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6 Best Noona K-Dramas To Watch That Will Give You All The Feels


There's just something so endearing about K-Dramas that showcase different sides of love and break away from the often shown convention of Oppa or same-age couples. Noona K-Dramas are centered around the relationship between an older woman and a younger man as they experience the highs and lows of being in love and the many taboos that follow along. Some Noona K-Dramas also throw perspective on the many additional problems and questions women are often subjected to, from their social circles and from themselves as well. But eventually, love conquers all!


So here are 7 of our picks of the best Noona K-Dramas for you to binge! 



7. "Witch's Love" (2014)





Cast: Om JeongHwa, Park SeoJun


Summary: This drama brings together two broken souls as they once again revive the love in their life. 39-year-old Ban JiYeon (Om JeongHwa)is a tenacious investigative reporter whose life solely revolves around her work and she has lost belief in romance. Yoon DongHa (Park SeoJoon) is a 25-year-old happy-go-lucky guy but has a painful memory of his girlfriend who died. As the two meet each other, they develop an unlikely bond finding solace in each other.  


Why you should watchStarring a new, then unknown Park SeoJoon, this drama will leave you with butterflies. The steaming chemistry between Om JeongHwa and Park SeoJoon is through the roof as the two fall in love despite odd circumstances.




(skipped unrelated.....)



source : https://www.kpopmap.com/6-best-noona-k-dramas-to-watch-that-will-give-you-all-the-feels/


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10 Most Popular Netflix Programs Currently In Korea (Based On January 14 Data)


Are you a Netflix user? If you are using the platform, you would know that there is plenty of Korean content with dramas and TV shows available.


Netflix offers different content in each country. Dramas, TV shows, and movies available for viewers in Korea are not the same for other countries' viewers. Also, a program might be available in your country at a different time from its release in Korea.


Netflix Korea has a top 10 ranking of daily popular content on its platform. These are the most popular Netflix programs of the day in Korea based on January 14 data (retrieved on January 14, 3:20 PM KST, data of January 13).





1. "Our Beloved Summer"

2. "Single's Inferno"

3. "Bulgasal: Immortal Souls"

4. "The Silent Sea"

5. "Divorced Singles"

6. "Itaewon Class"

7. "Mother/Android"

8. "Goblin"

9. "I am Solo"

10. "Hotel Del Luna"




source : https://www.kpopmap.com/10-most-popular-netflix-programs-currently-in-korea-based-on-january-14-data-2022/

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Oh Jae-woong’s role model is Park Seo Jun - when asked about his role model, Park Seo Jun, who joined the Marvel Studios movie 'The Marvels', he said, "When I first learned acting, I started as a character played by sunbae, and I want to be like sunbae I've liked for a long time. I want to become an actor who shows a lot of diversity like sunbae. If there is an opportunity, I want to enter Hollywood like he did. I will try my best to speak English.”


I wonder how Seo Jun feels when he sees young actors choosing him as his role model:rubchin:, it was not very long ago that SJ was seeing LBH as his role model… So proud of PSJ and the strides he’s made in the decade since his debut :heart:


Chilling Park Seo-Joon GIF by The Swoon


Source: https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/009/0004906569


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Seo Jun’s dramas referenced in the below article :piggydance:

10 Common Tropes Seen In K-Dramas


9. Main Characters Who Actually Knew Each Other Beforehand


Some storylines have audiences believe that the main characters just met, but it doesn't always turn out that way. It's often later revealed that the leads had a past together or met beforehand and forgot about each other. This is seen in What's Wrong With Secretary Kim.This trope helps cement the relationship between the main characters as being fated.

Sad Korean Drama GIF by The Swoon

6. Friends Or Enemies Turned Lovers


This is one of the most often seen tropes to appear in K-dramas because it sets up the storyline for a love story. It's also one of the most popular. This trope can come in a variety of forms, like the cold and distant cool guy who has it out for the female lead. There's also the lifelong best friends who one day realize they have feelings for each other.

In Fight For My Way, the two leads have been childhood friends and neighbors for years that turns into a relationship.

Korean Drama Flirting GIF by The Swoon

3. The Bones In The Closet


This is a favorite when it comes to a riveting and alluring K-drama. When it comes to dramas about love, it needs a bit of "oomph" to make things riveting. This is often done by alluding to the main character's dark past that has hindered them for years and it becomes one of the main hurdles to overcome for the characters.

The trope even occurs in What's Wrong With Secretary Kim, in which the stoic male lead has a bad association with zip ties due to a tragic event from his childhood.

Korean Drama Netflix GIF by The Swoon


1. The Cinderella Story

Cinderella's story of a simple girl getting the opportunity to glam herself up and impress the prince has been reiterated in many forms on screen, even in K-dramas. This more often than not occurs in the form of makeovers or a lower-status girl catching the eye of the popular male lead.

In K-dramas, female leads are sometimes deemed as "unattractive" in looks, like in She Was Pretty. They go through a detailed makeover that makes them desirable. In the end, the male lead actually fell for her before the makeover.

she was pretty GIF


Skipped the rest, source: https://screenrant.com/common-k-drama-tropes/

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