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[Drama 2003] All In 올인


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I really hope there would be ALL IN 2 but the chances are so small since I do not think SHG or LBH would like to appear in the same series together after their romance had ended a while ago.

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Hey y'all,

I was at the Grand Canyon just last week... I thought about All-In while I was there... Couldn't tell where they film those scenes in the series.

Just so you know, it was freaking cold there at the GC even during the day and it was only the end of October. I think they filmed All-In there around December timeframe... So, LBH must have been freezing standing there on the cliff during the scene where he stood and stared at the music box with the helicopter in the backdrop.

yea, I feel for him wearing just a suit and tried to look all comfortable and handsome at the same time.

For me, I was all bundled up in my puffy jacket, leather gloves, and knit cap, and still trembled grumpily.

Hats off to the dedication and suffering of the actor!

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Thanks, llxaNnExo12ll! ermm, how shall we address you? hehe..

She is Yoo Min. She's been living in Korea for 4 years. And she speaks Korean fluently!

How did i know? :lol: She was featured in Arirang Showbiz Extra last Oct 21. Featured was her cf Making.


"Known for her alabaster skin and perfect complexion, we met up with the Japanese star who enjoys as much fame in Korea, as in Japan, Yoo Min!"

And last Sunday, Oct 16 episode, there was a short portion, the Gossip in the Streets of Seoul:

"The latest gossip about celebrity couples? Shin Hye-sung from the group Shinhwa and Japanese talent, Yoo Min! "

--- of course, both their agencies denied it. they were both in Japan but did not see nor date each other..

jen, hunnie! i wub your avvie and sig! *clapclapLilSis*

bessie! you've got a lot of All In SCs tucked away, huh? hahaha..

zashi, hunnie! hello to you, too!

and wubie here has a lot of all in clips! i specially wub the NG clip of their bedscene. it was hilarious!

i have been telling the pinay pandas about this particular NG. It was LBH who wiped the mouth of SHK! hahaha..and if you have razor sharp eyes, you will notice my siggy! guess who?! hahaha! hay.. sigh.. :rolleyes:

Hi Cha Pak, I am drooping over all the NGs you mentioned, where can I watch all the NGs, especially the whipping of her mounth. Must be hilarious. :)

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February 15, 2003

Lee Byung Hun, his energy ran out but his acting is unlimited 

Article from Busanilbo, translated by jonie at leebyunghun.com

Paying attention to LBH of SBS 'ALL IN'

Got bruises all over the body. No rest ever since last Sept. Wide range of acting is attracting. Around 30% of high rating is a big support.

At the press conference, BH mentioned he had hard time as if he were trained as a navy. It might have been heard like overstatement but, actual outcome was over our expectation.

Thank to BH's acting, with over 30% rating from episode6, ALL IN is leading MBC Snowman. His popularity is running upward as much as LBH's homepage is freezed due to heavy traffic on the day when ALL IN telecasts.(Here, we can notice BH must have visited dotcom ^^)

It is remarkable that ALL IN is recording high rating of around 30% which followed after Happy Together and Beautiful days, all of which leading actor was BH.

" I am used up but i am enduring by viewer's supports" saying BH looked hard.
"Differently from movie, it is usually ok to focus on some particular spots at a drama, but for this drama, it's not acceptable. 
For even one scene, we go all around country such as Busan, Jeju and Kangwondo
and I have to film for action scene without substitute."

Actually, from falling down right on the ground after aerial kicking, he got hurts and bruises all over his body.
Since the first day of filming in last Sept, he can even count days he took a rest. It is only when the script-out is delayed that he has time to rest. And yet he gets anxious waiting next script so, he can't be really relaxed even during rest time.

LBH's role, Inha is a character who has so many ups and downs in his life, who starts an intense life as a orphan, through bitter experiences like imprisonment and farewell with lover, and becomes world gambler and successful business man

LBH is taking a difficult character which requires from tough action to melodrama but, he has successfully created 'LBH=Inha'
Producers and directors, who worked with BH, mention BH's great acting in wide range as a BH's fascination.
When he closes his big mouth, he brings a defiant looking, but if he grins showing shiny regular teeth, soon he gives childlike naughty looking. In addition, if his eyes mixed with cold and warmth are added, it's so overpowering.

" My acting can't be done by myself" He attributes his exertion to colleagues' effort.
" As Inha didn't take simple life, I didn't grip character completely yet."

About the question of which technique he actually learned from Cha Minsoo, he anwered " I learned pokerface which is how to control inner feeling and face as a poker player rather than techniques"
"From episode15 of which story was filmed on US location, maybe you will be able to find another appearance in me."

