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[Drama 2013/2014] ♚ Empress Ki (기황후) ♚

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On 3/24/2019 at 8:52 AM, 123mary123 said:

 I am sorry in advance for my long post

I discovered Empress Ki from Netflix only 2 weeks ago and  have finish watching all the episodes!

I am SN-WY all the way

From my search around different pages i have noticed that the majoriry of viewers ship SN and TH (at least those who are active at social media)

I think the reason for that has to do with their age ( the viewers age), that time JCW was 25  years old so obviously people around 20 years and younger would prefer him and because he is very goodlooking.  As i have seen from various comnents, when they watched the show they were around 13 yrs. At that age we are drawn by looks plus we all had accounts to every forum to post things.

Older ages see deeper than that.

Saying the above i want to post why i choose WY over TH

WY  first thought was if SN was happy
 ¤ when he first went to the palace and not managed to meet SY his server ask him to try again and meet BUT he said if she is happy here i dont want to trouble her.
¤ when proposed to her he was not demanding, we saw how much depresed he was SY came out that morning without the hairpin but didnt get angry with her.
 ¤ when almost got killed in the hunting game trying to save TH and SY, he didnt want her to know that because it would make her suffer ( she was the emperror's concubine)

¤when Maha died, again he didnt want her to find out because she has suffered enough.

SY slept with TH after  he took that poisoned arrow instead of her (as a thank you or out of duty). Do you think that if SY had known that WY was injured at the hunting game trying to save her and TH, would still go the emperror's chamber and sleep with him? Hmmm ?
(She would probably go another time again as her duty)

The emperror on the other hand wanted to have her on his side regardless how she felt.

¤He burned the letter of dismissing her from the palace 
¤ he wanted WY dead, no matter how much this would upset SY
¤ He forced her to have sex with him.

In general as long as he was happy so SHOULD she ( because he was the emperror after all)


From the time SY went to the palace the second time ,all she did was thinking about her revenge and helping her people and also WY. She was not showing her "love" to TH. For me TH was just a tool for her plans.







I agree with your analysis.  WY was a caring and selfless person, who truly had SY best interest at heart.  I found the Emperor to be selfish, even though I think in his own mind he did love SY.  It seems to me that he grew dependent on her to save him, as she had done when they first met.  However, even until the end of the movie I could not figure out if SY loved the Emperor or WY.  Perhaps she loved them both, even though she clearly began a relationship with the Emperor as a tool for her plans.   Empress Ki is one of my favorite historical dramas.  I've watched it many times, and each time I learn something different!

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I also think that she loved both men but in a different way. Wang was her first and romantic love. the first love is the most intense and free from the fears that arise in next relationships. most people idealize their first love and recall it when they struggle with their problems in life. in the series the problem was also that Nyang often met Wang which made it difficult for her to forget about him. On the other hand, she loved the Emperor in family kind of love. this is the kind of love that people feel after many years of living together and overcoming adversities. although in this case it was mainly Nyang who solved the problems and not the emperor. it is worth noting that during their marriage life Nyang was more his nanny than a woman, and she was the most lonely and unhappy person in the series.

The last scene is a kind of open ending. here the moment of Nyang's hesitation lasts longer than in episode 4. It may be a question for viewers if Nyang had a second chance, would she make the same choice? She gained power but she lost everyone she loved, she wanted to protect people but she lost to them in civil war and she lost both Yuan and Goryo and after centuries she is perceived as a traitor. the last scene could also show the choice between personal happiness and the good of nation(the most important thing that Nyang managed to do was stopping the tribute from Goryo).
the above comments say that most people prefer Togon. I would say that it depends. in my country (Poland) on the largest movie portal most people support Wang and not Togon. I think it has to do with the pattern of masculinity. girls want to have a boyfriend who sometimes takes care of them, not the one who has an obsession on them and whom they always have to look after (even if he has the face of JCW)

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On 4/29/2014 at 4:46 AM, pegster said:

