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[Movie 2015] Memories of The Sword 협녀 : 칼의 기억


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Not quite MOTS related update but more about 2 co-stars, now label-mates

July 17, 2017

Kim Go Eun Signs Exclusive Contract With Lee Byung Hun’s Agency

Source: Soompi by R. Choi    

Actress Kim Go Eun has signed with BH Entertainment.

On July 17, a source from BH Entertainment stated, “It is true, we recently signed an exclusive contract with Kim Go Eun.”

Well-known for her previous drama “Goblin,” the actress is currently reviewing an offer to work with director Lee Jun Ik in a film titled “Byeonsan” (working title).

Meanwhile BH Entertainment houses many actors such as Lee Byung Hun, Han Hyo Joo, Han Ga In, Han Ji Min, Go Soo, Jin Goo, Choo Ja Hyun, Lee Ji Ah, and Jang Young Nam.

Top photo credit: Xportnews.

Source (1)

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Source: Walmart.com


Memories of the Sword

By: Well Go USA Entertainment


Memories of the Sword



When a corrupt Monarchy threatens the Goryeo Dynasty, three warriors lead a revolt to save its people. But when betrayal costs the life of a master swordsman, a plot for justice and revenge rages for decades between the two survivors. Memories of the Sword




121 min


Studio & Production Company    
Well Go USA Entertainment


Original Languages    


Audio Track Codec    

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This review comes 3 years later but it doesn't change what a hot mess MOTS was.. still, we will share .. good or bad.. and gems if there may be..


May 5, 2018


[HanCinema's Film Review] "Memories of the Sword"

By William Schwartz HanCinema.net




Hong-i (played by Kim Go-eun) is a talented young martial artist living in the Goryeo era. Hong-i is so jazzed about being able to achieve an obviously impossible acrobatic feat over a sunflower that she celebrates by running off into town and impulsively entering a martial arts tournament. But before we get to know Hong-i too well, her mother Wol-so (played by Jeon Do-yeon) and archenemy Yoo-baek (played by Lee Byung-hun) take over the movie, with Hong-i only making fleeting appearances.


On the business end I can sympathize with this creative decision. After all, if you hire Jeon Do-yeon and Lee Byung-hun to be in your movie, it's a bit of a waste to just shove them off into supporting roles. But on the creative end, the disproportionate emphasis on Wol-so and Yoo-baek completely kills the momentum of Hong-i's character growth. Indeed, Wol-so and Yoo-baek effectively kill Hong-i's sense of agency too, as the young woman increasingly comes off as a puppet intended to settle old scores rather than a character in her own right.


Yool (played by Junho) is similarly shafted. His role is among the more potentially interesting as Hong-i's similarly aged opposite sex rival with a position of some importance in Yoo-baek's sinister organization. Alas, he barely even gets a personality. Which is especially weird, because Yool definitely does a lot more than Yoo-baek in the present day. It's just, we really do spend that much time stuck in flashback mode with Wol-so and Yoo-baek.


What makes this screenwriting decision especially frustrating is that Hong-i has no way of knowing what actually happened between Wol-so and Yoo-baek back in the day. "Memories of the Sword" could have gotten a lot more dramatic tension by making the backstory deliberately ambiguous, which in turn would have opened Wol-so and Yoo-baek's actions up to multiple interpretations. Yoo-baek in particular suffers from this, because the man's so consistently reluctantly evil he never ends up feeling like much of a threat.


The real shame of all this is that "Memories of the Sword" looks absolutely gorgeous. Director Park Heung-sik combines vibrant colors with unimpeachably well-flowing action. Every minor taunt or feint takes on larger than life dimensions. The choreography is so exquisitely orchestrated that we really learn more about the characters from their martial arts moves than their role in the actual story. Hong-i the impulsive, Wol-so the calculating, and Yoo-baek the painstakingly defensive.


Of course none of these archetypes are all that deep, and "Memories of the Sword" suffers from its two hour runtime as much as anything else. The movie is just plain exhausting, and can't even spare a moment for comic relief. Though the base outline of the plot is just a fairy tale metaphor for growing up, there's also a lot of weighty material about death and politics and freedom tossed in there and I was just, geez, why does this story have to be so complicated? After a certain point excessive explanation just calls to attention a lack of confidence in the universal nature of the story's underlying themes.


Review by William Schwartz

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th_note1.gif Related excerpt from full article at soompi mainsite


January 27, 2019


Epic Korean Blockbusters To Enjoy On Cold Winter Evenings


Source: Soompi by hgordon


There’s something about winter evenings that makes them perfect for the thrill of epic blockbuster movies: you’re in need of some excitement on your TV to chase away the winter cold. Luckily, Korean cinema has countless films that will quench your thirst for large-scale action and drama. We’re talking spectacular explosions, stylish sword fights, secret missions, and adventures of legendary proportions. So grab a comfy seat and some popcorn, and let one of these epic Korean blockbusters take you on a journey you won’t soon forget!


“Memories of the Sword”

With its magnificent landscapes and beautifully choreographed martial arts scenes, this tale of romance and betrayal is a visual masterpiece — the perfectly refreshing period film for a summer night. Seol Hee (Kim Go Eun) becomes a master swordswoman, and discovers that she is destined to avenge her parents’ death by killing not only one of the most powerful men in Goryeo (Lee Byung Hun) but also her own former teacher (Jeon Do Yeon).



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An unexpected surprise cameo in their third movie collaboration after Harmonium in My Memory, Memories of the Sword and now, JDY playing the role of the wife to LBH's character in Ashfall.


December 19, 2019


Jeon Do Yeon's Cameo Appearance in ASHFALL as Lee Byung Hun/Ri Jun Pyeong's wife


Source: Daum





Ending credit screencap, thanks to LBH CFC (Weibo) via Barbara at LBH soompi


Source: BIllyRocks_13


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We don't get this often, perhaps not at all but a nice treat nonetheless.


Source: 꿀뱅 @LbhSunshine


MOTS MV feat. Deok-gi & Seol-rang



Source: BillyRocks_13


Jeon Do Yeon's cameo in Lee Byung Hun's movie, ASHFALL.


Beware: Spoil.er Alert






Capture: 재버리 @db36e3725366494





JDY and LBH will collaborate in their 4th project together called Emergency Declaration alongside Song Kang Ho. Movie will start filming March 2020.

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