After he showed his intention to go back to movie after finishing ALL IN around April, recently he is receiving 5~6 movie scripts per week . "I am trying to choose next movie, but it's not easy."


February 10, 2003

LBH is Bruce Willis of 'Die Hard'? 
From SportsSeoul article posted by iyi2s on freeboard, translated by jonie

LBH's iron physical strength is being the topic of talk.

From consecutive all-night filming, all staffs are exhausted but,
Only LBH remains strong so far.
In fact, he has tremendous amount of filming as much as he appears
more than half amount of every episode.
Therefore, everybody has worried much about BH's physical strength if BH would
adapt himself to deadly schedule such as filming several tens of scenes per day.
However, LBH put their worries behind and he is perfectly finishing all amount of filming for each day.

" I am amazed at myself, my stamina. Currently, my best wish is that I can sleep enough" said LBH.

LBH is supposed to show full-scaled action from episode9 
starting with the scene of secret passage to cross over to America.
At the scene of secret passage filmed in Inchon, 
his action superior to professional stuntman was applauded by people around.

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February 18, 2003

Interview with Choi Wankyu, Scriptwriter of ALL IN 
From Sportsseoul, translated by jonie-dotcom

In the drama ALL IN, it seems to be much adopted from real person, Cha's life.
How much portion did you consider to adopt from Cha?

Cha's actual life is too dramatic. It would rather seem cartoon if I borrow his life as it is.
Cha is really attractive person. If I give such a attraction to only one character, it might look too artificial. So I distributed it to LBH and JS. 
Wealthy background as a son of owner of theater was adopted to JS's charater. 
Trait of being humble and calm usually but being powerful at an decisive moment was adopted to LBH's character.

LBH's acting in ALL IN is much admired. How's LBH in scriptwriter's eyes? 
He is a really smart actor. While writing, scriptwriters usually wonder " How 
would actor express this scene? Could the actor understand my intention?"
LBH picks up even what I didn't think about. Sometimes, He acts unbelievably well 
as much as I scream from amazement.
Analyzing script, he often asks me in person about what he doesn't understand.
There are many cases that I changed lines after I listened to his opinion. 
In a word, He shows 120% better than the character in my script.

How's ending of ALL IN?
now under struggling. From episode11, Full love-line will be progressed and
episodes filmed on US location will be centralized till episode14.
Frankly, Scripts for episode8 and 9 of which scenes are sending BH to US, 
were the most difficult parts for me.
As I overcame the most hard part, I would be able to write a bit faster thereafter.
For now, the plan of 'killing JS' was suspended. Maybe I have to struggle to 
decide whom I kill until the end.
Instead, I will make JS a cruel guy to create more tension of relation between LBH and JS.
Originally, I planned to marry SHK to JS but, if so, love-line with LBH would weaken. 
I am thinking of it again.

How's Choi Wankyu in LBH's eyes?
Relatively speaking to Movie, Script is taking great amount charge of drama.
Actually Choi is famous for his late script-out. 
Even though it's hard to stand idle and wait long in the filming spot 
until the script is out , I can enjoy the waiting time without worry 
because his script after long waiting is really great.
He is a great talented scriptwriter whom actors can rely on.
I am happy to work with him and he is really nice guy I like personally.

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Guest Jamieâ„¢

you know whats cool. how this drama brought two couples together.

shk & lbh


psm & jisung

haha i read in an article, and the director was like "maybe i should consider a career in matchmaking instead!"

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Guest kalinda

I finished All In just last night... and I like it soo much! I love the storyline, love the casts - they're all perfect in their respective roles! ... I've seen other LBH's projects but THIS serie is the one that left me with so much impression. I love his character, firm, cool, loving and yet can be rude and cruel to his enemies at the same time. He seems tough and yet he keeps his pain inside... just like what he said to his friend - Jenny - everytime he sees SHG, it kills him and it's reminded of how he can't keep his promise to her (not to leave her). He never raised a voice to his loved one. I love LBH/SHG chemistry in this serie.. I bet they dated when it's in the middle of the shooting probably right?... bec. it seems they really enjoyed cuddling each other so much!... Last but not least, I love the kissing scenes, the one in the class room, anddddd the last one of course, deep, passionate kiss!...

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February 21, 2003

During the filming of All In, there was a tragedy in Korea

ALL IN team raised a relief fund

Including LBH, SHK, JS, many artists are participating in fund-raising for TaeGu subway disaster.

