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[Movie 2015] Memories of The Sword 협녀 : 칼의 기억


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N'war, thanks to you.. found this capture posted by kang576 who is one of the movie staff. She is the person with the earphones (standing between BH and JDY). Her work is research & finding the right location sites for the film scenes.
Though she mentioned Kim Go Eun and Junho in her post, only Byunghun and Jeon Do Yeon in the photo with the staff. It's probably a scene between the younger version of LBH & JDY characters. BH is clean-shaven and sporting different hairstyle.
Thanks to @mistymorning for the gist <3
Photo credit: kang576 via Instagram

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Guest adikkeluangman

Yep, December it is. I hope it will not be overlap for the promo because JunHo new movie also will be release on the same month. #:-S

[iNFO]Movies<Memories of Sword>&<Twenty>,both Junho starred in,expect to release on Dec.2014.(cr:kofic,via:李家咩LeeMie) pic.twitter.com/Lt9mkiUGsK

— OPKM - 2PM李俊昊中文個站 (@opkmgroup)

June 11, 2014
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Guest adikkeluangman

From Japanese Kpop news website. Looks like it own by Naver / LINE and cater to Japanese readers. Is the LBH picture used for the article from the movie or his previous movie.

イ・ビョンホン&BIGBANGのT.O.Pらがやって来る…2014年下半期期待の“新作映画TOP10” http://t.co/Q6dtdqmfq6 韓国芸能ニュースはKstyle

— Kstyle (@Kstyle_news)

June 16, 2014
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^ That's from 'Gwanghae, The Man Who Became King' (Masquerade soompi thread). Have you seen the movie, you might like it. ^^

Seems that in the new movie "Memories of the Sword', BH's character is wearing less red .. although his mission is to be King.
Capture from previous page (the only clear image representing the movie. so far)

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Thanks to the highlight at LBH DC <3
And description gist by mistymorning ^^
Capture below from the poster-shooting session for 'Memories of the Sword' --  not too sure when but highly likely it was done on the 16th

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Some captures also from LBH DC <3


Capture no. 2.. not sure whose back it was showing in the picture but not Kim Go EunCapture no. 3:  KGE on the roof (presumably from the description)

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Guest adikkeluangman

Poster shooting. Looks interesting but is Junho there? He should be right since he is one of the main cast. But so far no fan sighting or fan account on Junho. If he doing the photo shoot, it's mean his hair must be in black or dark colour. But maybe he can wear wig too.
Junho just released his second solo Japanese album and got interview in few Japanese magazines. Hopefully he will mention about this movie and it will get translate.

This is his recent hair color public sighting. 

140530 Crying Man VIP Premiere


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^ Actually none of the cast were seen in the poster-shooting capture (can't recognize anyone). I guess the DC fans are sharing whatever we can get our hands on when it comes to the rather elusive movie...filming or otherwise.
At least with the poster-shooting already underway, it means that the movie is going along fine. Obviously it's not taking any shortcuts and not being rushed considering the release in winter, likely around Christmas. Hopefully it will be a well-filmed & well-produced movie befitting the cast and crew of the production.
Have to say that it's getting really exciting to see how the movie posters will turn out. 3drool.gif

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Guest adikkeluangman

Part of Junho's ELLE interview 
That Jeon Do-yeon whom you're cast with is pretty this way!
Junho: I'm surprised and thankful at how (Jeon) Do-yeon noona took care of me. I got a really encouraging support while filming. Although we didn't have many scenes together, but she always looked for me while saying "Where are you Junho? I want to see you" She also called me to have a drink with (Lee) Byunghun hyungnim and (Kim) Go-eun sometimes.
cr P_BADA_ Trans by : nuneo2daKAY

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Related captures from various sites & fan-sharing at EverythingLBH and LBH-soompi.com
Check out more photos compiled at our Gallery 1 / 2 / 3 & Related updates here / here / here / here 
EverythingLBH.com thanks every fan-sharing ardently with our utmost gratitude

MEMORIES OF THE SWORD (August 13, 2015)
협녀 : 칼의 기억





The fated battle of the three swords
A sword of Ambition
A sword of Justice
A sword of Revenge 

This is a story of three swordsmen, Jon-gul, Seol-rang, and Deok-gi, who led an uprising during the Goryeo era. When their desire for freedom and justice is about to be fulfilled, Deok-gi betrays them, leading to the death of Jon-gul, and to Seol-rang disappearing along with Jon-gul's infant daughter Hong-ee. When Seol-rang leaves, Deok-gi intones the prophecy that "You, no, not just you, but you and I both will be killed by Hong-ee."

