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Nothing really to comment on about the episode itself as I have not watched it yet. But I have noticed that this thread has kind of taken a different direction after the petition and firing incident.

Random thoughts Remember JK said he will slowly reveal to the public that he is in a relationship( I don't remember that exact words he used or when he said that) because he don't want to be like

ALERT: LONG POST AHEAD! I just finished watching the latest episode, and here are my thoughts about it. My earlier comments were made before watching the episode, so I hope you'll overlook things

Hahahah fingers interlock hahahahaha this what the shippers always hoping to interlock their fingers hahahahhaa. Remember how haha, kwang soo and se chan tease them to interlock their fingers hahahaha How come they hold their hands like that . Looks like they are very very very comfortable to each other no other words hahahaha

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This picture :

Above : after KJK looking at SJH while pouty mouth, SJH looking at KJK for a while.


Bottom : SJH happy because the answer about q&a about man and woman is correct & SJH walk to KJK & then they're interlock finger 

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1. When KJK teasing SJH : SJH didn't know a man.

2. When SJH happy because the answer is correct & then SJH & KJK interlock fingers.

3. When they're playing a games & win.

4. When SJH dancing & KJK looking at SJH & after finished dancing, SJH look at KJK & talking about something.

5. They're eating & KJK said : Ji Hyo a .....

6. When they're playing games

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7 minutes ago, smartace said:

Is it just me, or do they partnered up together more frequently these days? Slowly easing the viewers to the idea of seeing them together.


Yes, I notice this too :)

And you know what ? This is funny, because the rest members know SA 1 team & playing & bickering toward each other but no one teasing them just looking at them like old eps :D :)


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By the way, we can confirm now that SJH's shirt is not the one KJK has worn before, because there is no print on the back. No big deal, it's always good to keep our theories checked so we can focus on the actual evidence. Besides, contrary to the VANS shoes, wearing the same, unique shirt on the same show only a few episodes apart would have been a dead giveaway of their relationship and, thus, not a risk they would likely take.  :)

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53 minutes ago, Regita M. P said:


Yes, I notice this too :)

And you know what ? This is funny, because the rest members know SA 1 team & playing & bickering toward each other but no one teasing them just looking at them like old eps :D :)



At some points, it's confusing though, why the RM members didn't tease them so hard anymore nowadays. In my mind there are several reasons for that, perhaps it's one of SA's request to tone the teasing down, or is it because the members are used to see SA together too often, so it's not even 'interesting' enough for them to tease SA anymore. Or, maybe JH or JK had a partner so they didn't tease SA anymore? Idk, but HH still keep tease them outside RM, so I don't think this is the case. And the way JK said JH doesn't know about men also makes me think that JK certainly know JH isn't in the romantic relationship (unless it's with him). It's just doesn't make any sense, if JH have a boyfriend right now, then JK said that she didn't know about men. Maybe he's saying that because sometimes they're bickering about something, lol. :D


However, I love seeing JK teasing JH so much in this episode. Well, in these recent episodes, actually. The way they aren't linked to be a loveline in the show made him comfortable enough to tease her, to compete against her, to protect her, or even to praise her. Maybe, that's the reason why RM production team and the members decided not to make them as a LL, 'cause it will create a weird atmosphere around them, comparing to another show when they're not filming together. And I agree, maybe SA want to make the public used to seeing them together before they gave an announcement. Their eyes and their smiles never lies, though, the way JH always checking on him right after the game ends also too sweet to be ignored. Of course as a SA shipper, I'm so happy to witness all of these. :wub:

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It's been a long time SA didn't got a teasing, the last SA got teasing is RM Eps 445.


Many possibility why suddenly SA didn't got a teasing anymore :

1. SA want to shuttle down KJK's ll at that time, the one & only way is SJH as a gf must be help KJK about it even she isn't ready yet (this speak what if SA dating in real life).

2. SA didn't want to got a teasing & attention but maybe because they're already prepare about something at that time, so the rest of members excited even when filming RM (this speak what if SA dating in real life).

3. SA just want to know respond from knetz & i-netz about their relationship for someday when they announce it (this speak what if SA dating in real life).


Or many more ...


But this is better for me as you said, SA start to bickering each other again, comfortable toward each other again, looking & glancing toward each other again. I love SA like this, natural & always natural than got a teasing & SA start to shy towards each other & hold on what they want to do.


Oh, we must remember about this : SA never ever became LL in RM because SA got a teasing by the rest of member not from PD.


1 of them / both of them have a gf / bf ? I don't know about this case & I don't have any idea... But until this month, outside RM, SA still like lovely dovely couple (Pohang Event, BP Seasons 3).