ALL IN team also raised a relief fund for victims of Taegu Subway arson attack at filming spot on 21st and 22nd.
Fund-raising, suggested by chief of Greensnake production and supported by all actors and staffs, was done immediately. "Unless there is filming schedule, we'd like to go to Taegu and console victims " said LBH, SHK and PSM

from article posted by ¿À¹é¿ø..ÁÖÈ­ on freeboard


February 25, 2003

LBH, SHK donated 10 million won each for victims of Taegu subway arson attack.
Song Kangho and Ko Soyong also donated 10 million won.

Thanks to jonie at leebyunghun.com for the translation

February 10, 2003

ALL IN has a team doctor [sportsseoul]

ALL IN team got to have an exclusive doctor.

Since all of 'ALL IN' staffs have been exhausted from tight schedule without break,
Production 'Green Snake' urgently looked for an official team doctor 
for ALL IN actors and staffs' health.
Final chosen doctor is a herb doctor Choi who is an active fan of ALL IN.

ALL IN team was happy for the news. 
Most of all, LBH,who is most busy filming, was pleased saying
"In spite of accumulated fatigue and flu, I had no time to go to hospital. It's really good news."

From article posted by iyi2s on freeboard

February 5, 2003

Tidbits: ALL IN staffs are busy betting 

ALL In staffs are busy betting on 'guess right of advance rating'

This betting was started from 22/Jan for episode3.
It was only between several staffs at the beginning, 
but, as drama is getting popular, now many staffs including leading actors
are hot on betting. 

Betting is limited to 10000won(=about US$9), 
If nobody hits the right number, the prize money is waived to next episode.
Since there was no prizewinner so far, prize money snowballed.

A staff said " Accumulated prize money so far is almost 2 million won (=about US$1700)
As the story is going on, participants are getting increased.
So, the one who hit the right rating for this week would get quite a lot of 
extra money(about 3 million won)." 

LBH bet over 40%...He said He will bet 10000won on either 41% or 42%.
SHK bet on 36.5% (the number of body temperature)
PSM bet on 34% cautiously.

From sportstoday, thanks to jonie for the translation

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Omigosh, I just finished watching this drama. Lee Byung Hun is HOT! Not to mention a dang great actor. I love him already. And that guy who played the 19 year old Kim In Ha, Omigosh he's HOT too! :lol: I just love the chemistry between SHK and LBH.

I enjoyed this drama a lot. It's one of the best Kdramas I've seen. The only complain I have is that SHK and LBH did not even share a scene in about 8 episodes? huhuhu I so wanted to see them together most of the time coz they made me so giddy with all their scenes together. Esp. that bed scene. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :lol: Now I know why SHK fell in love with LBH. That man sure knows how to kiss his woman!

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Guest kat_yuri

i've finished watching this series..and i loved it!!!! i thought that it would have a very SAd ending....but ..just watch it!!! :D and you'll know...byung hun and hye kyo looked good in this series.... :P

...and i hope it will be a hit soon in QTv here in the philippines :P .....

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February 26, 2003 from JoongAng Daily 

When viewers put on producers' hats

Imagine "Romeo and Juliet" appearing as a soap opera in Korea. If it happened, it's likely viewers would put a stop to things before Shakespeare's famous sweethearts took their lives. Juliet would awaken just before Romeo took his poison and the two might go on to sing a lover's concerto. 

On the Korean TV scene, viewers frequently come to the rescue of star-crossed lovers. Viewers here regularly stir up public opinion, insisting that a Romeo and a Juliet should experience a happy ending. They feel for the characters so much that they have to see things turn out well. It’s love and attachment, if not obsession. 

"All In," one of the hottest TV dramas around, with an audience rating higher than 40 percent, is no exception to these surges in public opinion. 

Airing Wednesday and Thursday nights at 10 on SBS, the drama is a colorful tale of gamblers. It's originally based on a true story, but the producers made it clear that they dramatized the plot. What the producers didn't expect was an ambush ¯ by the viewers. Recent episodes focused more on the heartrending love story of the main character, In-ha, once a cool bettor who fled to the United States after being charged with murder by the police. In-ha, whose life hits rock bottom, thinks the best thing he can do for his lover, Su-yeon, is to be out of her life, though they love each other dearly. In upcoming episodes, it's In-ha's close friend, Jung-won, who ties the knot with Su-yeon, according to the script. Su-yeon, left alone in Korea, receives great comfort from Jung-won and cannot reject his proposal. It’s this turn of events that has made viewers go crazy. 