Eighteen years later, Seol-rang, now called Wallso, is a blind woman with two children who manages a tea house at Byukran port. Determined to take revenge on Deok-gi, Wallso tries to teach Hong-ee to become a master of the sword, but Hong-ee (who changed her name to Seol-hee) is much more interested in day to day affairs than what happened to her father in the past.

One day, a big sword match hosted by the powerful military ruler Deok-gi (now known as Yoo-baek) is held in the market. Seol-hee participates in the match despite Wallso's objections. As the match progresses, she ends up fighting Yull, who is the master of the sword.

Yoo-baek realizes that Seol-hee's skill with the sword is similar to Seol-rang's, whom he had once loved. Yoo-baek orders his subordinates to catch Seol-hee, but she is able to run away. That same night, Seol-hee learns how her father, Jon-gul died. Wallso tells her that there are two enemies that Seol-hee is destined to vanquish: Yoo-baek, and Wallso herself. Shocked and desperate, Seol-hee leaves home: the beginning of a long journey of revenge. (Wikipedia)

Website l CINE21 l Asianwiki l Facebook l IMDb l Wikipedia l Hancinema l Nate l Naver

Dir. Park Heung Sik 

Lee Byung Hun l Jeon Do Yeon l Kim Go Eun l Kim Tae Woo l Junho l Lee Kyung Young l Bae Soo Bin




Lee Byung-hun and Jeon Do-yeon Headline Historical Epic
MEMORIES OF THE SWORD Will Also Star Rookie Kim Go-eun

by Pierce Conran KOFIC



A new film is in the works, which will pair some of the biggest actors working in the Korean film industry for the first time in 16 years. Following their roles in the romantic The Harmonium in My Memory (1998), mega-star Lee Byung-hun and screen siren Jeon Do-yeon will become rivals in Park Heung-shik’s historical epic Memories of the Sword. Jeon will play Seol-lang, a female warrior who hides her identity as the best swordfighter in Goryeo while she trains her daughter Seol-hee (Kim Go-eun) as part of her 18-year plan for revenge. The object of her rage is Deok-ki, played by Lee, a concubine’s son who is conspiring to take over the throne.

The project is already drawing keen interest particularly for the presence of Lee, who is redhot following his award-winning role in Masquerade and his Hollywood action turns in G.I. Joe: Retaliation and Red 2 (out later this month). Meanwhile Jeon is well know due to her Best Actress win at the Cannes Film Festival for Lee Chang-dong’s Secret Sunshine (2007) among many other notable credits. Kim is a fast rising star who scooped up all of last year’s rookie awards for her breakout turn in A Muse.

Director Park, who has previously worked with Jeon on My Mother the Mermaid (2004), is now at the helm of what looks to be one of the biggest Korean projects on the horizon. The Lotte Entertainment period blockbuster will go into production at the end of August for an expected 2014 release.

July 8, 2013

'Memories of the Sword' Casts Lee Byung Hun and Jeon Do Yeon as Leads

CJ E&M enewsWorld Lee, JinHo Translation Credit : Erika Kim

A giant of a movie is in the works, as Memories of the Sword announced it had cast Lee Byung Hun, Jeon Do Yeon and Kim Go Eun. On July 8, a source for the film announced that "Lee Byung Hun, Jeon Do Yeon and Kim Go Eun have been confirmed [for the film]. It will be a collaboration of the global star, the Cannes award-winning actress and the best rookie out there."

Memories of the Sword is about two women who train to have their revenge on a man. Seol Lang (Jeon Do Yeon) hides her identity as the best swordfighter in Goryeo to train her daughter Seol Hee (Kim Go Eun) as a secret weapon for her revenge. 18 years later, they come upon the man they′re aiming for, Deok Ki (Lee Byung Hun), who has been conspiring to overtake the throne despite his being a mere concubine′s son.

Lee Byung Hun said he "made the final decision while considering Memories of the Sword in a positive light," and Jeon Do Yeon said she joined "to keep the promise with director Park Heung Sik made in the time of the film My Mother the Mermaid."

