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[Drama 2013-14] You Who Came From the Stars / My Love From Another Star ★ 별에서 온 그대


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Guest kyung-jin

itemprop="name"The 7 best and worst K-drama siblings

by KD Bonbon on Thu, Apr 02, 2015


Interesting family dynamics, especially sibling relationships, are an important element to many K-dramas. The sisters or brothers of main characters can help to round their character out and make them more relatable, likable, or sympathetic. And while some K-drama characters are really lucky with their siblings, others are very unlucky and have a brother or sister who makes you cringe.

Below are 7 of the best and worst K-drama siblings!

The Best

3. Cheon Yoon Jae - My Love From Another Star


Another awesome sibling, Yoon Jae, played by the awesome Ahn Jae Hyun, always stands up for his sister Cheon Song Yi. Whether he is defending her to his friends or staying with her so she will feel safe, Toon Jae is always there for her. He’s also quite adorable!

The Worst

7. Lee Jae Kyung - My Love From Another Star


Jae Kyung, played by the sinister Shin Sung Rok, wins for possibly the worst sibling of all time! He is so evil! (Spoilers) Not only does he kill Han Yoo Ra, but he kills his own brother and tried to kill his other brother Hwi Kyung. No one wants a brother who tries to kill them. Jae Kyung is a bad guy all around and not someone you want to mess with. Unless you are Do Min Joon, of course.

Source: http://www.dramafever.com/news/the-7-best-and-worst-k-drama-siblings/

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Guest kyung-jin

8 K-dramas your boyfriend will actually enjoy watching with you

by KD Bonbon on Tue, Apr 07, 2015


While it often seems like K-drama fandom consists mostly of females, DramaFever has plenty of content that guys would like too! The K-drama male viewership is always growing as new and interesting dramas are released. Now is the perfect time to get that guy in your life started watching K-dramas. Whether it be your friend, coworker, brother, boyfriend, or husband, turn him onto one of the dramas below and he will certainly be thanking you for the introduction to Dramaland!

No matter what television genre your guy is into, here are 8 K-dramas that he'll love to watch with you!

2. If He Likes Romantic Comedies: My Love From Another Star


My Love From Another Star is about an alien who lands on earth during the Joseon Dynasty, and 400 years later, he falls in love with a top Korean actress whose life is threatened after the death of a rival actress.

Why he’ll like it: Aliens? Mystery? Evil plots? What’s not to love? My Love From Another Star is a fantastic love story and is the perfect mix of romance and comedy with some supernatural and mystery elements thrown in. This drama was popular worldwide, and he’s bound to love it.

Source: http://www.dramafever.com/news/8-k-dramas-your-boyfriend-will-actually-enjoy-watching-with-you/

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class="at_title" style="padding: 0px 17.15625px; margin: 0px; font-size: 32px; list-style: none; line-height: 38px; letter-spacing: -0.04em; clear: both; text-align: center; color: rgb(34, 34, 34); font-family: 'Noto Sans', Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);"5 Best-Dressed Male Characters In Korean Dramas
Last week we rounded up our favorite fashionistas in the K-drama realm, now it's time to focusicon1.png our attention on the men who aced the style departmenticon1.png in their respective drama series.

Kim Soo Hyun as Do Min Joon "My Love From The Star"

(Photo : SBS)

Do Min Joon and Cheon Song Yi are a match made in fashion heaven. Although Cheon Song Yi is a fashion knockout with her impeccable style choices and good eye for anything designer, Cheon Song Yi quieter and more subtle style is also a standout on its own. Do Min Joon teaches at a university, and with a professor as hot and fashion-savvy as him we're sure none of his female students skipped class. At home, however, Do Min Joon style is more comfortable and casual and he is usually seen sporting chic pullovers and cardigans.

© 2015 KpopStarz. All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without permission.


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Guest kyung-jin

10 K-dramas with the sweetest love stories

by CoCo Kdrama on Wed, Apr 15, 2015

It's springtime, flowers are in bloom, and love is in the air, and to celebrate this romantic time of year, DramaFever has teamed up with Spotify to create the Love Story: Korean Drama OST playlist featuring songs from the sweetest K-dramas. Whether you have a crush on someone special, are head over heels in love, or are even hurting from a breakup, you'll love our romantic mix of K-drama music from the heart. Here are 10 K-dramas that have the purest and most beautiful love stories. 

4. My Love From Another Star


Source: http://www.dramafever.com/news/10-k-dramas-with-the-sweetest-love-stories/

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Guest kyung-jin

itemprop="name"9 Reasons you should spend this week re-watching My Love From Another Star

by KD Bonbon on Mon, Apr 20, 2015


It’s been over a year since My Love From Another Star finished airing, but it feels like only yesterday. One of the most popular dramas of 2014, My Love From Another Star captured the hearts of fans worldwide. And for good reason. The romantic drama starring Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun was an amazing supernatural love story that viewers loved from beginning to end.

This is a great drama to re-watch before the premiere of Producer, which shares a writer and male lead with My Love from Another Star, and it's also the perfect drama to watch as you relax from a hard day at work or school! If you’re not convinced to re-watch My Love From Another Star this week, scroll down for 9 more reasons you should take the time to re-watch this amazing drama for the first, second, or tenth time!.

And if you haven’t seen My Love From Another Star, first of all, where have you been? And second of all, click here to begin watching the drama from the beginning!

