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[Drama 2003] All In 올인


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All In 올인 2003





Kim In-ha (Lee Byung-heon) is an orphan and grows up with gambler Kim Chi-su. He falls in love with Min Su-yeon (Song Hye-gyo) and makes friends with Choi Jeong-won (Ji Seong), the son of hotelier Choi Do-hwan (Lee Deok-hwa). Jeong-won becomes In-ha's best friend, he meets In-ha's girlfriend Su-yeon, and falls in love with her.

In-ha is accused of murder by Jeong-won's father and makes an escape to the United States. In Las Vegas he meets a teacher of card games and becomes a professional gambler. After he wins the World Poker Championship, he returns to Korea to run a casino and hotel business. Back home, he contends for victory and success with his friend but rival, Jeong-won. (Source: KNTO)


 SBS drama (2003) - 24 episodes

SBS Homepage: http://tv.sbs.co.kr/allin/

Aired: January 15, 2003 - April 3, 2003

Wednesday & Thursday nights at 9:55




Cast: Kim In-ha: Lee Byung Hun (Beautiful Days)

Min Su-yon (aka Angela): Song Hae Gyo (Autumn Tale)

Choi Jung-won: Ji Sung (Days in the Sun)

Suh Jin-hee: Park Sol Mi (Winter Sonata)




Fan Reviews (Warning: Contain spoilers!)

il_mare's revie

w sukting's review


 Lee Byung Hun l Song Hye Kyo l Ji Sung l Park Sol Mi l Jin Goo l Han Ji Min

avatar-allin01.gif avatar-kiminha.gif avatar-allin02.gif


InHa GIFS by chula and  ALL IN gifs by creative owners

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Full episodes at omo-omo.com (thanks to utkim for the highlight)

Also for download, courtesy cute girl & haru2subs

Batch Torrents E01-24 Finale



ALL IN episodes uploaded by Hidro, thanks so much! :wub:

Please use HJSplit to join



All In Re-upload

[E01 a b c] [E02 a b c] [E03 a b c] [E04 a b c] [E05 a b c] [E06 a b c] [E07 a b c] [E08 a b c] [E09 a b c]

All episodes here: http://www.megaupload.com/?f=E73WQWED

Some non-subbed episode clips (uploaded September 2008)

All In_episode 5 (15.49 MB)


All In_episode 6 (9.26 MB)


All In_episode 10 (9.03 MB)


All In_episode 13 (196.74 MB)


All In_episode 16 (53.39 MB)


All In_episode 17 (198.19 MB)


All In_episode 18 (56.17 MB)


All In_episode 24 (53.97 MB)


All In House (9.29 MB)


All In ep7_classroom kiss (7.20 MB)


All In ep 8_love confession (8.03 MB)


Cast of ALL IN

credit to il_mare (spcnet.tv)

Kim In-ha: Lee Byung Hun (Beautiful Days)

Choi Jung-won: Ji Sung (Days in the Sun)

Min Su-yon (aka Angela): Song Hae Gyo (Autumn Tale)

Suh Jin-hee: Park Sol Mi (Winter Sonata)

Choi Do-hwan (Jung-won's dad): Lee Duk Hwa (Age of Warriors)

Yoon Hye-sun (Jung-won's mom): Sun Woo Eun Sook (Autumn Tale)

Kim Chi-soo (In-ha's uncle): Im Hyun Sik (Cinderella/Sweet Bear)

Lee Hyun-ja: Park Won Sook (Romance)

Chairman Suh Seung-don: Jo Kyung Hwan

Jenny (Korean girl in U.S.): Kim Tae Yeon

Yoo Jong-ku (In-ha's friend from prison): Huh Joon Ho (Hotelier)

Detective Park Tae-joon (In-ha's hometown friend): Choi Joon Yong (All About Eve)

Yoo Jung-ae (Hyun-ja's daughter): Choi Jung Won (Sweetheart)

