academy Awards, everyone talks coolly.  I wish i could, but i guess it doesn't fit my personality. (Laughs)


Q. It looked pure. Not an exaggerated tension. It was you trying to hide it so your voice was trembling but very slightly. But on the other hand, it's amazing that such a person came all the way up there.
A. Some people say that it's okay to think that we're acting at the awards ceremony, but for me, acting is done only on filming site, not even outside. For me, it doesn't fit my personality, and i don't know why i should do that. 


Q. When you're so nervous, what thoughts do you have in mind?
A. I've been on stage a few times to get awards thanks to good opportunity i met. But even so, i still can't get used to it. No matter how much i try to calm down, i can't go up. On the other hand, i have this thought. I've always said, "Thank you, Mom and Dad". I wonder if it's okay to stop saying it from now? (Laughs) But it didn't work out that way.


Q. Last year, while receiving the Grand Bell Awards for Best New Actor for the movie Midnight Runners, you said, "I think it's a good age and a young age". At that time, you were 30 years old.
A. Time flies. A year passes when i have 2 pieces. I don't even know how a year goes by. After all, what's the big deal with that? It took a lot of effort to put into an 1 hour of work and i met so many people there. That's how it passes.


Q. They say age 30 as big turning point in life. That's how heavy it feels. But it seems they (who say that) are the 'young generation these days', because they define 31 as heyday or still young. It's like they say, "being 30, 31 is not a big deal".
A. It's a good age. The older friends always say, "Now is your best age". I also wondered why. Yeah, it's good, but why? My age is good for hanging out, i have some money for moderate trips as i have a job, i have now some experience too... so, i finally know it's a good age. I think i like it better now compared to when I was in my early 20s. If you tell me to go back to my early 20s, i don't want to. It means i have to go back to the military. (Laughs) If you ask me to redo all the situations i've been through, i don't think i'll be able to do it. Because i always did my best in that order. That's why i like it so much now. But it doesn't mean that i want to stop at this current state.


Q. The reason you say you don't want to go back is probably because you went through those days fiercely. 
A. I used to put myself under stress when i was acting. Now, of course, i'm stressed, but i feel like i'm enjoying it a lot. They say money can buy youth. So now everything just perfect. 


Q. There was a time when you dyed your hair yellow to get a new look.
A. Yes, 2 years ago.


Q. Is there any new look you want to try these days?
A. I usually don't have time to think about it because i'm too busy filming. But this time, i have a thought like this, "With this work, i will end up trying on all the suits that i will wear for the rest of my life" (laughs). For me, taking projects is keeping my diary (of my life). It's like a page of diary where i leave a picture of myself one by one.


Q. I was surprised that you said it was a diary. Personally, this is what i thought when i watched the movie Midnight Runners; it was filled with Park Seojun's passionate youth.
A. I don't want to go against my youth. I will continue to take on projects that i can do at my age in the future. I don't want to do an older role in advance. For me it's right to do what i can do now.


Q. It's like an ongoing diary.

A. Yes, i'm looking forward to what image i will show to differentiate the roles given to me.


Q. But why did you feel bad when your father was called 'Park Seojun's father' instead of his own name?
A. Well, it was late at night and my father came in after drinking. I talk to my father only when he comes home after drinking. (Laughs) But that day my father just said something shortly. "People call me Park Seojun's father". I strangely kept thinking about it for a while.


Q. It means your name is widely well known.

A. The nuance of my father's words was like "It's not a good thing" (laughs). Come to think of it, my father and mother each have their own names, so they might be a bit sad to be called someone's dad or someone's mom. I said to my father, "So, don't go around talking about me" and he said, "Hey, i'm not saying that, everyone around me talks like that". I took it as a joke by saying, "take care of it, then" (laughs) but it keeps bothering me.


Q. I think it may be the different thing about Park Seojun as an actor that you think of others before yourself. In many interview, you said, "I want to be an actor that audience choose". Isn't it the same case as the thought that your father is your father himself and being called as Park Seojun's father makes no difference? It isn't 'I' the main subject talking like, "I'll show you this", "I want to do this", but put others and audience first.
A. That's the most important thing. If you don't need audience choice and love, why would you film a CF? You can just set up a camera and act alone, then. But there's a joy that i feel when a lot of people watch it. I think that's why i keep doing it. I'm satisfied with the results of my hardwork on set, but i also have that thought, that it would be better if at least one person watch it more because i took it with a lot of hard work.