1. The oh-so-perfect theme song —" You Are My Destiny"!

This is one theme song that you definitely cannot resist singing out loud! Possibly while weeping softly and eating fried chicken...

2. Do Min Joon? Do Min Joon!


Do Min Joon redefines alien sexiness. And you know he will always be there when you need help.

3. Cheon Song Yi’s lipstick


Cheon Song Yi’s lipstick color was so popular that the rumored color that she wore from YSL sold out across the world! Hey ladies, spring is the perfect time to rock this beautiful pinky coral lip just like Song Yi!

4. These apartments


Costing around one million dollars to construct — EACH — Do Min Joon’s and Cheon Song Yi’s apartments are envy-inducing luxurious. Can I please live in a place like that?

5. Superhero strength? Yes please!


On top of his ability to stop time and teleport, Do Min Joon is also freakishly strong. Stopping Song Yi’s car from careening off a cliff? No big deal for Min Joon.

6. Cheon Song Yi’s driving skills

Possibly the worst driver in drama history...Song Yi was used to being driven around when she was a top Hallyu star, but when she has to drive herself to class, you’d better get off the road! The clip above is hilarious too!

7. The magnificently sinister Lee Jae Kyung


Played by the stunning Shin Sung Rok, Jae Kyung is the perfect bad guy. He’s the guy you love to hate but also hate that you love. He’s just so handsome….

8. The “15 Second Fairy” scene

Cheon Song Yi boasts that it only takes 15 seconds for someone to become captivated by her seductive self. And just when you think Do Min Joon may be impervious to her charms…”the kiss” happens.

9. Did I mention Do Min Joon?


Just take a moment to admire the beautifulness that is Do Min Joon, played by Kim Soo Hyun. And don’t forget, after you re-watch My Love From Another Star and the Do Min Joon withdrawal begins to set in again, you can see Kim Soo Hyun and the writer of My Love from Another Star reunite for Producer, coming exclusively to DramaFever in May! 

Source: http://www.dramafever.com/news/9-reasons-you-should-spend-this-weekend-re-watching-my-love-from-another-star/

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 Hello @aien :) 

The ending is beautiful indeed, a very deep meaning. I still watch it even it's almost a year now. 

I know it's impossible, but I really wish for season 2 :( 


Edit: I mean almost a year after the first time I watched this drama, I still can't move on...

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Anyone here? Hehehe. I have been watching Producer where KSH plays a role as a rookie director. Just want to share this thing.hehe

Honestly, I dont really enjoy the show. Not because of the story, but because of the editing and camera shoots that sometimes seem ridiculous and distracting. I also can't stand seeing KSH with other actresses as his co-stars, because yeaah I am a KSH-JJH shipper. Whenever I see any intimate scenes between KSH and his co-stars, I really really struggle to calm my heart, thousand times talking to myself to "keep calm, keep calm, all iz well, everything is gonna be okay..."


But why do I keep watching??

Sign. I am looking for signs and traces. I really miss KSH-JJH that I am looking for any signs the writer may give to us through the drama. I am looking for everything related to them in Producer because we barely hear any updates of this two. By watching it, at least I can get any updates/things related to them every week. Moreover, because Stars and Producer are written by the same writer and it is about entertainment drama, I thought there may be many references of Stars appearing in Producer.


Did I spot them? The signs?

Yes, I did. It has been 6 episodes and surprisingly, in each episode, there is at least one element that is so related to Stars, KSH, and JJH. If you look at the Daesang thread and my instagram account, you can find those references. This is why I keep on watching although my heart breaks every time I see intimate scenes between KSH and his co-stars.

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With the discovery of Kepler 452b or Earth 2.0, I clapped with joy !! Hooray Hooray!! NASA has finally found Do Min-Joon's planet :D. The press should go to ask Do Min-Joon for an interview on how he can travel from his planet to earth through wormholes in a short amount of time to be with Cheon Song-Yi. If this secret is revealed, we don't have to wait 25.8 million years to travel 1400 light years to visit Do Min-Joon's home and his friends that appeared wearing all black in episode 1. 

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oh my gosh i just watch the drama til episode 7, and must say this drama is so good!

kim so hyun is so cool and with all that knight saving T^T 

will there be a real man out there to be able to do stuff like that, like be there whenever u are in danger. lol

so hooked up with the character!

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Hello everyone!! :)

There have been rumours about YWCFTS Sequel yet uri PD had explained that there is no plan yet for the sequel. I have watched some KDramas since Star ended but still, Star will always be number one KDrama for me. I have rewatched it endless times but I never find myself bored in watching it.kekeke. Take care, everyone!! Let's wait for the time when all the casts and crew of YWCFTS get reunited for another awesome project (YWCFTS sequel or movie version, maybe :D )!!! :):)


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I know this is old but I just watched this recently (like 2 weeks ago) and am rewatching the whole show again. Anyone here to spazz with me? 


Anyone else feel like the bad guy... they could have expanded on his role a bit more. I don't know why he's bad for bad purpose but the actor himself was really good.


And question: does anyone know how the special directors cut version look like? I would like to purchase that. 


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25 minutes ago, dramaninja said:

Huh I just notice Viki does not have  this show behind they higher tier paywall anymore which was annoying.


I would watch it on dramafever but I love the comments on Viki.

Viki has it but under the name My love from the star!

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