Yim Dae-chi (Gang leader): Park Sang Myun (Shoot for the Stars/Her House/Bad Boys)

Yim Dae-soo (aka Shorty): Jung Yoo Suk

Director Sohn: Kim Ha Koon (Piano/Secret)

Manager Jang Mi-ran: Choi Ran (This Is Love)

ALL IN goodies :wub:

All In actors @ soompi

Lee Byung Hun [X]

Song Hye Gyo [X]

Ji Sung [X]

Park Sol Mi [X]

Jin Goo [X]

Ha Ji Min [X]

Choi Jung Won [X]

Yoo Min [X]

Page 1

List of cast and drama intro + captures

Review links; CB links

Lots of screencaps of young & mature versions of the cast

Article: "All In House" opens on Jeju Island

Inha prison screencaps

Page 2

Fan share: Jeju & All In


All In best-scene clips







Capture - All In's Music Box

Fan review

Synopsis and Filming Locations of All In from tour2Korea.com

Interviews with Lee Byung Hun

Page 3

All In NG clips






Article: Arirang's feature on Yoo Min

ALL IN gifs and avatars

Screencaps of SHK, LBH, JS, PSM, etc.

Various ALL IN clips









Page 4

NGs, interviews + the making of the bedscene clip


Screencaps of All In's bedscene

Fan talk: Inha

Capture: Han Ji Min

Page 5

ALL IN OST, download from here

2005 article - Korean Wave to hit Turkey with soap opera: Turkish Ambassador

Conclusion of All In by zashibear

Page 6

01.08.2006 - Sky's the Limit for Han Ji-min

'Blue Swallow' Costar Set to Take Off After Minor Roles in Hit Dramas, Films

Capture - the house he built for her in Jeju

All In ringtones

Various All In, LBH-SHK caps

The office space of Jimmy Kim

2005.06.05 - Drama 'All In' Gets Commemoration Hall in Cheju

Various Jeju-All In (church/house) captures

All In guide + review

Page 7

Article: Resort isle Jeju a glamour spot for K-drama

All In MV


Chuh Eum Geu Nal Chuh Rum - Park Yong Ha


"Like The First Day"



behind the scene


Bedscene making-clip, etc


All In post-production party 2003

Various clips - similar to the ones posted earlier

Recommended review by il_mare at spcnet.tv

OST - All In



















All In theme song (Japanese version by Akina Nakamori)


Clip of Park Yong Ha performing Like the First Day


Drama screencaps - Inha

Article - So Much Drama, So Little Time!

Feb.24, 2006 - Japanese-Born TV Star in 'Reverse Export' (Yoo Min)

ALL IN screensavers

Page 8

ALL IN kissing captures

A look into Inha-Sooyeon's relationship; by MRS.le

30.04.2006 - Wonderfully resilient Jeju Island

Page 9

LBH - Jin Goo




Page 10

Episode 3 (prison) screencaps

Fan discussion - Jung Won

Page 11

Episode 1 - 3 captures

Episode 4 screencaps

Fan discussion - Jong Goo & In Ha, Soo Yeon

In Ha explaining the probability of gambling in English


Page 12

Episode 5 & 6 screencaps

Fan discussion - fate & gamble

Page 13

VOD-39th Baeksang 2003

All In (Ep. 7) clickable thumbnails - tution scenes

Fan talk - drunk pussycat ^^

Page 14

All In (Ep. 7) clickable thumbnails - first kiss

Fan talk - In Ha kisses

In Ha's love confession by crysallide

All In - Japanese VHS boxset, souvenirs, novels

The ORGEL musicbox

Finally! NTV7 (MALAYSIA) - ALL IN 9.30 pm - 13th JUNE 2006

2006, June 12: Full House's Song, Hye-kyo sets foot in Japan

Page 15

VOD: All In MV - featuring scenes from episodes 1, 2, 3 & 4

Just Like the First Day by 'who' aka Park Yong Ha

Episode 1 screencaps

Fan talk - InHa, US job, Michael Jang

Jin Goo pics & profile

Page 16

Fan talk: What made Jong-Il gave up and risk his job/life for Inha's sake? what made him shift his loyalty to Inha (by Arwen)

