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BTS (방탄소년단) Official Thread: 2nd Chapter [#5XGrammyNominatedArtist #SUGA|AgustDTour #V_JinnysKitchen #jhope_on_the_street #JiminFACEiscoming #SetMeFreePart2 #LikeCrazyIsComing]


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18 hours ago, twinkle_little_star said:


*waving hands* hello @YongZura⁷ , when is the release date for these songs, Zura? thanks again for letting us know. :D


Look Out for June 10th... the full schedule can also be found here and also the first page of this thread.




After #ProofOfInspiration it will be their Concept Photos



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10 hours ago, YongZura⁷ said:

2. @partyon You have my deepest respect for being able to let others know about BTS more than me.   Anyone with an open mind and heart is always welcome here to know more about BTS even if you are just a casual listener or not a #BTSARMY yet. I am also learning about them all the time.


Nah, it's fun to allow others to become acquainted with BTS! :highonflowers: Especially since it happened to me too in early 2020.


By the way (as a gossip addict):



I've been following the news with regard to HYBE's girl group LE SSERAFIM and there are a lot of negative comments online on how HYBE is handling it. I've also seen increasingly many comments on how this is affecting BTS's image as well. Are ARMYs worried that BTS is going to get dragged into this further? :scream:


I hope I don't offend anyone with my question. Am just curious to hear how ARMY is reacting to this


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This is how many of us are handling anything.


Majority of us are on BTS Lockdown, meaning we only focus on BTS CB.  Trust BTS that's the simplest solution.



Every CB, there will always be "things" that intentionally distract us. Sometimes I just wish the CB to be tomorrow. Antis (it could be anyone) is well known to drag BTS for whatever reason... for their own personal narrative.  


For a peaceful mind, I only focus on BTS. I even curate my TL on Twitter thus I do not see those distraction. So I may not be the best person to give the appropriate response to the matter that you highlighted.   



BTW, this is a personal opinion.  Although I used the word "majority" or many", it is based on what I see on my TL only.  I'll try to post other ARMYs' thoughts and tag you later.


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6 hours ago, partyon said:

@YongZura⁷ Thanks for the Proof posts. I have been following on another kpop site what the boys have put together. 


I hope you found a good site :eats2:




BTS - Korean Dramas - Korean lesson


While waiting for the next release of BTS album,  I've been watching too many episodes of dramas / animes etc.  Besides watching for my own pleasure,  I also have two Korean classes that are based on two different dramas --> The Red Sleeve and TwentyFive, Twenty-One.  


Some of the activities are watching it live and commenting / sharing what is happening and also the culture real time (there's also another group that watch it independently).  As for the other drama, we have a Google Meet every Friday (4 times) and do a little bit of script reading (which always make me feel nervous).  Both classes highlight the vocabulary and grammatical parts used in the dramas.  I may not be able to follow everything 100%, however to even be able to read and understand a word used is sometimes feels like a "Eureka moment".


My "Eureka moment" was when I was able to read and understand a post by Yoongi  on his birthday on Twitter without referring to the translation by the ARMY translator.  It goes straight to your heart when you understood what they wrote on your own (however I do have trouble to read their handwritten notes.... I may need longer time). It does feel different reading a random text in your text book compared to a post that is especially written for you.  


However, I still have a long way to go.  Another challenge for a learner when reading their post is, they also post lots of "aegyo" by changing the spelling.  You can only understand it when you hear "the sound" made.  Another fun part is reading English word in Korean.  :lol: I remembered there was one time that I went "blank" and wondering what did I read ... and then realised it was an English word but spelt in Korean.  


Maybe I can highlight some of the words here (in between highlighting their achievement) on this thread once a while.  Till then...

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4 hours ago, YongZura⁷ said:

@partyon @Yinye It's the same hair...  They look like themselves in this ad.


Omo! Kookie's mullet

American Beauty Star Lol GIF by Lifetime


@Min2206 @Idylla Kaizoku @confusedheart Please identify the members in the Hyundai x BTS pics @YongZura⁷ sensei posted today (the ones where they are wearing jeans and a shirt with the number 7 printed on it). :glasses:

This will be a part of your final test!


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11 minutes ago, Idylla Kaizoku said:

If your telling me to identify them by their backs, and shirt with their names, I'm like:


No, no... :D If you look closely, though, their names are printed on the back of their shirts :loolz:


You can use this pic to identify the members:


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17 minutes ago, partyon said:

You can use this pic to identify the members

Now, we're talking. Also, they have the same color of hair. Weirdly nice change. Looks really calming and has 'happy' vibes. 


To not spamming the thread:


L to R: V, RM, Jin, Suga, JK, Mochi, Hobi


If I've got the certain trio right, it'll be a miracle.



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  • YongZura⁷ changed the title to BTS (방탄소년단) Official Thread: 2nd Chapter [#5XGrammyNominatedArtist #SUGA|AgustDTour #V_JinnysKitchen #jhope_on_the_street #JiminFACEiscoming #SetMeFreePart2 #LikeCrazyIsComing]

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