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[Official] SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

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On 10/25/2019 at 4:46 PM, saissuspicious said:

I was touring YT and I found this video, it contains most of 2018-2019's significant SA moments. And more importantly, they are moments from outside of RM, revolving around KJK-HAHA, Buyl and LKS, which means KJK's closest circle. ;) 
Thanks to those who took the time and made this video so we can enjoy it :kiss_wink:



Thank you for sharing this compilation. I am currently watching Big Picture (now on Season 2). This has been a very long time coming (waaaay toooo long) since I can't spare extra time.


On timestamp 4:00 on the video, they were discussing how SJH visited Knowing Brothers and her reaction with the "dating rumors" with KJK. If you can't watch the vid, this is how it went:


PD (same PD of BP and KB): She got really sensitive at the mention of him.

KJK: Did you ask about me and her?

PD: Yes.

KJK: So what did she say?

BP Staff: He's kind of interested.

KJK: No, if she said nonsense, I'm not going to let her off the hook.

PD: The reaction wasn't too bad.

HAHA: Because...he kind of broke up badly here too.


My question is what did HAHA mean by this?


Is my English comprehension that bad 


Did this just got lost in translation?:crazy:


BP - Big Picture

KB - Knowing Brothers

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Nothing really to comment on about the episode itself as I have not watched it yet. But I have noticed that this thread has kind of taken a different direction after the petition and firing incident.

ALERT: LONG POST AHEAD! I just finished watching the latest episode, and here are my thoughts about it. My earlier comments were made before watching the episode, so I hope you'll overlook things

Random thoughts Remember JK said he will slowly reveal to the public that he is in a relationship( I don't remember that exact words he used or when he said that) because he don't want to be like

On 10/29/2019 at 10:39 PM, carambsk said:

@kook_mong The way I understood it at first is that he was referring to a SJH and KJK break up.

But, it has been discussed here in some of the past pages that Haha was referring to KJK's old relationship. (?)

Ahh. It could be that way. Thanks. By the way, the forum has gotten a bit quieter lately. I just wished our forum-sunbaenim are just busy with life and work but are still SA shippers through and through. SA Fighting! Can't wait for what Tiny Oppa meant about his #love tweet for 2020. I just hope it's good news for us. :wub:

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4 hours ago, kook_mong said:

I just wished our forum-sunbaenim are just busy with life and work but are still SA shippers through and through.

LOL. I’m not a sunbaenim, but I’m definitely still around. Cheers, all! :lol:

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Hello guys! Happy Sunday ^_^ I am watching a previous episode of Running Man. It's episode 166 (2013)- the casts of "The Heirs" were the guests. I can't help but mention here that during the latter rock-paper-scissors game of Kim Jong Kook and Kim Woo Bin, Song Ji Hyo was holding the cap of KJK and later on she wears it as well. I found it really cute. Those scenes might be mentioned here already but I really can't help but mention it here again. :sweatingbullets: The interactions are really worth watching for! :D

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I think most people are "forum-sunbaenim" to @carambsk :D


You can tell who's been around for a long time based on the "spartacer" banner. There are still people floating around who have been here longer than me! 


Also, some things from this most recent ep:




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I love it, I'm one of the maknaes! :D


I have to admit that I don't get as excited at most of the little moments that last for a few seconds.  There are only a few that convince me that they're together (although I still go back and forth on this because, because of some small moments as well argh! ).  I still appreciate all of these wonderful moments because they do add to their full story.


But those two videos posted by @linzer03 are really so amusing and made me laugh out loud.  Although SJH is a good actress, she can really be transparent.  (Which is why I do go back and forth, double edged sword I guess.)  I think KJK is better at *hiding* things while keeping a straight face, maybe because he's truly a variety veteran, but there are also moments that slip and I just love those.


Just to be clear, my stand (or HOPE hehe) on them is that they got together, I believe in late 2013, August in particular (HAHA so specific!).  I'm still figuring out if they are still currently together, but I won't get to that until I watch ALL episodes in order (some episodes for the 2nd time!) and put together a more detailed timeline, which is going to take a while because I'm still at Ep 173!!!

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I had fun on the latest episode. I enjoyed the banters of the members and how the games are played. The SA moment was almost nonexistent until we highlight the facial expressions of JH and JK when they shared their love stories in the bus. Why didn't they join in the excitement of the others when the other tells something about their 'significant other'? I'm trying to decipher the meaning of their blank expressions without being trapped with my delulu-imagination but I can't find any rational reason other than my exact delusional thoughts. How about you guys? Any insight on this? :D

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@kook_mong These are the things I've been thinking of re: SJH's reaction to KJK's story:


1) Embarrassed because she is the one he was referring to.

2) Annoyed/angry/jealous because he was referring to a past girlfriend, not her. Something like, but you don't do that to me now!

3) Annoyed because he was referring to her but he was referring to their past because they have already broken up. Something like, the nerve of you sharing our past!


I didn't notice KJK's reaction to her story, I should watch that part again.

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8 minutes ago, carambsk said:


I didn't notice KJK's reaction to her story, I should watch that part again.

He was staring at space though he asked along the lines, "You slapped him?"

Their expressions are real curious and interesting. If I can read their minds at that moment. :lol:


That number three point of yours though: :lol: and :tears:.

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It's basically the same thought as you have pointed above but I'd like to add a very pessimistic number 4 since this popped into my mind. I'll put it in spoiler to those who doesn't want to read it. :sweatingbullets:


In the account that nothing happened or is happening between them (ugh :crazy:), it seems like they were hearing it for the first time and was just not too invested on the stories. Again, that's the distorted part of my brain. A very distorted part. It's the part that helps prepare my heart and soul for any disappointments in the future BUT again I'll keep on hoping and praying it's either 1 and 2 because we've got tons of evidences to counter my stupid number 4. :lol:

As what our forum-sunbaenims had said before, No News is Good News. 

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17 minutes ago, Bonardo said:

Being pessimistic only make this thread dead.

We are spartace shipper, our job to find every spartace materials and moments.

It's not our goal to confirm their relationship. but it make us happy to see every bit of their interactions. so please be positive(but not agressive) about spartace. :)


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The worst case of spartace is they are just best friend, But that's a lot better than most shipping in kpop culture :P.

I mean my first ship is KJK & SJH, and my 2nd one is KJK & SNSD seohyun :ph34r:

My dead ship was KJK & Lee Hyori :bawling:



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Well, as long as none of them announce any relationship, this ship will keep sail on.


I actually kinda enjoy when people who have sharp eyes detail out every inches on the interaction between KJK and SJH.


But on another notes, don't you think that KJK and SJH are both kinda really late into relationship? I mean age wise, KJK already 40+ and SJH already close 40 even. Don't their parent nags beside them on this? Or it is perfectly normal to marry even at age 50?

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