Fan talk: Jin Goo & new pics

Episode 1-4 screencaps

Page 17

All In MV - emotional scenes in the series, thanks to lainemma & TeeVo

Fan talk: Sister Maria & Jin Hee's father - explanation by Arwen

Captures of the leading actors

Page 18

Fan talk: InHa & JungWon

Screencaptures: first lesson on poker & first date

All In gallery




VODS on YouTube

Macdonalds McFlurry CF with SHG and background of All In music box song

this one of LBH & SHG (pretty funny)

Page 19

Screencaps: the student ^^

All In preview gif


InHa-SooYeon artwork


Various All In captures

NEWS 25 Dec 2002 - News of "All In" ..filming in LA (the Mexican gangsters' threat)

2002-12-28: Unforgettable experience

2003-01-02: Top star LBH and SHK gave new year's greeting with a 'Deep' Kiss.

Translation for the shooting clip at the Grand Canyon

2003-01-05: Extracts from JS's interview

2003-01-07: Extracts & translated LBH interview on Donga-ilbo

2003-01-08: various ALL IN, articles about BH

2003-01-13: From SportsSeoul, Jin Goo - do I look like LBH?

Jin Goo, cast for teen-age Inha

Page 20

NEWS 2003-01-18:ã€Å All in》Both 'Song Hye Kyo': "We are both of the same age"

2003-01-20: Kim Inha vs. Cha Minsoo

InHa wallpapers created by jonie-leebyunghun.com

2003-01-16: 4 leading actors' gathering

NEWS 2003-01-18: Wonderful new life from Dailysports (Jin Goo)

Lyrics-Inha theme song (Just as the first day by WHO)

Lyrics-Sooyeon Theme song (I'm alright. I am by Yarz)

2003-01-27: ALL IN OST, coming soon !!!

2003-01-30: Orgel, getting popular with lovers (the All In music box)

2003-01-30: ALL IN rating = LBH effect [dailysports]

SooYeon-InHa banners & wallpaper

Inha & Sooyeon from script of episode 6

2003-02-10: LBH is Bruce Willis of 'Die Hard'? [sportsseoul]

2003-02-15: LBH, his energy ran out but, his acting is unlimited ^^

Tidbits 2003-02-05: ALL IN staffs are busy betting ^^

All In MVs & OST links

Page 21

Getting to know Ji Sung, Song Hye Kyo & Lee Byung Hun (info from arirang.co.kr)

Screencaps: the reluctant but cheeky student ^^

NEWS 2003-02-18: Interview with Choi Wankyu, Scriptwriter of ALL IN

2003-02-04: Do you know there is a kiss scene on episode7 ?

June 26, 2006: Korean Broadcasts to Be Exported to Eastern Europe

Just like the first day - romanized lyrics

2003-03-14: Singer 'Who' revealed!!!

Screencaps: the (classroom) surprise kiss

Page 22

Fan talk: Jung Won, All In - LBH-SHK

The classroom kissing gifs

Inha's love confession (episode 9)

Screencaps - episode 9-10

Page 23

Screencaps: episode 10

Fan talk: All In - LBH

Kwaen chanha yo nan – yarz (I'm Alright. I Am - romanized lyrics)

NEWS 2003-01-24: From Sportstoday - Kim In Ha never die

Page 24

Screencaps: episode 10-11


Strangers on a strange land...

Explanation behind InHa's escape to US

NEWS 2003-02-21: ALL IN team raised a relief fund

2003-03-01: Interview with Cha Minsoo (the real 'Kim InHa')

Page 25

Screencaps: episode 11-12

Fan talk: Heo Jun Ho (Jong Gu)

NEWS 2003-01-28: Kim Taeyeon, I am a leading actress in US

Tidbits 2003-02-01: A lucky girl's experince as an extra in All In

Fan talk: InHa's new life

Page 26

NEWS 2003-01-10: <Photo> Making ALL IN

2003-02-03: Who will be the final winner of Love Game of ALL IN?

