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[Drama 2013] ★ Secret | Secret Love 비밀 ★ [EVENT: re-watch]

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@nateko @vangsweetie637 @Jillia @H0ney  @MinLyn @dolorisbrady @Sleepy Owl @kiefshi1056 @larus @pompyavi @tiMadam @Table122000 @cafe99 @Ldy Gmerm @SexyDolceVita @Morelia @samzi85 @UnniSarah @sugarplum8

If you're wondering where I've been here is the answer.

What is the first question Min Hyuk asked when he opened his eyes and saw
Kang Yoo jung:
What are you?

Do you know that Min Hyuk till the  end of the series have debut to her 15 $ for subtitute driving and 8 $ for passing on the highway.

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@illay, LDH attended both award shows - the SBS award show started about 30 minutes after the KBS award show started. I believe after receiving her Best Supporting Actress award from KBS, LDH rushed over to the SBS award ceremony. 
Nice clip of stars at the photo wall, thanks to the uploader:

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Found bigger gif of JS * HJE holding hands to linked arms, previously posted by @cahya :


For ppl who still had difficulty to play collection of BTS gif posted also by cahya or feels that they're too small (me certainly does) here the video:

Press Conference for DVD Director's Cut Limited Edition Release: 

And last but not least, did anyone ever post this BTS photo of BSB * HJE? Felt like this the 1st time I see it LOL:


Source: Secret Bimil Daum Official FanCafe

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@Pavlichenko - thanks for posting the videos and pics (especially that last pic of HJE and BSB, love it).
Getting away from the awards for a moment, here we see a future star relaxing in between takes perhaps?
Thanks to Secret DC for the following pictures:

Simply adorable:

Love this pic:

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Interesting article about Secret by Soyeon Kimberly Voon; it begins thus:

ir.ashx?p=TgBpAHIAcABnAGEAUwBNAFIASgA0AD  Movies & TV > KBS2 drama attempts to figuratively reveal the secrets of our society id="ctl00_CA1_GenericControl4_uce2e5d4b5eb094fbaa1da2e91e8293467_lblArticleHeadline" class="title" style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; font-size: 1.385em; line-height: normal; color: black; font-family: Raleway !important;"KBS2 drama attempts to figuratively reveal the secrets of our society

Secret continues to enjoy soaring popularity with its twisted scenario

by Soyeon Kimberly Yoonir.ashx?p=TgBpAHIAcABnAGEAUwBNAFIASgA0AD

It’s quite strange that Korea, a mecca of melodrama, is experiencing a near extinction of said genre. Nowadays, national broadcasting channels are overflowing with medical dramas, thrillers, and fantasies (though all of them combine some sort of love triangle). Maybe this is one of the reasons why KBS’s new melodrama, Secret (비밀), has skyrocketed in popularity since its first episode. 


Another enjoyable blog entry:



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Oh my! Is it too late for me to write about this amazing drama here since it ended so long ago? Well, Secret is my favorite kdrama of 2013 and I am so glad I have watched it coz I usually go for rom-com. The writer and PD really did a great job, and those amazing performances from the actors and actresses! Very addictive drama, lol.... I have rewatched a few times....

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@soojun - of course it's not too late to talk about Secret :) Great to hear from you.
For fans of Choi Woong who might have missed this (I only just stumbled across this, though it was posted in November last year) - enjoy :)

class="entry-title" style="box-sizing: border-box; margin: 14px 0px 0px; padding: 19px 12px; font-size: 22px; direction: ltr; font-family: Oswald, 'Helvetica Neue', Helvetica, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; text-rendering: optimizelegibility; line-height: 28px; letter-spacing: 0.4px;"[interview 1] Choi Woong – Acting, the Magical Time That I DisappearPosted by: Reporter - Han , November 27, 2013

More than anything, the drama <Secret> was enjoyable due to the fact its viewers could spot new talents; overwhelming ability of the rookie writer, amazing harmony between Ji Sung and Hwang Jeong-Eum, and robust acting of the supporting actors – Choi Woong is one of them. It has been a long time since a new actor like him showed such presence. Of course, he does not have many words to be described as. Many still think that all he has are tall height and handsome face. It is Choi’s job to add on new modifiers for him, but it shall naturally appear as his experience racks up. Then people shall see how attractive of an actor he is.

Written by Milim Han, Photo by Ryuma, Shot in Studio Bam

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Many thanks to Arirang TV for a clip (from 11:05) on Lee Da Hee.  Her Best Supporting Actress award won for Secret was the first acting award she received after 11 years of acting, 15:24 she spoke of how she often stayed home when award ceremonies took place ...

31 January is the Lunar Year of the Horse - so here's wishing everyone a Happy and Healthy Lunar New Year in this thread dedicated to Secret, one of K-drama's dark horses :)
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Guest lhianji

i love the SECRET drama!! Ji Sung and hwang jung geum pair was a daebak! though Ji Sung oppa is a married man they portrait good chemistry On-Screen!! i already miss SECRET..

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