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♡ GRAMMY Nominated BTS (방탄소년단) Official Thread [#PTD_On_Stage_Seoul #MyUniverse #BTS_InTheSoop2]


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I am watching the London Blu-Ray and I feel like I am there in front row lol 


They always look great in white! Dionysus followed by Not Today is a great intro. I am also liking this darker mix of Not Today.


Time just flies by when watching BTS perform and I finished the entire show already. It was a great show! 

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Both of those articles are really good! 

Fellow Army be careful, every come back, there are ppl aiming to target the fandom with drama. For your enjoyment, just focus on enjoying the BTS content and music and less on the reaction from ppl online! I even mistakenly read some of the drama because other Army retweeted it and ugh... I logged off. Don’t enable the drama and many Army fall for it every time too.


The guys are working hard, always have, and they would want fans to focus on their music, performance and content and not the drama online! So don’t let the fandom drama lessen your enjoyment of BTS or their music. 


Maknae line resting during practice. 

An easy thing that all fans can do to help promote this come back:





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Ken Lewis, their mixing engineer for Interlude: Shadow and other BTS songs, worked on the track right after a fire! "Luckily, their producers are genius and the whole group is incredibly talented and organized."










Credit to the owner

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  • YongZura⁷ changed the title to ♡ GRAMMY Nominated BTS (방탄소년단) Official Thread [#PTD_On_Stage_Seoul #MyUniverse #BTS_InTheSoop2]

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