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♡ BTS (방탄소년단) Official Thread [#HappyChuseok2020 #DynamiteShiningThrough #BTSWeek #BTS_BEisComing]

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Bang Si Hyuk, Founder of BTS' Label, Big Hit, made several announcements on the plans for Big Hit during Big Hit Corporate Briefing: With The Community. Many concepts and words were thrown around but what do those really mean? What is IP? How does it affect BTS? What is Paradigm Shift and how doest it affect Kpop? 
People are always wondering whether or not Big Hit intentionally puts clues and puzzles in BTS Music Videos and shows. Spoiler: It is intentional. Watch the video and understand Big Hit and where they plan to take BTS. Understand a little bit more about the radical vision of Big Hit that nurtures the radical artist that is BTS.

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