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[Official] SPARTACE COUPLE KimJongkook-SongJiHyo

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I just notice, KJK really want have daughter. KJK really" want it.


KJK always in the girl side.


1. When break filming, KJK came directly to the girl kid & said you're so cute, how old are you ? And then hold her hand when she jump" many time.


2. KJK first talk to the girl to sit in his leg, but the boy kid seems "ignore" by KJK until the boy request want to sit in his leg also.


3. When the kids start to arguing & KJK auto standing between them & KJK's hand seems want to help the girl kid, KJK also look & check the girl kid reaction & some moment KJK touching her. KJK even said : It will be hurt her give it to me (the boy hit the girl with magic wand), You didn't say that, right ? (asking to the girl kid).

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I’m curious about something that is sorta related to SA, but not quite. I mean no disrespect and definitely don’t want to offend other fandoms, so I’m putting my question under spoiler. This is not meant for discussion on the thread, so anyone who knows the answer or wants to discuss can DM me. I appreciate it. Thanks!



Major throwback: When MC was a thing, did HH or any other member actively support KG and SJH offscreen, NOT including fanmeets? Were any members as aggressive toward MC as HH has been toward SA? I know KJK largely served as MC’s unofficial ambassador, but he doesn’t count for obvious reasons. I’ve always only shipped SA, so I stayed within my lanes and never visited MC sites, so I don’t know.


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16 hours ago, mn0096 said:

Frankly, I can almost hear playful snickers and see rolling eyes, coz SA seem to be an open secret not just to shippers but to everyone at this point. 


We're getting less and less denial from JK about SA these days, aren't we? Let's say in RM lately, BP, even MUD now. He's getting tired of deny it anymore, eh? I like it when people said SA is an open secret. It's somehow makes me thinking, ah... they're just finding the right time to announce about their relationship.

However, JK dodged the question so well. It's just another "promise" that he made, like he did in BP when Pohang Mayor asked him to come with JH. Then, I won't be surprised if someday JH turned up at the programme. It will be another indirect affirmation from our SA about their closeness.

The fact that "those tricky but honest questions" were spilled to us (to be aired on screen) was amazing too. If JK hate to be linked with JH, then he can just simply put a warning about it like he did with his previous LL, but he didn't. I kinda agree too it's funny that the camera didn't show JK's mom reaction upon hearing that.

JK's flustered reaction was priceless too. His sudden alertness when he said "Who? Me?" made me chuckeled. His tone was a bit higher and he talked rather fast to the kids. He was insecure to be asked about that. Then, his "not so hearty laugh", also the way the kids keep asking him when he didn't answer, lol. Geez, he couldn't lie in front of the kids. He could just simply said JH is like a sister or a good friend for him, but hell, no he didn't say that. He didn't put that idea to the kids' heads, because he didn't want to disappoint them? But, I agree that he is great with the kids. So heart warming to see him like that.

The talks about marriage /having kids seemed lingered on JK all through this year heavily. I don't remember that JK is being "pushed" this much last year about these marriage things. It's also fascinating me when JH continually being mentioned everywhere in JK's programme without her presence beside JK. They aren't some sort of official LL too tbh, so why they had to mention about her so many times? Well, it's true that most of the time it's our president, HH, who mentioned about her. But, even JK himself also kept mentioning about her. It only drew a simple conclusion in my mind, let's say it's delusional, but I think they're definitely together.

Well, there's no way that JH and JK wouldn't know that there are so many people wish them to be together. I hope it would encourage them to share the happy news soon to us. I would gladly accept whatever the fact is, anyway.

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a cautious side of me considers the possibility that maybe the reason KJK doesn't fully deny SJH (assuming that they're not together) is because he is aware of the reaction or hate he might get from the fandom for it (and that SJH might get from the antis). The less cautious side of me though, believes that for as long as those two have been in the industry, they're used to it already and know how to ignore hate of that kind. 


Also, I agree that KJK could easily have asked people behind the scenes to back off from mentioning SJH all the time, but it seems to me that he is amused by it too. Their casual skinship in rm have also returned, initiated by him when he knows that no one is going to mention it out loud. 


Even SJH who never really mentions marriage or children just accepts being teased with KJK and even started the whole thing in the first place. 

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Totally agree with you @elzy


Want to add some :


1. KJK's ll have shuttle down in this year in January, it means KJK didn't have ll anymore. (Special thanks to : YJS & HH).