Fan talk: LBH

26 Feb 2003: Article from JoongAng Daily - When viewers put on producers' hats

ALL IN tidbit 2003-03-19: New word, leebyunghun-like

Various screencaps from episode 11-12

Page 27

Finding each other again

Script & screencaps of InHa & SooYeon meeting again in US

Fan talk & captures

Page 28

Filming News 2003-02-26 : Filmed 8hours, Marathon love scene

All In tidbit 2003-02-27: LBH-SHK, Behind Story of Love scene

Inha's words to Sooyeon while sitting on a rocking chair

Various screencaps from episode 13 (Las Vegas & love scene)

DVD info (US version, HK version) INFO 1 INFO 2

Page 29

Screencaps - love scene

Fan talk: InHa & Jong Gu, Jong Il, Falcon

Actor: Jeong You Seock (Dae Su)

Fan talk: enjoying All In for what it is

Page 30

InHa & SooYeon - the happier times in LA & Vegas (screencaps in thumbnails)

Actors of All In (photos)

Song Hye Gyo, Park Sol Mi, Ji Sung, Kim Tae Yeon, Choi Jung Won, Jung Yoo Suk

All In (Synopsis & Filming Locations) info from tour2korea.com

Byung-hun Lee Interview with overseas media

Scenic Jeju All In locations

InHa - after 8 months

Page 31

Screencaps episode 14 (pitiful & distraught InHa)

2003-03-31: Call me for a date (article on LBH-All In)

2003-03-15: LBH & SHK's interview on TVB Hong Kong + translation

Fan talk: same shirt, different emotions

Page 32

Pitiful InHa from Episode 15 (script translated by jonie)

All In info; synopsis & cast from knto

Translated transcripts: InHa's call to Jung Won; JongGu's talk with Inha (ep 15)

Winning screencaps, InHa's turnaround in Vegas

Page 33

Mr. Jimmy Kim

Getting to know Yoo Min

All In kissing & cute gifs

Tidbits 2003-03-15: Jimmy Kim

Screencaps: golf lessons & makeover, attack on Tae Joon

The hotel suite InHa acquired in All In - named the LBH suite

Bad Guy Dae Soo (Jung Yu Seock)

July 14, 2006: In Jeju, biggest pleasures come from driving through forest

Page 34

Tidbits 2003-03-16: The second love scene in All-In? (InHa & Rie)

Various screencaps InHa back in Jeju

Wallpapers: Lee Byung Hun & Choi Jung Won in the Chasecult 2003 CF

Yim Dae-soo: Jung Yoo Suk

Aug 2005: Park Sol-mi joins ranks of top hallyu stars

2005/03/07: 'New Artist of The Year' of 'The Japan Gold Disc Grand Prix' goes to singer Park Yong-ha

Photos of All In cast from SBS (SHG, PSM, YM, etc)

All In's locations info

Page 35

Detailed synopsis & review by il_mare at spcnet.tv

Various InHa, JongGu, Jenny screencaps, the first 'sign'

Countdown with DaeSoo

Fan talk

Page 36

Resource sub-board


[movie 2005] NEVER TO LOSE (Starring: Kim Min Joon, Hur Joon Ho)


Screencaps - lovers' reunion in tears

Page 37

Fan talk: hand on shoulder scene (various screencaps)