And so far, HH recently like SA picture & video (I know, HH really love to like every picture & video but the point is ... What if 1 of them / both of them have a gf / bf, I think HH didn't like that picture & video about SA).


Btw, some SA moments got cut & not airing this eps because before airing, when commercial break, I look the video clip when SA turns the games, SJH is laying down, KJK standing beside her while holding her hands BUT not airing in this eps).

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I feel like it's the RM PDs and staff who put a stop to all the teasing. They've already revealed they did not orchestrate for spartace to be a loveline,  and it's rather the other members' doing.  Haha is still publicly teasing spartace outside rm so it might not be sjh and kjk who told everyone to stop linking them to each other. Of course all the spartace scenes we could have gotten that they deliberately cut out.  They're doing it for the show I think. I'm curious tho how they always seem to be in the same team these days.  We don't know how most of the time,  because they no longer include pairing up in the ep most of the time. 

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RM Eps 461


- Opening - They Pairing :


1. SA standing side by side before the guest came.

2. This is just for fun --> KJK's pant + SJH's shirt = YJS's shirt. LOL.

3. SJH wearing a red vans shoes make us delulu that gift from KJK from USA or maybe before goingt to USA because KJK also wearing vans shoes but black color in USA. This filming right after KJK landed from USA to SK.

3. YJS said HH desperately wanted a daughter.

IMO --> HH's wish come true & we still waiting SA's daughter became true also.

Ok. I think I had been write about this before but yes, I want to re-write, SA's daughter & son, esp daughter (refer to SA dating in real life) so lucky, indeed ! they have a private body guard & never let people hurt them, they will protected by SA esp KJK as much as he can.

4. What if you look carefully, when PD said know theme is couple race, KJK's reaction is smile & smirk.

IMO --> I don't have any idea for his reaction but couple race words reminded us about couple race in winter this year when SA became 1 partner.

5. KJK's reaction seems didn't like / insecure mode on when JSJ said the female guest strong & will be match with KJK.

IMO --> KJK worried about KJK's ll have appear again / maybe didn't want with her became 1 team.

6. 00:12:24 It's to cute when the SJH's dice is KJK's photo, we can look based on the photo frame is red.

7. Happy virus games reminded us to SA, no matter who wins, KJK always happy when SJH wins, vice versa.

8. When SJH vs the famel guest, KJK seems concern about SJH. KJK talking something but the translate didn't appear, just HH's speak is translate.

9. When SJH turns to dancing while singing, KJK laugh & shy while looking at her.

After finished, SJH looking at KJK & KJK said : You shouldn't do that. Your age end with a nine.

KJK teasing SJH's dancing : I thought you were asking for a cigarette.

IMO --> Ok ok, KJK always remember SJH's age & SJH's birthday I guess . LOL. Recently KJK mentioned SJH's age.

10. SA became pairing by the dice.

IMO --> Their endless fate.


Games 1 :


1. Only SA wearing hand socks. KJK wearing white, SJH black.

IMO --> I don't know but recently KJK copying SJH wearing hand shock, KJK always love summer. LOL .

And whatever the color they choose it's just cute, SJH ofc wearing black must be safety way to be came not show her pride.

2. 00:35:33 - 00:35:34 : I love when PD just focus to SA.

3. How SJH carry on bag is copying KJK, before SA always mirroring each other. LOL.

4. When SA turns the games, KJK who is laying down looking at SJH & said : make sure you win.

IMO --> KJK know SJH very well as always. SJH want to win, so KJK support her.

5. After finished, SJH quickly move the stuff from KJK's body. (KJK laying down and must hold what SJH bring to him, the more get a height, they will win).

6. 00:47:57 - 00:47:59: KJK busy about his foot / his shoes & SJH seems worried & concern to KJK, SJH looking at him directly to check him.

IMO --> always reminded me to RM eps 414 when KJK got a slap punishment, SJH in KJK's back, hold him & SJH's reaction really worried & concern to him.

7. 00:41:49 : SA lost, KJK look at back, SJH touch his back.

8. 00:42:05 : SA standing too close.

9. 00:42:25 - 00:45:27 : I love when PD just focus to SA.

10. KJK : We've already made our choice. No one's hitting anyone on our side.

11. 00:44:58 - 00:45:00 : KJK look at back to discussing with SJH (SJH in KJK's back).

12. After the result, SJH : I should've changed it at the last minute. (while KJK smirk & nod his back.


Bus :

1. CMIIW, but this is for the very 1st time / what if not for the very 1st time, at least it's been a long time they're sitting side by side (since SA 1 team, ofc sitting side by side), usually, what if have a guest, SA never sitting side by side.

