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[Drama 2013/2014] ♚ Empress Ki (기황후) ♚

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Hello friends!   Welcome to the season of swords and destiny. For those who don't know, August 15 was Korea's independence day. Inspired, we decided to create an event season focused o

Empress Ki Poll 3: OED (Old Evil Dude)   A new poll is up! Yay!   Let's talk about Old Evil Dudes (OED)..... Seems sageuks are full of them.   Now is your time to vo

Alright, let me get this re-watch party started! @MVM @Fandomized Q @joccu @MayanEcho @Sleepy Owl @Ameera Ali @ailanthus @kehrite  Keep in mind that this is my first sageuk ever. The reasons why

@missred123 - I was thinking of that too. He seems like YBS the second to me, more of, in a silent way. Lol. Haha.
Speaking of traitor, Golta won't ever betray Tae Hwan, right? I don't know why when he said 'sorry' to one of the ninjas, it seems as though that ninja is close to him to even make his eyes almost watery. Lol. But he might be a traitor in the future - but not against TH, but more of in favor of him, GT-TH all hail. Lol. Hehe.

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Guest missred123


It not possible. Unless you have a oxygen tank on. I think TH has been visiting TN on the regular. Remember, ET wants a grandson for the throne.

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KDramaRating 14January2014 BC Ratings   13 January 2014

13 January 2014 – Ratings

#3 MBC Empress Ki Episode 21 – 19.6% [+ 0.5%] (Seoul 22.9% [+ 1.6%] #2)
#16 SBS One Warm Word Episode 11 – 9.9% [- 0.6%] (Seoul 11.4% [- 0.4%] #11)
Not in Top 20 KBS2 Prime Minister & I Episode 10  - 6.9% (- 0.4%)


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Guest suwan1430273820

@sarah.lina : i wanted to ask you this when i quoted you earlier, but was too preoccupied with WY lol. can i take your banner (the one with WY-SY of course) and put it as my signature as well ? :) [-O<

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Guest Ding Lin

To my fellow WY-SN shippers.......
Here is a comforting thought for you.  The underwater CPR is just  Uncle TH's way to save the little life of wysn!    XD  

Thank you, guys, for your witty and humorous ways to look at the drama!  You guys are the best!!!
BTW, I wonder if WY will not be back until the baby is born (since he did not know he had a son in the novel, right?).  Sigh!!  The writers are surely cruel to WY and SN!!  I hope things will be different on TV!!! 

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Is it me or SY is being soft with TH? Since the moment she told him about her father's death I think she is less harder towards Th. Some people think she feels something for TH ( that may be true) but does she not show some pity for him? :-?

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Guest anjshin

After some serious studying of available video material (LooL)

I came to a scientific conclusion ( @anjshin, are you there, you have to hear this!)

that this hot bath scene was a variant of famous k-drama`s kiss with bulging eyes:

lips are only touching, pressing another person`s lips

but with eyes closed

due to unconsciousness (Sung Nyang)

or hot water (Ta Hwan).

So, this was their first kiss, I admit.

And that silence and fairy voices have, kind of, brought a tear or two in these eyes of mine  :-<

My music hit for this night (and it`s New Year`s Eve celebration here) is BREATH OF LIFE by Florence and the Machine, lyrics are more than appropriate! We can call it an anthem of Ta Hwan-Sung Nyang`s shipers from now on! Cheers!

@petria: my dear friend i guess that's a happy new year's gift for you,. you must be very happy., for you i will ambush WY, and take him forever by my side,. because @stclaus is trying to take him in the igloo. aigoooo :)) :)) :))

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Guest FateD1430293421

Hi all i've been following up with all ur comments on this thread for quite a while now! U guys r insightful n funny :) anyhw what triggered me to join in tonight was to praise the poised attitude of WY shippers regarding tonight's episode! Hope this freindly atmosphere continues till the end of this drama! =D>

I expected the ratings would jump after the kiss but i was wrong, even the top search last week was "The power of SN-WY kiss : the jump of ratings" but tonight nothing, i thought that TH-SN couple was popular, it seems that the viewers (not talking about netizen) are now more liking SN-WY romance. El Temur & Wang Yoo & Tanasili are always the most searched characters of Empress Ki


(Wang Yoo is in fact the only one who never quit the Top30)

In fact, even the article about TN being pregnant is the most popular...

Im glad WY_SN ship brings up ratings unlike some rumors plus Wangyoo has t be among the top searched ones online i mean come on cant u see how dead handsome joo jin mo is...it should b illegal to be so freakin handsome

;;) ;;)

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Lord y'all are fast lol Layover in Newark. Longest flight ever just to get from Boston to Dallas. Fggvj jg hhjjjhgggyuh! Ugh! :))

Wait! Is Tana really preggo? I mean that girl is delulu at best but wouldn't she know that you need a nookie to make a spawn errr I mean a baby? She's probably having imaginary pregnancy. I forgot the name for that. Usually happens to women trying to get pregnant for a long time.

I kinda want a few episodes of SN by herself without any of the guys either following her or she follows them.

@shaym Besides LBY, I forgot Han Ji Hye new drama is in February too lol Not a fan of hers though, but I just found it funny ever since the awards when she told HJW she was lucky then HJW said thank you :))

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Written Preview : Episode 22

Ta-hwan: Please treat her wound first!

Ta-hwan: Why is her face so pale?

Ta-hwan: We have to hide Seung-nyang in the harem.

Dangkise: Please allow the Commander to conduct a search inside the harem.

Ta-hwan: Is it confirmed that they are hiding inside there?

Dangkise: We can’t confirm it yet.

Ta-hwan: I don’t have the Emperor’s complete power. Without the power, I won’t be able to anything, eventually.

Dok-man: Lady Jae-in (Lady Park’s rank) will help to send you away.

Tanashiri: Even if my eyes (…), I can’t witness that woman having His Imperial Majesty’s child! If you can kill that woman off…please stop me from crying tears of blood, brother.

Jo-cham: Soon, the hunters will launch their attack.

Seung-nyang: I will never forget those who have helped me.

Credits : The Talking Cupboard

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Guest anjshin


Thank you, dearest @anjshin, tie him up if you must :))

And you, frosty-fiery @stclaus, you also have my full support! Don`t forget some rope, of course :)>-

@petria: wahahaha :)) :)) :)) it would be my pleasure my dear friend, all the sedations for WY are ready,. no one can touch my man. i will locked him up in Goryeo and make me fall in love with me,. i guess i need the time machine now. :D :D :D

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