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[Drama 2013/2014] ♚ Empress Ki (기황후) ♚

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First I want to thank for everyone for the comments. It been really nice to read everyone's amazing insights. 

It's been really busy couple of weeks and sometimes I don't remember to comment. :wub::loolz:

Too many people died. It was good that bad people died but why did they had to kill Tal tal or batolu? 

Cockroach had really deserving dead. 

Tal tal was one of the only reasons that I survived to the end. 


This drama should have ended in the episode 40 or they should have moved the plot faster in the beginning. 



There where too many misunderstood and mistrust between the lead. I would have loved if they could have just trusted each other. 


KOLTA. What you can say about him. It always the closest people that will betray you. You  know I liked him at first but somewhere long they I saw thing that made me think that maybe he was not a good person. 


Power is the worst enemy. Everyone want it and you don't want to share it. 


Killing Wang yoo was the only choice. 


The love triangle for me never was a real triangle. Never really felt that W and N were really in love which each other even though there was Maha. 

The poor kid never knew his parents. His life was one of the most pitiful. 


There could have been maybe few villain but with long sageuk that is always the case. Many villain, few good people. 


Overall I did like this drama. It was my second time watching this. There was so much I did not remember. 


@partyon @Sleepy Owl @Nodame @chickfactor  thank you!  And see in another threat. :heart2:


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Hello friends!   Welcome to the season of swords and destiny. For those who don't know, August 15 was Korea's independence day. Inspired, we decided to create an event season focused o

First script reading for the drama back then. Source: MBC

I watched the first episode and enjoyed it very much. Usually a sageuk would have like 15 or more episodes for the childrens part but it looks like here they're going to fill in everything that happen

I know I'm late to this game but right now I feel writing down my thoughts about this Drama is the only way I will be able to let it go- and I need to let it go because my addiction to it is slowly driving me insane. It is like a 51 hour long torture to my soul and me enjoying the pain. 


Let me begin with my first impression, after watching Secret Garden the famous horse riding scene appeared in my youtube suggestions and I was like: 'Ok, I can't even decide who's the boy and who's the girl, not gonna' watch this one.' I wish I stuck to this or I don't know. Needless to say that certain scene has been already replayed on my screen so many times I'm surprised it did not burn into my screen. 


Now, when I decided to watch it I had my reservation after the first scene, because it told clearly: no one is going to be really happy in this drama, but the archery match got me hooked. Ep 1 was the only ep where I thought the chemistry could work between SN and WY, so you could guess which ship I've boarded after all.

As I'm a rather impatient person and I did not want to waste my time on something which might not be worth it, I started to skip through the episodes, watching only the seemingly interesting parts... now, looking back, with this drama it's an absolute no-no because the devil is in the details. 

For this reason my first impression of the prince was low, because without context, his asking for dried persimmons and declaring himself fatigued, etc. really made him look like a stupid, spoiled, good for nothing person. Later when I re watched that episode I had a completely different take on his character and his actions. I just love when a show can do this: presenting a flawed character which initially makes me annoyed only to- by revealing the layers of his personality and the complexity of his circumstances- make me fall hard for him and keeping me on my toes for the rest of the drama, begging to let him at least a few moments of genuine happiness.
Ep 4 sealed my fate, it must be the most intriguing drama ep I have ever seen. I love historical settings, girl disguised boy storylines, and ep 4 presented me everything there is to see. The character of TH played by JCW makes me watch this 51 hour torture on an infinite loop- both the character and the actor and it all started in ep 4. I was surprised when he first covered for SN, and then, when he also beat him in archery with a smug smile and he was frustrated... he was so goddamn cute about it. A truly petty person would have held a grudge and made SN's live more miserable but instead he asked him nicely to take him to a picnic :D  And here we are, at the riding scene and with that the ship sets it sails, because that was probably the happiest moment for both characters throughout the entire series. 
I had to admit when TH started to cry I thought he was about to cry in frustration about losing yet again and I believe SN also thought this and this made that scene having even more impact. That made both the viewers and SN  realize how deep that character really is and it was acted brilliantly. It was like seeing a completely different person all of a sudden, and for SN I think that's when she truly started to feel for him as a person. 
I read somewhere that every time SN and TH seems to finally connect WY appears and ruins everything :D I know it could be completely interpreted the other way around but as I'm in the TH-SN ship allow me to be mean here. The beach scene was beautiful, emotional, and I was not happy with WYs arrival at all (Is it only me who got the vibes of an angry father about to scold the children for staying out at the playground without permission?) . However, his appearance led to the other surprising and confusing iconic scene of this show. I loved how TH stood up straight this time and told WY not to blame SN- it was such a huge difference after how WY bullied him after he entered his palace and I think SN was also further impressed. Aaand then she chose to ride with TH. I admit it, my chin hit the table thinking 'what the hell just happened?'. It is frustrating that we will never know what she actually thought and it can be interpreted to the benefit of both ships but then again, I choose to interpret it as TH: 1 WY:0 as he rode off with the woman with a haughty smile. I truly believe she did that because she had just connected with TH on a personal level and she was more comfortable riding with him. 