Dae Soo & Jung Ae's wedding

Hospital screencaps

Fan talk: analysis of the InHa-SooYeon's reunion by arwen

Page 38

The house that InHa built

The confrontation with Jung Won

Various screencaps

Fan talk

Rie: the poker game, goodbye hug

Page 39

Fan talk: InHa by arwen

The last kiss

All In banners from leebyunghun.com

Page 40

Fan talk: InHa, Minchul, the wound in heart trauma

All In US-captures, not quite seen before

2003-03-17: LBH nominated in best actor category at Baek-Sang Art Award

Best Performing Actor of 2003, Korean TV Awards

39th Baeksang Art Awards 2003 (captures)

Fan talk: InHa & Michael Jang, Jung Won, Jin Hee

VOD-Best Actor at the 39th Baeksang Awards


July 18, 2006: Japanese models on the rise in Korean show business (Yoo Min)

Page 41

All In wallie

July 31, 2006: Foreign Backdrop Makes Song Hye-kyo Even Hotter

Photos: SBS post-production party 2003

Fan talk: Michael Jang, LBH-InHa-Minchul

Page 42

Fan talk: Jong Gu vs Jung Won, the women in InHa's life

Aug 2, 2006: Lee Byung-heon's Fans Hold Charity Bazaar for Flood Victims (All In = coat)

All In episode download


InHa screencaps, All In wallpaper

Page 43

InHa wallies

All In guide + review by sukting


All In DVD set

Page 44

Fan talk: SooYeon's wardrobe, Jung Won & Jin Hee

ALL IN Against All Odds

Current update: Lee Deok-Hwa [이ë•í™”] (Jung Won's father)

All In collage

2006/08/21: Another promising S. Korean soap opera to debut in Japan (SHG-related news)


Page 45

All In_clip7.asf (7.20 MB)


All In_clip8-1.asf


All In_clip8-2.wmv


All In_episode 5.asf (15.49 MB)



All In_episode 6.asf (9.26 MB)


All In_episode 10.asf


All In_clip13.wmv


All In_ep21_intro.wmv



Page 46

Underrated/Overrated Dramas


Which Man Loved the Deepest Among all the K-dramas You Have Watched?


Page 47

Sept 16, 2006: The All In Actors that Conquered Ju Mong (translated by ___)

Pics of All In actors in Jumong

Related info: [MBC DRAMA 2006] The Book Of The Three Han The Chapter Of Ju Mong


June 28, 2005: Roll Over, Godzilla: Korea Rules (NYT article)

Ep 1 screencaptures by ylin

PHOTOS: All In cast & crew - vacation in Saipan 2003

Screencaptures from Ep 3 & 4 by ylin

Page 48

Fan talk: Michael Jang vs Oasis (lotion scene)

Nov 12, 2006: Herald Interview - Korean TV drama makes notable debut in Africa

PHOTOS: All In Jeju pics shared by dearmau

Page 49

Nov 14, 2006: It's Time for 'Byunsama'

Nov 16, 2006: Botswana television head sniffs local broadcasting air

All In new MU links from hidro & April

Nov 28, 2006: : Lee Byeong Heon, "Want to express irreversible compassion."

Visions - Cliff Richard

Page 50

Fan talk: All In part 2, Ji Sung, LBH-SHK

Fan review; http://blog.chariskhane.com/?page_id=141

All In DVD Lee Byung Hun Song Hye Gyo on e-bay

Page 51

All In pics from kanpooh.com

All In DVDs released in Korea at dvdfromkorea

Infinitely InHa & All In prison caps from miuchinyu

Feb 28, 2007: Top 10 dramas by viewer rating since 2000?

Memorable quotes for "All In"

NEW SPECIAL "ALL IN" DVD TO BE RELEASED (thanks to zashi & Shanda for info)

Page 52

All In at wikipedia.org

All In April calendar

InHa avatars by chula

Fans - All In talk

Apr 10: Song Hye Gyo And Kwon Sang Woo To Attend Hong Kong Film Awards

Apr 11: Korean Actress Song Hye-gyo to Present Hong Kong Film Award

Fan talk: All In, LBH

Page 53

InHa Grand Canyon scenes

All In DVD set at Yesasia

Apr 20, 2007: Song Il Kook and Jang Jin Young to star in 12 billion won blockbuster 'Angel'

