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[Drama 2013/2014] ♚ Empress Ki (기황후) ♚

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Guest manquant

1023rs said: The Cast of Hwatu are released !!!!
김정현 Kim Jung Hyun
김성오 Kim Sung Oh
최무상 Choi Moo Sang
이문식 Lee Moon Sik
김영호 Kim Young Ho
김영철 Kim Young Chul
정웅인 Jung Woong In
김갑수 Kim Kap Soo
김명국 Kim Myung Guk
김형범 Kim Hyung Bum
권오중 Kwon Oh Joong
진이한 Jin Yi Han
and 신승환 Shin Seung Hwan

Looking at the names, Ha Ji Won will be working again with Kim Sung Oh whom she previously worked with in ‘Secret Garden’, Kim Hyung Bum in ‘Something Happened in Bali’, and also with Kwon Oh Joong after 10 years since ‘Damo’.

Photo source: DC HJW via TK2H_LSG_HJW fb

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manquant said:---------------------------------------------
So many male actors~ :-O Well, it's a sageuk ;))
Is this the complete cast? Any other female cast aside from Jiwon-ssi? Palace ladies, anyone? ;;)

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Guest manquant

larus said: manquant said:---------------------------------------------
So many male actors~ :-O Well, it's a sageuk ;))
Is this the complete cast? Any other female cast aside from Jiwon-ssi? Palace ladies, anyone? ;;)

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class="content-title" Joo Jin Mo Joins Ha Ji Won in Drama “Hwatu” crystalcove August 7, 2013 0 Comments Joo Jin Mo Joins Ha Ji Won in Drama “Hwatu”

Ha Ji Won has found her leading man in Joo Jin Mo for the upcoming drama MBC “Hwatu.” This will be Joo Jin Mo’s return to television after focusing only on movies for the past four years.

Joo Jin Mo will play the role of the Goryeo’s 28th king, Chunghye. Chunghye is described as an intelligent and courageous ruler who is not afraid to confront the empire of Yuan that borders the Goryeo kingdom. He becomes embroiled in a love triangle with Empress Ki of Yuan, played by Ha Ji Won, and her husband, Emperor Soon Jae. 

Empress Ki was born in Goryeo but lived in the Yuan empire and rose to the position of empress. “Hwatu” will portray Empress Ki as a smart and influential figure that struggled to uphold Goryeo pride in a foreign land and to balance love and politics.

This 50-episode drama will be led by director Han Hee, who also helmed “Doctor Jin.” The drama will be written by the writer duo Jang Young Chul and Jang Kyung Soon,who also wrote “Giant” and “History of the Salaryman.”

“Hwatu” is expected to premier in October, taking over the timeslot of “Goddess of Fire, Jung-yi.”


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class="entry-title" style="margin: 0px 0px 20px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; font-size: 2.4em; vertical-align: baseline; font-family: inherit; color: rgb(51, 51, 51); line-height: 1.375; "Jang Keun-suk Denies Role in Ha Ji-won’s DramaPosted on 2013/08/08 by Kang Jung Yeon in headlineTV with 0 Comments

Jang Keun-suk

Korean actor-singer Jang Keun-suk. [Tree J Company]


Actor Jang Keun-suk has denied a report that he had been cast in a new drama starring actress Ha Ji-won.

An official with Jang’s agency Tree J Company told TenAsia over the phone Thursday that the actor would not take on a role in Ha’s upcoming MBC epic, tentatively titled “Flower Battle.”

The news hit this morning that Jang is most likely to join the new period-set drama’s cast along with Ha and actor Joo Jin-mo. However, the official with Jang said that he has been offered to join the drama but never confirmed his appearance.

Jang had already decided to take the male lead in a new cartoon-turned-drama “Pretty Boy” (translated title) and it is impossible for him to manage both works due to the filming schedule of  “Pretty Boy,” the official added.

Set to premiere in October after “Goddess of Fire” ends its run, “Flower Battle” is a 50-part epic about wise and attractive empress named Qi (Ha), the ancient-Korea-born empress who later becomes the ruler of the Yuan Dynasty of China.

Reporter. Kang Jung Yeon atoz@tenasia.co.kr
Editor. Lee Hye Ji hjlee@tenasia.co.kr

Courtesy of Tree J Company

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Thanks @NEWMARIO for the news!I am super excited that Joo Jin Mo is casted, this man really knowshow to act in a sageuk, and he has this sexy smoldering look to him that is so attractive, so I am glad he joined! His chemistry with Ha Ji Won will be off the charts :) Can't wait.

