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Park Seo Joon 박서준 ~❤❤️ [Current Variety Show “Youth MT” TVing] || [Filming Upcoming Drama: “Gyeongseong Creature” 2023] || [Upcoming Movies: “Dream” 2022 | “Concrete Utopia”, “The Marvels” 2023]


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***There's a  rumor that Park Seo Joon and BLACKPINK’s Jisoo will be together in a rom-com drama. I wonder if this is true. Is this information confirmed? They say it's titled “Perfect Admirer”. Although no information related to the plot of “Perfect Admirer” has been revealed, netizens are guessing the genre might be romance or action. PSJ is very busy this year, so it’s impossible to act in another drama. Whatever.....can’t wait for his next project.   :kisslevel:






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After reading Park Seo Jun’s daily fitness menu, we can only say that not everyone can be a male god. In addition to having a strong sense of self-discipline and responsibility, he must be able to persevere. He deserves to be a national male god who can enter Hollywood! :coolshades:

More on Seo Jun’s fitness routine here:



Thanks for sharing @yaya1241 :heart:


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On 5/1/2022 at 5:26 PM, serenilmauve said:

Park Seo Jun for Harper’s Bazaar Taiwan cover issue 


@serenilmauve  thanks for sharing this. PSJ creates sexiness in a black shirt. I also love the one where he's wearing blue knitwear and brown shirts. These are without filtering. PSJ has perfect visuals in each photo shoot.  :Megathanks:








photos source : Hancinema

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" Park Seo Jun the loyal fans of AP. The watch he shown in HP cover, even VVIP couldn't easily get the limited collection . " 


in the article, it said that Seo Jun doesn't usually show his watch collection. So this photo shoot is a rare opportunity to show his 4 AP collections. 
Seo Jun also coordinated which watch to fit with the outfit.
The gold version which he coordinated with the green outfit in the cover was a 50th specially edition. And even VVIP is very difficult to get it. No wonder Seo Jun is so pleased with his collection .... 
Finally , HB would hope Seo Jun to share more his watch collection in the future. 


Harpers Bazaar Taiwan also present a series of articles on  Seo Jun from his hairstyle, fashion choice, friendship with wooshik and wooga family and mostly his works for the past 10 years. 

Although they are written in Chinese u can use Google translate all the articles. 


cover story



his shoes collection 



his fashion style 



his works for the past 10 years (most popular) 



How he maintains his body shape (@jeomju1216 already post it ) 



his friendship with wooga especially with Wooshik 





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Melting Hearts While Making It Rain, The Wealthiest Korean Actors Of 2022


The Korean film and drama industry is a gold mine. Both in quality media and talented actors and actresses. Due to this, fans of the genre number in the millions. Thus, it surprises no one that the K-Drama and K-Movie industry is raking in millions of US dollars and Korean won. 


Notably, among the people who benefit the most from the heavy flow of cash are the actors and actresses. The performers pour their hearts and souls into a role and in turn are rewarded with love, support, and of course a large paycheck.

Previously, we discussed which Korean actresses were the highest-paid this year. In this article, we ranked the Korean actors who have the largest net worths in 2022.
#7 Park Seo Joon - with a net worth of $21M (26,433,225,000 KRW)
Park Seo Joon sits in 7th place on this list. The actor is known for his role in the hit K-Drama "Fight For My Way" among others. Seo Joon was able to take home the Best New Actor award at the Grand Bell Awards alongside the Korean Association of Film Critics Awards.
(skipped unrelated.....) 
source : koreaportal.com
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