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[Variety] Our Neighborhood Variety Sports (우리동네 예체능)

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xman150 said: I think at the end in the locker room JYP was saying that he had too much wedding stuff on his mind and after the honeymoon, he'll be back to playing properly. Haha. Same with John Park in the beginning with his look and I think KHD was calling him out but then I think it was Woo Ji Won saying that how he normally is and John Park said that he was fine. Lol. Maybe Bushy eyebrows can come in and let SJS be a Westbrook type scoring PG.

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Guest paradox_hyesaron87

i hope they can scout ricky.he played bsaketball for dream team before alongside jyp n sjs and the coach pick him as the best...

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This episode tells us how they are going to be in the next upcoming games. The 2 main players are dealing with injuries and Kim Hyuk impresses as the newest member. They actually looked good in the 3 games they played against the kids. The middle school team had 2 kids almost as tall as KHD and Julian. Impressive. Lol. They actually played good team ball with better ball movement and defense. The teaser for next week shows their improvement. Funniest thing in this episode was Woo Ji Won trying to get John Park to show his mean streak!

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yeah, fun episode & move over, SJS & Julian cuz Cool Kiz has a new star for sure! :D Kim Hyuk sure looked impressive. I thought he looked liked a baller on LGDT but he got more play here and got more of a chance to see his game and he appears to be even a better finisher than SJS and has some hops too. man, I wish he didn't lose the handle on that one outlet pass on the breakaway against the elementary kids cuz he looked like he had some bad intentions of packing it something fierce lol


It was funny when they asked his age during their initial meeting but JP said he's the maknae no matter what. :)) I think he was saying he got discovered playing street ball and was actually a good enuff player in high school to get scouted by some universities. But unfortunately, he had some injury to his ankle or something that cut short his promising career.

Speaking of injuries, Julian hurt his calf or pulled something in his lower leg playing pickup ball with his buds earlier in the week and he had to come out of the game against the middle school students and didn't play at all against the high schoolers. Shame that cuz those high schoolers had a field day in the paint without Cool Kiz's #1 big man patrolling the paint. It looked like a lay up drill out there haha.

The first game against the elementary kids was the most fun tho' -- those kids were physically outmatched by the adults of course but they totally outplayed Cool Kiz IMO. They actually ran plays and set picks and screens and had such good spacing & court vision compared to the Cool Kiz team. Cool Kiz game plan was to basically just throw it into Julian & let him take over. They prolly would've lost to those elementary kids without Julian and Kim Hyuk lol.

Cool Kiz got some breaks too & still couldn't take advantage. I swear I saw SJS with an over & back violation bringing the ball past halfcourt and can't believe the ref didn't call Kim Hyuk for basket interference when he clearly had his hand in the cylinder holding the net?!  :-O


Kim Hyuk's lazy inbounds pass to JP that plonked off of KHD's head pretty much summed up the final minutes of the game against the high schoolers #-o Looks like KHD jammed his wrist on the previous play too to add insult to injury lol


Like father like son eh? they showed ex-player, Lee Chang Soo's son big feet haha. he's only 13 but judging by his shoe size, he's well on his way to reaching his father's height of 195cm. ;) What was SJS saying about his dad? that he met him a few times at a PC bang? :-/