Q. What do you think the audience's choice criteria are?
A. It may be the audience's interest for the actor, but first of all, the work itself is very important. The story, mise-en-scène, topic... Anyway, i think the work is the essence. And then there's also interest for the actor and other factors that add to it. There's a story like this. Recalling the time when i went to the movie theater before my debut, i chose a movie with an actor i knew even though i didn't know what the story was about. I choose because he's an actor who is recognized for his acting. I want to be that kind of actor. I think if i'm a person who is recognized and chosen for his acting, i can get many chances to try something else.


Q. No matter how good a work is, in the end, it is important for the actor to lead it well. In that sense, do you think you're an actor who can satisfy the audience's choice?
A. I am constantly working on it. Yeah, i'm always confident because i always enjoy it whenever i'm on set. I don't know what kind of evaluation the result will be, but i really enjoyed it, did my best, and will continue to do so in the future. So i have no regrets even if the result doesn't come out good because i'm having fun while doing it.


Q. I expected very humble answers like "No way" or "It's still a long way to go", but.....
A. Let's do it again! Ah, i was so haughty. (Laughs)


Q. Although the prediction is wrong, but it was a powerful answer. "Because I'm having fun."
A. Yes, indeed.




Interview from Esquire Korea (May, 2018)




*Translation may contain inacurracies (and grammar errors lol).

*Repost with full credit.




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Oh @Anjalifairy you're my hero :wub: thank you for the translation..


It's really a gem..it's like getting inside his head. He's so bold and honest in here :blush: He's like park sae royi, setting target at a time and achieving one by one..amazing. He has a very positive mind and very wise for his age :wub:


Some cheeky answers just show how humorous and cheerful he is. Laughing at his unmanly comment about his tears and shaky voice..lol :joy:


I love him even more :blush: Seo Jun ah continue to be bigger..you're already that actor who is the reason people go to the movies or watch dramas :kiss_wink:


Ps. The interviewer is so good..

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Thank you so much @Anjalifairy, this 2018 esquire interview is such a refreshing read. The interviewer did a good job reading up on him and almost stalking him on social media :joy: before asking him those questions. You could tell they went in well prepared. Seo Jun is so truthful with his answers, he doesn’t pretend to be something he is not :kiss_wink: He’s so humble and sometimes self deprecating in a humorous way. To be clear not everyone looks good in suits despite being custom made, he needs to know that he looks the best, like a masterpiece:coolshades:I wish all his future dreams also come true and he leads a truly happy life :heart2:

@ivanovie25 he’s a sweet heart…he was so clear with his life goals as a young man, so proud of him :approves:


14 hours ago, serenilmauve said:



“The way he smiles, it always reminds me that I don’t really need to worry about anything. Whenever I see him smiling, it also reassures me that there are so many things to be happy and thankful about.”


 This part is so true :love:


@Jeomju1216 I think it was written by fan for this site, because they do practice stories from fans;))

@serenilmauve 100% true. His smile can move the mountains if needed :grin:  Ah thanks, for clarifying 

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@Anjalifairy Thanks for the translation. I always love Seo Jun's interviews. I can read it many times as I can feel the sincerity of all his answers. As he said acting is just when filming only. No wonder his personalities and his charms are his magic. Seo Jun and the interviewer are funny though. :love: Proud of him and happy for him as he can achieve his dreams one by one and I believe he will achieve his greatest success soon. Love him more and more. :heart:

@serenilmauve Happy 18.8 M, dear Seo Jun. Just miss him a lot. :blush:

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1 hour ago, Jeomju1216 said:

@Gisell Gisell He is so cool to say that right? For him to say he only likes to act while filming and not in real life situations shows how honestly he’s trying to live his life and stay grounded, so proud of him :kiss_wink:


Yeah! i'm impressed by his answer and the last one also. He's not bragging but i can feel his confidence and the most important thing for him is he's having fun while doing his work thus doing his best, so no regrets on his side whatever the result is.


I'm really impressed by all his answers actually..so cool!

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15 hours ago, Anjalifairy said:

Q. Is there any acting/performance you want to show when the day comes?
A. Since i'm not studying english at the age of accepting the languange like a baby, i think i can never be a native english speaker with languange expressions such as pronunciation. But the good thing is that i'm good at using my body, so i wish i could start in that way.


Mmm..he said he's good at using his body and he would start from this. So it's possible he takes any role in Marvels as his gateway to doing overseas work :cry:  Well, i'm still expecting something big.

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