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larus said: @Orion, Hi, dear! It`s a long time since I have seen you on soompi! So you are worried about the director?! So do I but I still have faith that he will not disappoint like his previous work. For that he was helped by the writer and male lead IMO). I`m still waiting for the lead actor to fully committed. For an anniversary sageuk I`m expect some great drama. We`ll see. 

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Actor Joo Jin-Mo is cast in upcoming MBC period drama HWATU, which has already cast Ha Ji-Won in the lead female role. In the drama series, Joo Jin-Mo will play King Chunghye of Goryeo, who stands up against Emperor Huizong of Yuan. Joo Jin-Mo's character and the Qi Empress (Ha Ji-Won) then become political partners and also fall into a romantic relationship. 

As soon as Joo Jin-Mo finishes filming for upcoming movie "Friend 2," he will join the filming for drama series HWATU. 

HWATU will first air this October in South Korea (takes over the time slot currently held by "Jung-Yi, The Goddess of Fire").


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Joo Jin-mo in "Hwatu" with Ha Ji-won

Source | 2013/08/07 | 42 views | Permalink | 0 Comments


Actor Joo Jin-mo has been cast for the MBC drama "Hwatu".

He takes on the role of the 28th king, Chung-hae. He is a king from the Koryo times and conflicts with the emperor of Yuan for Queen Ki (Ha Ji-won).

"Hwatu" is a drama based on the real lives of real characters. Ha Ji-won is Queen Ki. The drama is written by Jang Yeong-cheol and Jeong Kyeong-soon-I and produced by Han Heui.

To be aired in October after "Goddess Of Fire Jeongi".

Source : starin.edaily.co.kr/n... ( English )

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Guest pandora460

I have watched Joo Jin Mo in Frozen Flower only and thought that his acting was awesome but the drama was not a vehicle to fangirl the actors involved in it.  :D It was a great work though.  I am sure JJM and HJW will have good chemistry in Hwatu.

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We are learning more and more about Hwatu story, and i love it. Another love triangle for Ha Ji Won, it gets more and more interesting. It's much different from what i read and thought, now i'm much happier about this drama.
Can't wait to know who will be the Emperor.

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DRAMA CASTING & NEWSJoo Jin-mo joins Hwatu to romance Ha Ji-wonby javabeans | August 8, 2013 | 4 Comments


Casting continues on MBC’s upcoming sageuk drama Hwatu, which is not in fact a drama about gambling despite being named after the flower cards [花鬪]. The series is set in the Goryeo dynasty with Ha Ji-won playing a Goryeo woman who becomes Empress Ki of Yuan (sister of Ki Chul, mentioned from time to time in Faith). Now Joo Jin-mo (Gabi, Invincible) has signed on to play King Chunghye, the male lead, in his first drama in four years (since he headlined boxing drama Dream).

In Hwatu’s timeline, the Yuan Dynasty has political governance over the Goryeo state. King Chunghye ruled three reigns ahead of Gongmin, which is the king Joo Jin-mo portrayed in the movie Frozen Flower (albeit unofficially, since I don’t believe he was ever outright called Gongmin). In the drama, Chunghye is described as intelligent and fierce and determined to free Goryeo from Yuan rule. Not only does he come up against the Yuan emperor as a political foe, but also a romantic rival in the fight to win Empress Ki’s affections. Naturally. This is a K-drama, after all.

There was another rumor making the rounds recently concerning Jang Geun-seok joiningHwatu as well, which would have reunited him with Ha Ji-won after playing her childhood sweetheart in Hwang Jini. However, Jang’s reps have come out to deny the news, so it appears news outlets jumped the gun on those reprts. He stated that he did receive the script and was looking at the role positively, but hadn’t decided to do it. Which makes sense, since Jang is contracted to do a different drama, manhwa-adapted Pretty Man, and would have to either quit that one or receive that drama’s permission to do both, and I can’t see him going that far to take on a non-headlining role in a 50-episode sageuk. Plus, he’s also booked solid with overseas promotions and appearances that’ll keep him plenty busy.

Hwatu, which is produced by the makers of Dae Jo Young, Giant, and History of the Salaryman, will be MBC’s next Monday-Tuesday drama and premieres in October.


Via MaeilSports Seoul

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