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[Official] SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

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On 7/22/2019 at 3:41 AM, Regita M. P said:

RM Eps 460


- Opening :

1. SA standing side by side.

2. JSJ : Btw, why are you wearing sunglasses now ?

Your eyes are pretty, you know

(ask & looking at SJH directly mean while KJK looking at SJH directly also & after JSJ finished his confession, KJK slighty smile & the others complain & teasing about JSJ)

KJK : SJH didn't look happy. He saw that she wasn't happy.

3. When JSJ told about the funny conversation between him & his wife, all of members laugh so hard, KJK laugh while he tap SJH's back & look at her directly but sadly SJH didn't look at him because she is busy laugh also.

IMO --> Reminded me to old eps, when KJK laugh, he tap SJH to laugh together, even often run to her just want to laugh together .

4. 00:05:41 : This is just eagle camera, but I love it. SJH seems lean to KJK's arms & reminded me to photo group fan meeting last year.


- 1st Games :

1. 00:10:48 : KJK change the position became beside SJH, before, KJK standing between YSC & JSJ & SA have a same hands position & bag, usually SJH's bag in the right opposite with KJK.

2. JSJ What was the most entertaining book you read ?

KJK who is eliminated out of nowhere talk about SJH : No one can get up. Ji Hyo can't get up, she can't ever get up.

IMO --> As always KJK teasing SJH & KJK really know SJH so well.

After that, SJH get up & answer : Madam Gurie.

The other inc. SJH laugh because it's wrong spell (Madam Curie).

KJK : Isn't that Madam Curie ? What kind of is book ?

3. When JSJ must choose the team, KJK & SJH got chosen by him.

4. SA standing side by side when the games turns.

5. When KJK pretend nothing happened after he drink the salty water, the one & only people know KJK so well as usual, SJH know KJK is lie mean while the other people think SJH is lie. SJH look at KJK directly when KJK drink it while pointing him, smile, & biting her lips.

IMO --> as usual, SA really know toward each other so well.

JSJ : SJH has a strange face.

SJH : pointing KJK.

SJH : It was you, right ? (talking with KJK).
KJK : No, it wasn't me.

SJH : It was you (while touch & slighty push KJK).

6. 00:21:10 : KJK hold the cup & SJH grab it from KJK's hand & KJK as usual didn't complain / mad / annoy, just let SJH hold the cup.


- 2nd Games :

1. Soft gun themes, when KJK YSC turns the games, SJH the one & only who isn't shot KJK. Vice versa.

2. When LKS turns the games, KJK want to have two water soft gun & SJH said : KJK has two water gun.


3- rd Games :

1. SA standing side by side when PD explain the rules.

2. SJH : Everyone changes except for you (talking with KJK & pointing his pants).

KJK : I didn't get changed.

3. 00:55:15 : SA mirroring each other



omg thanks for this. I can't  watch the new episode so thanks for this ♥

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6 hours ago, YeJin25 said:


I wish they will!!! I want to see them together again outside RM  :love:


Aww... I really wish they would come together. Is there any information where the event would take place? I think it's not in the SK, isn't it? Another overseas dating for our SA? :wub:

Coincidentally or not that they both agreed to sign to that brand, I think it's really sweet. If they come together, they can make an excuse that they come together for business purposes only. Indeed our SA always have a way to be with each other, right? ^_^ However, as much as I wanted to see them attending the event together, I will keep my expectation low, so I wouldn't be dissapointed in the end.

Btw, they became a pair in the latest filming of RM was more than enough for me. I would be glad to see their interactions later. I bet JK was blabbering about his LA trip to JH during the break, because he'd just recently back from LA, lol. Well, let's hope that the RM PD also remember to give JH the prize that she deserved too. It's been too long now and it seemed there's no news about it. Even JK had already went there twice. Sometimes my devilish mind said, well, JH could go with JK anytime to LA if she wants actually. :D

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1 hour ago, nrayra2015 said:

Couple shoes? :wub:




Ok maybe delulu or just coincidental or that's true this is couple shoes but for sure this is reminded us to :

1. When KJK wearing the black vans, SJH wearing the red vans (PJF eps 10 when KJK as a special guest.

2. When KJK & SJH wearing a same shoes this year about green shoes (KJK wearing for VIU filming & SJH wearing when RM Eps 439)

3. Old RM FM when KJK & SJH wearing same shoes, KJK blue & SJH red).


I guess many more :) ;) 

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Im just also curious about the shoes because its looks like a couple shoes. Hahaha im so confused about them . There is something about them im sure. They are very very close . I hope someday they see that they are meant to be from the start. I saw the program when they firt met and as you can see they are very compatible i hope in the end they realizes it. 

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Did you see this guys? Hehehehe look at this . Im just thinking if the shirt is from joongkook as well since its very large to jihyo . Maybe joong kook always give jihyo some things . What do you think?


Credit to owner 

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4 hours ago, Cheii1416 said:


Did you see this guys? Hehehehe look at this . Im just thinking if the shirt is from joongkook as well since its very large to jihyo . Maybe joong kook always give jihyo some things . What do you think?


Credit to owner 


Gave something to jihyo or sharing something to jihyo :love:  *delulu*



Edit: must see the back of her shirt coz kjk shirt has print at the back.

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17 minutes ago, Cheii1416 said:

Preview from episode today hehehehe look at their hands hehehehe . Im soo excited . 

No idea what triggered their mirroring each other again in the first picture, but they look adorable and very coupley.


Also I'm reading on multiple accounts that their dialogue went like this:


KJK: "Song Ji Hyo doesn’t know men.”
SJH: "I know men well!”

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