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Guest adikkeluangman

Winner, Lee Kwang Soo, Kangnam, and More Deliver ′Letters from Angels′ to Promote Adoption in Korea
Every year since 2002, photographer Cho Sei Hon has invited celebrities to help promote adoption in Korea by posing in photos with orphaned children. 
In 2014, Winner, Lee Seo Jin, Lee Kwang Soo, Bong Tae Gyu, M.I.B′s Kangnam, Kim Young Kwang, Lee Soo HyuK, Lee Dong Wook, Park Seo Joon, Yeo Jin Goo, Park Min Woo, and Yoo Yeon Seok were captured in the precious photos. 
On December 3, fashion magazine Cosmopolitan unveiled some of the photos from Cho Sei Hon′s Letters From Angels project for 2014.

The stars all embraced these orphaned children and took heartwarming photos, praying that each and every child will be adopted soon. 
On being able to participate in such a meaningful project, Winner stated, "To even return just a little bit of love that we received through this opportunity to even provide even a little awareness in national adoption, we are extremely happy. We hope that these beautiful babies, such as Do Yool and Ji Hoon, will hurry and find a good family, good parents, and grow up to help other people. We′re so happy to be able to paticipate in this meaningful project." 
Yoo Yeon Seok stated, "My heart ached wondering why these beautiful and smilling children end up being alone. Of course, through the efforts of many people from Letters From Angels and other projects, the situation has improved compared to before. I hope that my little action will be strength to help even one child find a good family. I hope that Taemin, who was full of smiles the first time I met him, will continue grow into a happy child without losing that smile."

Lee Soo Hyuk shared, "I always thought that the issue with adoption was a bit vague, but as I personally held Minseo in my arms, I suddenly felt this heavy responsibility. I participated in this to help Minseo, but I feel that I′ve received more help from Minseo. I′m going to have to try harder to become a better actor to not embarrass Minseo, who has helped me to have good feelings and be rewarded." 
Kangnam said, "I participated in Letters From Angels with the hope that at least one child will be adopted into a happy home through me. If I′m in the situation to help someone, I believe that I should definitely help. Even if it means that I have to use my popularity, I hope that these children will meet good parents." 
Cho Sei Hon′s 12th photo exhibition for Letters From Angels will open on December 17 at the Insa Art Center. 

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박서준 ♥ 김희용

“제게도 딱 오늘 만난 희용이만 한 조카가 있어요. 무조건 사랑을 많이 받아야 하는 시기인데… 안타깝네요. 이렇게 참여하는 것만으로도 입양률 증가에 기여할 수 있다는 게 놀라우면서도 다행스럽다는 생각이 들었어요. 앞으로 저도 국내 입양 문제에 더 관심을 갖고 지켜보려고 합니다. 희용이가 좋은 인연을 만나 건강하고 행복하게 자라서, 언젠가 시간이 지나고 다시 만날 수 있게 되길, 그때까지 늘 행복하길, 진심으로 기도합니다.”

This is from cosmopolitan magazine in "letters from angels"

@se17‌ the traduction is so bad with google translator I can't help you :((

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I've loved him since Dream High 2, he's soo dreamyyy... (pun intended)  ;)) He had really good chemistry with Hyolyn of Sistar. Actually, he's associated a lot with Sistar LoL. The only member he hasn't collaborated with yet is Soyou  :P He was also a really sweet dongsaeng to Kim Ji Soo's character in One Warm Word.

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@hanadulsetme Thankyou. :D I used both g/b translator to give us more idea.
Google: Park Seo-joon ♥ gimhuiyong"I only just met the nephew Hee also easy for me today. Inde time to get a lot of unconditional love ... I'm heartbroken. So I thought also participate just by being able to contribute to the increased adoption rate, yet glad seureopdaneun fab. I'm trying to keep you in the future with more interest in domestic adoption issues. Easy to grow and meet the good ties Hee health and happy, able to meet again someday hope that time has passed, want always happy until then, you truly pray. "
Bing: Park Joon  Kim Hee-Yong"I also met today with just the'm 's niece easy comedy. Get lots of time love unconditionally ... It's pity. Doing so increases the adoption rate by participating inbeing able to contribute to the amazing fortunate idea. Going forward, I'm moreinterested in domestic adoption issues, jikyeoboryeo. White Dragon is a good bond, but I grow up healthy and happy, someday to be able to meet again over time, until then I wont be happy, sincerely pray. "

Some of His Pictures. (Credit from twitter) Soooo manly.  B4Gpq4KCQAAws0i.jpg B4Gpq4zCYAAvJD_.jpg B4Gpq5GCYAAegY3.jpg B4Gpq5iCYAAt5ig.jpg B4LViriCEAAGYkc.jpg B4LViJxCcAAT8H8.jpg B4LVyFWCIAAs1zf.jpg:large

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@hanadulsetme He was the one who sing the ost of Witch Romance?


Yes! It's so fantastic My man xD He can sing very well, this song had two version in the drama and Park Seo Joon sang this ost from 10th episode in the last minutes for the perfect moment.

really this man It's so adorable Chincha I love it :x

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Park Seo Joon for "letters from angeles"

"I have a cousin of the same age Hee Yong, who just met. It is at an age where you should be getting so much love ... It's heartbreaking! I think it's amazing and a relief to me to know that just participate [this season], I can help increase adoption rates. I will show more interest in the subject of adoption in the country in the future. I hope Hee Yong know a good family and grow up healthy and happy. After time passes, I hope to meet him again, sincerely ask you [Hee Yong] is always happy. "


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