About TH.
After watching EP50 with Csubs, I can safely say that TH did not act out of jealousy to kill WY like some people were saying.
Not once did he display any signs of jealousy throughout the episode, in fact, we can even see that he's found his deep love for Ki again.  
When TH was finally able to sit down and think about the situation, the first thought that came to his mind was not to let anyone know, not to kill WY.  If it was purely out of jealousy, then he should have immediately thought about killing WY instead of trying to hide the secret.
I know it's hard for most of us, but like I mentioned before, we really need consider the expectations of that era.  This is not about TH getting angry at Ki for not telling him about MaHa, or even having had slept with WY.  As most of us had predicted, this is not what TH cared about, he's more concerned about Ki's life.  Do we really think that if someone finds out about MaHa being the Empresses son out of wedlock with another man, other than the Emperor, that nothing is going to happen to Ki?  There is ED who is continually waiting for a chance to kill Ki, and we have the ML who's hiding in the dark looking for the same opportunity.
It's kind of like the situation with Ki sending MaHa out of the palace.  Some people thought that was her being selfish, but really, is that not the best decision for MaHa then to keep him in the palace?  
The same goes for TH deciding that he must kill everyone who knows this secret, EVEN if it's WY.  (From the way he said that, it didn't seem like he wanted to kill WY, but that he had no choice, but to kill him.)  He can not risk anyone else finding out to bring potential danger to SN.  If Cruella was somehow about to find out, how does he know for sure someone else isn't going to have a slip of tongue and leak this another random person? 
TH also knows that killing WY would hurt Ki as well, and she wouldn't approve of it, but again, in his mind, this is the only way to protect her, and he's willing to risk her hating him just so he can keep her safe.
In the end of the day, WY's group was the one who thought it was safe to talk about the secret out in the open.  Who is there to blame?  (yes, yes, I know the writers wrote it that way).
When TH found out from Cruella about how Tanasmirky found MaHa in the first place, the first thing he thought about was what Ki said to him when she returned, how she needs to revenge for those who died for her.  He realizes that Ki had suffered the pain of losing a child, again he didn't show any signs of anger toward her, instead he sympathized with her, hurt to know that she had to go through that pain.
About WY, there's not too much to talk about.
Like we had all thought (or at least myself).  He took the opportunity to save TH and Ki, and sent all those grains to the palace for the Yuan people, it was all a plan so that he can get his throne back.  There's nothing wrong with that, he did what he had to do.
When he finally got his throne back, he was ready to leave behind everything that happened in Yuan in Yuan.  He had EB and JK finish off whatever they needed to for their investigation of the Eagle Group and to pass everything over to Ki so she can do whatever she wants to do.  
He's acheived what he needed to acheive, get his throne back so that he can go back to governing Goryeo, and to make it into a stronger country like he had promised Ki when she gave him TH's order to give him back the throne.
It was sad seeing him die, but he died willingly.
Two men, one is willing to kill for Ki, the other is willing to die for her.
Immediately after TH told him about MaHa, he knew there was no other way to secure Ki's safety, but for him to die.  He pushed TH to kill him.  TH wanted him to fight, even though the battle was already unfair, it seemed like TH wanted to at least see him fight, he didn't want to see WY giving up just like that for the woman he (TH) loves.
I do question that when TH asked WY if Ki was worth him giving up his life for, if at that time TH was thinking to himself whether he would be able to do the same, or if he had underestimated WY's love for Ki.
It was somewhat of the one and only man to man 'talk' TH and WY had.  WY is declaring his love for Ki, but at the same time also using his own way to remind TH that he needs to not make her suffer.  
About Ki.
Well Ki is torn between the two men.  The man who she loved, and the man who she loves.
I agree that Ki still holds special feelings for WY, but I don't believe that to be love.  People may argue that Ki never declared her love for either WY or TH, but there's a difference with how she expresses how she feels between two, at least at the current moment.
With WY she holds regrets, and remorse toward him.  Her regrets are for Byul, their son who she couldn't protect, she blames herself for everything WY has suffered because she was the one who abandoned him.  She feels even worst because she no longer loves him, and now he has to died in the hands of the man she loves.
I don't know how to describe it, but it's like she feels like she owes WY a debt.  For MaHa, for everything he's done for her.  She's not stupid, she knows what he's done out of his love for her, but there's no way for her to repay for his love.
When Ki held onto his dead body, not once did she mention anything about 'we'll meet again in our next lives', or 'I'll repay your love for me', nothing related to love.  Instead, she said she'd remember and repay him for his kindness, because now in her heart, TH is the person who she wants to love now, and even in their next life, if there's one.
Ki and TH, what can I say.  Now that she knows TH knows, and undrstands how much he's holding in and also suffering for her, she seems to be at a lost.  TH doesn't want to ask her, or even let her know that he knows, worried about what Ki will think, and if it'll bring more pain to her having to talk about it.  Ki probably feels that maybe if she brings it up, it'll hurt him even more.  
It seems now both Ki and TH are able to understand each other, but just aren't expressing it outwardly.  TH understands what Ki had to suffer through, and doesn't blame her for it.  Ki understands why TH is trying to hide his knowledge from her even if it pains him.  
We've finally reached that 'understanding' level, but neither of them are willing to speak up about it in fear that it would inflict more pain on the other.  It's just a never ending cycle.
Does this post even make sense???  I'm suddenly feeling so lost!
I'll just look forward to tomorrow's episode to see what further tragedy awaits us.  Oh...Damo ending is looking so good now...WHIB...classic...


exactly . for moment she asked what make you cant sleep (she tot he will tell her) but he respond im not feeling well bq sickness .


im waching ek ki 5yrs later . whan i was waching i my heart said ppl must missunderstood ki & th actions when they waching series live and i came to check what ppl said on 5yrs ago . im happy most off viewers didnt judje them blindly at that time.:heart:

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