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[Drama 2013/2014] ♚ Empress Ki (기황후) ♚

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Guest eeldeerlove

Actress Baek Jin Hee will be joining MBC’s upcoming Mon-Tue drama ‘Empress Ki’.


Baek Jin Hee will play the daughter of a government official who wrought up in the victory over the Yuan Dynasty. She was set up by his father in a manipulative marriage to Emperor Huizhong (Ji Chang Wook). Her character is a great woman with an outstanding envy and jealousy, she truly loves Emperor Huizhong but cannot stand the fact that he doesn’t love her and feel unbearable shame. Baek Jin Hee is expected to build rivalry toward Empress Ki (Ha Ji Won) whom Emperor Huizhong dearly loved.

Baek Jin Hee appeared in familiar TV dramas such as “High Kick 3: The Revenge of the Short Legged” and “Jeon Woo Chi” and her acting stability was well received, especially in “Gold, Appear!” where she had pushed impressive performance in portraying popular character Jung Mong Hyun known as ‘Cheongdamdong’ daughter-in-law (trophy wife).

In the meantime, viewers were looking forward to actress Baek Jin Hee’s transformation from her previous innocent look to her new venture.

“Empress Ki” is a 50 part series depicting the struggles of Qi Empress before she reign as ruler of the empire . Series was the new project by the authors of ‘The King Dae Joyoung’, ‘Giant’, and ‘History of a Salaryman’, writers Jang Young Cheol and Jung Kyung Soon, who were recognized with their ability to create excellent bold lines and the cinematic quality on their previous collaborations. Ha Ji Won, Joo Jin Mo, Ji Chang Wook, Jin Yi Han, Kim Seo Hyung, Jung Woong In, Kim Young Ho, Kim Jung Hyun, Kwon Oh Jung confirmed to appeared in the drama.

“Empress Ki” will be broadcast this fall when “Goddess of Fire” ends.


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Are there still no official stills for Ha Ji Won?

On a different note, Baek Jin Hee is a likeable actress.

A lot of us will just have to wait until it's close to the end of October to see whether Empress Ki pushes through for a prompt premiere.

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Empress Ki casts Ha Ji-won’s rivals
by girlfriday

Baek Jin-hee, Kim Seo-hyung, Yoon Ah-jung

We’ve got more casting additions for MBC’s upcoming Monday-Tuesday sageuk epic Empress Ki (formerly called Hwatu), starring Ha Ji-won as the Goryeo-born woman who becomes a Yuan empress. Baek Jin-hee (I Summon You, Gold) has recently joined the cast as a rival for Ji Chang-wook’s affections — he plays the Yuan emperor who takes Ha Ji-won as his consort, while Baek Jin-hee is the wife his family has arranged for him to marry. Oh, ancient kings and their messed up love lives.

Baek Jin-hee’s marriage to Ji Chang-wook will be a political one, but that doesn’t mean she won’t be upset about the fact that he falls in love with another woman. She’ll face off with Ha Ji-won in an effort to be the emperor’s only love. Poor Baek Jin-hee; history tells us it doesn’t go well for her. While Baek Jin-hee will be the rival for love, it’s Kim Seo-hyung’s empress dowager who will be the heroine’s political rival. She holds the true power, especially considering that Ji Chang-wook’s character starts out a young and politically weak ruler.

On the Goryeo side of things, we’ve got Joo Jin-mo as the hero, the Goryeo king who’s also in love with the heroine. Yoon Ah-jung (Hundred Year Inheritance) has been cast as a Yuan-born princess who gets married off to a Goryeo king. (So basically she’s the Bizarro Empress Ki? I’m getting the sense that these countries did a whole lot of political consort trading, and it’s starting to squick me out.) She gets married off to a king who’s old enough to be her father… and she’ll end up Joo Jin-mo’s stepmother. Weird.

The 50-episode historical drama comes from the writing team behind History of the Salaryman and Giant, and follows Goddess of Fire Jung-yi on Mondays and Tuesdays this fall. It premieres October 28.

(Credit:  The Wonderful Gals at Dramabeans!)

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[PICT] Kyaaaa!!!!! Finally,the main cast of Empress Ki gathered in a room. Ha Ji Won,Joo Jin Mo,Ji Chang Wook,Jin Yi Han, Kim Seo Hyung, etc. All of them smiling ^^


Credit to: JiWonesia

Wow, Ha Ji Won is a lucky girl she is surrounded by two very very handsome men.

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Did "Queen Ki" start filming?

Yes, it will be on air from Oct 21 so that there is lots of time, if director has a meeting, we will take a rest. The team work well with eachother, no one cannot drink. After filming, we had a drink together. Ha Ji Won does as well, eventhough she is busy, she will stay to have a drink, I really like her.

Since she can drink, isn't it?

Like to drink, but mostly since she can stay back, I like her a lot (she is really nice). This Thursday we will also have a script reading, then will gather together.
(Interview actor Jung Woong In 1 week ago)

Cre: HJW DC, XY baidu
Trans: Jiwonderland


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