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Soompi Idol 4 Round 3 Group B (august 14-17)


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The results of Round 3 Group B poll are as follows:


The top three will advance to the FINAL ROUND::

sb62345 (21.20%)

xACIDxHEADx (20.28%)

fantasiimaker (20.28%)

Any comments or complaints should be PMed to me.

Thank you to all our competitors, all our voters, currently helping soompi moderators (including Soompi, of course), and all our SI4 staffs!

The FINAL ROUND will be posted on the 20th at 12:00 AM Pacific Time. 'Till then, toodles!


= = = = =


Congratulations to the Round 3 participants for making it past the first round!

Now, click the link below to listen to all the songs. If you are not registered with Soundclick, please do so, even as a listener. It's simple and hassle-free. Almost all soompiers use soundclick so you do not have to worry about doubting the legality of the website.


You are not required to read the judges' critiques, but I have especially chosen them to lead you to vote for the right candidate for this year's Soompi Idol. Please respect their opinions and we'll respect yours. Keep the comments as objective and non-personal as possible.

Poll will end at 10:00PM (pacific time) on August 17th, Thursday.

Enjoy listening and voting for your Soompi Idol!

= = = = =


1. ~D.N.A~ - Miss Independent

org. by Kelly Clarkson


pro: strength, emotion

con: recording, articulation

You sound a little like BoA, actually, only with better English.

Strain in high notes around 3:00, good effort at the whole song, btw.

There's a little bit of, like, a loss of control at the end of your

shouting words parts because it sounds out of tune. Good hard work


2. xACIDxHEADx - Last Kiss

org. by Bonnie Pink


pro: quality, emotion,

con: shaky control at times

Very enjoyable listen. There sounded like there was a little bit of a

control problem around 2:50's with your vibrato. It's very good

vibrato, though. I applaud you for that. This was a good song, too. I

enjoyed this out of all the songs you've sent in so far.

3. sb62345 - Everytime

org. by Britney Spears


pro: you did it 100% better than Britney Spears, GOOD emotion, ability (again)


This was really good. Period. During the bridge, you sounded, like,

way into it, which was really fantastic. This is my favorite, keep it


4. fantasiimaker - First Love

org. by Utada Hikaru


pro: emotion, tone

con: flat sometimes.

I like how you changed the beginning adlib, pretty. You sounded flat

in some notes. Oh, good job at 3:33, hit it nicely. Your ending was

very good, felt it. I felt it, I mean. I also like your own adlibs at

the end. Great. (BTW, I liked Negai A LOT.)

5. onigiri_kun - Only Human

org. by K


pro: IMO, good improvement from other rounds

con: tuning problems

Dude, your beginning was really different from what I've heard from

you so far. This is really good, competition's getting fierce. You're

a little flat on some of your notes. Like, on your "kedo~" around

1:40. A few of your high notes are off around 3:20, but nothing too


6. wenwen - Cappuccino

org. by Elva Xiao


pro: emotion, strong voice

con: tiny control issues

Very loud, very strong, good voice. During the first "cappuccino" it

sounded shaky, otherwise there weren't many problems.

Personal Favorite and Why:

Yukita: JESUS, they get harder and harder to judge, because they're all so

good. sb62345's Everytime was my favorite though, because he's really

good. He's just really good. He's freaking good. His songs keep on

getting better and better. So does onigiri's.

= = = = =

Prospective Schedule of SI4

Round 1

July 16-19: Group A & Group B

July 20-23: Group C & Group D

July 24-27: Group G & Group H

July 31-August 3: Group E & Group F

- Each group will consist of 6 competitors.

- From each group, the top half will advance.

- They can use posted or new clips.

Round 2

August 5-8: Group A & Group B

August 10-13: Group C & Group D

- From each group, the top half will advance.

- They can use posted or new clips.

Round 3 Semi-Final

August 14-17: Group A & Group B

- From each group, the top half will advance.