Page 54

[Photos] Yoo Min (1979/06/21)


[Jeju] Pics from a fan visit

May 21, 2007: Scriptwriter Choi Wan Kyu to write TV version of 'Shiri'

LYRICS "All In_Just as the First Day" (credit to aheeyah.com)

June 6, 2007: Actor Ji Sung Released from Military Service

June 6: SBS' to produce ALL IN 2 in 2009, retaining the same scriptwriter but different PD & cast

June 7, 2007: VOD - JS' military release


The first time he saw her again, in Jeju

Episode 4 InHa screencaps

Page 55

Lee Byung Hun - Korean Drama 'All-in' Offical Photo Album (Japan Version)

HWANG JIN YI - courtesy koreanfilm.org

InHa screencaps

June 27, 2007: Jeju Island Inscribed as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage

July 2, 2007: "Winter Sonata," The Most Popular Korean Drama In Japan

July 16, 2007: Foreign Broadcasters Highlight Jeju

EPITAPH - Jin Goo 진구

Love Letter parody All In (SJH)

Page 56

[Photos] Scriptwriter Choi Wan Kyu

July 26, 2007: Jeju Hotels Attract Vacationers


Inha & Sooyeon ~ meets & separations (25.3MB)


Inha & Sooyeon ~ happy & sad times (7.1MB)


Inha's sorrows & happiness (7.4MB)


Fight scenes (18.8MB)


Love & kisses (20.0MB)


All about poker (15.7MB)


Page 57

Aug 30, 2007: Korean talent wows export market

Actors, their management are rapidly globalizing

ArirangTV - Asia's Most Wanted K-Drama Award

Sept 18, 2007: Hallyu Spreading to Americas, Europe

Oct 14, 2007: [stars] 10 Hallyu Stars

Oct 16, 2007: S.Korean actor to star in Japanese drama (Jin Goo)

All In at dvdfromkorea.com


Fan Talk - ALL IN

Page 58


All In screencaps

Feb 28, 2007: 10 dramas by viewer rating since 2000?

Page 59

Fan talk - Sister Maria, daffodils, etc

All In MV - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4kOm_z_iA0

Nov 1, 2007: Tour to Filming Sets - Dramatic Legacy Still Goes on Locations Nationwide

Nov 21, 2007: Song Hye-gyo to Debut in U.S.

Nov 20, 2007: S. Korean star plays to U.S. - Song Hye-gyo will appear in indie 'Fetish'

Nov 21, 2007: Song Hye-kyo Makes U.S. Debut in Indie Flick

Page 60

Jan 25, 2008: "ALL IN" visual (Japanese version) original sound track DVD released


Jan 4, 2008: How Ji Sung Discovered a New Side to Himself

Jan 4: Producer and cast for "Last Gift" (Huh Joon-ho)

2000.01.01 ~ 2007.12.31 Viewership Ratings of Grand Prize winners (KBS/MBC/SBS)

[Photos] "All In" memorial hall in Jeju Island

Jan 22, 2008: Shin Hyun-jun and Heo Jun-ho to Stage Charity Concert

Feb 5, 2008: Actress in new movie (Daehan and Mingook), Choi Jung-won

Feb 20, 2008: Jin Goo cast in the new MBC drama 'SPOTLIGHT'

InHa banner by Celina

Feb 18, 2008: The 'Fans of the Korean Waves' says, "We love Korean dramas, because…"

Feb 26, 2008: THE HIGH TIDE OF THE KOREAN WAVE(14) - Korean Wave coming to Latin America

Page 61

Arirang Showbiz - Star Focus

Choi Jung-Won, a Rising Star in Korean Cinema and Voted as One of 2008's "Actors with the Most Potential"

SmaSTATION!! Japanese choose 10 best Hanryu dramas 2007

Chosun Online Survey for Favorite Korean Dramas 2005

ALL IN visual (video?) original sound track DVD released January 25, 2008 - boxset captures

