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[movie 2005] One Shining Day 눈부신 하루

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Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173

Lee So Yeon, Kim Joo Ryeong, Kim Dong Yeong, Seo Yeong Hwa


One Shining Day 눈부신 하루 (2005)

Starring: Yuki Mori, Han Bad, Lee So-Yeon, Kim Joo-Ryeong, Seo Yeong-Hwa, Kim Dong-Yeong, Sadaharu Shiota

Director: Kim Seong-Ho, Min Dong-Hyeon, Kim Jong-Kwan

Genre: Shorts, Drama, Romance

Runtime: 133mins

Production: Indiestory

Distribution: Indiestory

Language: Korean

Country: South Korea


SOURCE : 눈부신 하루

눈부신 하루

눈부신 하루

눈부신 하루

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Guest Aoijen

i have ever see this dvd on store I think they has told me this movie is good but i think I must wait this comment from this thread if they would help this thread... if this movie is good I will buy this DVD :unsure:

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Guest StarCrystal

Does anyone know which clubbox has this movie?

Edit: Some more info on the movie and one of the main actors -


Music Video by Plastic People (song also featured in OST)

Director's Note

“One Shining Day” is a digital omnibus feature in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of Korea Independence Day. Three Korean young filmmakers show a closer relationship between Korea and Japan with their own vision.

*Three magical stories told by Korean and Japanese young generation, Korea-Japan youth omnibus film “One Shining Day”

“One Shining Day” is an omnibus style Korea-Japan youth story told by three young directors, KIM Sung-ho, KIM Jong-kwan and MIN Dong-hyun who are known for their characteristic films going back and forth mainstream ChoongMuRo and independent film territories.

In commemoration of the 60th anniversary of Korean Independence Day, “One Shining Day” was produced in the summer of 2005 with Seoul, Tokyo and Jeju Island as its background settings. It is an omnibus feature film portraying Korean and Japanese youth living the present day through their one day journey.

‘Korean Independence Day’ and ‘Korea-Japan Relations’ is somewhat a broad and big theme, however, each director, with their magical stories in cities according to their characteristic, will guide the audiences into totally new and special Korean and Japanese youths’ stories.

“One Shining Day” will show a new perspective on Korean and Japanese relationship through the growth process as the youths in both countries – youths currently living in Korea, youths currently living in Japan, and youths currently stuck in between the relationship of Korea and Japan – overcome their confusing adolescence and find their identities.

*What does Korea-Japan Relations mean to Korean and Japanese young generation?

Based on the fascination and interest on omnibus films, independent film distributor INDIESTORY Inc. produced its first feature film, an omnibus film, “One Shining Day”. Just last year, in commemoration of the 60th anniversary of Korean Independence Day the media dealt sporadically about the new prospective on Korea and Japan relations, but what does Korean Independence Day and Korea-Japan Relations really mean to the young generation and how strange must this be to them? These were the questions in which the omnibus film “One Shining Day” began with.

In reality today’s young generation think of Korean Independence and Korea-Japan issue as a conflict between generations rather than a historical fact. Hence in the film “One Shining Day”, it decided not to directly show the historical cover outwardly that these issues possess. Leaving the historical background behind, it decided instead to focus on the delicate conflict between the ‘youth generation’ of Korea and Japan living in today’s society. The conflict between the generations appearing in the Korea-Japan relations, and the conflict between the young generation in both countries who have not had any historical experience or any impressions are the core theme, and thus the objective of the film “One Shining Day” is to show the growth process of the youths as they go through this confusing adolescent period in search for their identities. As an attempt for a new approach on the Korea-Japan relations, the Korea-Japan youth omnibus film “One Shining Day” is a film in which is inside the boundaries of the big frame of Korean Independence Day and Korea-Japan Relations and meanwhile the characteristics of each three directors is well represented in each episode providing to the audiences much joy in this totally new genre film.


Episode 1. The Treasure Island dir_KIM Sung-ho

Mie comes to Korea in search for a keepsake, which her grandpa left behind when going back to Japan from Jeju Island due to Korean Liberation. She and her friend, Eiko meet a variety of Korean on their journey to Jeju Island. One day they get threatened by rowdies, but they find the way out of the dangerous situation.

