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[Drama 2013] ★ Secret | Secret Love 비밀 ★

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So, here are my thoughts after having watched ep 1 and 2. Bear in mind that I have already watched this drama at least 2 times, but I will try to only comment on what I watched in the first two episod

@MinLyn @Sleepy Owl Not sure, but it seems that we're the only ones watching the drama.... :D

@larus You still with us? :D


In any case, it's Tuesday so I am gonna start off by commenting on ep 7 and 8.

  • We see an ever increasingly confused Min Hyuk in these episodes. He rotates anger, fear, feelings of curiosity and feelings of love awakening. He truly is lost and has a hard time understanding why his obsession and revenge is starting to morph into actually caring about the woman who killed his girlfriend.
    We see Min Hyuk noticing Yoo Jung's unbelievably warm, loyal and empathetic side and he's confused how the woman he's seeing in front of him is actually a cold-blooded killer who left a woman to die.
  • This confusion is actually good because as he sees that Yoo Jung actually is a good person, this makes the warning bells ring for him. Maybe the story he has formed in his head, isn't the truth after all? He's becoming more and more suspicious as the episodes progress, and slowly his suspicions start to grow towards Do Hoon....
    Imaceleb GIF by I'm A Celebrity
  • Yoo Jung on the other hand is working hard at trying to repay her debt, but it's hard when someone keeps following you around like a total stalker. It stresses her out.
  • She also finds out that someone took San away from her in a setup, and her immediate thought is that Min Hyuk is behind it. This makes her fear him even more.
  • Do Hoon turns to the evil side and becomes a lawyer for K-Group. He's also becoming more and more intrigued by Se Yeon (he certainly forgot his fiancé quickly, no?).... He probably sees her as his stepping stone for power and money, but I do also feel that he has some genuine feelings for her.
  • Do Hoon also realized that Min Hyuk is after him or at least suspecting him, which turns into a little cat and mouse game with CCTV left and right. What makes it even more confusing is that we have two ladies included in this and partner swapping is happening - not without some male egos being hurt though. :joy:
  • Anyone else who laughed that Min Hyuk's step mom was close to Yoo Jung's ex-cell mate, Sandra? Guess the step mom isn't as fine of a lady as she tries to make others believe she is :joy:

  • I loved that the ex-convicts help out Yoo Jung - she needs allies. Min Hyuk visiting them was so funny.

  • It was also great to see Yoo Jung finally start getting angry in ep 7. She needs to become angry, in order for her to start healing.... Because right now, it's almost like she believes she actually committed the crime, instead of Do Hoon. She's still protecting him, but she will need to find out what an a** he is so she can get right back at him. :rage:

  • Now a big turning point happened in ep 8, because Min Hyuk finally started realizing that his feelings for Yoo Jung had changed. He said:
    "The more I hit her, why am I hurt more?"

  • That means that he cares for her and feels bad that he's hurting her. He's also getting better at reading her and can tell when she's lying. He notices that she's lying to him when he asks her in ep 8 if she really killed Seo Ji Hee....


Can we give a big shout-out to Min Hyuk's Gwang-Soo'yah for always being there for Min Hyuk?



The thing I loved the most about these two episodes is the fact that when Min Hyuk sees Yoo Jung's scar he doesn't even flinch. Everyone else is horrified - so was Do Hoon.

But for Min Hyuk it's like he doesn't even care that she is scarred physically. It's like he only cares about her inner qualities and accepts her for who she is. Now he still has a long way to go before he's able to admit to himself that, but it was great to see that his intuitive actions are ahead of his brain... :kiss_wink:


And despite Yoo Jung's feelings of fear of Min Hyuk, she also realizes at the end of episode 8 that Min Hyuk might not be 100% bad (when he protects her from the yucky guy who assaults her). Min Hyuk is farther along with realizing that he has feelings of love for her, but this scene was important because it also opened her eyes with regard to him not being bad to the core.


I want some lovey dovey scenes please :heart4:


EDIT: Can I just add that the chemistry between Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum is amazing! Both are really fine actors, but these two complement each other so well. I haven't really seen this type of chemistry with their other co-stars, so I wouldn't mind seeing them in a third drama together. :heart:


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8 minutes ago, larus said:


Yes, but I have not watched a new episode for more than a week. I have 4 episodes left.

So you're done with ep 12 already then? :glasses:


How have you liked Secret so far?

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30 minutes ago, partyon said:

So you're done with ep 12 already then?

How have you liked Secret so far?


It is alright. I don`t struggle to finish it so it is a good sign. I am not invested in the story either.


I like all the actors and they are doing a good job with their roles. I like the chemistry between Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum too. I understand why Min Hyuk was so obsessed with Yoo Jung and how he started to doubt that she is the one who did the hit and run accident. Now he has feelings for her but I am still not comfortable thinking that they will have a love line. The forced kiss in the taxi (car) was so cringy. I get that his feelings are so intense but I don`t see how she will the same feelings for him, not after what he did to her. I don`t think there is time to develop these new feelings so that I feel comfortable watching them in a romance.  I wish they will keep them separately romantically but working together to unmask Do Hoon. I know that I won`t get what I want so ... it is alright. At least, I like them individually.