March 18: Actors Kwon, Song Get Rough in 'Fate' (Ji Sung related)

ALL IN captures from chejuguide.com

March 10: Evolution of drama OSTs, when is the end

LBH-All In interview from leebyunghun.com 2003

April 3: THE HIGH TIDE OF THE KOREAN WAVE(29) - Hallyu icon Park Yong-ha basks in newfound stardom

KOREAN FILM/TV BOOK 20032007 (release date: 2007.12.10)

April 14: Happy birthday, Heo Joon Ho-ssi!

April 18: Lee Byung-heon Returns to TV Drama (IRIS 2009)

Dec 29, 2003: TV Dramas' Actresses Line up for Award Ceremony Takeover

Page 62

April 25: Lee Byung-hun broadening his acting career overseas

Fan talk: Ji Sung


April 28: Park Sol-mi, same company as Oh Ji-ho, 'Ignite Korea-Japan activities'

Fan talk: Last scene, the Orgel

May 5: Song Hye-kyo Collaborates with PD Pyo Min-soo

May 13: The world Hyeon Bin and Song Hye-kyo act in

May 20: John Woo directing '1949'

May 21: Song Hye-kyo to Star in New John Woo Movie

May 26: Actress Park Sol-mi Returns to TV Screen

May 26: Park Sol-mi, drama comeback with "My Woman"

All In - various MU clips

June 15: 'Sikgaek' sets off on new culinary journey

Page 63

June 17: Pamper yourself at Jeju's stylish getaways

June 19: Jeju Island Full of Interest

July 8: Movie-Based Dramas to Fill TV Screens

July 10: Actor Ji Sung in new series entitled 'Hidden' with actress Choi Ji Woo

July 16: Actions louder than words in 'Gambler'

July 31: [ChanMi's movie news] Jin Goo's new role as a serial killer!

JEJU - All In spots; pics from jejuuritour.com

Page 64

Sept 2: Chungeorahm sets up "29 Years" (Jin Goo)

A treat to Read: Lee Byung Hun - Man of the World

Page 65

Oct 2: Stars to gather at opening ceremony of S. Korean film festival

Oct 6: Song Hye-kyo Unveils US Indie Film in Busan

Oct 6: Interview from the drama set with Song Hye-gyo

Oct 7: Japanese Satellite TV to Hold 'Lee Byung-hun Festival'

Oct 13: Kim Tae-hee Returns to TV Drama As Lee Byung-hun's Lover

Oct 13: Southern Dramas Available in N. Korea



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Guest conduongmuathu

Love this drama, but I still don't like LBH after watch this film, SHK so great same before ^^ Love onnie best in this film

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Love this drama, but I still don't like LBH after watch this film, SHK so great same before ^^ Love onnie best in this film

Hi autumn_sangwoofc, welcome to All In! Good to know that you like the series like many of us. It's alright if you don't like LBH... it's just a series, nothing more nothing less. Everyone has their own preferences & likings. ;)

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Guest conduongmuathu

Hi autumn_sangwoofc, welcome to All In! Good to know that you like the series like many of us. It's alright if you don't like LBH... it's just a series, nothing more nothing less. Everyone has their own preferences & likings.

Yes, thanks.

I have just seen this drama. Before, I love SHK in Autumn in my hearts, but when I saw this film, I think this drama is the best drama of SHK

Nice to meet you !!!

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"All In House" opens on Jeju Island


In commemoration of the popular drama in 2003 All In starring Lee Byung-hun and Song Hye-kyo, a ceremony was held at the opening of the All In House at Jeju Island's Seopjikoji. The All In House opened its doors on June 3, 2005, and is Korea's first drama memorial hall. Jeju Island’s Southern district Seopjikoji was the main filming location of All In, but suffered severe damages during a hurricane and the site was cleared. The new All In House is a collaboration between the All In production company and SBS Production. The reconstructed church and convent sets will be exhibited to the visitors. The All In house took 18 months to build, with two underground floors (B1 and B2) and a ground-level floor, on 270 pyeong of land. The reconstruction cost more than three billion Korean won.