The film now boasts a top cast, as Lee Byung Hun is known as a global star through Masquerade, G.I.Joe 2 and Red 2, Jeon Do Yeon is famous as the actress who won the Best Actress Award at the 60th Festival de Cannes and Kim Go Eun won numerous rookie awards at the Daejong Film Awards, Blue Dragon Film Awards and the Korean Association of Film Critics Awards last year.

Lee Byung-hun Cast in New Historical Film

by Lee Eun Ah TENASIA

Top Korean actor Lee Byung-hun has been cast in a new historical film along with actresses Jeon Do-yeon and Kim Ko-eun, the film’s promoter said on Monday.

An official with Lotte Entertainment told TenAsia over the phone that the three film talents were cast in historical film “Female Swordsman” (translated title).

The film will crank in during the latter half of this year and is most likely to be released next year, he added. The film, set in the Goguryeo Dynasty, centers on Seol-rang who forges her identity as a female swordsman and trains her daughter in order to seek revenge against Deok-ki, who lusts to become king despite his low social rank.

Meanwhile, this will be Lee’s second time to be in a historical film since “Masquerade,” which sold over 12 million tickets last year. The film will be helmed by director Park Heung-sik and this will be his second time to work with Jeon since their artistic film “My Mother, the Mermaid” (2004). Korean rookie actress Kim Ko-eun most recently nabbed the Rising Star Award at the 12th 2013 New York Asian film Festival for her role in the controversial film “Eungyo” (2012).

June 24, 2013

Lee Byung-hun, Jeon Do-yeon to star in 'Hyeopnyeo'

By Bae Ji-sook The Korea Herald




Korean film stars Lee Byung-hun and Jeon Do-yeon will appear in a historical drama that will mark their first onscreen appearance together in 14 years, it was reported Monday. According to local news outlet TV Report, Lee recently decided to accept a leading role in “Hyeopnyeo,” which will be directed by Park Heung-shik, whose previous films include “Bravo, My Life!,” “I Wish I Had a Wife” and “My Mother, The Mermaid.” 

Jeon, who has long been friends with Park and starred with Lee in the 1999 film, “The Harmonium in My Memory,” has already accepted her role. The winner of Best Actress at Cannes Film Festival in 2007 for “Secret Sunshine” has starred in “I Wish I Had a Wife” and “My Mother, The Mermaid.” 

“The initial idea of the film was conceived in 2004 while Park was filming ‘The Mermaid’ and shared it with Jeon, who encouraged him to keep on with the development,” the report said. “It is true that Lee had received the offer and looked over it. It is now a matter of scheduling as the actor is engaged in prior commitments such as promotion for his upcoming Hollywood feature ‘Red 2,’” said an insider at BH Entertainment, Lee’s agency. 

“Hyeopnyeo” is set in the late Goryeo (918-1392) period, and depicts Seollang, a blind vagabond, and her protege Cheongnyeo wandering the country for vengeance. Lee is highly likely to take the role of Deokgi, the subject of Seollang’s lifelong vendetta. 

Lee Byung Hun and Jeon Do Yeon to Team Up Onscreen Again After 14 Years

by hazelnutthursdays Soompi.com

Star power will not be lacking for a new film, “Swordswoman” (otherwise known as “Memories of the Sword” or “A Touch of Zen”) as A-list actors Lee Byung Hun and Jeon Do Yeon are signed up to play the leads. According to reports in local news agencies, the film’s promotion company has announced that “world star” Lee Byung Hun and the “Queen of Cannes” Jeon Do Yeon are set to star in the historical, martial arts film. Up and coming actress Kim Go Eun is also announced in the cast.

In the film set in the Goryeo Dynasty, Jeon Do Yeon plays Seol Rang, the best female sword fighter of her time. She trains her daughter, Seol Hee, Kim Go Eun’s character, in order to exact revenge on Deoki (played by Lee Byung Hun), who is after the throne even though he is born of a concubine.

This will be the second time for Jeon Do Yeon to work with “Swordswoman” director Park Heung Sik. She and Park Heung Sik teamed up for 2004′s “My Mother, the Mermaid.” It will also be a re-teaming for Lee Byung Hun and Jeon Do Yeon who once shared the screen for “The Harmonium in My Memory” back in 1999.