About the scar. Min Hyuk doesn't  care that she is scarred physically because she loves her but in the same time watching her scar reminds him how he was so determined to keep her in jail. He feels guilty too. I bet he wants to undo what he did to her but he can`t. He will stay by her side. She needs someone on her corner. She has her friends but she needs someone with power to help her get fight with Do Hoon.

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Okay so Chingus, here are my thoughts on episodes 7-8.


As many are realizing, Min Hyuk is now confused with his feelings for Yoo Jung. He saved her and brought her to the hospital, paid for her bills, but seems like she thinks it is Do Hoon who did it. 


Anyway, Do Hoon on the other side is actually struggling. When he first resigned it seemed like he was going to join K-Group straightaway. But we see him actually searching for job in law firms, and getting rejected, which leaves him only one option, join the dark side, K-group. 


Conflict between Se Yeon and Min Hyuk is increasing. Min Hyuk still confused about Yoo Jung is using the money she owes to him as excuse to sort of bully and be around her. Se Yeon on the other hand is totally against what Min Hyuk is doing. Firstly it is not really thing to do, secondly she is actually feeling insecure seeing Min Hyuk interested in Yoo Jung. 


Do Hoon is getting closer to Se Yeon, seems like he does have feelings for her, but I don't really see it that way from Se Yeon's side. Atleast for now, Se Yeon is using him to make Min Hyuk jealous, which does work. But the thing is, Min Hyuk might not really have  feelings for Se Yeon, but she is a good friend of him, and he does genuinely care for her, and the main reason that he does not like Do Hoon being around her is that he knows what kind of guy Do Hoon actually is. 


It was quite funny seeing Min Hyuk's step mom knowing Yoo Jung's cell mate who sells fake items and it was really good to see Yoo Jung beating the hell out of the cell mate because of who San was taken away from her. She does tell Yoo Jung that she was instructed to do it by someone powerful and she needs to be careful about it. Yoo Jung now thinks it is Min Hyuk who did it. 



The more Min Hyuk sees Yoo Jung, more doubts he has about her being the actual culprit in Ji Hee's case. He now has got some serious doubts about Do Hoon. Do Hoon on the other hand is actually busy deleting the dash cam clip which actually could prove he was the driven on that night. It was the dash cam clip captured by Gwang Soo's car. I think he does make a mistake making a move like that. IF that clip remained hidden for this many years, then it would continue to be like this, since not many know about it. He actually did it impulsively on knowing Min Hyuk was digging around the case again. 


Digging around the case again, now since Min Hyuk knows Do Hoon is doing the same, his suspicion is growing on him. Do Hoon is also trying to lure chairman into sort of abandoning Min Hyuk, since he really is not that competent and does not deserve to be running the hotel.


Now coming to the scene where he takes Yoo Jung to buy the dress, and does not really react on seeing her scar. Since he is realizing that he could be wrong and that Yoo Jung could not be the actual culprit, Min Hyuk is actually now feeling how wrong he was. Seeing the scar he actually realizes that Yoo Jung didn't really have it easy in prison and he could actually be responsible for it. Anyway, it was really cool of him to blame the dress and ask them to change it. But I got to say, Min Hyuk's friend sure is a @#$@#$#@$. 


Although well, he took Yoo Jung to the meeting to provoke Do Hoon, but ended up doing the same to Se Yeon, and it really does not end well for him, since he calls out a meeting to remove Min Hyuk from his current position in the hotel. 


What actually was good in both episodes was, Min Hyuk realizing his feelings for Yoo Jung (which are really complicated), also doubting she is the real culprit. In episode 8 we see Yoo Jung initially ignoring Min Hyuk and being hostile towards him, but seeing that Min Hyuk, is actually not completely bad guy. 


Do Hoon is starting to feel for Se Yeon. Min Hyuk knows Se Yeon loves him, and didn't really want to hurt her when he took Yoo Jung to the party, that's why he actually asked Se Yeon whether she'll go or not. As I said before too, he truly cares for Se Yeon and knows how she is, and so does not really like Do Hoon moving around her. It will be interesting to see how Min Hyuk will react when he'll know he was removed from his position because of Se Yeon's vote



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Here are my thoughts on the episodes 9-10 of Secret. 


So Ahn Do Hoon is now trying to corner Min Hyuk in whatever way possible, and well Se Yeon also seems to have had enough and sort of backstabbed Min Hyuk by having him dismissed from the Hotel top position using her vote. 

Min Hyuk is still confused about everything that involves Yoo Jung. He is confused with his feelings for her, he is confused whether she really was the culprit or not and the main reason he is after her is to know the secret between Do Hoon and Yoo Jung. Of course Yoo Jung does not know what kind of guy Do Hoon is and will continue to hide it. 

