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[Movie 2015] Memories of The Sword 협녀 : 칼의 기억


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June 26, 2015

'Memories of the Sword' unveiled still images, Lee Byung Hun VS Jeon Do Yeon

Source: Osen via Hancinema.net


Movie 'Memories of the Sword' has unveiled their 11 still images featuring the charismatic presence of Lee Byung-hun and Jeon Do-yeon. In the end of Goryeo era when the sword meant the power, a man, who has dreamt of becoming a king, betrays.

And then 18 years later, two swords appear to threaten him. The movie depicts the inevitable fate and destiny of the three swordsmen, whose last moments were different apart.

The unveiled still images show the strong presence of the three swordsmen: Yoo-baek (Lee Byung-hun), Wol-so (Jeon Do-yeon), Hong-yi (Kim Go-eun). The mesmerizing background and beautiful action also can be seen.


The eyes of the ambitious powerhouse, Yoo-baek are anything but ordinary. The cold stare of his charismatic eyes are of someone who does not hesitate to betray to grab power.

Wol-so behind the draped curtain shows the unpredictable face. With the sword in her hands, Wol-so turns into a completely different person. The image with Hongyi brandishing her sword fiercely, it makes you wonder who the sword is aiming at.


Yool (Junho), who is pledging his loyalty to Yoo-baek also adds more curiosity on the storyline of the four characters. 'Memories of the Sword' has been scheduled to be released in August. 





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Similar article as what @irilight had posted on the previous page 

June 29, 2015

"Memories of the Sword"

Lee Byung Hun VS Blinded Jeon Do Yeon VS Vengeful Kim Go Eun

Source: OSEN via Hancinema.net


Stills and classic lines of Lee Byung-hun, Jeon Do-yeon and Kim Go-eun from the movie "Memories of the Sword" have come up.

During the Goryeo times when the sword was all mighty, a man betrayed a woman and she pointed a sword towards him 18 years later.

Lee Byung-hun stars as a go-getter, Jeon Do-yeon as a blind sword fighter and Kim Go-eun as a revenge fighter.


Lee Byung-hun is one of the most successful Korean actors who made it into Hollywood. He plays Yoo Baek, a character who is born from a concubine but with his outstanding swordsmanship and recourses, he reaches the position of mighty power.

To those who swear loyalty to him, he says, "You should have whatever you want, no matter what, as that's what's going to keep you alive". Yoo Baek is cold enough to betray anyone to get his chance at power.

Lee Byung-hun had to cover emotional acts as well as fancy wire-actions and fighting scenes in the rain.


Jeon Do-yeon, the Queen of Cannes stars as Wol So whose hatred for Yoo Baek lasts forever.

She tells him, "You and I must die. That's our fate". Wol So's emotional state is expressed ever so well thanks to Jeon Do-yeon.

Wol So is a blind fighter and Jeon Do-yeon managed to show her emotions without moving her eyes according to director Park Heung-sik.


Kim Go-eun appeared like a comet and earned the nickname 'the second Jeon Do-yeon'. She stars in "Memories of the Sword" as Hong Yi, a child who lives all her life trying to avenge her parents' death.

"Blood is washed away by blood. I am going to kill them when I turn 20". She learns how to fight with the sword from Wol So but to do so, Kim Go-eun went through training at action school.

Kim Go-eun said she felt her hands and sword becoming one and didn't fall back from Lee Byung-hun in wired-action or from Jeon Do-yeon in emotional acting. "Memories of the Sword" will be released in August.

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Guest adikkeluangman

#Junho Movie 'Memories of the Sword' image still-cut!



JYP Actors

Bigger resolution and with out watermark. Their  still looks so gorgeous. I guess, director and staff had give clues all year long about the movie feel and look through their IG pictures sharing.

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July 8, 2015

‘Memories of the Sword’ director was inspired by a Jin Yong wuxia novel

Source: Kpop Fighting

Upcoming South Korean movie ‘Memories of the Sword’ recently released a making of video, and drew much anticipation from fans.

In the video, director Park Hyun Sik revealed that he was inspired to produce ‘Memories of the Sword’ because of Jin Yong wuxia novel ‘The Legend of the Condor Heroes.’ To film an action movie that entailed much emotions, he poured in a lot of effort in ensuring that the gaze, expressions, and even the breathing of the cast members were exactly as he wanted it to be.

Jeon Do Yeon was attempting a real action movie for the first time in her 25 year acting career, and she said, “The director wanted the action scenes to be like dancing lightly. I also specially went to learn wire work, sword fighting, and classic dance.”

For a seasoned veteran like Lee Byung Hun, filming for ‘Memories of the Sword’ wasn’t easy. He said, “There were many things that I had to prepare. There were also a lot of action scenes. It just tires you out as an actor, and you have to deal with the emotional scenes as well at the same time.”

Kim Go Eun is involved in the majority of action scenes in the movie, and she persisted with filming with much enthusiasm despite injuring her fingers. She even managed to complete filming several high difficulty moves. She personally felt that there was a big difference in attempting the stunts herself, as opposed to using a stunt double.

2PM’s Lee Junho took on the role of a bodyguard in the movie, and he was hurt in a big-scale melee during filming. But he didn’t mind his injury, and continued with filming.