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SO CLOSE! and def very fun epi~ kim hyuk's "back dunk" is on daum's top 10 search list for quite a while now~is at no1 then went down and went back up agian~ HAHA the dunk wasnt necessary,he was just showing off XD i love now bcoz of kimhyuk i got to see julien kang in fanboy mode~~last week the kids were trying off his moves on the bench,this week hyejung,changmin and KHD mimicked his moves on the bench~ he earned the nickname "air kimhyuk"~ i am genuinely surprised to learn that kim hyuk is the same age as seo ji suk!! OMG i dont know why but i just thought he is younger than that~ not that SJS looks older,but bcoz kim hyuk is relatively new to the entertainment industry~he said that basketball is his debut drama~ and i spotted him as an extra on the movie love 911 by accident yesterday as i was rewatching the movie~ i wonder how did he get to where he is now~ hmmm....what hav he done in between~ curious~
i love how the BGM "drunken tiger-monster" is julien's BGM~i'd sing BAM BAM BA BA BA BAM when he scores even before the BGM is played on the show~ haha i listen to it again later just bcoz~ he is the monster center for the cool kidz~
since this game is played just right after the epi of them vs kyungnam changwon team,seo ji suk was the ace at the time beside julien~ KHD is trying to tell everyone who still doesnt know that SJS is a married man and they all predicted that kimhyuk is going to steal his limelight starting frm the next epi,they all just shook hands and said he did a good job HAHA~ 
all in all,they really hav improved a lot even KHD~ i will be so sad when they will finally say goodbye to basketball though~ ;_; so many eyecandies to let go~cant we at least keep kim hyuk&julien for future sports? i can let go of SJS since he is a married man~ 

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DAMN that was such a good close game! Kim Hyuk with this reverse layup and dunk were the highlights of the game. Its a good thing that he knows how to post up on the block, cause they needed him there badly when Julian got into foul trouble, which was a good call by the Wonju team. Julian was just beasting up until that point when they started to make their adjustments. Gotta admit though, some of those foul calls were pretty bad ones. That 4th foul should have been called on John Park instead, Julian was straight up with hands in the air, don't know how you can call a foul on that.

Sucks that SJS tweeked his back before the game. Luckily he got all pas and KT taped up and did a good job off the bench. Ill call the others the role players from now on, did their jobs playing defense and being cheerleaders. Lol.

Looks like next week they are going to get coached hard. Looks intense, as it should be with these guys if they want to keep on winning.

And it looks like they are going to do yet another Badminton special in mid December, which I don't mind at all.

Sidebar: Looks like 1N2D, brought back the maknae pd from season 1. Hopefully that guy along with the gag con pd can bring it back to prominence like they were back then.

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yeah, like both of y'all said, it was a good game & exciting ep. :D I kinda knew from the jump that this Wonju Basketball Mania team would be an even match for Cool Kiz cuz they're pretty similar talent wise with a 2 or 3 ballers on the team and the rest are fillers. They are a good scrappy amateur team but definitely a level or two below that high school team we saw last week.

@xman150, man those ticky tack fouls on Julien really took him out on the defensive end cuz he just played matador D afraid of picking up his 5th foul & I can't blame him either. Those refs must've been bought off by the WBM squad cuz some of those fouls were of the WTF?! variety.  the one time I thought Julian did really hack one of the Wonju players for and 1 & deserved a foul, there was no whistle -- go figure? :-?? Terrible reffing with a lot of inconsistent calls. :-q


@laydeebutterfly, yeah Kim Hyuk is the man! ^:)^ He's a human highlight reel (apologies to Dominique lol) & he is the best finisher around the basket bar none on this team. yeah, he had just a quick cameo in "basketball" just like Lee Jung Jin, so not worth even watching it IMO. I'm curious about KH's background too...I guess he talked a bit about it last ep about his injury derailing a potential pro career but I need subs to find out what he really said tho' ;)

My only critique of him this game was on that early break when he went into hero ball mode & took it up against 2 WBM defender when he had Changmin wide open next to him running the lane for an easy uncontested layup -- ok, for Changmin it might not have been easy :P but damn dude, you gotta pass the ball in that situation cuz it rewards Changmin & it would've boosted Changmin's confidence the rest of the game if he would've made that layup. But then again, maybe it says more about KH's lack of confidence that Changmin's would make that layup than it does about being selfish with the ball. :-\"  But nice to see Changmin start the game & get some decent run for a change...think this is the most minutes he's played right? :-?