I really loved the scene where Min Hyuk goes after her and she suddenly goes in public shouting about having killed a person and then crossing a road with the green light on and pretending to have met an accident. That scene actually showed how talented Ji Sung is, crying and laughing at the same time, not understanding what just happened, still shocked with the accident thing and also amazed by how she fooled him. The overall mixture of emotions Min Hyuk would feel at that time, was extremely well portrayed by Ji Sung, and it still amazed me on the 4th watch of this drama and is among my most favorite scenes from this drama. 




The gif does not really do justice to the actual scene, I got to admit. 

Do Hoon now has have feelings for Se Yeon. I don’t really think it really is the case for Se Yeon. Also I really see Se Yeon and Min Hyuk drifting apart even in their friendship. The fact that Min Hyuk does not want Do Hoon to be around her is because he knows what a jerk he is, but well Se Yeon for now seems to like hanging around with Do Hoon. But with all this happening, the overall relationship between Min Hyuk and Se Yeon is deteriorating. It got worse to the point that, Min Hyuk finally said that he no longer sees her as his friend too. We also see him very openly ignore her. But she is also responsible in it.   

Of course many of us were sure of it, but I think Do Hoon throwing away Yoo Jung’s dad’s bracelet actually means he is directly involved in his death. Do Hoon deleting the dash cam video was the biggest mistake done by him. Of course he did it without thinking much and in panic, but now everyone is suspicious of it, especially Min Hyuk, and well, we all know he’ll dig deeper in it. 

Now Do Hoon is really a scumbag here. The fact that he sent the police officer to the restaurant she was working, just so she would be fired is a wrong thing to do. Making ends is already tough and finding job tougher since she is an ex-convict.

Plus well, if Do Hoon if, he does regret killing Ji Hee even now (which I highly doubt), he does not really regret in Yoo Jung’s dad’s death. I am actually shocked by the fact that Do Hoon did actually get over it very easily. The fact that he didn’t even call ambulance after seeing Ji Hee showed what kind of a person he actually is. We are seeing Yoo Jung trying her best to even support Ji Hee’s mom while apologizing, but did we ever see Do Hoon even think of helping her? Yoo Jung who didn’t even do it, served 5 years in prison, and still is feeling sorry, but not really Do Hoon, at least not now. 


On the other side there is drastic change in Min Hyuk. While he initially was using Yoo Jung to provoke Do Hoon, he now worried about her when he saw Do Hoon to be among the guests too in tasting event, and so wanted to send her home. 

Yoo Jung is one step closer to know the secret behind her dad’s death too. She now knows that Do Hoon took him. Min Hyuk’s step sister has got some serious crush on the Gwang Min, her father’s most trusted guy and secretary. 

Yoo Jung also now knows that it was Min Hyuk who saved her. Yoo Jung has had two misunderstandings till now. One that Do Hoon was the guy who saved her, and second Min Hyuk is that guy who ordered her cellmate stop her parole, and got San away from her. 

The scene where Min Hyuk looks and smiles at Yoo Jung while she ties the rope and hangs the washed blankets on it, but then stops smiling remembering her doing the same in prison with her son. I think, Min Hyuk does feel guilty over her son’s death. Now that when he even is almost completely sure about her being innocent one here, but well he is also now realizing his feelings for her too.

I don’t really know what I should call Do Hoon here, so that it will not get censored. It is really hard to speak about him, without really cursing. Maybe I’ll just verbally curse him while writing this, in order to calm myself. But him being suspicious of Yoo Jung that she now wants a re-trial and that is the reason she is around Min Hyuk, is the worst thing. Firstly she did a big favor for him going in place of him, she has been defending him whenever Min Hyuk brings him up (of course Do Hoon does not know it), but well, she went to prison for him, left him for him, and this is the way he is paying her back. Do Hoon I got to say, acts all righteous, but is not at all like it, and always thinks others are like him. 

Also well, Yoo Jung does the best thing asking him about her dad. Kudos to Bae Soo Bin for those micro-expression while denying it straight on her face. And well, this meeting of them, does end with a big revelation that Do Hoon was the guy who ordered her cell mate to do that to San and also stop Yoo Jung’s parole. Now that Yoo Jung knows about her dad, she will now start investigating it. Looking forward to this week’s episodes now. The drama did start slow, but then gained pace, and now the story is really very good. 

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@Sleepy Owl dongsaeng, is it just you and me left? :D


I think we may have lost @MinLyn and @larus ....


Happy Adam Scott GIF by Sky


Onward we go!


Ep 9-10 are really good. The drama is just getting better for each episode. (I actually just finished ep 14 :D ).


The highlights for me in these episodes are the following:


1) Min Hyuk realizing that Yoo Jung is (probably) innocent and he has a real hard time coming to terms with it that and that she would sacrifice herself for another person like that.


2) Do hoon is an ?#¤#?#¤¤ !!!!!


3) We hear Min Hyuk calling Yoo Jung by her name for the first time instead of calling her by "substitute driver". That means that he is emotionally connected to her and finally sees her as a person he cares for, not just "someone" he can call by a casual name.


