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[Drama 2013] Scandal:That very shocking and immoral incident 스캔들: 매우 충격적이고 부도덕한 사건

Guest yeohweping

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because a family is composed by the people that really loves you.because a father is a person that really respects you.because a mather is the safest place in the world.
because being a son, being a daughter is the most precious gift of the world.
this is the lesson i got from this marvelous drama.

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@jaewon fan,  Hello. So glad to see you here.... I miss you and our lovely thread.

There is  a tutorial for the new "Soompi" that is pretty handy.


I started a thread for the new drama by Bae Yu-Mi, and tried to call you all. But here is the thread's link to "I have a Lover."


I hope all scandal lovers will join us there.

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