The ground floor displays include items from the drama, "making of the film", the film on the Grand Canyon set, and also the music box which served as the link between In-ha (Lee Byung-hun) and Soo-yeon's (Song Hye-kyo) love. The B1 level has a small cinema section showing an All In trailer using computer graphics, and a souvenir shop, café, and outdoor rest area.

a1.jpg < General View of All In House

a2.jpg < Miniature Model of All In House

a3.jpg < All In House Church Wedding Scene

a4.jpg < All In House Wall Painting

a5.jpg < All In Casino

a6.jpg < All In Souvenir Shop

Source & credits english.tour2korea.com

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Have to visit one of my favorite series. How come I don't remember seeing a Church Wedding in the ALL IN that I have watched countless of times. Did it get cut or something. But still love this series. IN HA KIM rocks. The story is just so good. Worth the time it takes to watch.

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zashi! the only wedding scene i remember from All In was when Kim In Ha's childhood friend married the gangster. maybe, the church/chapel where Seo Yeon used to stay in is now used for weddings? :huh:

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I luv this series. From the story line to the O.S.T and all the fighting scene. Even the villian is such a hottie. That includes the Club manager who hates In Ha ( forgot his name).

LBH and SHG played well as In Ha and So Yun that even their love story was real in life ( for awhile though). Luckily JS and PSM is still a couple. How a drama can effect their life.

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crysalide, are you talking about Jung You-Suk? the guy who married Kim In Ha's friend? yeah he is kinda cute :)

i just learned that Jung You Suk and Jin Goo (young Kim In Ha) are in the same management (agency) as Lee Byung Hun. All In hotties under one roof :lol:http://www.goodplayer.net

yeah, good thing that JS and PSM are still together. love 'em!

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Guest Cha Park

I am a certified ALL IN Shippah!

We coined the BBL (Bad Boy Look) term because of Kim In Ha's Jail Looks! hahahaha....

My Bessie Chula and Rubie got tons of BBL In Ha looks to post!

Go, Bessie! Go, Wubie!

Ei, Hello, Zashi, my fellow All In enthusiast!


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I am a certified ALL IN Shippah!

We coined the BBL (Bad Boy Look) term because of Kim In Ha's Jail Looks! hahahaha....

My Bessie Chula and Rubie got tons of BBL In Ha looks to post!

Go, Bessie! Go, Wubie!

Ei, Hello, Zashi, my fellow All In enthusiast!


Hi Cha of course we have to have a reunion in our ALL IN thread. After all we are ALL IN Shippahs. Let's have a group hug with CHula and Rubie.

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haha bessie, yes the original BBL term for Bilibid Boy Look :lol: (bilibid = prison)

click the thumbelinas for actual pic:

th_312.jpg th_4_27.jpg th_324.jpg th_358.jpg th_375.jpg

credits to rubie

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i like this drama. i watch this because of SHG. and although i'm not really a LBH fan, this is the drama where i realized that he is one of the finest k actor. his kim in ha protrayal was impressive.

my fave scene?.....the one where in ha was watching so yun in the monitor :)

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Guest Cha Park


i like this drama. i watch this because of SHG. and although i'm not really a LBH fan, this is the drama where i realized that he is one of the finest k actor. his kim in ha protrayal was impressive.

my fave scene?.....the one where in ha was watching so yun in the monitor :)

Hi, gemt! All In is my first LBH k-drama i watched and from then on i was a fan of LBH!

And i agree with you, the scene where In Ha was watching thru the monitor was hilarious!








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waah! yey! a new all in thread! i loved this drama.

can someone tell me pls the names of the actors who played the young Song hye kyo & Ji sung? the young ji sung is a cutee :D

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