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BTS (방탄소년단) Official Thread: 2nd Chapter [#5XGrammyNominatedArtist #WishingTheBest4Jin #JhopeInTheBox #AllNewHope]


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The song "Tokyo" by RM (MONO) is included in the Pitchfork playlist "WHAT'S GOOD"


What’s Good” is Pitchfork’s new weekly playlist, curated by Pitchfork founder Ryan Schreiber, bringing you highlights from new releases across all genres. It’s updated every week on Spotify and Apple Music with new songs released over the course of the previous weeks. 

Apple Music: https://itunes.apple.com/us/playlist/whats-good/pl.ef163c4af2d9486380b0fd9b60f8b272 

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/user/pitchfork/playlist/3ADXVziNy1l5fqL46npJGa 


The link: https://pitchfork.com/news/whats-good-this-week-vince-staples-rosalia-lil-peep-more/





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The MV will be released soon, Steve Aoki X BTS


"Waste It on Me" feat. BTS
Talking about the fans - wow. These fans are absolutely incredible. The BTS Army is literally an army that works day and night to get the music out there. Just absolutely the best team you could have on your side. This was the third song that BTS and I did in the last year ... These guys are family. I sent them the bones of "Wasted On Me." They loved it, and I was crossing my fingers, because it's all in English. It's just such a treat to the global audience that BTS has. I love the nuances of how they sing the song. You don't need to follow a certain box like you did back in the day. When I work with singers and different vocalists, we go take after take after take to get the best. I'm not sure how many times they worked on it in their studio, but whatever take they sent me, I didn't want to change. I love how raw and pure and genuine it is. This is an extremely meaningful song, my most meaningful song on the album. There's a lot of history in that song, and the global footprint that this song has already in the first week, it's already absolutely incredible.



Steve Aoki stopped by their studio to chat with them about working with Linkin Park, collaborating with BTS on Waste It On Me & his new album Neon Future III.

Credit to the owners.

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  • YongZura⁷ changed the title to BTS (방탄소년단) Official Thread: 2nd Chapter [#5XGrammyNominatedArtist #WishingTheBest4Jin #JhopeInTheBox #AllNewHope]

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