- Must be a full, new song. You can record in advance if you think you have a good chance standing. There are no themes!

Round 4 Final

August 18-21: Finalists

- From this group, there will be 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.

- Must be a full, new song. You can record in advance if you think you have a good chance standing. There are no themes!

Award Ceremony

August 22

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding this schedule, please post here or PM me.

All rules and dates are subject to change

= = = = =


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Guest kokoling

My jaw just dropped like 20 feet. I'm in awe of this group. Seriously, everyone just kicked it up so many notches. It's crazy.

Dee, this is your type of song. I'm digging it. Much better mixing. :D

Acidhead kicked hardcore butt. I mean wow! Just great vocals, great mixing, great everything.

Jeffery - Kind of disappointed because I liked your last clip better. This wasn't the best song choice in my opinion.

Lisa - Sweetie, I voted for you. Though I felt that your vocals weren't as strong as Acidhead or Onigiri's for this round, I felt your emotions. You sang this song like you meant it, and I really hope to see you in the next round. Great job on the high notes btw.

Onigiri - Best I've heard you. Gorgeous.

Wenwen - Good job on this song. It's really cute..I just have something against Elva. >< But good job for this song.

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Tough decision all of you guys have great talent but in the end I chose xACIDxHEADx even though I've enver heard of this song before, your voice suits the song very well.

Sorry sb62345 you were a very very close second.Yur voice is so calming andsad for some reason.Gaahhh so alluring.


Gotta give props to onigiri_kun for singing one of my faves.Only Human is a hard song to sing(I think).


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ohh gosh i'm sick... throat.. unstable...having trouble churning up diffcult songs so i resung one of my old ones.

Edit: woops on bf's account. Tis wenwen :P

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Guest hmaster

sb. his voice is amazing. he's got what it takes to do female songs and make them work. I don't like how I can't hear him above the song...but it's a solid performance.

lisa, solid performance, still iffy on the low notes.

onigiri - dont' be lazy and knock out your breaths :P

good round, group b.

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i thought groupA was good.. group B was even better!!

i was torn btwn 3 ppl in group a.. this group...... you all sound so good in your own way....


and oh yeah, acid; flawless!! :o

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Guest fantasiimaker

Well, that's it for me =] Like wenwen, I wasn't able to spend time properly recording a new song, so I whipped out something quick.

I think onigiri did an awesome job this round~ he just keeps getting better each time. He'll be a strong contender in the final.

Can I say this was the most DIFFICULT group everrrrr -_- I nearly fainted when I first listened to it.

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I believed onigiri_kun did the best in this group. I was expecting to be blown away by fantasiimaker's clip but I was not...I thought it was quite weak, but nevertheless you sounded beautiful in it.

<3 Dee

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Guest aznality

~D.N.A~: in my opinion, you are a very talented soprano. =)

xACIDxHEADx: japanese songs is your style. i love your voice.

wenwen: you did a pretty good job of one of my fave chinese songs.

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Guest babycurious

oh noooo need to set higher standard for this group...

i'm torn between onigirikun, fantasiimaker...

guess i'll need to listen to them one more time :(

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Guest sl33p1n6b34uty

this group was really really hard..such talent..good job everyone! i want all of y'all's autographs! lol

my faves though were definitely: fantasiimaker, onigiri_kun

good luck to who i voted for!

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Guest hunterheart

I have a hard time picking... >_< just wanna say I enjoyed listening to acid. Loved the power in DNA's and gahh! As for sb62345 i loved the emotion, but not a really good song pick XD and i've heard bettre clips. fantasiimaker, in didnt really like it, the song is kind of overplayed maybe that's why. onigiri_kun, that's a really good voice. a really nice piece. Wenwen, ^ 0 ^V so cute~ I always love your cute voice.

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Guest bellegray

group B is always tougher...

funny how that works that way...

anyways...couldn't vote..yet..



finally voted..x_X

everyones so close

200th voter! ^^

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