4) Yoo Jung was confronted by Min Hyuk about her part in the accident, and she still continues to say she's guilty. The way she ran into the street after she fought off Min Hyuk, and Min Hyuk's teary eyed laughter. WOW! That's some acting people! Very powerful!

barack obama applause GIF by Obama


By this time it has come clear to us viewers that Yoo Jung actually thinks and feels that she is guilty. It isn't just keeping a promise. She actually believes 100% that she made a mistake!

And she's becoming increasingly scared and worried because Min Hyuk is closing in on the truth.


5) Ahn Do Hoon!!!!!!!!!!! :rage: He only cares about himself - he has ZERO interest in keeping anyone but himself safe! Trying to pay her off, calling the cops on her, etc.


6) Min Hyuk is still really conflicted about Yoo Jung. On the one hand he finally confesses to Yoo Jung that he worries about her and that it's driving him crazy. He wants her to "stay glued to his side". On the other hand, he is still pretty traumatized about his ex-gf's death, and is trying hard not to fall more in love with Yoo Jung.
It seems he really loves her smile, so hearing him bark "Don't smile in front of other people" is his way of trying to force himself from feeling more for her. Min Hyuk, it's a bit scary though. :D


7) Poor Yoo Jung is in no place to feel ready for Min Hyuk's confession. Min Hyuk realizing this, goes back to his old tricks of blackmailing and pressuring her. Sigh. Would it kill you to be a bit more gentlemanly? :D


8) On the other hand, Yoo Jung is starting to realize that Min Hyuk has some good and decent sides too, and she's realizing how much he is doing for her. She's still thinking that Min Hyuk blocked her parole, so she's convincing herself that she hates him! She still agrees to go to his house, even making food for Gwang Soo and MH's sister.


9) Ahn Do Hoon and his starstruck parents - just you wait! :rage:


10) Se Yeon's and Min Hyuk's relationship and friendship have deteriorated to the point where there is no turning back anymore. Se Yeon is also starting to show her true DESPERATE colors.


11) Close to the end of ep 10 Yoo Jung finally realizes that it was Min Hyuk who actually saved her when she almost died in the bakery. And Hye Mi confirms that it wasn't Min Hyuk, but Do Hoon who blocked Yoo Jung's parole. On top of that she sees from cctv, that it was Do Hoon who picked up her father.

AND BAM! The puzzle pieces fall together!



Yoo Jung finally realizes that Ahn Do Hoon has been screwing her over from the start. :kicks:


So we start the next part of the revenge. Ahn Do Hoon, you're in trouble!

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46 minutes ago, partyon said:

I think we may have lost @MinLyn and @larus ....


I am still watching. I have two episodes left but I am sorry that I don`t have the will to comment. I have lots of other dramas to watch and I was not very much immersed in the story.


But since I am here, a few thoughts.

I never hated Se Yeon but it is sad to see her that desperate that Min Hyuk will not love her. I suspected that she has feelings for him from the beginning. I wish they could still find a way to be just friends (because they knew each other for so long) but I don`t think it is possible now.


I am alright with Min Hyuk and Yoo Jung`s romantic relationship. I still think that it was a little rushed but it is fine that they have each other. I saw how his feelings grew but I couldn`t see her side of the story. The kiss in the taxi was cringy when she did not wanted to kiss him but she accepted him in the end. I don`t want to think about it much. 


Ahn Do Hoon was pathetic from start to finish. I don`t have words for him. But I think Bae Soo Bin did a good job with this character. I wish I see him as a lead in a drama (just how I want to see more of Kim Tae Hoon) but in a drama I could watch (a genre I like).

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Time for ep 11 and 12 :glasses:


So in these episodes we see how Yoo Jung's path to revenge starts.


After she has come to realize what Ahn Do Hoon has done to her and her family, the hard truth sets in. The realization hurts and all she can do is to cry over the harsh betrayal. She's in a state of shock, and Min Hyuk being a smart guy realizes that something is wrong and goes to the bakery, only to see her hit her head over and over again on the wall....

And a huge turning point happens in this drama, because she lets herself be comforted and consoled by Min Hyuk for the first time.

I have to once again mention how good these two actors are. The scene is powerful and they are able to convey their emotions perfectly!



Despite Ahn Do Hoon (the snake) being in the wrong, he is a piece of ****:

YJ: "How could you do that to me? To my dad?" "Get on your knees and apologize!"

DH: "If I do that, will you disappear from my life?"


What makes me happy is to hear YJ reply:

"The regret... You will have to face it now. Make sure and watch closely. I'll make sure you don't forget!"


OMO! That is some revenge talk!


So how will Yoo Jung get her revenge? By asking for help from Min Hyuk of course!

She knows that she won't be able to fight Do Hoon by herself - she will need someone even more powerful on her side. And as Do Hoon isn't winning himself any favors by screwing over K-Group right in front of Min Hyuk's eyes, Min Hyuk needs no convincing. :joy:


We almost see a kiss at the end of ep 11:



And to be honest, I find it super uncomfortable because it feels like it's too soon for that. Min Hyuk has already acknowledged his feelings for Yoo Jung for a longer time, but Yoo Jung is still raw from the emotions of being hurt from a betrayal and being stalked by Min Hyuk.