2. 00:45:46 - 00.45:47 : SA seems talking toward each other.

3. When everybody talks about Loveline between JSM, JSJ, YSC SA just smile, laugh, seems enjoying their conversation & nobody teasing SA . LOL.

Until the conversation JSM & YSC loveline, SJH finally said : they're looking cute together. JSJ interrupt & said : No. SJH : Are you getting jealous ?
IMO --> Based on SJH asking are you jealous, it means SJH know when KJK interrupt SJH with another man, it means KJK jealous, yes, SJH know it also & confess directly to KJK when RM Eps 445.

I don't have any idea when SJH said about YSC & JSM so cute together, ok, just delulu, because it will be safe what if YSC & JSM have a loveline or maybe dating in real life. LOL. OK I will stop in here.

4. KJK seems surprised & didn't happy & insecure mode on when JSM said : my mom like KJK & I love JSJ changes the subject quickly by asking to her : how about LKS. LOL.


- Eating :


1. 00:48:16 : SJH looking at KJK. (you must pause this scene).

2. 00:48:45 : SA sitting too close & have a gap for another people.

IMO --> KJK's body seems to lean to SJH's body.

3. 00:48:52 : PD zoom in SJH's face & half of KJK's face while KJK's face tilted toward her. (the video clip show how SA playing the games & they win, that;s why they can eating).

4. 00:49:02 : KJK biting his lip while smile & want to interlock ignger with SJH (you must pause to watch this scene because PD cut it off).

5. KJK : Ji Hyo, did you know that ..... (not finished talking with SJH & YJS interrupt, YJS steal SA's food. LOL.)

IMO --> I'm so curious what KJK want say to SJH.

Ok, nobody will succeed to steal SA's food, SJH have a private body guard & nobody will disturb them when SA eating . LOL.

And nobody teasing SA. SA really enjoying the food.


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RM Eps 461


- Games 2 :


1. 00:52:52 - 00:53:01 : SA talking toward each other. KJK seems teach SJH / learn together / explain it to SJH.

2. When SA turns the games, 00:56:21 - 00:56 : SJH whispers to KJK after that, camera zoom in them, KJK talking about something about this games trick & make SJH smile & laugh.

KJK as to PD : Do we have to go one by one ? (KJK seems confident enough about this games).

And yes, SA wins, when KJK jumps out, SJH surprised.

JSJ : What's with these two ?

JSM : It's impossible. (PD zoom in KJK's reaction really happy, KJK laugh). What's with them ?

Let's not compete against them.

3. 00:58:44 - 00:58:45 : PD zoom in SA's face.

4. 00:58:56 - 00:59:06 : SA talking toward each other, laughing each other, KJK touch SJH's hand (YJS touch KJK's hand seems like sign "hey", but SA still talking toward each other)


- Games 3 :


1. 01:01:53 - 01:01:56: KJK look at SJH while pouty his mouth while SJH smile, after that, SJH still smile look at KJK.

2. Replied by messenger between couple.

3. KJK : SJH didn't use a messenger.

IMO --> This is prove, SJH didn't use any messenger (messenger means Kakaotalk & others application chatting).

4. Situation

A man late to meet up with woman because playing the games.

SJH : Let me answer.

KJK : What are you doing ?

You don't know beans about men!

SJH : I do know men. (SJH sitting became standing and looking at KJK, KJK surprised and happy looking at her).

SJH : I only have one last game left. Can I come when it's over ? I say : All right, baby (chagiya), you said it;s one last game, so promise you'll play just one more.

LKS teasing SJH : She will not say that, she will swear it him. KJK laugh so hard to hearing that.

SJH : I would never say that.

SJH wins.

SJH looking back at KJK, SA holding hand together, KJK look so happy.

KJK : This is unbelievable.

SJH : I did good, right ?

?? Ji Hyo actually got it.

IMO --> I bet KJK sometimes doing it (we can't lie, sometimes man like children who is need playing the games and then forget the times, as we all know, KJK playing the games also, regardless playing the games related gadget / not --> playing football, gym also) I bet SJH for sure understanding about it & sometimes not replied like that . LOL. KJK once said KJK want to tell everything to her woman & want her let KJK playing with his friends, so I bet SJH know when KJK playing with his friends when KJK with her (speak what if SA dating).


Plus, The way SA interlock fingers, what if that scenes slo motion, zoom in, actually KJK's hands didn't let go SJH's hand, KJK hand interlock finger SJH tightly.

5. 1:12:24 : SJH looking at KJK.

6. 1:14:21 : SA looking toward each other while talking each other.

7. YSC choose KJK & SJH to be safe from the penalty. & SJH side hug KJK, both of them smile happiness.


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