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Park Seo-joon courted for MBC drama Kill Me, Heal Meby girlfriday | November 11, 2014 | 4 Comments


So it looks like MBC is going ahead with Kill Me, Heal Me as their next Wednesday-Thursday drama in the new year. This is the other drama with a hero who has a split-personality (I knooooow, of all the trends), that Hyun Bin got into a media scuffle with over his potential-maybe-but-not-really casting. He ended up taking SBS’s Jekyll and Me instead, and now Kill Me, Heal Me has secured a timeslot and is finally back in the casting game.

First to be cast is Park Seo-joon (Witch’s Romance), and though I’m not certain, it seems that he’s being courted to play the second lead. Boo, I love Park Seo-joon and think he’s good enough to play a lead on a Big 3 show, but I won’t argue since he’s new and has time to build his career. Preferably a long and storied career as a noona-killer.

The new drama comes from PD Kim Jin-man of Scandal and East of Eden and writer Jin Soo-wan of The Moon That Embraces the Sun and Kyungsung Scandal, and is described as a romantic comedy mystery melodrama. That seems mathematically improbable, but okay. It’s about a hero with split-personality disorder, who has a total of SEVEN personalities inside of him. He’s a third-generation chaebol (of course), and the heroine is a first-year resident physician who becomes his secret family doctor, and the drama is about their “healing romance.”

Park Seo-joon has been offered a role as a genius mystery novelist (really, there’s a mentally ill hero, a doctor heroine, and a mystery novelist too? Come on, people. Let’s at least try not to be SO obvious when ripping off It’s Okay, It’s Love). His character sounds fun, though, because he’s described as an oddball and people can’t quite figure out whether he’s a genius or a moron. Ha, he sounds cute — where’s the drama where he’s the hero and doesn’t have six other personalities, huh? Maybe it’s just me, but I really hope this split-personality trend is a short-lived one in dramaland. I’d say drama heroes have enough issues as it is.

Kill Me, Heal Me follows Mr. Back on Wednesdays and Thursdays in January.

Via Osen

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Actor Park Seo Joon is being considered for a role in MBC’s upcoming drama, “Kill Me Heal Me.

A representative of his agency revealed on November 11, “Park Seo Joon has received an offer to appear on MBC’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama, ‘Kill Me Heal Me,’ and he is currently undergoing negotiations.”

The actor has been offered the role of Orion, a genius writer. If he decides to accept the offer, the viewers will see him portray the mysterious and quirky 4D character.

“Kill Me Heal Me” is a romantic comedy involving a third generation heir of a large corporation, who suffers from multiple personality disorder, and a female doctor. Previously, the drama’s production team got into a conflict with actor Hyun Bin and differing claims about his casting offer.

The drama is expected to premiere in January.

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We haven’t seen much of Park Seo Joon lately but he’s probably busy filming his third movie, “Beauty Inside”, which is set for release in 2015. We’re hoping he chooses a drama soon, he needs to bring his hotness back to the small screen.  In the meantime, we’ll have to be content with this spread from the December 2014 issue of Marie Claire 2, which isn’t hard since he pulls out the chocolate abs. The Noona’s of the world miss you.



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