Fortunately (in ep 12) we see her turn her head when he is about to kiss her.


Min Hyuk finds out in ep 12 all the horrible things Ahn Do Hoon has done to Yoo Jung, and it feels good to see them go after Do Hoon together.


And in the end of ep 12 we get the real kiss....



Unfortunately, it's hard for me to enjoy it because he basically forces himself on her. She really resists him and only relents in the end. I do not find it hot. If there were one thing I could change in this drama, it would be this scene.


On a positive side, I am just loving Sandra Park. Her English phrases are just hilarious! :D

When Min Hyuk comes into their apartment with Gwang Soo, she's "oh, you're 1+1 today" :D

Gotta love the lady!



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So Chingus, I got caught up in RL stuff and so here I am a bit late with my post on the episodes 11-12 of this drama. 


So with every episode, we get to see more true colors of Do Hoon here. The righteous prosecutor, is now showing the kind of snake he is. 

“So What if I took your dad and abandoned him? So What?” I literally lost my mind when he said this. I mean by the looks of it, I don’t find him regretting it a bit. At least not now. And in my opinion it actually is consistent with the kind of person he is shown. He saw Ji Hee, left her and ran away without even calling an ambulance. We did see him struggle a bit because of her death, but it was mainly because Yoo Jung was going in prison in place of him and not really because of Ji Hee’s death. We see it happen even now too, he was too normal even after knowing her dad’s death. This dude, is something else, and for me, he is crossed the line and is beyond redemption now.

While this drama initially was all about Min Hyuk’s revenge over poor Yoo Jung, now it is all about Yoo Jung’s revenge on Do Hoon. I got to admit, she sure knows how she wants to take the revenge too. When Min Hyuk asks her how should they take revenge? Fire him, will it that be enough, and Yoo Jung finds it going very easy on him. She wants things to be taken away from him slowly, so that he would realize how precious they were to him, and believe me, when good and pure people like Yoo Jung decide to take revenge this way, we can expect them to be cruel with their revenge. 
Also with every episode, we get to see Se Yeon becoming more and more desperate here. She now puts pressure on Min Hyuk with his restaurant to be sold off and asks him to get away from Yoo Jung and she’ll help him. 

Also by the looks of it, Min Hyuk has sorted out his feelings for her, and now is sure with them. But I don’t see the same from Yoo Jung’s POV. It is understandable though, since a lot is going on in her mind, She did break up with Do Hoon, but still trusted him and it shattered in matter of moments when she saw the CCTV footage and had that conversation with Do Hoon. So even if she has got some feelings for Min Hyuk, I don’t see her acknowledging them soon enough as she is caught up in many things,

With Min Hyuk having the dash cam recovered, Do Hoon is more vulnerable than ever. Plus he is yet to investigate the death of Yoo Jung’s father too.

IT was good to see all the ladies using the birthday as excuse and kind of beat him up, with Gwang Soo also trying to, but stopping when Min Hyuk stares at him. Poor guy, there must have been multiple occasions when he must wanted to beat the hell out of Min Hyuk, and when he got the chance, he could not. 

Shin Se Yeon is sure a manipulative lady here, and Do Hoon head over heels for her. We all know that she has got some serious feelings for Min Hyuk, and wants to now have him to herself, but needs Do Hoon to achieve it and is using him. Do Hoon seems to be confused, will he be satisfied being her second? But the question is, would Se Yeon even consider him, after having Min Hyuk all to herself? 

“The two of you look vulnerable” wow, even Yoo Jung is not holding herself back here, speaking about Se Yeon and Do Hoon. 

I got to admit, I could not really see that forced kiss, and had to end the episode there only, since I knew it was the last scene. Looking forward to the last 4 episodes. Started slow, the drama is running on a good pace now. 

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EVENT: Guess the k-drama (game)


Chingus, it's time for a little friendly game. Your Event Organizers "I Love Gossip" and "Give Me the Goss" have written clues, you guess which dramas we are referring to.


Come on over and test your k-drama knowledge!:kiss_wink:


re: @Lmangla

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Here are my thoughts on ep 13-14. I am tagging @larus @Sleepy Owl as I am not sure if anyone else is watching this drama anymore. :kiss_wink:


EP 13


Question to the people who are watching this drama:

Did Se Yeon and Do Hoon sleep together? He woke up in her bed it seems... But he still had clothes on. Am confused. :joy:


Yoo Jung starts investigating her father's death and uncovering evidence.

Yoo Jung is starting to warm up to Min Hyuk, as she takes care of him when he's sick. Min Hyuk starts opening up to her about his feelings and fears. They are starting to become more honest towards each other about who they are, their feelings and their needs. I kind of wish these scenes had happened before the forced kiss in ep 12....


Maya Rudolph Judging You GIF by Saturday Night Live


Yoo Jung goes to apologize for Min Hyuk's behalf to the sleazeball and of course Min Hyuk hears all about it. He is quite right when he says to Yoo Jung that she should stop apologizing on behalf of other people. I think she has a hard time hearing that because she has felt responsible for everyone in the drama so far. When he says that he is the one that should be apologizing, she wants to run away from the situation.
Finally a man who wants to take responsibility for his own actions - something Do Hoon never did....


