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[Drama 2013/2014] ♚ Empress Ki (기황후) ♚

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Hello friends!   Welcome to the season of swords and destiny. For those who don't know, August 15 was Korea's independence day. Inspired, we decided to create an event season focused o

Empress Ki Poll 3: OED (Old Evil Dude)   A new poll is up! Yay!   Let's talk about Old Evil Dudes (OED)..... Seems sageuks are full of them.   Now is your time to vo

Alright, let me get this re-watch party started! @MVM @Fandomized Q @joccu @MayanEcho @Sleepy Owl @Ameera Ali @ailanthus @kehrite  Keep in mind that this is my first sageuk ever. The reasons why

Is SN going to get caught next episode, because there was a behind the seen pic where she was standing next to YBS in that white flowing skirt, but it could also be a coffee break. 8-| ...Tuesday, don't take too long. 

If she gets caught, will WY save her this time (since TH just saved her and we know writers want to balance things out).

If not, then I'm dying to know how she will manage to sneak into the palace again? Maybe she meets a group of new tributes along the way and decides to come back?

Since WY is not in the palace, what happens to Eunuch Bang and SN's father's right hand man?

Maybe WY will meet Batolu again?

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We've been wondering about Wang Go lately... he's coming back I'm sure... he'll trick WY somehow so he can't easily go back to Yuan, if WY's father is still sick and maybe dying... he'll probably try to take over the throne again... and... we're back to Episode 2  8-|

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Omo~ :-O ¡Finally another kiss! .... & this time it's Seung Nyang & of Tae Hwan!  YAY!... :D
Seriously... what beautiful scene, I loved it! :x & that kiss so so but soooooo... passionate(?) :-* sorry but I do not know how to describe it) 8->
Credit: To.. jeonghyang (thank you :D)

Yay! finally a kiss between my pretty HJW & JCW! .... sorry... ^:)^ I mean between TH & SN.... :-\" xD

Thank you very much to the writers/PDnim! :D

Well... now just lack Taltal & I am OK! ;) and if you this ok... please could repeat it again the kisses, [-O< I mean... First WY, TH, Taltal... and so on... and of course if to my beautiful HJW not him annoying... :)

Aigoo~ now that I realize....not whether it is good or bad that I not shipped to anyone.... Ah! but now that I realize I think I that I shipped to all... or not? :-? Aigoo~ good...in the end equal is very difficult... :((  (¿What do I do?...what do I do?*) :(
But well... fighting to all(?) :) lol I´m sorry ...

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Guest niknokdagu425

OMG!!!! THE TUB KISS SCENE another epic kiss for HJW, CAPPUCINNO KISS AT SG and FRIDGE KISS at KING2HEARTS those guys are so LUCKY to kiss MY HAJIWON!!!!GO TH-SN TEAM hehehe

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Episode 21 Ratings:

AGB Nielsen:  Nationwide 19.6% (3rd; +.5%) / Seoul 22.9% (2nd; +1.6%)
TNmS:  Nationwide 18.2% (3rd; -.3%) / Seoul 23.7% (2nd; -.1%)

Can't Beat Our String Of Number Ones... but next time, let Tae Hwan bathe in peace, dangit!!!  X(


(Best I could do in-between flights on a tablet with my fingers.  So sue me!  :P )

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said: @stclaus : accurate description is accurate 


) but if I have to chose I'd rather fill my space with tapjahae than lord zhang, at least he looks good 

@shaym: yeah that's why I never really believed he'd die in episode 19, he's a key element and the story would be bland without him in the picture

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eunsuhae said: you know how they say that opposites attract, Tal Tal & Tapjahae are a match made in heaven  =))
I'm still sticking to my suicide theory for ET's death, though it won't do any justice to those he hurt & seek revenge against him but his character is the kind to never give up, even in death, he won't accept to be defeated, if he must die then he'd take his own life so he can have the final word but yeah, it's just a thoory :)

and speaking of ET, I'm rewatching some videos of today's episode and when Jokho (or what's his name, the late emperor's eunuch) is having flashbacks, we see ET exterminating all those who were close to the emperor, we know Jokho is still alive because he escaped but my question is : how come ET didn't kill Lady Noh? isn't she supposed to have been the emperor's favourite servant and so logically be on top of the list of people to kill?

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Guest suwan1430273820

stclaus said: Poor dearly WY so loving and trusting of his wife... 
WY-SN: Sure honey you can stay and finish your work here it's not LIKE YOU'LL GET IN A TUB WITH A NAKED MAN!

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@stclaus & @suwan : I just saw a man (TH) giving a kiss to a pregnant woman (SN), if WY knows that... I too don't think he'll be only breaking a teacup... It will be Yuan Demise :D :D

I just fear, they will get separated for another 6 episodes just like last time ~X(

Tell me if i'm wrong but I just read that Tanasili is two months pregnant... Is it true???

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@suwan Well, since I know that SN will marry TH and, and SN is supposed to be WY's Queen, that makes ME WY's official Consort... HE'S MINE!!!!
@eunsuhae Yeah, as I was watching the masacre, I kept on looking for Lady Noh; which made me think maybe she wasn't even a Concubine nor a Court Lady... probably just a Palace Maid or even a Musuri and the deceased Khan just had her as his secret real love interest...
And I've baptised Jock Ho as Mr Clean... he totally looks the part

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I think tomorrow ratings will burst!
Oh my, this kiss is seriously one of the best shot I've ever seen... I can't keep myself from watching it repeatedly <3
It must have been hard to shot though XD

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@shaym : you have a point, it seems that ET is just dumb when it comes to matters of the heart, being heartless himself *LOL*
it's past 11 pm here, I need some sleep so I can be in full form for tomorrow's episodegood night guys :-h

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Guest anjshin

@stclaus and @suwan: don't argue guys about WY,. he already came to me and not coming back because pics of the thub scene already transmitted to him, like @sarah.lina said after 6 episodes i'll return him to me again,. :)) :)) :)) lmao

@petria: yes i'm still here my dear, missed me? :D

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Guest missred123

@shaym @

Lady Noh could be his down low chick. Imagine if ED knew of the affair between LN and TH's father. I think she would be worst than TN. So, I think he kept Lady Noh on the down low to protect her. THEORY!!!

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