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[Drama 2013/2014] ♚ Empress Ki (기황후) ♚

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Hello friends!   Welcome to the season of swords and destiny. For those who don't know, August 15 was Korea's independence day. Inspired, we decided to create an event season focused o

Empress Ki Poll 3: OED (Old Evil Dude)   A new poll is up! Yay!   Let's talk about Old Evil Dudes (OED)..... Seems sageuks are full of them.   Now is your time to vo

Alright, let me get this re-watch party started! @MVM @Fandomized Q @joccu @MayanEcho @Sleepy Owl @Ameera Ali @ailanthus @kehrite  Keep in mind that this is my first sageuk ever. The reasons why

@anjshin remember he was late for the MBC awards because he overslept... I clearly said that he was with me visiting the Canadian Rockies... it's a long flight back home you know...
So now he said he was going back to Goryo, but he knows and I know he's taking a break and bringing some warmth to my igloo. :x

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I think she has been taking extracts to get pregnant that work double the effect of the perfume :))
so poor sniffing perfume here is wasted :(
I joined the party late :-w what are you all chatting about ;)

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Guest suwan1430273820

sarah.lina said: @stclaus & @suwan : I just saw a man (TH) giving a kiss to a pregnant woman (SN), if WY knows that... I too don't think he'll be only breaking a teacup... It will be Yuan Demise :D :D

I just fear, they will get separated for another 6 episodes just like last time ~X(

Tell me if i'm wrong but I just read that Tanasili is two months pregnant... Is it true???

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By the way, if someone wonders if t's really possible to pass air to someone underwater, watch Super Junior's "Exploration of the human body" LOL

Regarding Tanashiri hypotetical pregnancy - I believe she's beng poisoned -  it's only possible if TH slept with her again... and we didn't saw it. Do you think the writers take that as something obvious, since they are married?
I just thought about what TH told her as an excuse to get in her room to see if El Temur was really alive; He said he wanted to spend the night in her room, in a very normal way, without embarassment, disgust...like it was something regular. Maybe it' s just an idea of mine?

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This episode was an emotional roller coaster. Farewells, loss and abandonment, and then the kiss scene…mutual no but romantic yes!! What’s not romantic about having someone who loves you without hesitation try to save you? I guess you could call it the kiss of life. I got breathless and had butterflies in my stomach when I watched it. The cinematography in this drama is so beautiful, from the Ep 1 opening scene, to the beach horse race scene, now this scene. I love this drama. :x
Empress Dowager may be down but she’s not out yet. I have a feeling she will be back. Nuns can be pretty mean. 
I also think they should rename Byung Soo, Bak Kwi Bolleh or cockroach. He just seems to keep going and going.
BTW, I checked the bath kiss scene again, I think Taehwan has black pants on. You’ll see a shot of his abdomen underwater when they show Seungnyang underwater, it looks like he has tied black pants and then when come up again for air you see his legs that have black pants on. It makes sense, he didn’t have time to take his pants off and put rose petals in the water. Bummer.  ;)

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I expected the ratings would jump after the kiss but i was wrong, even the top search last week was "The power of SN-WY kiss : the jump of ratings" but tonight nothing, i thought that TH-SN couple was popular, it seems that the viewers (not talking about netizen) are now more liking SN-WY romance. El Temur & Wang Yoo & Tanasili are always the most searched characters of Empress Ki.
(Wang Yoo is in fact the only one who never quit the Top30)

In fact, even the article about TN being pregnant is the most popular...

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