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57 minutes ago, serenilmauve said:

Park Seo Jun for ZIOZIA Fall/Winter Collection CF

His goofy expressions :joy: but Seo Jun with a cap on is to die for :bashful:


@Gisell Gisell It is hard not to think about it, but we now have a new problem to solve where is Dream overseas schedule going to take place and for how long… European countries may not be the best option at this time… Will they go to South America instead?  :rubchin:

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We have to mention ‘Start Over’, it was widely loved all over the world including India and has become a staple in our ‘Inspirational songs’ playlist. What would you like to say about the fame it has received?

Gaho: The drama ‘Itaewon Class’ was a big hit and the actor Park Seo Joon’s acting played a big part. My music was simply in that show, but I feel like a lot of people gave my song lots of love. I feel perhaps I am undeserving of it, so it makes me more grateful and makes me want to strive for better. I heard that this song was listened to around the world, but I wasn’t able to really feel it and notice it personally which is a shame. But I noticed that this song was loved by many, I noticed that much which makes me very grateful and want to make a great soundtrack that can be continuous of its success.

Gaho briefly mentioned Seo Jun when he talked about hit Itaewon Class OST



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Another lucky fan who got the opportunity to have 1 on 1 video call with Seojun after Condition fanmeeting, shared the conversation during the video call on DC Gallery. But she said it's only some parts of the conversation, not the whole. And also because the management of Condition told her to not share the video due to copyright issue, she only shared the text (thats why another fan who shared her videos about acrobatic poem and Yeobo has deleted the videos on her IG page coz it's supposed to be personal collection). Here is the translation of the conversation she wrote down on DC gall..


I wrote the conversation while re-watching the video. I will not reveal my personal information


SJ : Hello, what's your name?
Fan : *I explained how i became his fan* An elementary school student recommended me to watch Secretary Kim on Netflix and i've been searching and watching your other works since then and blah blah blah...
SJ: Oh, but can kids see that? Really? As expected, kids these days are fast and have a good eye for stuff kkkkk
He must be worried about the bed scene :lol:
Fan : You're so handsome..
SJ : Ah, no. Haha. Oh, am i? Thank you. By the way, where are you? Are you at home?
Fan : Yes, I got my full makeup done and apply lipstick at night to do this.
SJ : Hehehehe you've work hard.
Fan : You're working hard too until late at night.
SJ : No.. its nothing..
Fan : I don't drink, but i bought a lot of Condition.
SJ : Really? Ah... (sighing with feeling sorry kind of facial expression)
Fan : I saw everyone was holding a Seojun heart on a piece of paper on the fanmeeting earlier. So i have made one quickly too.
SJ : Hahaha okay. Did you just done it now? Oh.. it's awesome.
Fan : You're busy working hard to prepare for Marvels movie and the next projects, but you're so great and gorgeous. I hope you will be healthy and i wish you all the best. (I was so nervous suddenly that i kept making the atmosphere that i wanted to wrap up/hang up quickly).
SJ : Yes.. As i live, there are surprising things happen in life.
Fan : It's because you work hard.
SJ : Ah, it's nothing.
Fan : Before i hang up, i have a last favor to ask. It's a really shameful request though..
SJ : Okay. Go ahead.
Fan : My name is xxx. Please say something with my name in it.
SJ : Like "xxx-ah, I love you"? Hahahaha
Fan : kyahahaha.. one more time 
SJ : xxx-ah, I love you.
Fan : It was hella nice. 
SJ : hahahahaha
Somehow the topic of LOL (League of Legends) came out of nowhere.
SJ : Oh, what is it? By the way, the animation from LOL that just released on Netflix is really interesting. That would be interesting too for people who are not familiar with it.
According to K-jeomju on the comment section, he talked about 'Arcane: League of Legends', a Netflix animated series
SJ : Oh, I'll watch it then/ But hasn't it been 3 minutes?
If I'm not mistaken, the maximum video call duration is only 3 minutes
SJ : Yes. It's been three minutes. Well, it's not that the next train is waiting for me...
I have no idea about this but i think it's kind of dad joke that he said :joy:
Fan : It's your birthday soon. Congratulations in advance..
SJ : Ah, me? Haha 'birthday' is a bit.... Haha, are you 17? Using 'birthday' to me..
This fan use 생신 which is very formal form for 'birthday' that is usually addressed to elders :lol:
Fan : You were a total promotion fairy at today's fan meeting.
SJ : You should do your best at a time like this hehehe
Fan : Sure, sure.. Anyway, cheer up! It's late, so hang up and get some rest.
SJ : Thank you. Have a nice evening. Bye bye. Good night. 
Everyone, let's go watch the animation series recommended by Seojun.
Source DC Inside Park Seojun Gallery
The fan shared the cuts of the video in gif. She said it's parts when Seojun said 'xxx-ah, I love you' :blush: 
Btw, anyone has watched Arcane? :D
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@Anjalifairy Thank you for translating;) Lucky, lucky fans :blush:

Elementary kids watching WWWSK :joy:

This drama is still going strong after so many years of airing;)) What a quality production :approves:


Yes, I watched Arcane, as Seo Jun said it’s an amazing achievement in animation in general and especially in adult animation. Storytelling and character work is awesome too. I only just heard about LoL, never played and the only peace of information I had about them was their k-pop group K/DA, but Arcane was a very non-fans friendly. I think they knew, that majority who will watch it, know nothing about LoL, so they made it not really for fans, but for everybody. If you guys like fantasy stories, adult animation and steampunk style, then you will enjoy it too;))


I’m kinda in love with the fact, that Seo Jun is the same “pop culture” consumer as we’re;)) He watched all the trendy stuff on Netflix :blush:

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  • serenilmauve changed the title to Park Seo Joon 박서준 ~❤❤️ [Current Variety Show “Youth MT” TVing] || [Filming Upcoming Drama: “Gyeongseong Creature” 2023] || [Upcoming Movies: “Dream” 2022 | “Concrete Utopia”, “The Marvels” 2023]

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