Jeon Do Yeon expressed, “The sword felt heavy to me initially, and I was scared of hurting the people that I was sparring with. There were times where I felt that I wasn’t controlling the sword, but that the sword was controlling me instead.”

Kim Go Eun said, “Injuries are part and parcel of acting, and I feel that a sword is part of me now.”

‘Memories of the Sword’ is set in the waning years of the Goryeo era where power is determined by how well you fight. It tells the story of three swordsmen where their desire for freedom and justice, leads them down a path where they are unable to escape their destiny. The movie will open in cinemas next month.

By: Alvin

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July 14, 2015

Lee Byung-hun, Jun Do-yeon’s ‘Memories of the Sword’ release date confirmed

“Memories of the Sword,” a long-awaited period martial arts film, will be released on Aug. 13, its distributor Lotte Entertainment has confirmed. 

The film’s main poster, unveiled Tuesday, shows the three main actors -- Lee Byung-hun, Jun Do-yeon and Kim Go-eun -- drawing swords against each other. 

Set in the ancient Goryeo Kingdom, where it is said that even a low swordsman could rise to be king, Lee’s character Yoo-baek clawed his way up the ranks to take the supreme power of Goryeo’s military regime, in course of which he betrayed Woll-so, played by Jun Do-yeon, with whom he had once shared a common purpose to reform the world. 

Both Yoo-baek and Woll-so are hunted down by orphan Hong-ee, played by Kim Go-eun, who is set on avenging her parents’ death. 

K-pop group 2PM’s Junho is a supporting actor in the film. 

By Lim Jeong-yeo (kaylalim@heraldcorp.com)

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Guest adikkeluangman

Jun-Ho why so pretty and graceful. There few .gifs, between caps so please scroll down slowly, if not sure will miss it. I wonder if the music director is the same person as the one that did music for movie The Admiral: Roaring Currents. The music gave me the same feeling.


#Junho will act his first historical play as a loyal warrior in the movie ‘Memories of the Sword’ :)


From the picture, the article also mentioned Lee Joon and Siwan. Maybe about their movie career and idol-actor. Hopefully this will get translate soon.

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July 14, 2015

Memories of the Sword drops official poster and confirms August 13th premiere

Source: Kpop Fighting

Upcoming South Korean movie ‘Memories of the Sword‘ (director: Park Hyun Sik) has confirmed today that it will premiere on August 13th, and has now dropped the official poster featuring Lee Byung Hun, Jeon Do Yeon, and Kim Go Eun.

‘Memories of the Sword’ is set in the waning years of the Goryeo era where power is determined by how well you fight. It tells the story of three swordsmen where their desire for freedom and justice, leads them down a path where they are unable to escape their destiny.

In the poster, Jeon Do Yeon and Lee Byung Hun are seen locking swords, with the former seething with anger, while the latter shows off his authority as the country’s most powerful man.

At the same time, Kim Go Eun is seen standing beneath them, as she points her sword at them, and sported a determined gaze to have her revenge for the death of her parents. The tension between the trio is definitely on the verge of erupting.


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Guest averena

The first time I saw the still, it resounded House of Flying Dragon vibe to me although the story line is greatly different

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July 14, 2015

Lee Byung-hun's first official appearance at "Memories of the Sword" showcase

Source: StarNews via Hancinema.net

Actor Lee Byung-hun is coming back from America to attend the premiere of "Memories of the Sword". This is his first official appearance since the blackmail case and many wonder if he will apologize once again. 

According to Lotte Entertainment, Lee Byung-hun is going to be at the premiere on the 24th. He's currently busy filming the movie "The Magnificent Seven". He only attended promotional events of "The Terminator Genisys" in America. 

Lotte and Lee Byung-hun have been discussing possible dates for "Memories of the Sword". They also talked about if he should say something about the mess he caused or not. He did hand-write a letter and apologized in front of media but "Memories of the Sword" is going to be his first official appearance since the 'problem'. 

Other than Lee Byung-hun, Jeon Do-yeon, Kim Go-eun-I, Lee Kyeong-yeong, Kim Tae-woo, Junho and Hyung Sik are also going to be at the premiere. Meanwhile, "Memories of the Sword" is about the battle between two women who are betrayed by a man who wants to be king. To be released on the 13th of August. 

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Guest adikkeluangman

2PM Junho’s Action Skills Praised by “Memories of the Sword” Co-Star Lee Byung Hun

Actor Lee Byung Hun says he can’t believe that the film “Memories of the Sword” is 2PM member Junho‘s first foray into the world of martial arts acting.

Junho debuted with 2PM in 2008, and has since starred in the recent hit 2015 film “Twenty.” The upcoming movie “Memories of the Sword” will be his first time appearing in a historical film. He plays the character Yool who pledges his loyalty to Lee Byung Hun’s character in order to become the master of the sword. The film also stars Jeon Do Yeon and Kim Go Eun.


It’s said that Junho didn’t shy away from putting his all into the filming of each and every memorable scene.

His co-star Lee Byung Hun says, “He’s incredibly agile, maybe because dancing is second nature to him. I didn’t even believe it when I heard it was his first time doing an action film.”

“Memories of the Sword” will be hitting theaters this August.


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Guest adikkeluangman

Remind me when Junho's movie Twenty trailer been released. As for now, trailer on naver page had reached 455,487 viewers in two days.


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