He reiterates this when Yoo Jung is forced into an uncomfortable meeting with Min Hyuk's family, Do Hoon and Se Yeon.

Min Hyuk is in a pickle because he is being forced to marry when he doesn't want to. His family's expectations are not in line with what he wants.


In the end of ep 13 we see how much Yoo Jung is blaming herself for the death of MH's ex. She believes that she is partially to blame because she was in a way an accomplice in the hit and run. She was too scared to see the truth in the eye at that point in time. :cry: This partially explains her behavior all this time.


EP 14

In ep 14 the romance part is turned up a notch, otherwise there was a lot of power struggle back and forth. :joy:


Next week, it's finale week! Yay!




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So Chingus, I am late, but these are my thoughts on episodes 13-14 of this drama. Time flies so fast. We are in the endgame now. 2 more episodes left :wow1:

@partyon Noona, I had the same question, but I highly doubt the slept together since well you said it yourself, he woke up with his clothes on. 


So it is actually funny that Do Hoon is kind of a fool around Se Yeon. Is he really not understanding the reason Se Yeon is trying so hard to get Min Hyuk’s attention or is he pretending to be a fool here? Does he really not know about Se Yeon’s actual feelings for Min Hyuk even though it so evident? I don’t really know about this, but Se Yeon is using him quite well here. 

It was really sad to see Yoo Jung remember her son while seeing another kid. It is not really easy to stay sane after losing so much suddenly. But well Yoo Jung is still hanging there, and Min Hyuk is also with her now. Finally he is sure about his feelings, and now he wants to be with her and not repeat the same mistake he did with Ji Hee. 

I would have completed the drama last week itself, but I can’t really do it because of Do Hoon. Now he wants to compensate Yoo Jung for everything. Like really dude? And then we have a dude named Se Gwang who has got inferiority complex against Min Hyuk. 

Kang Yoo Jung meeting up with Chairman over Min Hyuk was something inevitable. Just when chairman was quite impressed with Min Hyuk’s skills this happened, and even he realized Min Hyuk standing against him for Yoo Jung is not like the time in the past. This time he is serious. It is also sad that Yoo Jung even after spending all those years in prison for something she didn’t do, does blame herself for Ji Hee’s death because she was also present there, and also because she just believed they hit a barrel and wanted to believe it. But what makes this thing more sad is the fact that Yoo Jung believes she does not deserve to be happy, just because of that incident. But episode 13 also confirmed that she does love him too, but is again holding back because of that accident. 

Looking at the start of episode 14 it also seems like they have started dating now, since they both feel the same for each other. 

Do Hoon is not only a jerk here, he is highly delusional. He just said that Yoo Jung ruined his life, while it actually is the opposite here, he is the one who ruined it all for Yoo Jung, while climbing up the ladder. I got to say Min Hyuk is kind of too naïve and innocent while dating Yoo Jung, shyly asking her to rest her on his shoulder.

Se Yeon did finally confess her love for Min Hyuk, but is it late now? I think it is too late. Plus the kind of tricks she has pulling against him with the help of Do Hoon even made him not consider her as a friend now. 

Watching episode 14, I realized there is one more character I find annoying apart from Do Hoon, and that is him mom. This woman is too annoying. And then we also have Se Yeon, who is not as annoying, but quite obsessive. Obsessive enough to pull the dirty against Min Hyuk which will hurt them both and also Do Hoon used it to stop Yoo Jung from filing a case against him for her dad’s death. Both Se Yeon and Do Hoon seem to love playing dirty. 

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Final week, I'll go first! Episodes 15 and 16. @Sleepy Owl @larus


Ep 15

  • The card house starts crumbling when Se Yeon is becoming very desperate, threatening and blackmailing Min Hyuk
    "Either marry me or crumble with me".
    angry wendy testaburger GIF by South Park
    Just sayin'
  • Min Hyuk is between a hard place and a rock, absolutely not wanting to marry Se Yeon. Yet when he tries to go out with the news that the marriage plans are over, his own family stops him. Talk about wishing true happiness for their child...
  • Do Hoon continues the spiral downwards showing just what a despicable person he has become. Even the prosecutors have grown tired of his shenanigans and go after him.
  • In this episode Do Hoon finally comes clean to Min Hyuk that it was him that drove and killed MH's ex. To add insult to the injury, he calls Yoo Jung pathetic for actually trying to save her ex-boyfriend's future. :rage: I just love Min Hyuk's answer:
    "Pitiful. What it is that you've lost, do you still not know...?" Take that Do Hoon!
  • Of course Min Hyuk's step mom takes Yoo Jung on a guilt trip to make Yoo Jung break up with Min Hyuk, 
  • Min Hyuk and Yoo Jung go on a "final" date - a date to say goodbye to each other. :bawling: Glad that the date goes well because MH and YJ spend the night together.... Now I think this is a wonderful example of how accepting Min Hyuk is of Yoo Jung including her past life. He kisses her scar when she feels shy about showing it to him. Awww, Min Hyuk, you softie! :heart: Why am I crying? :bawling:
  • We hear Ji Sung sing a song in this scene:
  • Ji Sung has a nice voice, no? I feel like this scene is important, because I always get the sense that it's the first time Min Hyuk is actually fully in love and is ready to become a better person in order to make the other person happy. Yoo Jung is also experiencing true love for the first time, because she has Min Hyuk who accepts her for who she is. Something Do Hoon never truly did.
  • Both suffer a great deal from the breakup, and I think MH's and SY's wedding pictures are about the most pathetic ones I've seen in a long time....


