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[Sitcom 2013] POTATO★STAR 2013QR3 감자별

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감자별 2013QR3


  • air date) September 23, 2013
  • estimated total episodes) 120
  • broadcast slot) TVN Mondays~Tuesdays, 9:15PM
  • official website) TVN


What if the Earth was to be hit with a planet half the size of the moon? How would your everyday activities, troubles, and love change? This sitcom takes a look at the comedic lives of a family put into a sudden, thrilling and emergency situation created by the crashing of two planets.
    • PD: Kim Byung Ook

    filmography: The Unstoppable HighKick, Highkick Through the Roof, Once Upon A Time in SaengChori



NEWS BITES[2013.09.17] Ha YeonSoo Compares Kiss Scenes[2013.09.16] 'Potato Star' First Press Conference[2013.09.13] Yoon KyeSang Confirms Cameo[2013.09.10] Go Kyung Po Character Shoot[2013.09.09] Cast Wishes 'Potato Star' Success[2013.09.05] Yeo Jingoo Turns Into Steve Jobs[2013.09.03] Production in full swing on tvN sitcom 'Potato Star'[2013.08.29] Kim ByungOk PD Interview[2013.08.14] Yeo Jingoo celebrates his Sweet 16 with the cast[2013.08.12] Ha Yeon Soo Interview[2013.08.09] Julien Kang reveals 'Potato Star' Scripts... Expect Comedy[2013.08.09] Choi SongHyun Transforms into a Youthful Girl for 'Potato Star'[2013.08.04] 'POTATO STAR' Has First Script Reading [2013.08.02] Top Supporting Actor, Kim Kwang Kyu, cast in KBO's 'Potato Star'
[2013.08.02] Ha YeonSoo, thoughts on being cast in 'Potato Star'
[2013.07.18] Kim Jung Min & Choi SongHyun Cast as Husband & Wife
[2013.07.10] Yeo JinGoo Signs On For High Kick's Not A Sequel


[*]Teaser 1 [*]

Star Dance[*]
Event Clip[*]
& Jingoo[*]
[*]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNFcHC60U4QYeonsoo & Kyungpo[*]
Soonjae & Bora[*]Teaser 9 30 sec clip[*]
opening + Character Descriptions[*]
KyungPo + Hwang Jungeum[*]
Ha YeonSoo (translation on pg 4)[*]
Go KyungPo (translation on pg 4)[*]
Yeo JinGu (translation on pg 4)[*]
  • @jjsweeter0211 for all the awesome photo/video contributions <333
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Yeo Jin-gu signs on for High Kick’s not-a-sequel


Hot on the heels of all that High Kick 4 speculation comes this bit of great news: The sitcom has cast teen heartthrob-in-the-making Yeo Jin-gu. Or maybe he’s already a heartthrob and noona-killer, on top of being a promising future leading man. (But still fifteen! He’s a 1997-er, folks, read it and weep.)

Producers and cable station tvN have been very adamantly stressing that this sitcom is NOT—they repeat, NOT!—part of the High Kick universe, despite being created by the same hitmaker PD, Kim Byung-wook. Maybe that accounts for its very quirky (working) title, Potato-Shaped Sweet Potato Star 2013QR3. The “2013QR3″ part of the title was done to mimic the naming of a new planet, and the show itself will incorporate astrological references.

Yeo Jin-gu’s character is named Hong Hye-sung, which could be one such cosmic reference (hye-sung = comet)… or, you know, just a normal name. Potayto, sweet potahto? In the show, the Hye-sung character is a computer programmer who dreams of becoming Korea’s Mark Zuckerberg.

Though this is not part of the High Kick franchise, as with all of Korea’s daily sitcoms, we can expect a large cast with multi-generations and a bunch of quirky characters. Yeo Jin-gu has mostly made a name for himself wowing audiences in the childhood roles for tons of adult stars, many of them in serious dramatic roles: I Miss You, The Moon That Embraces the Sun, Giant, Warrior Baek Dong-soo, Swallow the Sun, Tazza, Iljimae. But he’s got a lovable playful side, which we’ve seen glimpses of, and I’d LOVE to see him on a daily basis. Most of the time we get two, maybe four awesome episodes of him, and then he goes away and we’re stuck with Jang Hyuk, or Kim Soo-hyun, or Yoochun! All right, those aren’t bad trade-offs, but you can’t help wanting him to stick around for longer.

