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false i have a latin name next person is eating rn

True, kind of. Already learned how to read it, next would be the vocabulary.   Next person prefers the original fairytale stories, rather than the Disney-fied version.

a count mistake? ion know what that means but im assuming that youre referring to the add and subtract game. false.   next person prefers more and more by twice to how you like that by black

37 minutes ago, Sejabin said:

(I want to buy fried chicken for my lunch. without white rice of course. I am in diet ^_* WKWKWKWKWKKWKWKWKW)

@Sejabin, the fried chicken PPL of CLOY is making me crave! You know this OLIVE BBQ CHICKEN we've seen a lot in CLOY? That crrrrrunchy fried chicken ... hmmmm .... just the thought of it is making me drool. 


24 minutes ago, mouse007 said:

next person - wears glasses

False :joy:

My eyes are perfectly fine. No need to wear glasses, except for shades when it's too sunny 


Next Person: Is a fan of Taylor Swift

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29 minutes ago, singlebilingual said:

True, I like K-Pop, although I haven't listened to the latest ones.


The next person predicts a steep rise in mask, e-commerce, companies like Netflix, and indoor game companies' stocks. 


Actually, there's no need to predict it, it is happening right now! People nowadays opted to sign up for premium accounts in Netflix, Iflix, Viu, VIKI and even Spotify! And people behind these industry giants are reaping millions of dollars EVERYDAY, I'm so jealous! 

We love online shopping too :rolleyes: And who doesn't wear mask these days? nCOV is so terrifying :scream:


Next Person: Loves Pizza and Fries

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7 hours ago, thanie said:

NEXT PERSON: Is not camera shy

True and False!


I love taking photos but I do get a little shy when it’s a professional photographer taking my picture :joy:


next person - has just spent a ton of money on new clothes 

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