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[Official] SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

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Nothing really to comment on about the episode itself as I have not watched it yet. But I have noticed that this thread has kind of taken a different direction after the petition and firing incident.

ALERT: LONG POST AHEAD! I just finished watching the latest episode, and here are my thoughts about it. My earlier comments were made before watching the episode, so I hope you'll overlook things

Random thoughts Remember JK said he will slowly reveal to the public that he is in a relationship( I don't remember that exact words he used or when he said that) because he don't want to be like

Guest athoughtcloud1

Was it a case of JK and JH not wanting to speak at the red carpet? Haha wouldn't have handed over the mic to JH unless he knew JK was not gonna speak. Based on the red carpet, JK looks more serious. JH is more relaxed. Poor cast members having to feel this awkward coz of the production team!

Hope the videos @pink007 gave you works for you @bogummish. I have no other sources. 

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On the other hand, 'Running Man' production team apologized to members and viewers. Kim Jong-kook and Song Ji-hyo were caught in a controversy after receiving a unilateral departure notice from the 'Running Man', and the 'Running Man' Afterwards, the crew members and the members completed the emergency meeting and all the members joined together until the program end in February next year. The situation was clear, but the crew apologized to the members and viewers who would once again be hurt by the broadcast. "I apologize to all of you that I would have been hurt," said the crew who handed out the basket of apples and Christmas cards. "I am going to become a more mature and hard-working crew, I'm sorry and I love you,



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7 minutes ago, bogummish said:

"Running Man" Staff Publicly Apologizes To Cast Members During Recent Episode  https://www.soompi.com/2016/12/25/running-man-staff-publicly-apologizes-cast-members-recent-episode/

@pink007 anyway, is the video abt them sharing a car with LKS?  


Do these work for you?



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8 minutes ago, chelseafjl8 said:

That fan replied, she said they werent allow to take photos at the filming site but after they both got showered by water then JH passed Jk a towel and they held hands for a long time. 

 Oh then now I'm thinking its more to keep each other warm, by holding hands together. Makes more sense

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What did poor JSJ did to richard simmons them off? 

I guess spartace is the one with the media attention, so SBS has to show them every once in awhile so people don't talk about how petty SBS is (we all know SBS is really petty right now), but JSJ doesn't have much media attention on him, and he's just in the wrong spot.

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2 hours ago, bogummish said:

@chelseafjl8 nice. They always takes care of each other whenver there's water or mud involved lol.  But i think it will be edited out. When did the hugging happen?

She hasn't provided us with more detail about the hugging part yet, I will update here once she mention it. 

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