Ep 16 - finale

  • Finally the cat is out of the bag! It is revealed that San is alive and well, and is living with adoptive parents. Neither YJ or DH is aware of this. DH's mom is scum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rage: The only solace I get is that she's arrested for her crime.
  • The last episode focuses on Yoo Jung's emotions learning that her son is alive, wanting to be with him but understanding in the end that it's best for San to stay with his adoptive family. It's a tough process and I kept crying throughout this episode.
  • In the end, also Do Hoon finally broke down when he saw what he had lost. He had lost a life partner and a son due to his poor decisions and judgement. All I can say is that Bae Soo Bin did a wonderful job portraying Do Hoon's breakdown. He didn't care that snot was hanging from his nose - he let it all go.
    What a great performance by him when he asks for Yoo Jung's forgiveness - she just walks away....
  • Se Yeon finally came to her senses and realized that she can't be happy with Min Hyuk and therefore let's him go, tearing up their marriage agreement.
  • Min Hyuk wants to become a better person and decides to give up all his management rights and shares. His hyung is a much more suitable manager and leaves for Armenia.
  • Do Hoon is finally indicted and receives his punishment. Se Yeon comes clean that she was also partially responsible for SJ's death. What a mess!
  • Things all come together: hyung is president and is dating MH's little sister, Gwang Soo is dating YJ's friend, ahjumma is pregnant and Yoo Jung is running the bakery. Yay!
  • In the final scene Yoo Jung and Min Hyuk finally reunite
    By now I think it's pretty clear what Yoo Jung prayed for in the temple... hehe
    Min Hyuk asks Yoo Jung to call him by his name (not president anymore), finally showing that they are equals.
    The End.



As I was watching Innocent Man at the same time (a drama that I also love), I realized that this drama draws me in on a totally different level than Innocent Man. Though the plot is nonsensical from time to time, and Min Hyuk shows some pretty obsessive and at times not very nice qualities, this drama elicits a lot of emotions and feelings. Both Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum are strong actors, and so is Bae Soo Bin and Lee Da Hee too.


Yoo Jung grew from a person who always sacrificed herself for another person to allowing herself to feel anger and sadness towards the people who had betrayed her, and started doing what was best for herself. I do feel like Yoo Jung once again stepped a little bit into the rabbit hole of sacrificing herself and her own happiness for Min Hyuk's in ep 15 when she left him, but she did question if she had made the right decision.

In the end, though, I feel like it was needed because Min Hyuk had to become stronger as well before they could be together. They had to grow in order to be fully equals, something neither had been able to achieve in their previous relationships.

Yoo Jung's life was really pitiful - she lost so much. It shows how strong she was that she was able to pull through and prevail despite the hardships.
Do Hoon's climb to the top took a tumble once he realized how much he had lost by being greedy. In a way he sacrificed his own happiness by losing his way.

Se Yeon - I didn't care much for her, but I was glad to see that she gained some self-respect in the end.

Min Hyuk was the playboy who just fooled around, didn't want to take responsibility for his actions and feared his family. His change was huge. He finally found the strength to be who he was. He dared to go against society's expectations of him and pursue happiness with an "ex-convict".


In my mind, Yoo Jung and Min Hyuk probably married and had lots and lots of beautiful babies. Maybe that's what Yoo Jung wished for in the temple, ;)


In any case, thank you so much chingus for the rewatch party. It was a nice ride together! :kiss_wink:

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So episodes starts with Min Hyuk telling Yoo Jung she should do what she was doing and not think about it, once again proving to Do Hoon how different they are. Do Hoon does what he is best at-backstabbing, but this time it is on a very high level given the damage it causes to K-group. 

The best thing happening is that both Yoo Jung and Min Hyuk have each other to be comforted and consoled. Even after going through all that all day, they just need to be with each other in order to forget the problems they have been having so far.

I also loved the expression on Do Hoon’s face when he realized that he was being used by Se Yeon so that she could marry Min Hyuk, and didn’t really have feelings for him here. But they face another obstacle here, with Min Hyuk’s company collapsing like that, taking help from Se Yeon’s dad becomes more and more important, which means he got to marry her, which even Yoo Jung tells him to do for the sake of the company and his father. 

It was good to see Yoo Jung and Min Hyuk spending the whole day together and then suddenly we see them going separate ways the next day. Yoo Jung gave up Min Hyuk for him, and Min Hyuk had to marry Se Yeon for the sake of his company. 