20150729_g1.gif 20150729_g2.gif 

20150729_g3.gif 20150729_g4.gif 

20150729_g5a.gif 20150729_g5b.gif 

20150729_g7.gif 20150729_g8.gif 

20150729_g9.gif 20150729_g10.gif 

20150729_g11.gif 20150729_g12.gif 

20150729_g15.gif 20150729_g16.gif

20150729_g17.gif 20150729_g18.gif




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Choi Min Sik's movie 'Roaring Currents' is doing really really well in Korea right now. Hope 'Memories of the Sword' will be well-received, too.. just like Masquerade, or even better.
There's been no 'MOTS' updates at all but hopefully there will be lots and lots of updates etc for the upcoming  December release.. soon!

August 11. 2014
Infographic Roaring Currents Runs Faster than Mega Hit FilmsThe comparison of the speed of Roaring Currents and those of the other films  by Lee Ji-hye KOBIZ
zbTZqoDQsdfkKUmEHgaF.pngRoaring Currents  ₩83,310,045,291The Thieves  ₩49,783,770,500The Host  ₩36,944,818,200Avatar  ₩36,854,573,000The Attorney  ₩35,471,886,500Haeundae  ₩34,296,985,000Miracle in Cell No.7  ₩30,119,217,979Masquerade  ₩24,699,190,769 Roaring Currents surpassed 10 million viewers in the Korean box office in 12 days. On August 10, the film attracted 10,226,042 viewers in total, joining the club of Korean films that attracted over ‘ten million viewers’ as the tenth member. Roaring Currents eclipsed the nine other films in speed in ticket sales as the film recorded over one million admissions on a weekday. The comparison of the speed of Roaring Currents and those of the other films shows how high its speed is.  

