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[Drama 2013/2014] ♚ Empress Ki (기황후) ♚

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"Goddess of Fire" resumed their shooting schedule today (25 September), with the next shows airing on 30 September and 1 October (two specials were aired this week instead to give MGY a chance to heal).  I bet that MBC probably will not make a decision over cutting (or not cutting) GoF's episodes until they see the ratings for next week's shows first.  If all continues with the status quo, "Empress Ki" will then premiere on 28 October instead... which relieves me a bit to see the production get more filming under their belts and not suffer the same problems that come with the live-shoot system.

I'm keeping an eye on the news feeds, so once an announcement is made, I'll be back! \m/

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Thanks for the pictures, everyone!  This is where living on the West Coast is a hindrance because you guys get first dibs on all the gossip!  :((

BTS of Ji Chang-wook on set for the poster shoot 19 September 2013.  Good thing the weather is getting cooler in Korea -- could you see the cast prancing around in the miserable hot and sticky that was prevalent this summer over there in these costumes?  He's sure gonna be one pretty Emperor of Yuan, that's for sure! ㅋㅋㅋ


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class="headline" style="margin: 0px 0px 10px; padding: 0px; font-size: 24px; line-height: 1.21em; font-family: arial, helvetica, clean, sans-serif; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);"‘Empress Ki’ reveals photos from script reading session

Upcoming MBC TV Mon-Tue drama ‘Empress Ki’ (script: Jang Young Cheol; director: Han Hee) has revealed photos from its script reading session last month.

Directors, producers, scriptwriters, and other production staff together with cast members like Ha Ji Won, Joo Jin Mo, Ji Chang Wook, Jung Woong In, Kim Seo Hyung, Kim Young Ho, Lee Moon Sik, Jin Yi Han, Choi Moo Sung, Kim Jung Hyun, and others were present for the script reading session which took place over 2 days on August 13th and 14th at Ilsan’s MBC Dream Centre.

Ha Ji Won and Joo Jin Mo who will lead the drama, showed their determination by stating, “We will work hard at filming.” Jung Woong In who has gained a ‘bad guy’ nickname in recent times said, “I will once again portray a vicious villain,” which led to a huge round of applause from everyone.

The session lasted for 4 long hours, as the cast put in their best efforts in reprising their respective roles. Ha Ji Won who is playing the lead role as Empress Ki, ignored her break time and instead discussed her role with the scriptwriters and director, and showing her love for the role. Ji Chang Wook who is cast as Yuan Dynasty’s Emperor Huizong, also showed great passion towards acting.

Director Han Hee expressed, “I hope everyone will put safety as their topmost priority during filming, and prevent any mishaps from happening. For period productions, the chemistry between the cast members are really important. I hope everyone can memorize their lines well, and allow viewers to naturally accept period productions as a genre.”

‘Empress Ki’ will be 50 episodes long and will depict the loves and battles of Empress Ki who is from Goryeo, but later moves to the Mongol capital and exercises her influence in the Yuan Dynasty. The drama will be written by scriptwriters Jang Young Cheol and Jung Kyung Soon who had previously worked together on ‘Giant’, ‘History of the Salaryman’, and ‘Incarnation of Money’.

The drama will succeed ‘Jung Yi, Goddess of Fire’ and begin broadcast from October 21st.

By: Kang Hyo Jin


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Gosh... Ha Ji Won so beautiful. Her skin, her finger, her hair... beautiful!But... LOL why all of the man hahaha... No actress 5ff0.gifAnd WOW... the cast is AWESOME... Jung Woo In, Min Se i\Yi's father from Monstar there too... This drama will be good. I really wish to see saeguk in the Queen Seon De Ok level. I really want to see saeguk that good again...

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