Aaand sorry again for the interpretation of the next scene, but I just love how it played out. WY drinking with SN trying to have a good time with 'him' but it's all awkward and SN is blurting out requests for making TH's life more comfortable. If WY failed to regret making SN shadowing TH on the beach I'm pretty sure he was already mentally facepalming hard. Aaaand that's when haughty prince arrives to ruin WY's night completely (although I'm at my wits end about what was he exactly planning having a boy servant drinking with him all night.) This is also a situation where I'm dying to know what SN actually thinks: I don't think she is in love with either of them, but she kind of hero-worships WY and clearly cares for TH and she knows these two hate each other and she is very uncomfortable being caught up between them. However what surprised me again is that when TH asked her to go to Yuan with him she did not refuse... she had no reservations hurting his feelings back on the beach (I don't care if you forget me or not) so I don't think it was just about that. Nevertheless she leaves and TH played really smart because he got just what he wanted (in your face WY). 2:0 
Now I have to refer back to the scene where WY bullied TH, because my take on that scene changed a great deal. When I have first seen it playing out I thought it was somewhat justified and 'here we have TH crying again like a baby'. Now thinking back I believe this was one of the lowest moment for WY: what was he thinking and why did he do that? Yes, TH said something stupid which hurt him, but that was no way for a king to handle that situation. From one point of view, although TH's chances of truly becoming an emperor were thin, it was still a possibility, and losing all possible goodwill between them just to soothe his anger was an idiotic act. On the other hand it was not flattering about his personality either: kicking the puppy who's already down: as TH said he really did nothing wrong. 
I skipped through a lot of happenings to the next turning point: TH's betrayal. When I first saw that (again, without context) I instantly lost all sympathy for his character only to realize later that he did the best thing for everyone really. First of all, he did not want to go back to the palace at all, he knew it will be the end of him and he was totally right about it, SN insisted he needed to go back, to save her father and her majesty. SN strongly believed it is the right path for the both of them but I wonder if even, much later in the story, she has realized that she was wrong. Also, the time when TH was taken away by the Yuans and WY told her that his well being is not their concern anymore she had to see that TH was right to a certain extent.
TH knew perfectly well that he will be killed if he told the truth and still was torn about betraying SN and it's the most tragic thing in this entire series. He basically ruined the only meaningful relationship he had (and his future love), a decision which will torture him throughout his life but he had no other options: had he told the truth not only he, but everyone else present would have been killed off. Every scene which torments him about this decision (especially the two confrontation with SN) breaks my heart. 
Aaand back in the place the true misery begins for everyone and it never really ends (for anyone). How can a story torture it's characters this much? Is life really like this? Whenever something remotely happy occurs it has to be paid for by hours of misery? I wish the series ended after the disposal of YC and his family, before TH's and Y's temporary happiness was torn to shreds all over again. Or at least before TH's death. 
I of course enjoyed every time a villain was outsmarted and met his or her demise, but after a certain point even that did not have the same impact, because you just knew that other evils will arise, not leaving the main couple one minute to breath and from time to time their own lack of consideration for the other dug the misery hole even deeper. 

Now a few thoughts this drama convey perfectly: 
-Wallowing in self pity gets you nothing, nor does pride. 

-SN took TH's feeling for granted and after a certain point she failed to govern his heart. Also when SN finally stopped breaking his heart, TH sort of went on doing that himself. In the last third of the series  I believe they were the biggest benefactors of their own misery. 
-I hate the fact that after killing off the main villains (YC family) not only there's no happy ending but even worse situations escalate- it's painful but very realistic. 

-Before making a judgement on a person or a situation you have to gather every possible detail and even then you have to be wary.

-Sometimes there is no such thing as a right choice but you have to make a decision anyway. 

-Another tragic layer that I believe we all were rooting for TH and EK to prevail and be together in the top, but what did their victories do to the empire? Has its situation improved one bit by any of the great changes? It doesn't seems so.


I could go on all day writing my thoughts, and sorry for the long post but I needed to get hold of that abyss which currently swirling around in my head. 



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