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[Drama 2013] ★ Secret | Secret Love 비밀 ★

Guest msmall

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Hwang Jung-eum; Secret First Greeting, Opinions about drama & Ji-sung, shooting scene of YJ detained by police



Secret Hwang Jung-eum, Company Interview and Multiple Part-time Jobs?


Credited KBS2, Nate

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Guest loverilindra

Lol they really decided to make the female lead look as pitiful as possible. For some reason' date=' I can't see the trailer. *sad face*[/quote']

Me too,,, can't see the 2nd trailer :(

I want to more still from jisung and jung eum together.. Really exciting bout this couple... Hahaha

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Awww Jung Eum looks very pretty. But aiissh... the prosecutor appointed to fight  YJ is DH!  Can it get any more cruel than that? :(

@cynkdf: Yes I believe so. The article goes something like this:

"Even though Do Hoon is a busy rising prosecutor,  he still took his time to regularly be with Yoo Jung. And he looks relaxed and happy with her, as expected with their 7 years relationship. But YJ on the other hand, looks tense and kinda sad, make netizen curious why."

Well, I guess it's bec. of Do Hoon's family opposition, esp. his mom (described as vain and often give his son unnecessary pressure).  Or was she sensed something wrong already with him? Though I'm pretty sure DH genuinely loves YJ, at least at this point, looking at his expressions and manners toward her.  If so, then I  guess he'll abandon her not bec. lack of love, but more of cowardice and self-interest. 

As many of you already pointed, 1st teaser was beautifully created and interestingly symbolic. YJ fall deeper and deeper, resigned, with MH run after her angrily, choking her, but then embrace her passionately , showing his change of feelings. YJ looks relieved in MH's embrace, but also silently crying, bec. of her secret? regret? guilt? or bec. she still has some feelings for DH? Then DH, painfully averted his face from YJ, climb the stairs toward rich cold-looking SY, proposes a toast to her.  Meaning he want a powerful connection, form relationship with benefits? 

HQ pics of YJ-DH kiss scenes:





Both HJE-BSB looks hot in their <!--url{1}-->date stills, but I can use a shorter bangs for BSB, looks almost uncomfortably cover his eyes  ;))

The Real CZ said: Is there a way to get around country restrictions for YouTube? All of KBS's videos on YouTube aren't able to be seen in the U.S.

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I think is  this  my opinion that dh  is in love  with  her  and the secret that she marry Dh.  But DH marry Her  because  she knew that he was the one of the hit and run. my little bit  of understanding of korean law is that  wife  can't testify agaisnt  her husband .  So i know i getting  head of the series .  But i think is that.  DH love her but got  greedy. YJ  was  the sweet boyfriend  getting  greedy,  Yj feel in love with ji sung  and that she marry already.

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