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January 22, 2014
[Cine21 features] ‘Busan Films’ on the riseKorea’s port city becomes hub for Korean film industry
By Song Soon-jin, Cine21 reporter via The Hankyoreh
If there is a keyword that cannot be omitted as we wrap up the Korean film industry’s story in 2013, it should definitely be ‘Busan.’ Hosting the Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) for the past 18 years, Busan has created a brand name all of its own. And with the Korean Film Council (KOFIC) relocating to the region, Busan has confirmed its identity as the ‘city of film.’ However, this achievement was not something that just fell into its lap as Busan’s rise in the Korean film industry has a lot to do with the ‘Busan films’ that have gained public attention.
2013 marked a year in which a number of films have used Busan as a means of reaching audiences. To name a few, there was Tough as Iron, Friend: The Great Legacy and The Attorney. Ahn Gwon-tae, who was the 1st assistant director on filmmaker Kwak Kyung-taek’s Friend (2001) and went on to direct My Brother (2004) and co-direct Eye For An Eye (2008), directed Tough as Iron which places Busan at the forefront. It features a typical Busan macho lead man, Gang-cheol, who scours through the docks of Busan, Songdo Beach and Youngdo.. Kwak Kyung- taek, who proved the commercial viability of Busan as a film location with Friend, returns to Busan 12 years later with Friend: The Great Legacy. Picking up from where the previous episode left off, the fateful communion between Joon-seok, once again played by Yoo Oh-seong, and Sung-hoon, played by Kim Woo-bin, the son of his late friend Dong-soo (played by Jang Dong-gun) is set against various Busan locations, including Chungsapo, the Haeundae Yachting Center and Gwanganri.
Another film to take note of along with those features made by Busan-born directors is the current box office hit The Attorney. Inspired by the early years of the late President Roh Moo-hyun, the film follows the awakening of a highly successful Busan-based tax lawyer who shifts gears to become a human rights attorney after encountering a case of injustice. Starring talented actors such as Song Kang-ho and Oh Dal-su, the film is set in Busan during the 1980s. Other titles include Lee Joon-ik’s Hope as well as Seo Ho-bin’s Mot, which was invited to BIFF’s Korean Cinema Today: Vision section. Documentaries Highways Stars and The Island of Shadows also introduce tales from Busan.
According to the Busan Film Commission (BFC) “2013 BFC filming support report”, a total of 24 feature film projects were shot in Busan in 2013. This is similar with the number of projects shot there in 2012, however there has been a substantial increase in shooting days as they rose 35% from 382 to 514. BFC states that the increase is due to the “growing volume of large-scale film productions fully shot in Busan” as the reason.
There has also been a noticeable growth in quantity, and if TV dramas, TV commercials, and other video productions are counted, Busan rung up a total of 78 productions last year. This is a 27% increase from the 61 productions in 2012. TV commercial productions in particular doubled over the last year. BFC explains that “a high-tech futuristic tone created by the newly built skyscrapers along with the breathtaking landscapes of Haeundae seem to correspond well with advertisement teams who are seeking sophisticated images,” adding that “we anticipate an ongoing growth in TV commercial productions here in Busan as this location-sensitive field will favor the modern images of Busan locations such as Haeundae.”
However, the growing number of ‘Busan films’ should definitely be attributed to the filming support programs offered by BFC. The various services such as the Busan Cinema Studio, and BFC’s Digital Production Center’s equipment rental and accommodation support have been attracting film shoots to Busan. In fact, films like Hope, The Attorney, Friend: The Great Legacy and Way Back Home were shot in Busan with the help of pre-production scouting and accommodation support from BFC.
This year will also see a continuous stream of films set in Busan. One upcoming film would be Gukje Market (working title) from Youn Je-kyun, who directed Haeundae in 2009. A story of a man and his family who survive through the currents of Korea’s modern history, Gukje Market has already wrapped production, which took place on the Gijang Pottery Village set where the Gukje Market of the 1950s was recreated. In addition, Yoon Jong-bin, who directed Nameless Gangster: Rules of the Time in 2011, shot KUNDO: Age of the Rampant with stars such as Ha Jung-woo and Gang Dong-won in Busan. KUNDO: Age of the Rampant is the first period film to be shot at the Busan Cinema Studio, which opened in 2001.
Other films include The Neighbors director Kim Hwi’s next film, Horror Stories II, and Tazza 2 (working title) from Scandal Makers (2008) and Sunny (2011) director Kang Hyoung-chul. Blockbuster martial arts costume film Memories of the Sword, starring Jeon Do-yeon and Lee Byung-hun, has also finished its Busan film shoot with the assistance of BFC. Bong Joon Ho produced Haemu (tentative title) is another film that has received support from the BFC Digital Production Center. So it looks like many of the most anticipated feature projects of 2014 have been set in the city of Busan, which is now stepping up as the center of Korea’s film industry.
This article originally appeared athttp://www.koreanfilm.or.kr/jsp/news/features.jsp?pageIndex=1&blbdComCd=601024&seq=244&mode=FEATURES_VIEW&returnUrl=&searchKeyword= These contents were reproduced with the permission of Kofic, which holds all copyright.

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September 12, 2014
Lee Byung Heon's new movie, 'Memories of the Sword' becoming a hot issue
Source: STARN News 20140911_lbhjdy.jpg
Lee Byung Heon's upcoming film, 'Memories of the Sword,' is getting hot reactions from overseas.

'Memories of the Sword' is a story of three swordsmen, Jon-gul, Seol-rang, and Deok-gi, who led an uprising during the Goryeo dynasty.
A 5-minute highlight video was presented at Cannes Film Market back in May, and a great number of buyers from other countries showed explosive reactions.
It is said that many buyers were deeply impressed by the actors and actresses' fabulous collaboration, charisma, and powerful scenes.
A representative said, "Many people are showing great reactions for Lee Byung Heon and Jeon Do Yeon's collaboration. Buyers from many different countries are showing huge anticipation for the movie."
Meanwhile, the production company of 'Memories of the Sword' will sign export contracts during Busan International Film Festival Market, and American Film Market.
/Reporting by Lee Mi-Ji en@starnnews.com

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Unfortunately, in the aftermath of Lee Byung-Han's blackmail scandal, the premier of this movie was pushed to January 2015 in Korea.

More on Hancinema


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Guest adikkeluangman

140920 Busan International Film Festival - 'Memories of Sword’ Official Poster. Bx6BR-LCEAASTA0.jpg
cr. real_gaeda
I guess the distributor bring this movie to BIFF. I forgot to save the link but this movie along with are the anticipated saguek movie for next year during some presentation at BIFF.
Kak @rubie, which distributor for this movie? Is it CJ Entertainment or Lotte or others. If they sell promo this movie at BIFF, it must be posted at their SNS. I can look up more info.

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