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Park Seo Joon 박서준 ~❤❤️ [Current Variety Show “Youth MT” TVing] || [Filming Upcoming Drama: “Gyeongseong Creature” 2023] || [Upcoming Movies: “Dream” 2022 | “Concrete Utopia”, “The Marvels” 2023]

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@ireumimolla hello! It's you from HAJINA's thread right? Nice to meet you here :D 

Pics update from BASSO HOME official IG! PSJ at BASSO HOLE fan-signing event! :)






TOPSTAR NEWS released pics of 'SWP' post interview with PSJ :wub:


Check out more pics here >>http://article.topstarnews.net/detail.php?number=161096  / http://article.topstarnews.net/detail.php?number=161097 / http://article.topstarnews.net/detail.php?number=161099

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Guest ireumimolla


Hiiii! Yes I was on hiatus for awhile due to work but 'She Was Pretty' forced me to return to the forums. Was a lurker on the SWP thread for the past few weeks but finally forced to de-lurk because it was such a good drama. Really enjoyed Park Seo Joon's acting! Hope this thread will have more activity. Thanks for all the pictures update! :D

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@ireumimolla Hiiiiiiii!!!! It's been a while!! So nice to meet you here chingu!! You're welcome and thank you for posting Eng sub video for Park Seo Joon Sohu interview  :D Yes i also enjoy PSJ's acting..That's why i love SWP ;)


This news video mentioning PSJ as one of the stars who loves children~~

[Section TV] 섹션 TV - Heart racing! Stars Love child♡ 20151115


PSJ took a picture with one of media reporter after done with SWP post interview :D 

Have you seen pics of young Seo Joon? He's originally good looking and handsome since he's young :wub:



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[BTS video] InStyle pictorial photoshoot of Park Seo Joon and SWP fans

>> https://www.facebook.com/instyle.kr/videos/1060815767276028/



PSJ and photographer eskey choi took picture together! 

Trans: Trans: "Park Seo Joon. Ji Sung Joon. She Was Pretty. Chief Editor. Most. Most-like hooray. drama. You worked hard Sung Joon, you worked hard Seo Joon. Goodbye Sung Joon, see you soon Seo Joon."


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Kim Gu Ra thinks Park Seo Joon resembles Yoon Jong Shin?


So...apparently, Park Seo Joon resembles Yoon Jong Shin? Or that's what Kim Gu Ra thinks. 

During his interview on November 18 with SBS's funE, when asked whether he heard Kim Gu Ra mention him in passing on 'Radio Star' by saying that he looks like Yoon Jong Shin, Park Seo Joon replied, "I saw that scene myself. I'm thankful that they mentioned me. After 'She Was Pretty' ended, I was watching something else and was shocked to hear that they suddenly mentioned me on 'Radio Star.' I didn't even guest on the show so I was honored that they talked about me," relaying his thanks to the 'Radio Star' MC's for the brief, five seconds of fame.

When the interviewer asked him if he believes he resembles Yoon Jong Shin, the actor answered, "Yoon Jong Shin came to the showcase for 'Beauty Inside' not too long ago. I saw him for the first time then and I got the impression that he is a really funny and nice guy. But I'm not sure about what part of him I resemble..."

The actor added, "I often hear that I looks like a lot of people. I think as an actor, that's a good thing." 

What do you think? Does Park Seo Joon look like Yoon Jong Shin? 

source: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2015/11/kim-gu-ra-thinks-park-seo-joon-resembles-yoon-jong-shin


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Park Seo Joon prefers having his hair gelled up




Actor Park Seo Joon recently wrapped up his MBC TV drama ‘She Was Pretty,’ and he shared his thoughts in an interview about how he likes his hair to be styled and marriage.

With regards to his hairstyle in ‘She Was Pretty,’ Park Seo Joon shared that he had discussed it many times with the staff, and felt that it was right to gel it up.

He said, “I realized that if you expose your forehead, you also give others the impression that you are neat. Ji Sung Joon is really sensitive when it comes to fashion, and he has to show off his perfect side in public. But he would let it down when he is at home.”

Park Seo Joon continued, “I personally prefer my hair gelled up, because my face is rather plain without highlights, so I have to expose my eyebrows. I also feel that it’s more convenient at the filming site for my hair to be gelled up.”

As for marriage, he said, “I frankly always think about getting married, and I don’t really mind having it late. If I meet that special someone whom I’m not willing to let go, I can get married anytime. When I see children, I always feel like getting married.”

By: Alvin
Copyright: KpopFighting.com


Park Seo Joon promises to visit Choi Siwon in the army


Choi Siwon of Super Junior will enlist in the army this afternoon, and ‘She Was Pretty’ co-star and actor Park Seo Joon has sent him a picture of encouragement through Instagram.

Park Seo Joon wrote on his Instagram on November 19th, “I’ll go see you, serve well and return safely,” while sharing a picture of himself and Choi Siwon.

The picture was a screencap from their drama ‘She Was Pretty,’ where the original was of Choi Siwon hugging Hwang Jung Eum from behind. But fans of the drama did a photoshop job by replacing Hwang Jung Eum with Park Seo Joon who had a shy expression etched on his face, and this funny sight left many fans in laughter.

Choi Siwon will enlist at Nonsan army training center and receive basic training, before beginning his service as a conscripted policeman for 21 months.

By: Alvin
Copyright: KpopFighting.com

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I've become a rather huge fan of Park Seo Joon after Witch's Romance haha, he was fantastic in KMHM and SWP too :D

Kind of a long shot and I know this was a little while ago, but I was wondering if anyone could possibly sub/translate these short video scenes of his taxi interview? Here:



I found the full raw episode online too, so if anyone was able to translate that even, I'd give you a million roses haha, I'm just so curious on what's being said

Thank you! I'd really greatly appreciate it! :) 

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