Potato-Shaped Sweet Potato Star 2013QR3 will air in usual sitcom format: four episodes a week, broadcast on Monday through Thursday evenings, for 120 episodes total. It’s aiming to begin filming in August and will probably broadcast soon thereafter (sitcoms and dailies shoot closer to a live schedule in general). We can expect lots more casting news to come in the following weeks.

Source: http://www.dramabeans.com/2013/07/yeo-jin-gu-signs-on-for-high-kicks-not-a-sequel/
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'POTATO STAR' Has First Script Reading

At the first 'Potato Star' script reading, the acting was as if actors were already on the real set.
Potato Star is currently gaining a lot of interest for their current cast, consisting of Lee Soonjae, Noh Juhyun, Yeo Jingoo, Ha Yeonsoo, Go Kyungpo.

Lee Soonjae, who is reuniting with the Highkick PD for this series, shared this thoughts on returning to sitcoms: "I am happy and excited to be returning to sitcoms after such a long time. I'm glad that I'm acting alongside Noh Juhyun, Geum Bora and of course, our younger friends." He adds on the difference between comedies and sitcoms: "Obviously there will be justified exaggerated acting within a sitcom, whereas comedies there is exaggerated acting constantly."

Noh Juhyun: "I was so happy when Kim ByungOk PD called me with the casting offer. I will work hard to create a good show."
Geum Bora: "I'll work hard to fight with my father-in-law and to take care of my husband. I will show you true sitcom acting."


Constantly bickering father-in-law, Lee Soonjae, and daughter-in-law, Geum Bora.
The wealthy but peculiar president of a company, Noh Juhyun, and Go Kyungpo.
Coming from a poor household, Oh Youngshil and Ha Yeonsoo (playing mother and daughter respectively), have strong survival skills.
Each actor portrayed their characters with individuality and humor, acting well alongside each other, creating a pleasant atmosphere filled with laughter.

Kim ByungOk PD: "Watching these characters I had only imagined in my head coming to life through the actors makes me glad. I think the show will be filled with characters that are filled with with love by the actors."

SOURCE: http://www.eto.co.kr/news/outview.asp?Code=20130805120410807&ts=121451
Translations: dotori

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Ha YeonSoo, thoughts on being cast in 'POTATO STAR'
Ha Yeonsoo shares her feelings on being cast for Kim ByungOk PD's 'POTATO STAR': "I'm so happy I feel like I can fly away.
When I first saw the script, I wanted apart of it and my desire to be cast grew. I wanted to give life to this character. I truly want to learn a lot by participating in this project."

Ha Yeonsoo will be portraying a very different character than from her latest role as Min Seyi in TVN-MNET's musical drama 'MONSTAR.'
"My character is quick to anger and is like fire. I think that I can breathe life into this new and refreshing personality," she said with a smile.

Ha Yeonsoo has been playing Min Seyi, a transfer student from New Zealand in 'MONSTAR' who has a loveline with Yeon Seolchan (Yong JunHyung), Jung Sunwoo (Kang Haneul).

SOURCE: http://osen.mt.co.kr/article/G1109655168
Translations: dotori

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Top Supporting Actor, Kim Kwang Kyu, cast in Kim ByungOk's 'POTATO STAR'


TVN recently confirmed the casting of Kim Kwang Kyu for the sitcom, 'Potato Star.'

He'll be playing the role of Director Oh, who works in a pea company called KkongKkong, owned by Noh Juhyun (playing Noh SuDong) and his son, Go Kyungpo (playing Noh Minhyuk). Director Oh, one of the founding members of the company, is actually a thorn in SuDong's side, but his extensive work experience at the company becomes an increasing threat.
Kim KwangKyu's filmography includes: 'I Can Hear Your Voice', 'I Summon You Gold', 'Fantasy Couple', and sitcom 'Secrets of KeuKeu Island'.
He also appears in variety shows such as 'I Live Alone', 'Infinity Challenge' as a stammering yet interesting and humorous personality.