2. KJK SJH linked toward each other often in this year than last year and a few years ago. (Special thanks to : YJS, LKS, YSC, HH, BP, PD of RM, RM Members, Pohang Mayor & related Pohang Event, Kids in EBS Channel)

3. KJK's best friends --> HH. In this year try so hard in "his job" & succeed.

4. The assumption some people are wrong about SA became new ll in RM, because the fact is they always linked toward each other even outside RM, outside SBS plus now RM not teasing SA again & pretend nothing happened.

5. The fact is : SA close towards each others in SK is good news & became happening in this year.

6. KJK less for denying & didn't make a clear turns to SJH & it's good, now, KJK more open about it & let people ask & linked KJK with SJH.

7. KJK now became SJH's manager . LOL . What if you want to meet SJH just ask KJK :D;) 

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As I told to this forum,

I can't imagine KJK's upload the picture with the caption what if KJK have a baby (esp baby girl), it will be sweet as much as he can, i guess.


And I wish SA will get married as soon as possible, so I can looking it.

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As I told to this forum before about MUD, KJK always in the girl kid side, the body gesture want to protect her first, also KJK try to defends the girl kid by ask & said : it will be hurt her & you didn't say that right ? & touching her cheek

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^I always find it interesting that KJK and YJS (and the RM producers) keep trying to set JSM up with someone because she doesn't have a boyfriend. Meanwhile, SJH also (as far as the public is concerned) doesn't have a boyfriend, but nobody tries to set her up with anyone unless it's KJK B). Do they know something we don't know? lol. 

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1. SA standing side by side in the opening before & after they wearing costume.

2. SA 1 team in the 1st game.

3. When KJK drink a strange water but pretend nothing happened, SJH is the one and only who is know KJK is lie (mean while the other people think SJH is lie).

4. When the games is water soft gun & KJK turns the play, SJH the one and only people who didn't shoot him. Vice versa.

5. SA standing side by side when PD explain the next games after water soft gun


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RM Eps 460


- Opening :

1. SA standing side by side.

2. JSJ : Btw, why are you wearing sunglasses now ?

Your eyes are pretty, you know

(ask & looking at SJH directly mean while KJK looking at SJH directly also & after JSJ finished his confession, KJK slighty smile & the others complain & teasing about JSJ)

KJK : SJH didn't look happy. He saw that she wasn't happy.

3. When JSJ told about the funny conversation between him & his wife, all of members laugh so hard, KJK laugh while he tap SJH's back & look at her directly but sadly SJH didn't look at him because she is busy laugh also.

IMO --> Reminded me to old eps, when KJK laugh, he tap SJH to laugh together, even often run to her just want to laugh together .

4. 00:05:41 : This is just eagle camera, but I love it. SJH seems lean to KJK's arms & reminded me to photo group fan meeting last year.


- 1st Games :

1. 00:10:48 : KJK change the position became beside SJH, before, KJK standing between YSC & JSJ & SA have a same hands position & bag, usually SJH's bag in the right opposite with KJK.

2. JSJ What was the most entertaining book you read ?

KJK who is eliminated out of nowhere talk about SJH : No one can get up. Ji Hyo can't get up, she can't ever get up.

IMO --> As always KJK teasing SJH & KJK really know SJH so well.

After that, SJH get up & answer : Madam Gurie.

The other inc. SJH laugh because it's wrong spell (Madam Curie).

KJK : Isn't that Madam Curie ? What kind of is book ?

3. When JSJ must choose the team, KJK & SJH got chosen by him.

4. SA standing side by side when the games turns.

5. When KJK pretend nothing happened after he drink the salty water, the one & only people know KJK so well as usual, SJH know KJK is lie mean while the other people think SJH is lie. SJH look at KJK directly when KJK drink it while pointing him, smile, & biting her lips.

IMO --> as usual, SA really know toward each other so well.

JSJ : SJH has a strange face.

SJH : pointing KJK.

SJH : It was you, right ? (talking with KJK).
KJK : No, it wasn't me.

SJH : It was you (while touch & slighty push KJK).

6. 00:21:10 : KJK hold the cup & SJH grab it from KJK's hand & KJK as usual didn't complain / mad / annoy, just let SJH hold the cup.


- 2nd Games :

1. Soft gun themes, when KJK YSC turns the games, SJH the one & only who isn't shot KJK. Vice versa.

2. When LKS turns the games, KJK want to have two water soft gun & SJH said : KJK has two water gun.


3- rd Games :

1. SA standing side by side when PD explain the rules.

2. SJH : Everyone changes except for you (talking with KJK & pointing his pants).

KJK : I didn't get changed.

3. 00:55:15 : SA mirroring each other



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