I also do see from where Do Hoon inherited being delusional, that is from his mom. Of course she knew what had happened back then and why Yoo Jung went to the prison, but she kept on denying that her son could do and made herself believe it was Yoo Jung. And this woman is the worst one in this drama, the worst of the worst seeing what she did with San.

I don’t really care what this woman’s reasons were for doing it, but she is pure evil and what she did was completely selfish and evil. Sugar coating her act saying she did it for the child just made it worse. Being a mom who loves her son more than anything and ready to anything for him, she had to think at least once before doing it to someone else’s son if she didn’t even consider San her grandson. 

This just made Yoo Jung’s life sadder. She lost everything is in her life for that one wrong decision of going to prison in place of Do Hoon. Do Hoon’s mom decision was so bad that now everyone actually suffers from it. San’s new family because they just don’t want him to be taken away from them as they have accepted him as their own son, Yoo Jung with the fact that she knows her son is alive and still can’t hold him as his mom, Do Hoon because he didn’t really know about it, and no matter how evil he was, he is not stone hearted like his mom in this case and Do Hoon’s dad realizing he was living with two snakes till now. He even acknowledges this fact saying “You and your mom, how can humans be so venomous?” 

I know that Min Hyuk’s younger sister has got some serious crush on Gwang Min, but I am still unsure whether she is her mom’s real daughter or not. OR whether she is chairman’s real daughter or not. Is she adopted or not. But she seems to know the truth and I think only the viewers are confused on this. 

It was sad seeing Yoo Jung deciding to not get the custody of San and let him leave with his new family. Seeing him happy with them must have made her think that it was the best choice for him since he had grown up too and it would be too hard for the kid to suddenly see his family not being his family again. But this actually made Do Hoon realize what he had missed in his life because of his decisions and we see him breaking down. Very strong performance by Bae Soo Bin crying and slapping himself like that, begging Yoo Jung to forgive him.

Min Hyuk too decides to give up his management rights since he does not know that he is not so good in it and decides to leave the country to work in a subsidiary of the company with the harshest work conditions so he could learn the work from scratch. 

It is also finally revealed how evil Se Yeon is too. Sometimes I feel sorry for her and the other moment I see hating her. The character who seemed to be the only normal one in this drama initially, was proved to be the one who kind of started all this madness. Meeting with Ji Hee, telling her to disappear and that it would be tougher for her when the chairman would know about her pregnancy. Do Hoon too finally confesses his crimes and gets punishment for them. 
Finally time jump 2.0 happens we see everyone happy. Min Joo is now dating Gwang Min who is the President of K-group now, Min Hyuk finally have returned to Korea sees both brothers Gwang Min and Gwang Soo to be dating. The other one dating Hyeri, Yoo Jung’s friend. Yoo Jung opened bakery in her dad’s old shop, by the looks of it she has been meeting her son regularly too, thanks to the photos she has hung in her shop with him. Everyone is happy and finally Yoo Jung and Min Hyuk meet, and from the looks of it he can now be with her without worrying since he already gave up his management rights. So finally a good and happy ending for a drama in which almost each character suffered in a way or two. 


My thoughts on the drama itself:


The drama started quite slowly for a 16 episode one. While watching the initial episodes I had the impression that it is a 20 episodes drama. But after 3-4 episodes it started gaining pace, sometimes there was little to no wasting of screen time happening. Initially Min Hyuk's character was too questionable and some of his actions could not be justified even by calling him a spoilt son of rich dad, or any other reason. But we see him growing into a better person as he starts realizing what kind of person of Yoo Jung is. 


Se Yeon started out as the most normal character, giving constant reality checks to Min Hyuk whenever he was crossing the lines. But as episodes pass we see her getting crazier and more obsessed with him losing her self confidence in between. 


Yoo Jung too started out as rather weak character, but the hardships for her continued till the end and she was the happiest only in the final few minutes of the drama after the time jump happened. But finally seeing her happy and at peace was enough for me to call it a happy ending. 


Do Hoon has been the worst one here. We saw him struggle a lot initially with Ji Hee's accident and Yoo Jung's fake confession, but the thirst for power made him blind. Finally he did realize everything he did was for nothing. I still am unsure did he purposely get Yoo Jung's dad killed (which I believe) or did it just happen that way. Maybe @partyon and @larus you can tell what you think about it. 


For me everyone seems to be at peace in the end. Se Yeon finally started painting again and sends Do Hoon a photo of it since he said that he loved seeing her drawings the most. I think even Min Hyuk had a big role in making her realize it. He did tell her how precious she was for him from the school days it self where they were two outcasts being with each other and not caring about others. Plus I liked that even he told her that she shines the most when she is painting and not while buying/selling paintings. 


Do Hoon too seemed to be finally at peace in prison, and paying for his sins.


Min Hyuk as I said can now be with Yoo Jung without any problems and same is the case with Yoo Jung who seems to be visiting San constantly too. 


So it was a good ride. Thank You @partyon Noona and @Lmangla for adding this drama for the re-watch while as far as I remember it was not planned to be up for re-watch initially. Noona, it was fun reading your thoughts on this one too. 

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