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[Drama 2013-14] You Who Came From the Stars / My Love From Another Star ★ 별에서 온 그대


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A bit late to the party but watched this December last year and was not disappointed. I loved the chemistry between Song-yi and Do Min-joon and their apartments were to die for. I actually thought they were real apartments but I was even more impressed when I found out they were just sets. I've always been a fan of fantasy/sci-fi and I've forgotten how many times I've dreamed and fantasized on having the powers of teleportation and stopping time. The OST was also nice although more would have been better. I guess I got spoiled with the first k-drama I watched (Hotel del Luna) which had an OST for almost each episode. I was hoping Lee Hee-kyung and Yoo Semi ends up together in the end but such was not meant to be. This is the 3rd k-drama I've watched and so far my 2nd favorite. 

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