The rest of the team had their moments too. SJS gets props for playing hurt but did he call "bank" on that 3-pointer? :)) he made some bonehead plays down the stretch but he wasn't a 100%, so gotta him the benefit of the doubt. JYP made some plays too even tho' his FT shooting could use more work especially in the clutch. I think he was also outta his mind when he told KHD to keep shooting after KHD bricked that 3-pointer off the backboard #-o ok, you want to give your team mate confidence and support but there has to be a limit  :P Julian is still has dominant as ever scoring in the paint, he makes it look so easy. John Park made a nice steal & basket on the break. I didn't see too much of Lee Hye Jung out there & hardly noticed Lee Jung Jin either. Those two could've been mistaken for cardboard cutouts this ep. :-<

btw, I noticed a gal in the crowd wearing a #24 headband to support that one player for WBM...wonder if that is his gf, wife or sister? :-? she's hella cute tho' & if that's his girl, then he's done alright for himself in my book. :D


yeah, next week seems like it's gonna be intense with basketball "president" Huh Jae making his appearance. I remember this dude from Knee Drop guru and man, I bet he has some basketball stories to tell. I'm sure this is his opportunity to get back at KHD too. :))

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And here's the follow up to the badminton episode they will be filming next month. http://www.allkpop.com/article/2013/11/2pms-nichkhun-and-lee-yong-dae-to-reunite-for-a-badminton-match-on-our-neighborhood-arts-and-physical-education

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yeah the coach didnt like the referee either but since his protest was ignored by the referee,they had to bench julien for a while~ 
My only critique of him this game was on that early break when he went into hero ball mode & took it up against 2 WBM defender when he had Changmin wide open next to him running the lane for an easy uncontested layup -

LOL its the start of his debut game XD too excited? haha
as for changmin,he is out bcoz of injury,he just recovered~ and hyejung is nursing some injury now too thats why the coach reduce her time in the court~ and thats the reason they used to bring kimhyuk in XD too many injured players,and of course the lack of skills~~ 
and KHD,apparently the coach tells him to shoot a 3-pointer when he hav the chance~to train him to shoot i guess? 
hav no excuse whats so eva for the lack of presence of lee jung jin~he was good in the practice last week~mayb its the editing? since this  game is ALL about kim hyuk and a bit of the rest of the team~
@bulgogi88 kim hyuk said in the last epi that its been 10years since he stopped playing basketball(i guess he means as an athlete) he plays seriously for 4 years,he starts in his 2nd year of highschool~he was scouted while playing street basket~ he had an ankle surgery,and if i understand it right,he said  that it could jeapordize his chance to be a pro,hence he decided to stop playing~ i can only say that i understand perfectly till the surgery part,but why did he decide to not go pro is a bit hazy for me T_T 

@dolfina just a one day coach~ 
@xman150 thank you for the info~ i HOPE to god that its just a special like the ping pong special with the legends~i am not ready to revisit badminton just yet and def not welcoming the thought of having to watch khun every week~ he didnt bring anything to the team at all~ lee yong dae on the other hand,is always welcome to the screen~yaay~ 

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caught about half of today's ep...they started out meeting at JYP's pad...ya know, his house looks like an average middle class/upper middle class house here in North America but I bet it cost a grip in Korea with land being so tight over there. Good on JP for bringing a traditional Korean housewarming gift too ;)


man, it looked freezing when they were having their BBQ. *brrrrr* I was ROFL when Changmin asked if they BBQ outside in the cold with snow flurries in the US & JP answered deadpan that no way, they gotta be crazy =))

Julian asked to use the bathroom & got to see a tour of JYP's exercise room at least...I wish he would've gave a tour of the entire house but his exercise room is pretty stacked. They showed the guys trying the leg press machine with 380kg but I wanted to see Lee Hye Jung try it.