Dedicated watchers from online fan clubs have overwhelmed Internet bulletin boards, urging, even threatening, for a happy ending. As one viewer wrote, "Could you please let them love each other? P.S. 'All In' is the light of my life."

Another viewer offers different reasoning. "If Su-yeon gets with Jung-won, what would the story be like? It will be a story of little value, which mars the reputation of the drama. In this sense, Su-yeon and In-ha should remain together." 

Lee Myung-woo, an assistant director of "All In," admits that viewers are playing a role. "At the moment, we don't have plans to change the script," he says, "but we have to say that we are seriously considering the viewers’ opinions. Audience ratings are a critical factor.” 

This is not the first time audiences have figured in the future of a program. In the SBS soap opera "Love Without Fear," which appeared a few years ago, a main character, dying from a disease, survived when viewers badgered the producers to let the character live -- for the sake of love. 

In other cases, it's common for TV producers, sensitive to what the viewers say, to change details of a show to meet high expectations. Even Shakespeare might not have been able to resist the demands of such devoted audiences. 

by Chun Su-jin <sujiney@joongang.co.kr>

Thanks to Shirley Toh at www.leebyunghun.com for sharing the article

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Guest jonogunn

not sure if this was mentioned already but did you know the girl who played the young version of su-yeon is actually the same age as song hyegyo?

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OMG!! Rubie!! Thank you loads for that cute pic of my Jin Goo :D Btw, do u happen to know the name of the girl who played the young version of Su-Yeon? She's pretty and she looked great with Jin Goo in this series. I hope they make another drama together. They make a cute pair. :D

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March 2 , 2003

Who will be the final winner of Love Game of ALL IN? 

From SportSeoul

Who is going to be the final winner of Love Game?

SBS ALL IN, getting popular as the story is progressed, 
its plot thickens from episode6
Accordingly, love story surrounding LBH is developing rapidly,
so viewers are all focusing on who is gonna be the final winner of this love game.

LBH, who portrays pro gambler Cha minsoo's life and appears more than 70% of drama,
is a protagonist both in name and reality.
SHK(Min Sooyeon), PSM(Seo Jinhee), Yoo Min(Lie) and KTY(Jenny), 
those 4 ladies are challenging for such a charming protagoinst. 
All of them have inevitable fateful relations with LBH.

First, viewers are most interested if LBH would achieve success of first love with SHK.
According to original arranged ending, it was somewhat happy ending for BH
because it was planned that SHK gets to get married with JS(Choi Jeongwon)
but, after JS's death, she comes back to BH.

However, as the story is progressed, ending turned to flexible.
Since new characters like Lie were positioned and overall storyline was expanded,
by now 3/Feb when script of episode8 came out,
Writer and staffs didn't finalize ending yet.
For now, Nobody knows who will meet a pathetic death among LBH, JS and SHK.
However, one certain thing is that, surrounding LBH as an apex, 
the most dramatic and beautiful love story will be progressed. 

Differently from SHK who doesn't know her fate yet, Yoo Min and Kim Taeyeon are somewhat lucky.
KTY, working as the dealer, meets LBH. She is a character like a guardian angel 
who leads him to pro gambler and sacrifice herself for him later. 

Yoo Min, cast for Japanese poker champion, Lie, also has a sweet relation with LBH.
At the beginnig, she appears as a lover of Michael Chang, a sponsor of LBH 
but, she gets to yearn toward LBH being US poker champion thereafter, and shows plaintive romance.

PSM shows a fellow love differently from previous two women. 
As she has her beloved JS taken away by SHK, 
She feels deep homogeneity to BH, which is developed to a man-woman relationship based on fellowship.

ALL IN staffs is just saying " For now, love story of ALL IN is very flexible. 
all women will get intertwined with LBH who is a pivot of the story"

from article posted by iyi2s on freeboard, thanks to jonie for the translation

February 26, 2003

Filming News 2003-02-26 : Filmed 8hours, Marathon love scene 

Love scene was filmed at SBS Tanhyun Studio from 12am to 8am on 26th. 
Actual rehearsal started from 5am.

BH, being apt to veteran actor, tried to relieve SHK being tense with jokes.
(watching SHK's bare feet) " You have pretty feet. What's your shoe size?^^"

They are saying that since people's attention is so excessive for love scene,
it approaches them as a burden.

LBH : I was somewhat daunted by too much public attention for love scene, 
but I persisted my way as usual not surrended by pressure ^^

SHK: It was true that I got to be tense and shy, but I did my best.

Article & images from sportstoday, sportchosun; 
thanks to jonie (leebyunghun.com) for the translation

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