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Park Seo Joon 박서준 ~❤❤️ [Current Variety Show “Youth MT” TVing] || [Filming Upcoming Drama: “Gyeongseong Creature” 2023] || [Upcoming Movies: “Dream” 2022 | “Concrete Utopia”, “The Marvels” 2023]


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17 hours ago, serenilmauve said:

Still the best rom-com/youth/slice of life drama ever;)Yeap! 


@serenilmauve thanks for sharing this. I love the OST of the drama particularly “Good Morning” by Kassy. It's a comical drama but full of life lessons. I've learned in this drama that we all have our own timings. Life is neither a race nor a competition that you need to win. Also, do not let other people bring you down. It takes a lot of courage to build yourself and to do what you love so don’t let other people ruin that. I think this drama never gets old! 








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*** The dramas aired by JTBC last year remained bitter and struggling with ratings. Their past winning dramas were on 2020 yet, which were PSJ's drama "Itaewon Class" and "The World of the Married". I hope the cable network will again have a strong will to capture both popularity and workability this year. I'm looking forward to seeing JTBC, which showed a large number of high-quality works to be able to capture the public's hearts again such a drama like "Itaewon Class" that go beyond perfection to popularity.  :heart2:

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How is it possible not to shed tears with him? He definitely deserves a tight warm hug and needs to be told everything is gonna be OK, soon:allgoodlol:Seo Jun brilliantly performed the extraordinary emotional moments between Saeroyi and his father :cry: He should have won all the awards that season, alas! 

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15 minutes ago, serenilmauve said:

Park Seo Jun for Japanese magazine;)

Is it some kind of special feature for “Introducing Korean & Asian dramas that Japanese viewers would want to watch the most right now”? And Seo Jun received a special profile among various top Asian actors, right? :piggydance:

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Park Seo Jun’s  'Itaewon Class' ranked 4th in top 10 overall content ,Netflix's reverse run...


'Itaewon Class' is showing a reverse movement on Netflix Korea. According to Netflix today, Korea's TOP10 overall content on the 24th, JTBC's 'Itaewon Class', which aired in 2020, ranked 4th. 

In particular, it is attracting more attention as the ranking has risen, beating out other popular content that are currently airing. The drama decorated today's TOP 10 overall content in S. Korea over the past weekend. 


The reverse trend of past dramas seems to be due to the recent lack of demand for new content from Netflix. Popular content from English-speaking countries has been released one after another from the end of last year, but it did not appear to have a significant impact on the domestic S. Korean streaming rankings.


In addition, Itaewon Class continues to stay in the top 10 shows in Japan, it’s currently #8 in the overall shows and #7 in TV shows on Netflix Japan. Itaewon class has stayed in the top 10 in Japan for more 27 weeks(Note, this is since the time top 10 analytics and tracking has been enabled on Netflix, could have been longer if there was top 10 trend tracking at the time the drama originally released). 

Park Seo-Joon Wow GIF by The Swoon


Skipped the rest… source: 








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