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[Drama 2013] ★ Secret | Secret Love 비밀 ★ [EVENT: re-watch]

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Hi everyone! Really happy to see so many chingus joining us onboard to watch our favourite drama, Secret and certainly not forgetting our Ji Sung oppa too! I did recall this was one of the dramas I did live recapping on together with a few other Soompiers. Being on this thread again certainly brings back nostalgic memories again. :fullofhearts:

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Tuesday is right around the corner. What does that mean?

That means it's only 3 more nights until you can start commenting on episodes 1 and 2 !!!!

Are you ready?



It's time for REVENGE!



re: @Lmangla

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Tomorrow we can start commenting. Yay!

Happy John Oliver GIF by Last Week Tonight with John Oliver


How many of you have watched the first two episodes? I know I have and I am so ready to share my thoughts with you guys soon. :love:


Happy Monday everyone! :dorakiss:

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3 minutes ago, larus said:

I watched 3 episodes so far.

Wow, are you gonna binge watch the show? :kiss_wink:


Just as a reminder to everyone, that tomorrow we can start commenting on episodes 1 and 2.

So if you want to watch the drama at a quicker pace, please bear in mind the commenting rules. :)

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10 minutes ago, partyon said:

Wow, are you gonna binge watch the show?


No I won`t binge watch but because last week I had a few episodes to watch (because of the Korean festival) I had more free time.

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My thoughts on the first 2 episodes of Secret, a drama I have watched multiple times. 


Now We have Min Hyuk as ML here, who as I said has major daddy issues, firstly because of his mom's death, and then not approving his and Ji Hee's (his ex) relationship. Shown to be a typical spoiled son of Chaebol, does not really take things much seriously. Is not really fit for running a company and by the looks of it he really does not look to be interested in doing it. He likes to play around. But then he will develop some serious obsession for Yoo Jung as she killed the love of his life. He is supposed to marry his childhood friend in order to benefit both families, has not really gotten over his ex-girlfriend who seems to have disappeared. 


On the other hand we have our FL, who is a hard working woman. Does multiple part time jobs, has been supporting her boyfriend financially like this and he has finally become a Prosecutor. But well, she is not really well received by her bf's mother, who is a typical Kdrama mom, who wants her son to marry a woman with equal status now that he has become a prosecutor, and sort of shamelessly disregards what Yoo Jung, the FL has done for her son throughout those 7 years of their relationship. Anyway, but her bf Do Hoon, looks to be loving her. 


Now what really happens is while celebrating their 7 years of relationship, Yoo Jung and Do Hoon end up in a car accident which does not look to be that serious. Side note, while with your partner, do have eyes on the road, even if you are holding hands, accidents happen when you don't really look while driving. Anyway, they feel like or atleast Yoo Jung feels like they have hit the barrels used to block road, while our newly appointed Prosecutor knows they have hit a woman. He does not even call an ambulance and runs away like a coward. 


Now the person who was hit and left to die was ML's ex-gf who he was searching for. She dies, and so does her child. This is where Min Hyuk's obsession starts. Yoo Jung, in order to not spend much money gets her car's parts changed from a local place, claims to have been the driver when Police asks about the incident. 


When the case actually reaches Do Hoon to be the prosecutor, he realizes what is actually happening. Meets Yoo Jung, tells her to accompany him to the station in order to make things clear about him being the driver actually and not her. And then our FL pulls of the dumbest move ever, sacrifice herself in order to save Do Hoon and his career. Damn woman, this is stupidity. But no, she has to do it. Min Hyuk on the other hand meets up with Do Hoon and asks for maximum possible punishment for Yoo Jung. 


This show will be a bit slow initially, I think till episode 3 or 4 and then the actual story will start happening. Will be interesting to see Min Hyuk's obsession and revenge happening and how Yoo Jung copes up with it. 

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