The journey to Jeju Island makes two Japanese girls realize what friends are good for even in a difficult time and find out who really they are.

Episode 2. Good-bye dir_KIM Jong-kwan

Jong-hwan defrauds people of money with a laptop-computer to make money for meeting his mother who lives in Japan. He is a kind of trouble maker home and even at school, but keeps taking a risk of doing a dangerous defraudation looking forward to reunion of his mom and him.

Episode 3. The Beautiful Strangers dir_MIN Dong-hyun

On arriving at the airport, Ishida starts running to catch the flight to Japan. He ends up missing his flight by bumping against Go-ny, working at a duty-free shop at the airport.

After a while, they get to meet up once again at the airport and spend some time together.

It's a story about a conversation of two people from different countries and different languages.

Source: http://www.indiestory.com/English/html/ind...asp?filmIdx=644

Info on Sadaharu Shioda

Greeting delightfully, Sadaharu Shioda said, "An-nung-ha-se-yo!" He has a white and clean smile. At once everybody may know that he is having a good time at Kyung Hee University (KHU) as a Japanese actor, because his smile is sincere. He is no better than a common student.

[subtext: Sadaharu has some troubles as a foreign student in KHU but he is satisfied with campus life.]

He is learning Korean at the Institute of International Education (IIE) in K HU. He came to Korea for a three month stay for a Japanese TV project, but he remains in Korea although his plan was finished. Why didn't he leave? He said that he decided to continue because of the kindhearted people. "Where I first arrived was Jeolla-do Jeongeup. I thought since that place is rural where old people live, the elderly would be hostile to a Japanese. However, many people there helped me greatly. They helped me when I caught a cold and they gave affection to me as if I were a baby. Because I experienced foreign living for the first time, I decided I am going to try hard to return kindness to them."

He first came to KHU at the recommendation of an acquaintance. Because KHU has good system for foreign student assistance, he is satisfied with his KHU life and he has not had problems with it. In fact, he sometimes felt discomfort, because there are many stairs and uphill roads at KHU. At first it was hard to walk around the university, but he likes KHU's environment now because the surroundings and air are good and he is able to exercise.

He is good at speaking Korean but he has some limits as a foreigner. He can't present his mind perfectly, so sometimes there are misunderstandings. Above all, he has a hard time when Korea and Japan's relations become an issue. When Dokdo comes up a problem. He is asked about Dokdo even by people not acquainted with him. However, he said he has learned many things about Dokdo that he didn't know in the past in Japan. He hopes that Dokdo problem will be solved quickly. He doesn't want Korea and Japan's relations get worse. He wants many cultural exchanges between Korea and Japan without unfavorable impression.

He went to a confectionary school at the Nippon Engineering College in Japan. He wanted to be a confectioner in former times. Actually, at that time he was a magazine model. In the middle of modeling, he made a contract with an entertainment company and he debuted in a film. After that he was attracted to acting rather than cooking, so he decided to be an actor. However, he still makes cakes and cookies for his friends.

He has positive mind and white and clean smile, although he sometimes goes through slumps. Sometimes he wants to be an ordinary student, when his friends expect to him to be special. At those times he feels a heavy burden. However, he thinks about all that and what he has to be grateful for because of what he has. In addition, he consults with his friends and senior actors. Above all, he always takes a cheerful view of life. Positive thinking is a powerful efficacy for conquering slumps.

He wants to appear in a Korean and Japanese collaboration film. In 'One Shining Day' he said he kept breathing with Lee So-yeon in 'The Beautiful Strangers' At that time, he acted as a comic character. He said that character was interesting, but he also wants to be a serious character.

When he was asked by somebody about his life in Korea, he said students and professors are kind. Also his professor accentuates not only to study in university but also to live outdoors. His professor teaches him humorously how to study as a foreigner. He is very satisfied with life in Korea.

Lastly, he said to KHU students, "If Korea and Japan are to be close, people should have a correct understanding each other, so I recommend making Japanese friends. That changes your thoughts about Japanese. To become intimate with Korea and Japan, don't stop listening to each other, see it with your eyes and making certain of the truth of the matter. So I hope that misunderstanding disappears.

Source: http://media.khu.ac.kr/khu_eng/view.asp?code1=1032006022803

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