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♡ 2X GRAMMY Nominated BTS (방탄소년단) Official Thread [#Proof #10thJune2022 #intheSEOM #YetToCome]


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Ahhhhh I hate the Grammys for using BTS and us AGAIN. Of the several submissions, we only got one nomination. I’ll be ignoring the Grammy and only there for BTS. They will be using us for views and engagement again…having said that I’ll be rooting for Japanese Breakfast and Arooj Aftab too - they make beautiful music too and many people don’t know them 

Other good news

We are already winners so let’s just enjoy and do what we did before…


 credit to all respective owners

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The author of the TIME article above:



Ohhhh Tae to guest on a new Kdrama OST song for his friend - yey new music!!!!



Yey at journalist highlighting facts


BTS giving BOMB guidance


I go in panicking mode since I still can’t find my BOMb!! 


PS: I will update again later later this afternoon. Work is busy now so I just stick to the big news. 

Credit to the respective owners 


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Weverse shop doing Black Friday sales and Some sweet and funny ARMY things:





Credit to the respective owners 


Also Jin (dark horse bias wrecker!!) staying in my mind randomly especially with his big blue + white whale sweater - what a look! Beautiful




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  • YongZura⁷ changed the title to ♡ 2X GRAMMY Nominated BTS (방탄소년단) Official Thread [#Proof #10thJune2022 #intheSEOM #YetToCome]

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