Then the team went blindfolded to meet coach, Hur Jae at the Jeonju KCC Egis! team practice facility & scrimmage against some of the pro players...I saw a couple brothers on the team & wanted to see them play against Cool Kiz but coach Hur Jae assembled an all Korean squad with Kang Byun Hyun (#1), Park Kyung Sang (#2), Kim Min Goo (#23), Chang Min Guk (#3) & Sim Myong Ho (#17)...that #23 can shoot the lights out of the ball. :-O


I was like dayum, is that the "rifleman" Chuck Person on the bench of the KCC team? :-/ So, I checked the team website and sure enuff, Chuck is one of the coaches for KCC lol



If Cool Kiz can't be competitive against an high school team...I didn't have much faith they would put up a game against a pro KBL team & as expectedCool Kiz were getting blown out of the gym up to the point I stopped watching but no surprise that "Air" Kim Hyuk scored the first basket for Cool Kiz... I dunno? maybe Cool Kiz rallied in the second half to make it a game but somehow I doubt it. :))

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ok, it wasn't even an entire game but just one quarter & Cool Kiz got creamed lol...they did put in one weigook in this brother, Darian Townes. Big boy was having fun out there...hitting 3s, dropping dimes & clowning KHD on defense lol  My fave moment was when he told Julian to get that weak sauce outta here :))


Coach Hur was hilarious getting all over KHD's case about not running back on defense. He threatened to pull him outta game too haha


the one on one instruction with the pro players was cool tho'...KHD learned some post moves & Lee Hye Jung learned how to draw a foul with the Durant flail your arms lol


damn, this KBL must be a shock for some of the foreign players especially the ones who got some run in the NBA cuz no spoiled multi-millionaire ballers living the high life here cuz these players live in dorms like college students or factory workers. @-) One of the players was even married right? but still lived in the team dorm away from his wife!


It wasn't all bad tho' cuz I have to admit the team cafeteria served some bomb azz food tho' -- just check out that galbi! =P~ yep, KHD didn't miss a chance to stuff his pie hole either :))


Who is this cat that Julian was calling Bryan? :-? Julian was saying he played ball against him in high school? back in Canada? said the dude won some dunk competition?


Next week's teaser looks like Cool Kiz vs the BLC team...


JYP posted on his twitter a pic of him & Lee Jung Jin at Gimpo airport heading off to Japan for 1N2D to partake in that friendly against the Japanese team...


alrite ep but it would've been a hella lot better if KCC would've brought on their support squad :P  where these ladies hiding out at? :x


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Guest soongmoon

[TRANS] 131204 Kang Byung Hyun’s instinct to attack, leaving even Max Changmin and John Park sweating



Pretty boy guard, Kang Byung Hyun, has attracted attention for his instinct to attack

On the broadcast of “Cool Kidz” on Dec 3, Kang Byung Hyun made a surprise appearance.

After modestly saying “It’s really amazing how I am filming with celebrities like this”, he launched into a barrage of penetrating questions directed towards John Park and Max Changmin, “Do you have girlfriends?” Hearing this, Max Changmin & John Park couldn’t hide their surprise. Especially, Max Changmin stammered, “How long has it been since you got married?”, starting the train of questions amongst themselves.

Kang Byung Hyun has been married for 6 months. John Park and Max Changmin asked, “You are newly married, but are you staying in the training camp?”, expressing their pity towards Kang Byung Hyun’s situation. Kang Byung Hyun replied, “Other seniors are also like that, juniors are also like that”.

Hearing this, John Park boldly said, “Isn’t it better to see each other after some time apart? You will go crazy at the physical attraction”, causing huge laughter.


Source: naver
Translated by: @mug_ping
Shared by: WBC


[OTHER FACEBOOK] 131204 Changmin – Kang Byung Hyun’s Facebook



[TRANS] Cool Kidz filming and #1 on real-time search terms ha. Although the search ranking will no longer be there tomorrow, but thanks to Cool Kidz, I have been able to experience being #1 on real-time search terms. As a commemoration ~ ^^ I had an enjoyable time with Choikang Changmin and John Park, who had come to visit my room which has nothing much to see.

Source: Kang Byung Hyun Facebook
Credit: DC
Translated by: @mug_ping
Shared by: WBC

Credit to:the official-shim-max-changmin thread

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