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[Official] SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

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Nothing really to comment on about the episode itself as I have not watched it yet. But I have noticed that this thread has kind of taken a different direction after the petition and firing incident.

ALERT: LONG POST AHEAD! I just finished watching the latest episode, and here are my thoughts about it. My earlier comments were made before watching the episode, so I hope you'll overlook things

Last part before they start performing once again Really no one can stop them from having their own chat room! It's JK's turn to speak and they laughed cutely together again.

It's not?

I'm almost pretty sure her neck (where the fingers were) was a bit 'dented'... it wasn't as smooth lined like, let say, KS.

LOL maybe that's only me.

I also think like @airplanegirl‌ that it just a banner behind them but I'm agree with @WanZ if it's banner then KS shoulder look strange

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You know what... I studied it again very carefully.
And @airplanegirl is right.
Gosh I really am a bad spy!
Sorry @misszy for misleading info!

Credit to original owner; bad edit by me

It really do look like fingers ain't it? LOL

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TymaE said:
Agree with @airplanegirl it don't seem like a fingers. I zoomed this pic .  . "Finger fake" maybe come from editing or what . . Or it's a light effect from other cam/pc room light.@Wanz lol :)) u stiil struggle to find jk's finger on ji hyo. . :D 

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I will just translate the gist...feel frre to correct and add in....the organiser asked whether they have difficulties in adapting to indonesian food and all answered no and haha added that they just ate sate...on 2nd question..why running man still survive...kwang soo answered because they are like family and haha and jongkook added becoz of fans support and they highly appreciated and been grateful for that...the most memorable rm episode all agreed in epi 200 where park ji sung is the guest..on question asked whether they meet regularly jihyo answered they met almost everyday for dinner or drinking alcohol and just like family in which jongkook agreed they are like family...on who they want as permanent members..sukjin want to invite joongki after he finish military services..on their performance jongkook will shows his athletic body and haha will not wearing his pants or something like that...

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