TVN daily sitcom 'Potato Star 2013QR3' airs in September with an estimated 120 episodes.

SOURCE: http://www.kyeongin.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=757882
Translations: dotori

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Kim JungMin & Choi SongHyun Cast as Husband & Wife in 'Potato Star'


On the 18th it was revealed that singer-actor Kim Jung Min would be a part of tvN's new daily sitcom 'Potato Star'. The two actors with be playing a husband and wife couple brimming with love.Choi SongHyun, annoucer turned actor, will be playing the eldest daughter of Noh JuHyun and Geum Bora. She leaves the workforce to become a Kangnam housewife and the mother of two elementary-school boys. Kim JungMin is not only her husband, but the lawyer Kim DoSang.

'Potato Star' is created by Kim ByungOk, who also helmed the MBC 'Highkick' series. First broadcast will be on September 23rd, airing Mondays through Thursdays at 9:15p. The premise of the sitcom is how a strange occurrence in space affects the primary Noh family.

SOURCE: http://osen.mt.co.kr/article/G1109642074
Translations: dotori

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Guest MikanNoKimi

Thanks, dotori, for starting the thread.  I'm trying to follow all the Color Bar's next works LOL.  Can't wait to see how HYS breathes life into her character.  Since this is a longer drama, it looks like it won't be subbed :(

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MikanNoKimi said: Thanks, dotori, for starting the thread.  I'm trying to follow all the Color Bar's next works LOL.  Can't wait to see how HYS breathes life into her character.  Since this is a longer drama, it looks like it won't be subbed :(

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Guest MikanNoKimi

dotori said:
MikanNoKimi said: Thanks, dotori, for starting the thread.  I'm trying to follow all the Color Bar's next works LOL.  Can't wait to see how HYS breathes life into her character.  Since this is a longer drama, it looks like it won't be subbed :(

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Based from their pictures, those who have bigger pics are the main characters of the sitcom.  Yeo JinGoo, Ha YeonSoo and Go KyungPyo have bigger pics .
The pics of Yeo JinGoo and Ha YeonSoo are linked together, probably their characters are going to have a love line here.
It could also be that the characters of Yeo JinGoo and Ha YeonSoo are siblings. Ha YeonSoo's character and will probably have a loveline with Go
KyungPyo's character. Yeo JinGoo's character will have a loveline with Seo YeJi's character

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Julien Kang Reveals Scripts for 'Potato Star'... Expect Comedy

Actor Julien Kang reveals 'Potato Star That Looks Like A Sweet Potato' to the public.

On the 8th, Julien Kang tweeted: “Today is the script reading for a new project. 'Potato Star That Looks Like A Sweet Potato' TVN September broadcast. I think it's going to be totally funny. Please look forward to it!” He also posted a picture of the the colorful scripts.

Park Ji-Sun responded to his message with a cheer: “Wow! Fighting!”

Netizens also left replies such as, “We're looking forward to it~”, “Excited Excited”, “Even the title is funny!”

SOURCE: http://www.tvreport.co.kr/?c=news&m=newsview&idx=379934
Translations: dotori

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Choi Song-Hyun, transforms into a youthful girl for sitcom 'Potato Star'2013080901000370900019841.jpg
Actor Choi Song-Hyun cut her hair short for her role in tvN's upcoming sitcom 'Potato Star'.
Along with the picture, she wrote on her Me2day: "Potato Star that Looks Like A Sweet Potato 2013QR3 precious scripts! I'm going to collect all 120. How will we change? I had a script reading again today with my cute sons and handsome husband~ I even cut off my hair which I've been growing out for a while^-^;; 2013 summer feels like the perfect time to start dreaming a new dream! The beginning of our story that will be filled with warm feelings and refreshing laughs."
Netizens responses to the photo: "Choi SongHyun's short hair makes her look so youthful", "She looks good with short hair", "Choi SongHyun's head is so small", "Youthful charm".
Choi SongHyun has also recently become the spokesmodel for a Korean Bank.
SOURCE: http://news.sportsseoul.com/read/entertain/1221946.htmTranslations: dotori

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